Custom Genes Tutorial

4 Jan 202104:59

TLDRThis tutorial introduces the new custom genes feature in Artbreeder, allowing users to create unique categories using reference images. By selecting images with desired traits, such as beards, users can generate and refine a 'beard gene'. The gene can be adjusted to minimize unwanted changes in appearance using tools like subtracting the age gene. The custom gene can then be exported, named, and shared within the community, enhancing the collaborative and creative experience on the platform.


  • 📚 The tutorial introduces a new feature in Artbreeder called 'Custom Genes'.
  • 🎨 Custom Genes is an advanced feature that allows users to create new categories or 'genes' using reference images.
  • 🔍 To create a gene, users can select images with desired traits, such as 'beard', using the tags feature and search functionality.
  • 🖼️ Reference images are crucial for creating genes, and the more images used, the better the gene will be.
  • 👤 Users can test their new gene on a selected image and adjust it to achieve the desired look.
  • 🎨 Additional tools can be used to fine-tune the gene, such as subtracting or adding other genes to refine the result.
  • 🔄 A slider tool allows users to control the degree of influence the new gene has on the image's content and style.
  • 📈 Custom genes can be exported and saved in the user's profile for future use.
  • 🔄 The new gene section in the profile page displays the gene's name and creator, and it can be used in various parts of the platform.
  • 🔄 User-created custom genes can be shared with others, allowing the community to utilize and further refine them.
  • 🤝 The Custom Genes feature encourages collaboration and the sharing of creative ideas within the Artbreeder community.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the tutorial?

    -The main topic of the tutorial is the new custom genes feature in Artbreeder.

  • How can users access the custom genes feature?

    -Users can access the custom genes feature from the create page under the advanced members-only section in Artbreeder.

  • What is the purpose of selecting reference images in the custom genes process?

    -The purpose of selecting reference images is to create a new gene based on the characteristics of the images, such as facial features with beards in this case.

  • How does the tagging feature help in the gene creation process?

    -The tagging feature helps by allowing users to search for specific attributes in images, like faces with beards, to gather a collection of reference images for gene creation.

  • What happens when you test a new gene on an image?

    -When tested on an image, the new gene is added to the face, altering it according to the gene's characteristics, which may also change other aspects of the face.

  • How can users modify the effects of a gene?

    -Users can subtract or add other genes to the custom gene, adjusting the intensity of the gene's effects, and defining other attributes like hair color to better fit the desired outcome.

  • What is the role of the slider in the gene editing process?

    -The slider controls how much the new gene will affect the content or identity of the person in the image versus the style, allowing fine-tuning of the gene's impact.

  • Where can users find and use their custom genes in Artbreeder?

    -Custom genes can be found in a new section on the user's profile page and can be used wherever genes are utilized in Artbreeder.

  • Can custom genes be shared between users?

    -Yes, custom genes can be shared, allowing other users to add them to their own custom gene collection by visiting the creator's profile page.

  • What is the potential of the custom gene feature in Artbreeder?

    -The custom gene feature has potential for creativity and collaboration, as it can be used for a wide variety of images, and allows the community to share and utilize each other's creations.



🎨 Custom Jeans Feature Tutorial in Art Reader

The paragraph introduces a tutorial on using the custom jeans feature in Art Reader. The speaker explains that from the create page, users can select any category and then choose the 'Create Gene' option under the advanced members-only section. Although it's an advanced feature, it's easy to use. The speaker mentions that Artbeader has different categories of images that were previously fixed, but now users can create a new category, 'Beard June,' by selecting reference images of faces with beards. The process involves using the tags feature to search for relevant images and selecting those with nice beards. The speaker has already collected a few images and emphasizes that more images lead to better results, but even a few can work. The main idea is to create a gene from these reference images, and the speaker proceeds to test the new beard gene on a clean-shaven guy, adjusting the gene to ensure it adds a beard without significantly altering the face's other features. Tools are available to subtract or add other genes, and a slider controls how much the new gene affects the content or identity of the person. The speaker also discusses defining styles and hair color, and finally, exporting the custom gene and making it available on their profile page for use in other features. The excitement around the custom gene feature and its potential for community use is highlighted.



💡Custom Genes

Custom Genes refers to the unique feature in Artbreader that allows users to create new categories or styles by using a set of reference images. This advanced feature enables users to generate a gene, such as 'beard gene', by selecting images that possess the desired trait. In the video, the creator uses this feature to develop a 'beard gene' by selecting images of faces with beards, demonstrating how it can be applied and modified to achieve a desired look.


Artbreader is the platform where the custom genes feature is introduced. It is a place where users can explore different categories of images and utilize the custom genes feature to create and share new styles or categories. The platform is designed to foster creativity and innovation by allowing users to experiment with image generation and manipulation.

💡Reference Images

Reference images are the selected pictures that serve as a basis for creating a custom gene in Artbreader. These images are chosen for their specific features, such as having a beard, which are then used to generate a new gene. The quality and variety of reference images directly impact the outcome of the custom gene, making them a crucial element in the gene creation process.

💡Advanced Feature

An advanced feature refers to a tool or function within a software or platform that offers more complex capabilities and is typically designed for experienced users. In the context of the video, the custom genes feature in Artbreader is considered an advanced feature because it provides users with the ability to create and manipulate image categories using sophisticated techniques.

💡Gene Preview

Gene preview is a function within Artbreader that allows users to see how their custom gene would look when applied to a selected image or subject. It serves as a testing ground to visualize and fine-tune the gene before finalizing it. This feature is essential for users to make adjustments and ensure that the custom gene achieves the desired effect.

💡Subtract or Add Genes

The process of subtracting or adding genes refers to the ability to modify the custom gene by removing or including additional traits from other genes. This allows users to fine-tune the custom gene to achieve a more accurate or preferred outcome. In the video, the creator subtracts the age gene from the beard gene to prevent the subject from appearing older, demonstrating how this technique can be used to control specific aspects of the image generation.


A slider is a user interface element that allows for continuous adjustment of a value within a specified range. In the context of Artbreader's custom genes, the slider is used to control the intensity or impact of the gene on the subject's appearance. By moving the slider, users can determine how much the new gene will alter the original image while retaining the subject's identity.


Exporting in the context of Artbreader refers to the process of saving or downloading the final result of a custom gene creation. Once the desired look is achieved, users can export the gene to make it available for use in various applications within the platform or to share with others. This feature enables users to preserve their creations and utilize them in different projects.

💡Profile Page

A profile page on Artbreader is the personal space of a user where they can manage their created genes, view their history, and interact with the community. It serves as a central hub for users to showcase their work, access their custom genes, and explore features exclusive to the platform. The profile page also allows users to share their genes with others, fostering collaboration and creativity.

💡Collaborative Crowdsource

Collaborative crowdsourcing is a process where a community of users contributes to a shared goal or project, often by generating content or solving problems together. In the context of Artbreader, this concept is embodied by the custom genes feature, which allows users to create and share genes with one another. This collaborative approach encourages innovation and creativity by pooling the collective efforts and ideas of the community.


Introduction to the custom jeans feature in Artbreeder.

Accessing the feature from the create page under the advanced members-only section.

Creating a new category by selecting reference images, demonstrated with 'beard' as an example.

Utilizing the tags feature to search for images with specific attributes, such as faces with beards.

The importance of having a variety of reference images for more accurate gene creation.

Testing the new beard gene on a clean-shaven face to preview the results.

Adjusting the gene by subtracting or adding other genes, such as the age gene, to refine the look.

Using sliders to control the degree of influence the new gene has on the content and style of the image.

Experimenting with hair color and style to further customize the gene.

Exporting and naming the custom gene for future use.

Accessing the new gene section on the profile page.

Using the custom gene in various applications within Artbreeder, such as browsing and composing images.

The ability to share custom genes with other users, fostering a collaborative and creative community.

Potential applications of custom genes for creating abstract, personal, or unique images.

Excitement for the creative possibilities and community engagement the custom gene feature brings.