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20 May 202407:22

TLDROpenAI's new model, GPT-40, dubbed 'Omni' for its all-encompassing capabilities, promises to revolutionize AI interaction. Set to be free for the public, it offers advanced features like a CHT store for custom versions, vision capabilities for image-based conversations, real-time web browsing, enhanced memory, and advanced data analysis. The model's native voice mode brings a seamless experience with faster response times and emotion detection. The demo showcased its impressive multitasking abilities, from guiding through tasks to solving equations, positioning GPT-40 as a potential game-changer in AI technology.


  • 🚀 OpenAI has released a new model called GPT-40, which is said to be a comprehensive upgrade.
  • 🎉 The 'O' in GPT-40 stands for 'Omni', signifying its all-encompassing capabilities.
  • 🆓 GPT-40 will be available for free to the public, with a full rollout expected in the coming weeks.
  • 💰 Despite GPT-40 being free, there are benefits to maintaining a Chat GPT Plus subscription, such as more prompts and access to future exclusive features.
  • 🖥️ OpenAI is finally introducing a desktop app for Chat GPT, showcasing impressive vision capabilities in the demo.
  • 👀 GPT-40's vision feature allows it to see the user's screen and assist with a wide range of tasks, from debugging code to providing recipes.
  • 🌐 The new model includes a browsing feature, enabling real-time access to the latest web data.
  • 🧠 GPT-40 has enhanced memory capabilities, remembering details from previous conversations.
  • 📊 Advanced Data Analysis is another feature, giving GPT-40 the ability to handle complex datasets and perform sophisticated tasks.
  • 🗣️ Voice mode in GPT-40 has been streamlined, reducing latency and improving the collaborative experience.
  • 😃 The model can detect emotions and respond appropriately, making interactions feel more humanlike.

Q & A

  • What does the 'O' in GPT-40 stand for according to the transcript?

    -The 'O' in GPT-40 stands for 'Omni', which is a Latin word for 'all', suggesting that the AI model is designed to be capable of handling a wide range of tasks.

  • Is GPT-40 going to be free for the public?

    -Yes, GPT-40 is set to be completely free for the public and is expected to roll out within the next few weeks.

  • Why might someone want to keep their Chat GPT Plus subscription even after the release of GPT-40?

    -There are a couple of reasons: subscribers will get more prompts to play with than regular free users, and they will have access to future updates and features that are exclusive to paid members.

  • What is one of the biggest complaints about Open AI mentioned in the transcript?

    -One of the biggest complaints is the lack of a desktop app for Chat GPT, which is surprising for a multi-billion dollar company.

  • What new feature was announced in the demo for GPT-40?

    -The new feature announced is a desktop app with impressive vision capabilities, allowing GPT-40 to see the user's screen and guide them through various tasks.

  • How has the voice mode been improved in GPT-40 compared to previous models?

    -GPT-40 has simplified the voice mode by using a single neural network that can handle text, images, and audio all at once, reducing latency and improving the user experience.

  • What are some of the features that will be available to everyone with GPT-40?

    -Features include the Chat GPT store for custom versions of the AI, vision capability for image-based interactions, real-time web browsing, memory to recall past conversations, and advanced data analysis for handling complex datasets.

  • What was the most notable part of the demo according to the script?

    -The most notable part was the real-time conversation between the two research leads and GPT-40, showcasing its ability to understand emotions, respond quickly, and even laugh at jokes.

  • How does GPT-40 handle voice mode in terms of response time and user interaction?

    -GPT-40 allows users to interrupt the model at any time, provides much faster response times, and can detect the user's emotions, making the interaction feel more humanlike.

  • What is the significance of GPT-40's vision capability in the context of the demo?

    -GPT-40's vision capability was demonstrated by solving a linear equation written on paper using a smartphone camera, showing its ability to guide users through problems rather than just providing answers.



🚀 Launch of GPT 40: Omni-Capable AI Model

Aldo from Zero to Mastery introduces the new GPT 40 model by OpenAI, highlighting its 'Omni' capabilities, suggesting it can do it all. The model is set to be free for the public and will be released in the coming weeks. Aldo addresses concerns about the subscription model for GPT 4, explaining that subscribers will receive additional prompts and access to future updates. A desktop app for GPT is announced, showcasing impressive vision capabilities, including task guidance and screen interaction. The video also mentions a refreshed UI and the integration of voice, text, and vision in GPT 40, reducing latency and enhancing user experience.


🎥 GPT 40 Demo: Real-Time Interaction and Advanced Features

The second paragraph focuses on the live demo of GPT 40, where it exhibits real-time conversation capabilities, including the ability to be interrupted and respond quickly with emotional detection. The model is shown to understand sarcasm and provide comfort, responding appropriately to user emotions. It also demonstrates its vision capability by solving a linear equation from an image, guiding the user through the problem-solving process. The paragraph concludes with a call to action for viewers to share their thoughts on GPT 40 and to follow for more technology content.




GPT-40 refers to the new flagship model released by OpenAI. It is a significant update to their AI technology, which is expected to offer enhanced capabilities and features compared to its predecessors. In the video, GPT-40 is described as 'Omni', implying its all-encompassing abilities, and is set to be available for free to the public, which is a major shift from the paid model that was previously in use.


The term 'Omni' is derived from Latin and means 'all'. In the context of the video, it is used to highlight the versatility and comprehensiveness of GPT-40's capabilities. The AI is presented as a model that can potentially perform a wide range of tasks, living up to its name by being 'omni' in its functionality.

💡Zero to Mastery

Zero to Mastery is the educational platform run by Aldo, the presenter in the video. It is a resource aimed at helping individuals learn and master various skills, often related to technology and software development. In the script, it serves as the context for Aldo's excitement and anticipation for the release of GPT-40.

💡Chat GPT Plus

Chat GPT Plus is a subscription service that offers additional features and benefits over the free version of Chat GPT. In the video, it is mentioned that despite GPT-40 being free, there are reasons to maintain a Plus subscription, such as access to more prompts and future updates that will be exclusive to paid members.

💡Desktop App

The term 'Desktop App' refers to a software application designed to run on a computer rather than in a web browser. In the video, it is announced that OpenAI will finally release a desktop application for Chat GPT, which has been a long-awaited feature by the user community, indicating a significant improvement in accessibility and user experience.

💡Vision capabilities

Vision capabilities in the context of GPT-40 refer to the AI's ability to process and understand visual information, such as images or what is displayed on a screen. The video script describes how GPT-40 can guide users through tasks by seeing and interpreting visual data, which is a significant advancement in AI's interactive capabilities.


UI stands for 'User Interface', which is the space where interactions between humans and computers occur. In the video, OpenAI's refreshed UI for GPT-40 is mentioned, emphasizing a minimalist design that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional, reflecting a trend towards simplicity and ease of use in technology interfaces.

💡Voice Mode

Voice Mode is a feature that allows users to interact with AI using voice commands and receive spoken responses. The video explains that GPT-40 has improved this feature by integrating it natively within the model, reducing latency and enhancing the user experience, making interactions more seamless and immersive.

💡CHT Store

The CHT Store, as mentioned in the video, is a platform where users can find custom versions of Chat GPT tailored for specific tasks and industries. This feature represents the adaptability of GPT-40 to meet the diverse needs of different users and professional settings.

💡Browsing feature

The browsing feature of GPT-40 allows the AI to access and retrieve information from the web in real-time. This capability is significant as it enables the AI to provide up-to-date information and insights, making it a valuable tool for research, analysis, and staying informed.


In the context of GPT-40, 'Memory' refers to the AI's ability to recall information from previous interactions. This feature is highlighted in the video as a personal favorite, as it allows the AI to provide more personalized and contextually relevant responses, enhancing the user's experience by making the AI seem more human-like.

💡Advanced Data Analysis

Advanced Data Analysis is a feature that enables GPT-40 to handle complex datasets and perform sophisticated analytical tasks. This capability positions the AI as a powerful tool for professionals who require advanced data processing and analysis, further demonstrating the model's versatility and utility.


OpenAI has released their new flagship model GPT-40, an AI model that promises to be powerful and versatile.

The 'O' in GPT-40 stands for 'Omni', implying the model's all-encompassing capabilities.

GPT-40 is set to be completely free for the public, with a full rollout expected in the coming weeks.

Existing Chat GPT Plus subscribers will receive additional benefits, such as more prompts and early access to future updates.

OpenAI is addressing the lack of a desktop app with the introduction of a new desktop version featuring impressive Vision capabilities.

GPT-40's Vision capability allows it to see the user's screen and guide them through a wide range of tasks.

The new UI refresh by OpenAI maintains a minimalist design, reflecting the preferences of minimalists.

GPT-40 simplifies the voice mode by handling speech-to-text and text-to-speech natively within a single neural network.

The CHT store will offer custom versions of Chat GPT tailored for specific tasks and industries.

GPT-40's browsing feature enables real-time access to and retrieval of information from the web.

Memory feature allows GPT-40 to recall information from previous conversations, enhancing user experience.

Advanced Data analysis capability enables GPT-40 to handle complex datasets and perform sophisticated analytical tasks.

GPT-40's voice mode includes features like interrupting the model, faster response times, and emotion detection.

The model can understand and respond appropriately to user emotions, including humor and stress.

GPT-40's vision capabilities were demonstrated with solving a linear equation from an image, guiding the user through the problem.

The AI's response time and human-like interaction have been compared to the AI in the movie 'Her', starring Joaquin Phoenix.

GPT-40's new features are expected to be available to users within the next few weeks.