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1 Feb 202455:42

TLDRThe video script is a comprehensive guide on using the AI illustration tool, Midjourney, from the basics to advanced techniques. It covers the start-to-end process of creating illustrations, including setting up on Discord, using various commands, and adjusting parameters for different styles and resolutions. The guide also introduces features like blending images, extracting prompts from existing images, and setting default preferences for quicker illustration creation. The video aims to help users master Midjourney to create a wide range of illustrations for various applications, emphasizing its potential for storytelling, animation, and business use.


  • 🚀 Introduction to Midjourney: The video provides a comprehensive guide on getting started with Midjourney, an AI illustration tool, and its application techniques.
  • 📝 Understanding Prompts: The importance of crafting effective prompts is emphasized, as it directly influences the variety and quality of the generated illustrations.
  • 🎨 Application Techniques: The video covers various techniques to manipulate and refine illustrations, including upscaling, variations, and custom zoom functions.
  • 🔧 Setting Up Your Environment: A step-by-step guide on setting up a Discord account and joining the Midjourney community is provided for users to start creating illustrations.
  • 🔄 Utilizing Parameters: The significance of using parameters to adjust the style, aspect ratio, and other attributes of the illustrations is discussed.
  • 🎯 Focusing on Key Words: The 'Focus' feature is introduced to identify and emphasize the most impactful words in a prompt for better illustration results.
  • ✍️ Adding Text to Illustrations: The video explains how to incorporate text into illustrations using the 'Style' parameter for more personalized and accurate outputs.
  • 🌟 Blending Illustrations: The 'Blend' feature is highlighted, allowing users to combine two illustrations to create a new, unique image.
  • 🔍 Discovering Prompts: The 'Dislair' feature is introduced to help users understand the prompts needed to recreate existing illustrations, aiding in learning and idea generation.
  • 📚 Customizing Preferences: The video teaches how to set up custom prefixes and option sets for frequently used parameters and phrases, streamlining the illustration creation process.
  • 🔥 Upcoming Features: The anticipation of upcoming web-based features for Midjourney is mentioned, promising a more accessible and user-friendly experience for all.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is an introduction and application techniques for using the AI illustration tool, Midjourney.

  • How does the speaker overcome the initial difficulty in using Midjourney?

    -The speaker initially struggled with understanding how to use Midjourney effectively but eventually became proficient, being able to create desired illustrations quickly.

  • What is the significance of Discord in the context of Midjourney?

    -Discord is used as a platform to access and utilize Midjourney for creating illustrations, and it is where the community for Midjourney users is hosted.

  • What kind of illustrations can be created with Midjourney?

    -Midjourney can create a wide range of illustrations with high precision, including landscapes, animated-style illustrations, photographs, paintings, and illustrations of animals and furniture.

  • How does the speaker organize their creations within Discord?

    -The speaker organizes their creations by creating individual rooms within Discord, where they can categorize their work, such as character designs and backgrounds for picture books.

  • What is the purpose of the 'Imagine' and 'Prompt' commands in Midjourney?

    -The 'Imagine' command initiates the illustration creation process, and the 'Prompt' command is used to input specific instructions or keywords to guide the AI in creating the desired illustration.

  • How can users adjust the scale and variations of an illustration in Midjourney?

    -Users can adjust the scale of an illustration using the 'Upscale' button and create variations of an illustration by selecting the 'Variation' buttons corresponding to the different options generated by the AI.

  • What is the role of the 'Blend' feature in Midjourney?

    -The 'Blend' feature allows users to combine two illustrations to create a single new illustration, which can result in unique and composite images.

  • How does the 'Disable' function help users in Midjourney?

    -The 'Disable' function enables Midjourney to analyze an uploaded illustration and provide the prompts needed to recreate a similar illustration, which can be useful for learning and generating ideas.

  • What are 'Prefix' and 'Prefoption' in Midjourney, and how are they used?

    - 'Prefix' and 'Prefoption' are features that allow users to set default parameters or text inputs for their prompts, making it easier and faster to create illustrations with their preferred settings.

  • What is the future update for Midjourney mentioned in the video?

    -The future update mentioned is the release of a web version of Midjourney, which will allow users to create illustrations directly on the web without needing to use Discord.



🚀 Introduction to Midjourney and Starting Guide

The paragraph introduces the video's purpose, which is to provide a comprehensive guide on using Midjourney, an AI illustration tool. It discusses the common struggles of beginners, such as not knowing how to start or feeling like they can't fully utilize the tool. The speaker shares their own experience of initially struggling with Midjourney but now being able to create desired illustrations quickly. The video aims to help viewers overcome these challenges and become proficient in using Midjourney.


💻 Getting Started with Midjourney on Discord

This paragraph explains the process of starting with Midjourney using Discord. It mentions that while there will soon be a web-based version, currently, one must use Discord to create illustrations. The speaker provides a step-by-step guide on downloading Discord, finding the Midjourney community, and using the platform to create illustrations. It also covers the process of subscribing to a paid plan and using commands to generate illustrations.


🛠️ Customizing Your Workspace

The paragraph discusses the importance of creating a personalized workspace in Midjourney for better organization and visibility of one's illustrations. It explains how to create a personal server within Discord, set up folders for different projects, and invite the Midjourney bot to the server. The speaker emphasizes the convenience of having a dedicated space for one's work and provides instructions on how to customize and manage the server.


🎨 Understanding and Using Prompts

This section delves into the concept of prompts in Midjourney, which are instructions inputted to generate illustrations. The speaker explains how prompts can be used to create various illustrations and how to refine them through upscaling and variations. It covers the use of buttons like 'U' for upscaling and 'V' for variations, and the process of selecting and refining preferred illustrations.


🌟 Advanced Prompt Techniques and Parameters

The paragraph discusses advanced techniques for creating illustrations using Midjourney. It introduces the concept of 'Image Prompts' where existing images can be used as references, and 'Text Prompts' that form the main instruction for the AI. The speaker also explains 'Parameters' that allow for fine-tuning of the illustrations, such as aspect ratio, style, and chaos. The paragraph emphasizes the importance of understanding these components to create ideal illustrations.


🔄 Combining and Blending Illustrations

This section introduces the 'Blend' feature in Midjourney, which allows users to combine two illustrations into one. The speaker explains the process of saving illustrations, using the 'Blend' command, and uploading images to create a composite illustration. The paragraph also discusses the possibility of blending illustrations using image links and adding text prompts for further customization.


🔍 Analyzing Illustrations with Dislamb

The paragraph introduces 'Dislamb,' a feature that analyzes an uploaded illustration to provide a set of prompts that could have been used to create it. This tool helps users understand which words and parameters are effective in generating specific types of illustrations. The speaker demonstrates how to use Dislamb to gain insights into the important tokens that contribute to the artwork and how to apply this knowledge to create new illustrations.


🎯 Focusing on Key Words with Focus

This section explains the 'Focus' feature, which helps users identify the most impactful words in a prompt. By inputting a long prompt and using the 'Focus' command, Midjourney highlights the tokens that are strongly reflected in the illustration. This feature allows users to understand which words are effective and how to refine their prompts for better results.


🛠️ Customizing Default Settings with Prefixes

The paragraph discusses the use of 'Prefixes' to set default parameters and words for every prompt. This feature simplifies the process of creating illustrations by automatically inserting frequently used parameters or styles. The speaker provides examples of how to set and use prefixes, as well as how to remove them if needed.


🖋️ Adding Text to Illustrations

This section covers the updated feature of adding text to illustrations in Midjourney. The speaker explains the process of inserting text into an illustration by including it in the prompt and using specific parameters. The paragraph also notes the limitations and challenges of this feature, such as the length of the text and the accuracy of the reflection in the illustration.


🌐 Upcoming Web Version of Midjourney

The speaker discusses the upcoming web version of Midjourney, which will allow users to create illustrations directly on the web without using Discord. The paragraph outlines the features of the web version, such as the ability to simply input text to generate illustrations, create variations, and adjust parameters with ease. The speaker also mentions the current alpha version and the plan to release it to all users in the future.


📚 Conclusion and Encouragement to Explore

In the concluding paragraph, the speaker summarizes the video's content, encouraging viewers to explore and experiment with Midjourney to create various types of illustrations. They mention the potential of the tool for creating picture books, animations, logos, and more. The speaker also promotes their online school for learning about AI and the various courses they offer, including one-on-one lessons. They invite interested viewers to inquire through their official LINE account and mention the exclusive materials provided to LINE registrants.



💡AI Illustration

AI Illustration refers to the creation of visual art using artificial intelligence tools, such as Midjourney, which can generate a wide range of images based on user input. In the video, AI Illustration is the central theme, showcasing how users can leverage these tools to create various types of illustrations, from landscapes to character designs, without the need for traditional artistic skills.


Midjourney is an AI platform that enables users to generate illustrations by inputting specific prompts or instructions. It is highlighted in the video as a powerful tool for creating a variety of high-quality images, with the potential to be used for books, animations, and music videos. The platform's ability to learn and adapt to user needs is emphasized, allowing for a more personalized and efficient illustration creation process.


Discord is a communication platform originally designed for gamers but has since expanded to various communities. In the context of the video, Discord is used as a medium to access and utilize Midjourney for creating illustrations. The speaker guides viewers on how to download Discord, join Midjourney's community, and navigate its features to start creating AI-generated images.


Prompts are the specific instructions or keywords entered by users into AI illustration tools like Midjourney to generate images. They are crucial for guiding the AI to produce the desired output. The video emphasizes the importance of crafting effective prompts to achieve the best results, such as specifying the style, subject, and desired elements of the illustration.


Parameters are additional settings or options that users can adjust in AI illustration tools to fine-tune the output. These can include aspects like image size, style, and variations. The video discusses various parameters available in Midjourney and how they can be combined with prompts to create unique illustrations that meet the user's vision.


Blending is a feature in AI illustration tools that allows users to combine two or more images to create a new, unified illustration. This technique can be used to merge different visual elements or styles, resulting in a unique piece of art. The video introduces blending as an advanced technique to expand the creative possibilities within AI-generated art.


Dissolve is a function in Midjourney that analyzes an uploaded image and suggests a prompt that could recreate a similar illustration. This feature is beneficial for users seeking inspiration or looking to understand how a particular image was generated. The video presents Dissolve as a tool for learning and generating prompts based on existing artwork.


Focus is a feature that highlights the most significant words or tokens within a prompt that the AI illustration tool considers while generating an image. This function helps users identify which parts of their prompt are most influential and adjust their prompts accordingly for better results. The video explains how the Focus feature can be educational and assist in refining prompts for more accurate AI-generated illustrations.


Customization refers to the ability to tailor the AI illustration tool's settings and features to individual user preferences. This includes creating custom prefixes or option sets with preferred parameters and phrases for quicker and more personalized illustration creation. The video emphasizes the importance of customization for efficiency and consistency in producing desired illustration styles.

💡Web Version

The Web Version refers to the upcoming online platform for Midjourney that will allow users to create illustrations directly through a web interface, without the need for Discord. This new feature is expected to make the illustration creation process more accessible and user-friendly, potentially attracting a broader range of users. The video mentions the Web Version as an exciting development for the future of AI illustration.


Community, in the context of the video, refers to the collective group of users and enthusiasts who share a common interest in AI illustration and Midjourney. These communities often congregate on platforms like Discord, where they can exchange ideas, prompts, and illustrations, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment. The video highlights the value of being part of such a community for learning, inspiration, and improvement in AI illustration skills.


Introduction to the basics of using Midjourney, an AI illustration tool, and its application techniques.

Explaining the process of starting with Midjourney, including the necessary setup through Discord and subscription plans.

Creating personalized rooms within Discord for organizing and viewing your Midjourney illustrations.

Understanding the concept of prompts in Midjourney and how they dictate the style and content of the generated illustrations.

Using parameters in Midjourney to fine-tune illustrations, such as aspect ratio, style, and chaos.

The ability to scale and create variations of illustrations by inputting specific commands and parameters.

Exploration of blending two illustrations into one using Midjourney's blend feature.

Describing the 'Dislabe' feature that allows Midjourney to analyze an illustration and suggest the prompts used to create it.

Focusing on particular words within a prompt to understand which tokens are most impactful for Midjourney.

Setting up default parameters and phrases with the 'Preffix' and 'Option Set' features for quicker illustration creation.

Instructions on how to add text within illustrations using Midjourney's updated text insertion feature.

Announcement of the upcoming web version of Midjourney, which will allow users to create illustrations directly on the web without Discord.

Providing an overview of the potential applications of Midjourney, such as creating picture books, animations, logos, and blog illustrations.

Information about online courses and one-on-one lessons available for learning more about AI and Midjourney.

Explanation of how to search, filter, and archive your own illustrations created with Midjourney effectively.

Encouraging users to explore Midjourney and its capabilities to create unique and diverse illustrations.

Invitation to join a LINE group for exclusive Midjourney start guide slides and prompt collection.

A final summary and appreciation for watching the video, encouraging users to try out Midjourney for themselves.