He Was The Worst In His Class Until He Unlocks A Dragon King Power And Takes Revenge | Anime Recap

13 Oct 202345:27

TLDRMingay, a loner and top gamer, gets a mysterious invitation to join Castle College, where he uncovers his hidden potential and a destiny tied to dragons. With new friends and foes, Mingay faces battles, personal growth, and the truth about his family's past. As he evolves from an underdog to a hero, he must confront a powerful Dragon King and protect the ones he loves.


  • 🎮 Mingay is an isolated, top-tier gamer who gets challenged by a mysterious player named Nano in his favorite online game.
  • 🏫 Mingay receives a scholarship to Castle College from the principal, despite his lack of social skills and unimpressive academic record.
  • 👩‍🎓 Nano, the girl who beat Mingay in the game, is a high-ranking student at Castle College and is intrigued by Mingay's potential.
  • 💌 Mingay's parents were once students at Castle Academy, leaving him to study there and granting him a scholarship.
  • 🎓 Castle College is a unique institution where students study the art of dragon slaying and Spirit language.
  • 🤺 Mingay's bloodline is revealed to be of a rare, high-grade quality, possibly related to the Dragon King.
  • 🎉 Mingay's social life takes a turn when he attends a graduation party and meets new people, including his crush, Chen Winwin.
  • 💔 Mingay faces heartbreak when his friend Xiao Mangu confesses his love to Chen Winwin, and she accepts.
  • 🥂 A dramatic turn of events leads to Mingay joining Castle College, where he begins to uncover his true potential and destiny.
  • 🔥 The story culminates in a battle against a Dragon King, where Mingay must confront his past and future, ultimately deciding the fate of the world.

Q & A

  • What was Mingay's initial lifestyle and how did he spend his time?

    -Mingay was a reclusive individual with no friends, spending his days in his 'man cave' playing his favorite online game. He took pride in being one of the top players on the server.

  • How did Mingay's life change after his encounter with the player named Nano?

    -After losing a match to Nano, Mingay's life took a dramatic turn. He began to question his life choices and future, especially after discovering that his online crush and his gaming identity were intertwined with his real-life struggles and the prestigious Castle College.

  • What was the significance of the scholarship offer from Castle College to Mingay?

    -The scholarship offer from Castle College signified that Mingay had potential that was recognized by the college, despite his lack of social presence and academic achievements. It also revealed that his parents, whom he believed had abandoned him, had actually been studying at the same college and had arranged for his admission.

  • What was the role of the AI system, Eva, in the story?

    -Eva, the AI system at Castle College, was used by Nano to gather information about Mingay's life, hobbies, and personal interests. It also served as a tool for the college to communicate with its students and provide them with relevant information.

  • How did Mingay's relationship with his family evolve throughout the story?

    -Initially, Mingay had a strained relationship with his aunt, uncle, and cousin, who belittled and mistreated him. However, after learning about his parents' true identity and their wishes for him, Mingay gained a new perspective and possibly a chance to mend his relationship with his family.

  • What was the significance of the dragon king power in Mingay's transformation?

    -The dragon king power symbolized Mingay's hidden potential and the possibility of him rising above his current situation. It was a catalyst for his personal growth and the changes he underwent in his life, leading him to reconsider his future and his place in the world.

  • What was the turning point for Mingay in deciding to join Castle College?

    -The turning point for Mingay was a combination of events: his defeat by Nano, the revelation about his parents, the scholarship offer, and the persistent encouragement from Nano and his online friend. These factors collectively pushed him to reconsider his life choices and accept the opportunity to attend Castle College.

  • How did the graduation party incident influence Mingay's decision to join Castle College?

    -The graduation party incident, where Mingay's crush rejected him, served as a final blow to his previous life and aspirations. It cleared the way for him to let go of his past and fully embrace the new opportunities that Castle College offered him.

  • What was the significance of the confrontation between the Student Union leader, Caesar, and the lionart society president, Zang?

    -The confrontation between Caesar and Zang represented the ongoing power struggle and rivalry within Castle College. It also highlighted the intense and competitive nature of the students at the college, setting the stage for future conflicts and alliances that Mingay might have to navigate.

  • What did the dreamlike state and the appearances of Chuai H signify for Mingay?

    -The dreamlike state and the appearances of Chuai H introduced a surreal and mystical element to Mingay's life, hinting at the deeper powers and potential within him. It also foreshadowed his future journey and the role he was destined to play at Castle College.



🎮 Gaming Life and Unexpected Challenge

The story begins with Mingay, an isolated gamer living in his "man cave", deeply invested in his online gaming world. He is a top player on his server, but feels empty when no one is online to compete with. His loneliness is briefly interrupted by an invite from a fellow top-tier player named Nano, who challenges and defeats him. This loss leads to a series of revelations about Mingay's life, including his abandoned past, his trolling activities online, and his family's lack of understanding and support. The paragraph ends with Mingay receiving a mysterious invitation to Castle College from Professor Garian, despite his family's skepticism.


🤝 Online Friendships and College Interviews

Mingay's online friend provides moral support for an upcoming interview, which Mingay initially prepares for diligently. However, the interview takes an unexpected turn with odd questions about extraterrestrial life. Despite his confusion, Mingay's genuine belief in aliens impresses the examiners. Meanwhile, Professor Garian is revealed to be invested in Mingay's admission to Castle College, even after Mingay quits the interview. The twist comes when Mingay's family discovers that he has passed the interview, leading to a family visit to discuss Mingay's future at the college. It is revealed that Mingay's parents were once students of the college, leaving him with a legacy and a potential path forward.


💔 Crushes, Parties, and Life-Changing Decisions

Mingay faces a dilemma between confessing his feelings to his crush, Chen winwin, and accepting the opportunity to join Castle College. Despite encouragement from Nano, Mingay's focus remains on winwin. His plans for a graduation party confession are thwarted when his friend, Xiao mangu, pranks him and wins winwin's heart. In the aftermath of this betrayal, Nano reveals her true identity and offers Mingay a chance to join the college, which he eventually accepts after a heartfelt conversation about his future and the sacrifices he may have to make.


🚉 Journey to Castle College and Unforeseen Encounters

Mingay's journey to Castle College is filled with confusion and setbacks. He struggles to find transportation to the college and is mistaken for a beggar. Despite these challenges, he encounters a mysterious silver-haired boy, Finger, who shares his plight. Together, they discover the hidden CC line to the college and learn about its unique nature. Upon arrival, Mingay is thrust into a world of dragons, secret societies, and a hidden curriculum that promises to change his life forever.


🐉 Dragons, Dreams, and Deadly Secrets

Mingay's introduction to Castle College is anything but ordinary. He learns about the existence of dragons and the college's mission to train dragon slayers. His skepticism is challenged when he witnesses a demonstration of a dragon scale's resilience and a baby dragon's power. Mingay's unique genetics also attract attention, hinting at a deeper secret. Meanwhile, the college's internal power dynamics come to light during a chaotic paintball event, revealing the intensity of student rivalries and the lengths they will go to prove themselves.


📚 Unraveling Mysteries and Facing the Dragon King

As Mingay delves deeper into the world of Castle College, he encounters more mysteries and challenges. He learns about the power of Spirit language and the importance of his own bloodline. The college's mission becomes more complex as they seek to decode a dire message from a dragon king's palace. Mingay's unique abilities come to the fore, helping to save trapped board members and contributing to the college's efforts. However, the代价 he must pay for his newfound powers and the secrets he uncovers about the dragon kings and his own past will change his life irrevocably.


🎉 Birthday Celebrations, Dance Balls, and Infiltration

The narrative continues with Mingay attending a ball dance at Castle College, where he navigates social interactions and political maneuverings. He is courted by both the Student Union leader, Caesar, and the lionart society president, Zang. Meanwhile, an infiltration attempt on the college's security unveils a deeper plot involving the mysterious Cocoon and the return of a powerful enemy. The stakes rise as Mingay and his peers are drawn into a conflict that threatens the balance of power within the college and beyond.


🔥 The Dragon King's Awakening and a Fateful Encounter

The story escalates as the Dragon King Constantine awakens, causing chaos and destruction. Mingay, now armed with powerful abilities, confronts the dragon king in a bid to save Nano and end the threat. The battle is fierce, and Mingay discovers the true identity of his online friend, Tyler, as the dragon king. The revelation shakes him, but he must make a difficult choice to protect those he cares about. The paragraph ends with a dramatic turn of events, leaving Mingay to grapple with the consequences of his actions and the secrets he now holds.


💔 Loss, Love, and the Burden of Power

In the aftermath of the battle with the Dragon King, Mingay faces the emotional and physical toll of his actions. He saves Nano and confronts the loss of his online friend, Tyler. As he comes to terms with his new reality, he receives a mysterious message from Mings, confirming the contract they made and reminding him of the price he must pay for the powers he has gained. Meanwhile, the principal's true knowledge of Mingay's background and potential comes to light, hinting at a larger destiny for Mingay and his role in the college's future.



💡Dragon King Power

The term 'Dragon King Power' refers to a special ability or force that is possessed by certain characters in the anime, granting them extraordinary powers. In the context of the video, the main character unlocks this power which drastically changes his life and abilities, allowing him to take revenge and become a formidable force within the story. This power is central to the character's development and the progression of the plot, as it is the catalyst for his transformation from a loser to a powerful being.

💡Castle College

Castle College is the prestigious institution where the main character, Mingay, receives a scholarship to attend after being recognized for his potential. It is a place where students study and train to become dragon slayers and other powerful beings. The college serves as the main setting for the character's growth and the development of the story's events.


In the context of the video, 'revenge' refers to the main character's motivation to take action against those who have wronged or belittled him in the past. It is a driving force behind his actions and decisions, particularly after he unlocks his Dragon King Power, which gives him the means to enact his plans.

💡S-Rank Student

The term 'S-Rank Student' denotes a student with exceptional abilities or potential, ranking at the highest level within the hierarchy of the Castle College. It implies that the student is highly skilled or has unique qualities that set them apart from their peers.

💡Dragon Slayer

A 'Dragon Slayer' is an individual trained or天生具备 the skills and abilities to combat and slay dragons, which are formidable creatures in the anime's universe. These characters undergo rigorous training and face significant challenges in their quest to protect humanity from the threat of dragons.


A 'scholarship' is a form of financial aid given to a student based on their academic or other merits, allowing them to attend an institution of learning without the financial burden that tuition fees may impose. In the video, it serves as a pivotal point for the main character's educational and personal journey.

💡Mental Doctor

A 'mental doctor' is a professional who specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental illnesses and psychological disorders. In the context of the video, this term is used metaphorically to suggest that someone may need psychological help due to their unusual beliefs or behaviors.

💡Spirit Language

The 'Spirit Language' is a special form of communication or power that is resonant with dragon bloodlines and magical abilities. It is a crucial element in the training and skills of the students at Castle College, allowing them to harness and utilize the power of dragons in their battles and studies.


In the context of the video, a 'Cocoon' refers to a protective or transformative structure created by dragons, which contains their DNA and essence. It is a critical element in the plot, as it is associated with the revival or creation of new Dragon Kings, serving as a means for dragons to ensure their continuation and survival.

💡Dragon Killing Bullet

A 'Dragon Killing Bullet' is a specialized ammunition designed to neutralize or kill dragons, which are formidable creatures in the anime's world. It represents a significant technological or magical advancement that allows characters to challenge and overcome these powerful beings.


Mingay, a lonely and unaccomplished individual, finds himself unexpectedly invited to a prestigious institution known as Castle College, sparking a journey of self-discovery and growth.

Upon his arrival, Mingay is thrust into a world of powerful Dragon Slayers, where he must confront his own inadequacies and fears in order to find his place among these elite students.

A mysterious figure named Nano, who once defeated Mingay in a virtual game, becomes a pivotal character in his journey, challenging his perceptions and pushing him towards his potential.

Castle College is revealed to be a unique institution training individuals in the art of Dragon Slaying, a skill that is both respected and feared within the world they inhabit.

Mingay's past is explored, revealing a life of isolation and a family history that is intertwined with the very institution he now attends, adding depth to his character and motivations.

The concept of Spirit Language is introduced, a powerful and coveted ability that can only be wielded by those with the right bloodline, setting the stage for Mingay's own potential awakening.

Mingay's first encounter with a real dragon and the revelation of their existence shakes the foundations of his beliefs and propels him into the heart of Castle College's teachings.

A dramatic battle ensues within the college, showcasing the students' abilities and the stakes involved in their training, highlighting the deadly seriousness of their studies.

Mingay's personal growth is underscored by his evolving relationships, particularly with Nano, as he navigates the complex social dynamics of Castle College.

The discovery of Mingay's rare 'S-Rank' status and the attention it garners from both peers and professors alike sets him on a path of destiny and intrigue.

Mingay's unexpected success in decoding a critical message from a dragon palace not only saves lives but also cements his place among the college's elite, marking a turning point in his journey.

The introduction of the 'Dragon King' and the lore surrounding these powerful beings adds a layer of myth and history to the world, enriching the narrative and raising the stakes.

Mingay's struggle with his newfound abilities and the moral implications of his actions introduce philosophical questions about power, responsibility, and identity.

The climactic battle against Norton, the Dragon King, showcases Mingay's growth from a timid and uncertain student to a hero capable of making the ultimate sacrifice.

The revelation of Mingay's connection to Mings, a mysterious figure guiding his path, adds a twist to the story and opens up possibilities for future developments.

The story concludes with Mingay's acceptance of his role and responsibilities, hinting at a future where he will continue to grow and face challenges as a Dragon Slayer.