Everyone Thinks He Is E-Rank But He Is The Most Powerful Man In The Universe

11 Jul 202336:14

TLDRWei Ling, a high school student with immense magical powers, hides his abilities to appear average. Despite his extraordinary feats, he is unrecognized and often misunderstood. As he navigates through high school challenges, including bullies and spiritual force tests, his true power is revealed, leading to his placement in the elite class. Wei Ling's journey is filled with trials, from dealing with the seduction spell to saving his peers from assassins, all while trying to maintain a low profile and navigate the complexities of teenage relationships and friendships.


  • 📚 The protagonist, Weinling, is a high school student with extraordinary magical powers that he tries to keep hidden.
  • 🦸‍♂️ Weinling once defeated a monstrous giant frog as a child, but the feat is unknown to others, and the credit is mistakenly given to someone else.
  • 🏫 On his first day at a new school, Weinling is bullied by senior students due to his low Force value, but is saved by Son Wrong, a legendary student.
  • 🔥 During a spiritual force test, Weinling's true power is accidentally revealed, showing a Force value of 99,999, stunning everyone present.
  • 🎓 The students are placed into different classes based on their spiritual force scores, with Weinling securing a spot in the elite class.
  • 🌟 Son Wrong is admired by many, including Weinling, but she mistakenly believes Weinling's Force value is higher than it actually is.
  • 🧙‍♂️ In class, students learn about summoning spiritual creatures, with each student's success varying based on their Force Level.
  • 🐸 A student accidentally summons the giant frog from the test, causing panic, but it is revealed to be an odd-looking dog named Froggy Too.
  • 🎁 Weinling's childhood is marked by extraordinary events, such as emerging from the womb unassisted and shattering a sword as an infant.
  • 💡 Weinling's parents provide him with an amulet and a golden pill to suppress his power, and he resolves to live an ordinary life and blend in with his peers.
  • 🏆 The story also involves a class chief election, a pill refining class, and various incidents where Weinling's true power is almost revealed.

Q & A

  • What is the main character's name and what is his secret power?

    -The main character's name is Wang, and his secret power is that he possesses extraordinary magical abilities, which he tries to keep hidden from others.

  • How does the story begin for Wang?

    -The story begins with Wang starting his new high school year, where he encounters bullying from senior students due to his low Force value.

  • Who is Son Wrong and what role does she play in the story?

    -Son Wrong is the daughter of a legendary Flower Fruit Water Curtain group member. She intervenes when Wang is being bullied and assures him of her protection.

  • What is the significance of the spiritual force test at the beginning of the story?

    -The spiritual force test is significant as it determines the class placement of the students. Those with excellent scores are placed in Class Elite, while others are in the ordinary class.

  • What is the true nature of the giant frog that appears during the spiritual force test?

    -The real giant frog is sealed under the campus, and the one the students face during the test is merely an incarnation of its spiritual force.

  • How does Wang secure his place in Class Elite?

    -Wang secures his place in Class Elite by displaying a Force value of 99,999 on the screen during the test, which stuns everyone, including Sun girl.

  • What is the reason behind Wang's efforts to maintain a low profile?

    -Wang strives to maintain a low profile because of his extraordinary abilities, which he fears could cause problems if revealed. His parents also wish for him to lead an ordinary and happy life.

  • What is the role of the protective amulet and the golden pill given to Wang by his parents?

    -The protective amulet and the golden pill are given to Wang by his parents to suppress his power and help him blend in with other students, maintaining a low profile.

  • What happens during the class summoning lesson?

    -During the class summoning lesson, students attempt to summon spiritual creatures using their spiritual force. Wang inadvertently summons the giant frog from the test, triggering panic among the students.

  • How does the story end in terms of the upcoming national senior phase sword competition?

    -The story ends with Wang and his friends unexpectedly being invited to participate in the national senior phase sword competition, despite Wang's initial reluctance to join.



🧙‍♂️ Hidden Powers and Unexpected Encounters

The story begins with Weinling, a high school student in the fictional city of Huakshu, who possesses extraordinary magical powers that he tries to keep hidden. Despite his immense power, which was evident even as a child when he defeated a monstrous giant frog, his achievements remain largely unrecognized. As Weinling enters his new high school year, he encounters bullying senior students who target him due to his low Force value. However, a girl named Son Wrong, the daughter of a legendary figure, intervenes and protects him. Throughout the paragraph, various characters are introduced, including Zoo, who appears in hologram form, and Chen Chao, a confident boy who impresses with his spiritual force. The narrative also touches on the dynamics of spiritual power and class placement in the school, as well as the upcoming spiritual force test that will determine the students' class assignments.


🎓 School Life and the Struggle to Blend In

This paragraph delves into Weinling's school life and his efforts to maintain a low profile despite his extraordinary abilities. His classmates engage in an election for class chief, leading to various antics and the use of seduction spells. Weinling inadvertently uses a seduction spell on Sun girl, creating a misunderstanding. The narrative also explores the art of seduction and its prerequisites, as well as the consequences of using such spells. Additionally, the paragraph discusses the process of creating a vitality pill in a pill refining class, highlighting the different approaches and tools used by the students. The段落 ends with an incident involving a giant frog and the revelation of the true nature of the spiritual force tests.


🥴 Misunderstandings and Dangerous Pursuits

The paragraph continues with a series of misunderstandings and dangerous situations. Weinling is confronted by an armed individual named Go, leading to a chaotic scene where Go accidentally shoots a poison dart into Chen's mouth. In a desperate attempt to save Chen, Weinling and his friends prepare an antidote while keeping the incident a secret. Meanwhile, a character named Froggy 2 causes further complications in the classroom. The paragraph also introduces a romantic subplot involving Sun girl and Weinling, as well as the threat of assassins targeting Sun girl. The narrative builds tension with the upcoming sword competition and the revelation of powerful spiritual swords, including Froggy 2's surprising display of power.


🏰 A Day at Heavenly Paradise and Assassination Attempts

The focus shifts to Weinling's date with Sun girl at a fun park called Heavenly Paradise. Their visit to the Cave of the Universe and a prophecy wall leads to an encounter with assassins who have been following them. Weinling uses his powers to protect Sun girl and erase her memory of the incident. As the date continues, they enjoy various rides and games, with Weinling using his abilities to ensure their safety and keep his identity a secret. The paragraph concludes with the school's administrator discussing the heightened security measures in place to protect Sun girl from the shadow faction's kill order, and the introduction of the Seven Star Squad's involvement.


🛡️ Rising Tensions and the Hunt for the Shadow Faction

The narrative intensifies as the shadow faction's attack on the school is underway. The administrator and the students, including Weinling, are preoccupied with the threat and the ongoing battle against the attackers. The paragraph details the fight between the administrator and Xu Yang, an assassin from the shadow faction, and the students' reactions to the events unfolding on the screen. Weinling's involvement in the fight and his encounter with the leader of the hammer team, Tujan, reveal his immense power and the challenges he faces in maintaining his low profile. The paragraph ends with the capture of the assassins and the praise for Zhu's bravery, despite it being Weinling's actions that saved the day.


🌟 Spiritual Power Tests and the Unveiling of True Strength

The focus of this paragraph is on the spiritual power tests conducted at the school. The students, including Chen and Sun girl, take their turns to demonstrate their spiritual force, revealing their varying levels of power. The test results highlight the students' abilities and the potential shapes their spiritual forces can take. The paragraph also touches on the concept of a true cultivator and the importance of persistent training. The narrative takes a humorous turn when Weinling's turn comes up, and he creates a spiritual force sphere so large it baffles everyone, resulting in a score of null. The paragraph concludes with the group's attempt to hack into the school system to alter Weinling's score, and the announcement of the national senior phase sword competition.


🗡️ Preparations for the Sword Competition and Unexpected Participants

The paragraph centers around the preparations for the upcoming national senior phase sword competition. The students and their families are excited about the event, and the administrator reveals that several members from their school, including Weinling and even their canine companion Froggy 2, will be participating. The group discusses the importance of spiritual swords and the process of forging them. Froggy 2 surprises everyone by revealing his own spiritual sword, and Weinling confirms that he too possesses one, despite his reluctance to participate in the competition. The paragraph concludes with the group's arrival at faction 59 for the competition and the tension between instructor Pan and the other characters.


🤕 The Unraveling of Hidden Strength

The paragraph describes the events leading up to the sword competition. Weinling attempts to fake a stomachache to leave the competition, but his plan is thwarted when his spiritual sword's amulet begins to break. As the amulet shatters, a massive amount of spiritual force is released, causing concern among the students and faculty. The paragraph ends with the revelation that Weinling's spiritual force is far greater than anyone anticipated, and the group awaits the continuation of the story.



💡Wei Ling

Wei Ling is the protagonist of the story, a high school student who possesses extraordinary magical powers. Despite his immense power, he tries to maintain a low profile and appear average among his peers. His character is central to the narrative, as he navigates through various challenges while keeping his true abilities hidden. This is exemplified when he fearlessly confronts and defeats a monstrous giant frog, a feat that remains largely unknown to others.

💡Force Value

Force Value is a numerical representation of a person's prowess in the realm of spiritual abilities. It is a key element in the story, as it is used to determine the status and treatment of individuals within the society. For instance, Wei Ling is initially underestimated due to his low Force Value, which leads to him being bullied by senior students. However, his actual power is much greater, and the discrepancy between his true abilities and perceived Force Value creates tension and intrigue in the story.

💡Spiritual Force Test

The Spiritual Force Test is a method used to determine the class placement of students based on their spiritual abilities. It is a significant event in the narrative, as it reveals the true potential of the students and often serves as a turning point for their future. In the story, the test is used to place students in either the elite class or the ordinary class, depending on their scores. This test is crucial as it unveils Wei Ling's immense power, which is initially hidden from others.

💡Giant Frog

The Giant Frog is a monstrous creature that attacked the city years ago and was defeated by Master Zuo. It serves as a symbol of fear and challenge in the story. The students face an incarnation of the Giant Frog during their Spiritual Force Test, which is a pivotal moment that tests their abilities and courage. The Giant Frog also represents the past achievements of others, which Wei Ling's feat of defeating it overshadows, leading to a sense of unrecognized accomplishment.


Summoning is the process of calling forth a spiritual creature or entity using one's spiritual force. It is a crucial aspect of the students' training and spiritual development. In the story, the instructor Pan teaches the students how to summon spiritual creatures, which varies in size and strength depending on the summoner's Force Level. This ability is not only a display of power but also a means of companionship and support, as seen when some girl successfully summons a skeletal dog with a cute pink bow.

💡Seduction Spell

The Seduction Spell is a technique that uses spiritual force to influence others' minds, making them more susceptible to the caster's wishes. It is introduced in the narrative as a part of the Art of Seduction, which involves giving a gift while reciting an incantation. The spell plays a significant role in the story when Sun girl unknowingly uses it on others, leading to misunderstandings and chaos. Wei Ling eventually uses his own pill to counteract the spell, demonstrating his wisdom and concern for others.

💡Class Chief Election

The Class Chief Election is a competition among students for a leadership position within their class. It serves as a subplot in the story, highlighting the characters' ambitions and interpersonal dynamics. In the narrative, Chen and Sun girl engage in a fierce competition, using various tactics to win votes. This event showcases the characters' different approaches to achieving their goals and the lengths they are willing to go to secure their desired positions.

💡Spiritual Sword

A Spiritual Sword is a weapon imbued with spiritual energy, often associated with a cultivator's power and abilities. In the story, the students' spiritual swords are a reflection of their spiritual strength and connection. The swords can manifest in various forms and even possess their own spirits, as seen with Froggy 2's Sword of Sky. The Spiritual Sword is not only a tool for combat but also a symbol of a cultivator's growth and potential.

💡Shadow Faction

The Shadow Faction is an antagonistic group in the story, opposing the main characters and their school. They represent a threat to the protagonists and are involved in various nefarious activities, such as the assassination attempt on Sun girl. The Shadow Faction adds an element of danger and conflict to the narrative, forcing the characters to confront challenges and protect their peers.

💡National Senior Phase Sword Competition

The National Senior Phase Sword Competition is a prestigious event where students from different factions showcase their swordsmanship and spiritual abilities. It serves as a major plot point in the story, bringing together the main characters and setting the stage for their talents to be recognized. The competition is not only a test of skill but also an opportunity for the characters to prove themselves and their schools, as well as to uncover hidden strengths and abilities.


Wei Ling, a high school student, possesses extraordinary magical powers that he tries to keep hidden.

Even as a child, Wei Ling's power was immense, allowing him to fearlessly confront and defeat a monstrous giant frog.

Wei Ling's remarkable feat of defeating the giant frog remains largely unknown, with the credit mistakenly given to someone else.

On the first day of high school, Wei Ling is bullied by senior students due to his low Force value, but is saved by Son Wu, a legendary student.

During a spiritual force test, Wei Ling's true power is accidentally revealed, showing a Force value of 99,999.

Wei Ling secures his place in Class Elite, but continues to strive for a low profile to maintain an ordinary life.

The class learns about summoning spiritual creatures, with Wei Ling inadvertently summoning the giant frog from the test.

Wei Ling's childhood memories reveal his extraordinary abilities, such as emerging from his mother's womb unassisted and shattering a sword as an infant.

To keep Wei Ling's power in check, his parents provide him with a protective amulet and a golden pill to suppress his strength.

In a class election, Wei Ling is unknowingly involved in a seduction spell that is ultimately undone by his golden pill.

Wei Ling's unique ability to summon and control spiritual energy is demonstrated when he uses it to preheat a furnace for pill-making.

Assassins from the Shadow Faction target Wei Ling and others, leading to a series of confrontations and misunderstandings.

Wei Ling's secret power is hinted at when he effortlessly stops an assassination attempt at the school.

Despite his overwhelming power, Wei Ling remains dedicated to living an average life, even going as far as to fake an illness to avoid attention.

Wei Ling's spiritual sword is revealed to have a unique connection with him, manifesting in a way that surprises his friends and family.

The upcoming National Senior Phase Sword Competition brings new challenges and opportunities for Wei Ling and his friends.