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6 Nov 202207:56

TLDRThe video script discusses the pricing plans for the Midjourney service, a platform for creating AI-generated images. It outlines the basic and standard plans, highlighting the benefits of each, such as the number of images that can be created and the additional features like a private room for 1-on-1 interactions and the ability to use generated images for commercial purposes. The script also mentions the possibility of future changes to the pricing structure and encourages viewers to check for updates.


  • 🎵 The script is from a video discussing the pricing plans of a service called Midjourney, which has been operational since July 2022.
  • 🆓 There is a free tier in Midjourney that allows users to create up to approximately 25 pieces of content, after which a paid plan is required.
  • 📈 Midjourney offers two main paid plans: Basic and Standard, with an additional Enterprise plan for organizations with annual revenues over $1 million.
  • 💡 The Basic plan costs $10 per month, which translates to around 1400 yen, and allows for up to 200 'GPUF' (a measure of usage based on processing time).
  • 🎨 The Standard plan is the highest tier currently available, costing $30 per month (about 4200 yen), and includes 900 'GPUF' with a relaxation mode that reduces waiting time.
  • 🚀 Users on the Standard plan can utilize the 'Upscale to MAX' feature, which is not available in Relaxation mode and requires a brief return to normal mode.
  • 💬 The script mentions that the service offers a 1-on-1 room for users to interact without disturbances and create a personal page with all their works.
  • 🛒 There is an option to purchase additional GPU time at a rate of $4 per hour if the allocated time is exhausted.
  • 🔒 An additional cost of $20 can switch a user's account to private, hiding their works from public view.
  • 📝 The speaker advises that the information might become outdated as the service may change its pricing plans over time and suggests checking for updates in future videos.
  • 🌐 The script notes that Midjourney is an open-source community where works can be freely used and modified by others, except for sales which are restricted to the original creator.

Q & A

  • What is the basic concept of the Midjourney platform?

    -Midjourney is a platform that allows users to generate images using AI technology. It offers different pricing plans and has a community aspect where创作的作品 are publicly shared by default.

  • How many images can a free user create on Midjourney?

    -A free user can create approximately 25 images, but the actual limit is based on GPU time, which is consumed at a rate of about 1 minute per image.

  • What are the two paid plans offered by Midjourney?

    -The two paid plans offered by Midjourney are the Basic Plan and the Standard Plan, each providing different amounts of GPU time and additional features.

  • What is the cost of the Basic Plan on Midjourney?

    -The Basic Plan costs $10 per month, which translates to roughly 1400 yen based on an exchange rate of 1 USD to 140 JPY.

  • What benefits does the Standard Plan offer compared to the Basic Plan?

    -The Standard Plan offers 900 GPU time units (equivalent to 4.5 hours) compared to the Basic Plan's 200 GPU time units. It also includes a Relax mode, allowing for unlimited image generation without consuming GPU time.

  • What is the Private Visualization Option in Midjourney?

    -The Private Visualization Option is an add-on feature that allows users to keep their created images private and not publicly shared. This can be enabled for an additional $20 on top of the existing plan costs.

  • How can users extend their GPU time beyond the plan limits?

    -Users can purchase additional GPU time at a rate of $4 per hour. If the purchased time is not fully used, the unused portion is halved in price, ensuring users only pay for what they've consumed.

  • What is the Fast Mode in Midjourney?

    -Fast Mode is a feature available to free and Basic Plan users, which prioritizes GPU time allocation for faster image generation. It is exclusive to these plans and does not apply to the Standard Plan.

  • How often are the images updated on Midjourney?

    -The images on Midjourney are updated every 30 days from the date of membership, which is a common feature across all plans.

  • What is the role of the Midjourney bot in 1-to-1 interactions?

    -The Midjourney bot enables 1-to-1 interactions with users, allowing them to create and manage their images in a private room without any interruptions from others.

  • What is the significance of the Discord support page on Midjourney?

    -The Discord support page is a resource for Midjourney users where they can receive assistance and advice, although it is primarily in English and may require some users to seek help through other means, such as online searches.

  • How can commercial use of generated images be enabled on Midjourney?

    -Commercial use of generated images is enabled for paid members, specifically those on the Basic and Standard Plans. Free members are generally prohibited from using the images commercially.



🎨 Introduction to Midjourney's Pricing Plans

This paragraph introduces the video's focus on discussing Midjourney's pricing plans in detail. It explains that while users can create up to 25 pieces of work for free, further creation requires a paid plan. Two main paid plans are highlighted: the Basic Plan and the Standard Plan. Additionally, an Enterprise Plan is mentioned, which is intended for employees of corporations with annual revenues exceeding $1 million, but it is deemed impractical for most users. The paragraph emphasizes the benefits of a paid plan for those who wish to use the service seriously, including a personal room for 1-on-1 interactions with the Midjourney bot and the ability to commercially use the generated images, which is not allowed for free members.


💰 Detailed Explanation of Midjourney's Basic and Standard Plans

This paragraph delves into the specifics of Midjourney's Basic and Standard Plans. The Basic Plan costs $10 per month, which translates to approximately 1400 yen, and allows for up to 200 'GPUF' (GPU minutes) for image generation, significantly more than the free plan's 25 'GPUF'. The Standard Plan, priced at $30 per month or around 4200 yen, offers 900 'GPUF' and includes a 'Relax Mode' that generates images without consuming GPU time, effectively allowing unlimited use. However, 'Relax Mode' does not support the 'Upscale to MAX' feature, which requires switching back to 'Fast Mode' momentarily. The paragraph also mentions the option to purchase additional GPU time at a rate of $4 per hour if the allocated time is exhausted.




Midjourney refers to a service that is being discussed in the video, which seems to be a platform for content creation. It is the central theme of the video, as the speaker talks about its features, pricing plans, and how it operates. The platform allows users to generate images based on certain parameters, and the discussion revolves around its capabilities and the different ways users can engage with it.

💡Free Plan

The Free Plan on Midjourney allows users to generate up to approximately 25 images without any cost. This is an introductory level of access to the service, which gives users a taste of the platform's capabilities. However, to utilize more features and generate more content, users are required to upgrade to a paid plan. The concept of the Free Plan is used to attract and retain users who may eventually decide to subscribe to a paid plan for more benefits.

💡Paid Plans

Paid Plans on Midjourney are subscription-based services that offer additional features and capabilities compared to the Free Plan. The speaker mentions two main paid plans: Basic Plan and Standard Plan. These plans provide users with more image generation capacity, access to private rooms for 1-on-1 interactions with the Midjourney bot, and the ability to use generated images for commercial purposes. Paid plans are recommended for users who intend to use the service more seriously and extensively.

💡Basic Plan

The Basic Plan is one of the paid subscription options on Midjourney. Priced at $10 per month, it offers users the ability to generate up to 200 'gpuf' (a measure of usage time) worth of images. This plan is a step up from the Free Plan, providing more flexibility and options for users who wish to create more content. The Basic Plan is suitable for those who want to explore the platform further without committing to the highest level of service.

💡Standard Plan

The Standard Plan is the premium subscription tier on Midjourney. It costs $30 per month and provides users with 900 'gpuff' (a higher measure of usage time) for image generation. This plan includes additional features such as a 'Relax Mode,' which allows for unlimited image generation without consuming GPU time, making it ideal for heavy users who require more extensive usage of the platform's capabilities.

💡GPU Time

GPU Time refers to the processing time required to generate an image on Midjourney. It is a measure of computational resource allocation, with 1 'gpuf' being roughly equivalent to under a minute of processing time. The amount of GPU time available to users depends on the subscription plan they choose, and it directly affects how many images they can generate within a given period.

💡Commercial Use

Commercial Use pertains to the ability to use generated images for business or revenue-generating purposes. On Midjourney, this is typically restricted for free users, who are limited to 25 free image generations and cannot use them commercially. Paid plans, however, grant users the rights to use their creations for commercial purposes, opening up opportunities for monetization and professional applications.

💡Private Mode

Private Mode is an additional feature available on Midjourney for an extra cost. It allows users to keep their generated images private, meaning they are not publicly visible to others. This is beneficial for users who wish to maintain exclusivity over their creations and prevent others from copying or using their images without permission. The Private Mode can be switched on by paying an additional $20, which is separate from the subscription plans.

💡Support Page

The Support Page on Midjourney is a resource for users to seek assistance and advice regarding the platform's usage. While the speaker mentions that they rarely use it themselves, the Support Page serves as a valuable tool for those who need help, especially considering the platform's interface and documentation are primarily in English. It provides a channel for users to get their questions answered and issues resolved.

💡Purchasing Additional GPU Time

This refers to the option for users to buy more GPU time if they exhaust their allocated额度 through their subscription plan. For example, if a user runs out of their monthly allocation, they can purchase an additional hour of GPU time for $4. This feature ensures that active users can continue to create content even after reaching their monthly limits, offering flexibility and accommodating different levels of usage.

💡Open Source Community

The term Open Source Community refers to the collaborative nature of Midjourney, where all users can freely create and share their works with others. However, there are restrictions on selling or commercializing works unless they are created by the individual themselves. This encourages a culture of sharing and collaboration while protecting the rights and interests of content creators.


Midjourney offers a free tier that allows users to create up to approximately 25 pieces of content.

Beyond the initial 25 pieces, users need to subscribe to a paid plan to continue creating content.

Even without a strong intention to create extensively, the free tier can still be sufficient for some users.

Midjourney has two main pricing plans: Basic Plan and Standard Plan.

There is also an Enterprise Plan for corporations with annual revenues over $1 million, but it is not commonly used for individual content creation.

Paid plans come with a private room for 1-on-1 interactions with Midjourney bot, free from disturbances.

Paid memberships allow for commercial use of generated images, which is not permitted with the free membership.

Support is available on Discord, although the service is primarily in English.

The Basic Plan costs $10 per month, which is roughly 1400 yen.

The Basic Plan extends the free tier's limit from 25 to approximately 200 pieces.

The term 'GPU time' is used to measure the time taken to generate images, with 1 piece taking about 1 minute of GPU time.

The Standard Plan costs $30 per month, converting to around 4200 yen.

The Standard Plan includes 4.5 hours of GPU time, equivalent to 900gpuf.

A Relax mode is available with the Standard Plan, allowing for unlimited image generation without consuming GPU time.

Upscaler to MAX is a feature that can be used in Relax mode, but requires a brief return to Fast mode.

All plans except the free and Basic Plans operate on Fast mode, prioritizing GPU time allocation.

Users can add more GPU time to their plans, with an additional 1 hour available for $4.

If unused GPU time remains, users are only charged for the amount they actually used, with overages discounted to half price.

Midjourney is a service that started operation in July 2022, and its pricing plans may change over time.

The content of the video is accurate and checked for correctness, but viewers should refer to newer videos for updated pricing information.