Everyone Thinks He Is Weak Until He Reveals His God Powers And Takes Revenge

28 Jan 202469:16

TLDRThe story revolves around Yato, a 1,000-year-old God of War, who is mistaken for a homeless man. After being saved by a girl, he reveals his true identity and divine powers. Yato dreams of becoming the greatest god in Japan, but his journey is fraught with challenges. He battles ghosts created from human negative emotions and strives to maintain his divine status. Along the way, he forms a bond with the girl, Hiori Iki, who becomes entangled in the world of gods and spirits. Together, they face various supernatural threats, including a sinister god named Rabu and a manipulative spirit, Norah. Through trials and tribulations, Yato and his allies fight to protect humanity and restore balance between the living and the afterlife.


  • 🌟 A seemingly homeless man is actually a 1,000-year-old God of War with a mission to become the greatest of all gods in Japan.
  • 🛡️ The God of War, Yato, and his divine weapon, Yuki, face various challenges, including battling ghosts and negative emotions manifested by humans.
  • 👫 Yato forms a pact with middle schooler Hiori Iki, who becomes entangled in the world of gods and spirits after saving Yato's life.
  • 💫 Hiori's soul becomes displaced after an accident, causing her to exist between the world of the living and the afterlife.
  • 🤺 Hiori's martial arts skills prove useful in the battles against ghosts and other supernatural entities.
  • 🕷️ Yato and Yuki encounter a giant spider ghost, which leads to a thrilling chase and eventual purification of the creature.
  • 🔪 Yuki's transformation into a divine weapon is a central aspect of the story, with his development and relationship with Yato being key to their success.
  • 🌀 The conflict with the god Rabu, a forgotten god of calamity, serves as a major plot point, highlighting the struggle between old and new deities.
  • 🔮 Norah, a divine weapon with a mysterious past, plays a significant role in manipulating events and challenging Yato's resolve.
  • 🎭 The story explores themes of identity, memory, and the consequences of one's actions, particularly in the context of the gods' interactions with humans and spirits.
  • 💌 Hiori's connection with Yato and Yuki strengthens throughout the narrative, ultimately leading her to reject a normal life in favor of staying with them.

Q & A

  • Who is the main character of the story and what is his secret identity?

    -The main character is a seemingly homeless man who claims to be a 1,000-year old God of War.

  • How does the girl, Hiori Iki, first encounter the main character?

    -Hiori first encounters the main character when she notices something special about him and can't take her eyes off him.

  • What is the main character's dream?

    -The main character dreams of becoming the greatest of all gods in Japan.

  • What unusual ability does Hiori gain after her near-death experience?

    -After her near-death experience, Hiori gains the ability to see ghosts and her soul can slip out of her body.

  • What is the significance of the Divine weapon in the story?

    -The Divine weapon is a human spirit that becomes a weapon in the hands of a God, which is crucial for the main character to fight against ghosts.

  • Who is Yuki and what role does he play in the story?

    -Yuki is a teenage boy who becomes the main character's Divine weapon, helping him in his battles against ghosts.

  • What is the main conflict between the main character and another god, Tenin?

    -The main conflict is that Tenin, the god of education, looks down on the main character, considering him a scammer and not a real god.

  • How does Hiori help the main character in his quest to become a powerful god?

    -Hiori helps the main character by searching for a Divine weapon for him, showing her dedication and support.

  • What is the significance of the spider demon in the story?

    -The spider demon is a potential Divine weapon candidate that Hiori finds, but it turns out to be a dangerous situation that tests the main character's abilities.

  • What is the main character's relationship with his other Divine weapon, Kuro?

    -The main character has a contentious relationship with Kuro, who is also the Divine weapon of the goddess of poverty, Kuku.



😀 The Unlikely Hero

The story introduces a seemingly homeless man who is revealed to be a 1,000-year-old God of War. Despite his self-proclaimed status as a 'delivery God' capable of any task, from cleaning to finding lost pets, he secretly battles ghosts born from human negative emotions. His goal is to become the greatest god in Japan, but his journey is fraught with challenges. He encounters a girl named Hiori Iki, who saves him from an accident, leading to a fateful connection. Hiori discovers her own ability to perceive the supernatural, and the two form an unlikely partnership.


😎 The Dual Existence

Hiori finds herself in a liminal state between life and afterlife, becoming a ghost-like figure capable of interacting with the spirit world. Yato, the God of War, explains her condition and agrees to help her for a meager fee, marking the beginning of their connected fates. As Hiori navigates her new reality, she encounters various supernatural beings and learns about the complexities of the spirit world. Yato, meanwhile, continues his menial jobs and attempts to find a Divine Weapon to aid him in his battles, leading to a series of comedic and dangerous encounters.


😈 The Vengeful God

Yato and Hiori's journey takes a dark turn when they cross paths with Bishamon, a powerful god of education with a vendetta against Yato. Past grievances lead to a tense standoff, revealing Yato's troubled history and his connection to a deadly Divine Weapon. As Bishamon's pursuit intensifies, Hiori is drawn deeper into the world of gods and spirits, where she must confront her fears and the reality of her dual existence.


😓 The Stray Divine Weapon

Yato's past comes back to haunt him as he encounters Nora, a stray Divine Weapon with a connection to him. Meanwhile, Yuki, Yato's current Divine Weapon, struggles with his identity and purpose. The story delves into the complex relationships between gods and their weapons, the consequences of betrayal, and the weight of a god's actions on their human vessels. As Hiori uncovers more about Yato's past, she is faced with difficult choices about her own future.


😤 The Test of Loyalty

Yuki's loyalty to Yato is put to the test as he grapples with feelings of inadequacy and the temptation of Nora's seductive offer. Hiori, determined to protect Yato, confronts Yuki about his actions and the impact on his master. The narrative explores themes of trust, loyalty, and the struggle between a god's divine nature and human emotions. Yato's unwavering commitment to Yuki, despite the corruption threatening his life, highlights the depth of his character and the bond he shares with his weapon.


😢 The Purification

The story reaches a climax as Yato, on the brink of death from corruption, is saved by the intervention of Hiori and the reluctant aid of his fellow gods. The ritual of purification serves as a turning point for Yuki, who must confront the consequences of his actions and accept his mistakes. The ordeal strengthens the bond between Yato, Yuki, and Hiori, as they emerge with a renewed sense of purpose and understanding.


😂 The Aftermath and Resolution

In the aftermath of their trials, Yuki begins to atone for his actions by working part-time and pursuing his education. Hiori's friendship with Yato and Yuki deepens, and she becomes an integral part of their lives. However, the resolution is tinged with humor as Kuku, the goddess of poverty, demands an exorbitant fee for her aid, leading to a comical negotiation and a display of Hiori's feisty side.



💡God of War

The term 'God of War' refers to a deity or divine being that is associated with warfare, strength, and combat. In the context of the video, it is used to describe the main character Yo, who is a 1,000-year-old divine being with the power to hunt down ghosts and purify them. Despite his divine status, he is initially perceived as a homeless man and a minor god without a shrine, struggling to gain recognition and power.

💡Divine Weapon

A 'Divine Weapon' in the video is a spiritual entity or human spirit that transforms into a weapon at the behest of a god to aid them in battles against ghosts. These weapons are not only tools for combat but also sentient beings with their own will and emotions. The relationship between a god and their divine weapon is intimate and symbiotic, as seen with Yo and his weapon Yuki.


In the context of the video, 'purification' refers to the process of cleansing or eliminating negative energies, such as ghosts or impurities, to restore balance and peace. As a God of War, Yo has the ability to purify ghosts, which involves destroying them in a way that frees them from their torment and sends them to the afterlife.


A 'ghost' in the video represents spirits or entities that have not moved on to the afterlife, often created from the negative emotions of humans. These ghosts pose a threat to the living and must be dealt with by gods like Yo, who have the power to purify them and help them find peace.

💡Hiori Iki

Hiori Iki is a middle school student who becomes intertwined with Yo's life after she saves him from being hit by a truck. She is a martial arts fan with a strong sense of justice and becomes a key figure in Yo's journey, helping him in various ways and eventually regaining her memories of Yo and Yuki.


The concept of 'revenge' in the video refers to the actions taken by characters to right wrongs or retaliate against those who have caused harm. It is a driving force for some characters, like Yo, who seeks to regain his former status and power as a God of War, and also for antagonists like Rabu, who seeks to destroy Yo and reclaim his own power.


In the video, 'calamity' refers to disastrous events or situations that cause great suffering or distress. It is often associated with the negative aspects of the supernatural world, such as the destructive powers of ghosts or the malevolent intentions of certain gods.


The term 'transformation' in the video describes the ability of certain characters, particularly divine weapons, to change their form or appearance. This is a crucial aspect of their role in assisting gods like Yo, as they can transform into weapons for combat or revert to their human forms for other interactions.

💡Memory Loss

Memory loss in the context of the video refers to the inability of a character to recall past events or relationships. This is a significant plot device used to create tension and drive the narrative, as seen when Hiori loses her memories of Yo and Yuki, which leads to a quest to restore her memories.


The concept of 'fate' in the video refers to the predetermined course of events or the idea that certain outcomes are inevitable. It is a central theme that affects the lives of the characters, especially Yo, who struggles with his destiny as a minor god and Hiori, whose fate becomes intertwined with Yo and Yuki's.


Yo, a 1,000-year-old God of War, is initially perceived as a homeless man.

Yo dreams of becoming the greatest of all gods in Japan, but his journey is fraught with challenges.

Yo's Divine weapon transforms from a dagger into a human form, showcasing his divine powers.

Hiori Iki, a middle school martial arts fan, saves Yo from a bus accident, leading to a fateful encounter.

Yo and Hiori's destinies become intertwined as she begins to experience the supernatural world.

Yo's quest to find a new Divine weapon leads to the discovery of Yuki, a teenage boy.

Yuki's transformation into a weapon and his connection to Yo's power is a significant development.

Hiori's soul slips out of her body, placing her in a state between life and death.

Yo and Yuki face a series of battles against ghosts, testing their partnership and skills.

The introduction of Kofuku, Yo's girlfriend, adds a romantic dimension to the story.

Yo's past as a terrifying God of War is revealed, complicating his relationship with Hiori and Yuki.

The conflict with Bishan, the God of Justice, exposes Yo's vulnerabilities and past mistakes.

Yuki's struggle with his divine weapon abilities and his fear of becoming a murderer again is a key plot point.

Hiori's determination to help Yo and Yuki, despite her own safety, demonstrates her bravery.

The concept of Divine weapons, humans who transform into weapons for gods, is a central theme.

The story explores the complexities of god-human relationships and the consequences of their actions.

Yo's quest to regain Hiori's memories after they are stolen by Norah adds an emotional layer.

The ultimate battle against Rabu, a forgotten god of calamity, tests Yo and Yuki's resolve.

Hiori's choice to remember Yo and Yuki despite the dangers they face is a testament to their bond.