FREE AI Image Generator that Beats Midjourney for Anime - Yodayo Tutorial

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28 Jul 202316:05

TLDRYodayo is an AI image generator that excels in creating anime-style art, particularly for vTubers and anime fans. It utilizes a user-friendly interface and advanced models, including a unique feature called 'spells' for character customization. The platform offers a 'Tavern Beta' for interactive character chats and has a community section for sharing and exploring artwork. Despite some concerns about content moderation and the need for more customization options, Yodayo stands out for its quality and community engagement, providing free access through active participation and rewards.


  • 🌟 Yodayo is a top-tier AI image generator for anime, surpassing other options like Midjourney.
  • 📸 The platform allows users to generate detailed images, such as a character from Hololive holding a gun, which isn't typically possible on other generators.
  • 🎨 Yodayo utilizes models and spells, similar to Stable Diffusion, but with their own trained models and parameters for customization.
  • 🔍 Users can select from 130 models and over 2,000 spells, each offering a unique style and character background.
  • 📈 Yodayo operates on a system of 'yo beans', which can be earned daily or purchased, and are used for high-priority generation or enhancements.
  • 🎮 A notable feature in development is the Tavern Beta, an interactive chat interface with anime characters.
  • 🚀 Yodayo offers a user-friendly interface, with options to adjust prompt, model, spell, and various settings for image generation.
  • 💡 The platform provides a gallery to explore and draw inspiration from other users' artwork, though it currently lacks some content moderation.
  • 🛠 Users can upscale and enhance images using additional beans, but there may be limitations to the technology.
  • 🔗 Yodayo has a Discord community where users can participate in contests and win yo beans.
  • 💬 Despite being a paid platform, Yodayo rewards active community engagement, allowing for free usage for active participants.

Q & A

  • What is Yodayo and how does it differ from other AI image generators?

    -Yodayo is an AI image generator specifically designed for anime images. It differs from other generators by offering a high level of customization through models and spells, which allows users to generate more specific and detailed images. It runs on stable diffusion but uses its own trained models and spells.

  • What is the Tavern Beta feature in Yodayo?

    -The Tavern Beta is a feature in Yodayo that allows users to interact with chatbots that have the personalities of anime characters. It functions like a role-playing interface where users can converse with these characters, and more characters are being added regularly.

  • How can users sign in to Yodayo?

    -Users can sign in to Yodayo using various methods, but the easiest and fastest way is through Google sign in, as well as Apple or other ways.

  • What are the models and spells in Yodayo?

    -In Yodayo, models are different styles of anime images that the generator can produce, with 130 models available. Spells, also known as 'Laura's', are used to customize the character, background style, etc., of the generated image.

  • What are 'Yo beans' and how are they used in Yodayo?

    -Yo beans are the compute credits used in Yodayo to perform high-priority image generations or enhancements. Users can purchase additional Yo beans or earn them through daily free Yo beans and community engagement.

  • How can users avoid NSFW content in Yodayo?

    -While Yodayo is working on ways to filter NSFW content, users may still encounter such content due to the nature of stable diffusion generators. The best way to avoid it is to be cautious and check the settings, as the platform is trying to improve content moderation.

  • What is the process for generating an image in Yodayo?

    -To generate an image, users first select a model, craft a prompt, and choose spells. They can adjust settings like canvas size, scale, and seed. After generating the image, users can choose to upscale or enhance the image using Yo beans.

  • How does the upscaling process work in Yodayo?

    -Upscaling in Yodayo increases the resolution of the generated image. Users can choose different levels of upscaling, which costs a certain number of Yo beans depending on the level. The upscaling process can also include adjustments to pixel density and denoising strength.

  • What are some of the limitations of Yodayo?

    -Some limitations include the potential for NSFW content, the lack of additional customization options for adding personal models and spells, and occasional issues with the upscaling process leading to unwanted artifacts in the final image.

  • How can users engage with the Yodayo community?

    -Users can engage with the Yodayo community by participating in contests, sharing their artwork, and joining the Yodayo Discord server to interact with other users and stay updated on new features and events.

  • What are the different ways to find inspiration for image generation in Yodayo?

    -Users can find inspiration by exploring the 'New Artwork' area, using the search function, and looking at tutorials, model guides, and hairstyle guides provided in the top section of the explore page.



🖼️ Introduction to Yodaiyo and its Unique Features

The paragraph introduces Yodaiyo, an AI image generator for anime images, highlighting its superior capabilities compared to other generators. The user shares personal experience with the platform, emphasizing its customization options through models and spells, which are unique to Yodaiyo. The platform's focus on stable diffusion technology with its own trained models and spells is discussed. An upcoming feature, the Tavern beta, which allows interaction with anime characters through a chat interface, is also mentioned. The video's sponsorship by Yodaiyo is acknowledged, and a tutorial on using Yodaiyo is previewed.


📱 Yodaiyo Interface and Image Generation Process

This section provides a walkthrough of Yodaiyo's interface, starting with the home screen and login process. It discusses the importance of the models and spells in generating images, with a focus on the negative prompt area that adapts based on the selected model. The user demonstrates how to craft a prompt, use the high-priority button, and the role of compute credits (yo beans) in the generation process. The paragraph also covers the daily free yo beans and the link provided for additional credits. The variety of models and spells available on the platform is emphasized, along with the settings that can be adjusted for image generation.


🎨 Exploring Image Enhancement and Previous Generations

The paragraph delves into the process of enhancing generated images through upscaling and adjusting settings like canvas size, steps, scale, seed, and sampling methods. The user shares their experience with different models and the impact of spell strength on the final image. The ability to view and recreate previous generations is discussed, along with the option to stack spells for a more customized output. The limitations of upscaling technology are acknowledged, and a demonstration of enhancing an image is provided, including the costs associated with different levels of upscaling.


🌐 Exploring Yodaiyo's Community and Features

This section explores the community aspect of Yodaiyo, including the ability to view and interact with other users' images, albeit with a warning about potential NSFW content. The process of uploading and tagging images is explained, along with the resources available in the explore area for inspiration and guidance in image generation. The Tavern beta feature is highlighted as a unique aspect of the platform, offering interactive chatbots with anime character personalities. The user's experience with the chat feature is shared, emphasizing its potential for future development. Lastly, the user discusses the option to join Yodaiyo's Discord community for contests and additional engagement. The video concludes with the user's overall positive impression of Yodaiyo, despite some minor drawbacks and suggestions for improvement.



💡AI Image Generator

An AI Image Generator is a software application that uses artificial intelligence to create images based on user input. In the context of the video, the AI Image Generator referred to is Yodayo, which is specialized in generating anime-style images. The video highlights its superior capabilities compared to other generators like Midjourney, emphasizing its ability to produce detailed and customized anime images that users desire.


Yodayo is an AI image generator platform that is specifically designed for creating anime images. It utilizes models and spells, which are unique to Yodayo, to allow users to customize their generated content. The platform also offers a feature called the Tavern Beta, where users can interact with anime characters in a chat-style interface.

💡Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is a type of AI model that is used to generate images from textual descriptions. Yodayo runs on this technology but has its own trained models and spells to enhance the customization and generation of anime images. It represents a significant advancement in AI image generation, allowing for a wide range of creative possibilities.

💡Models and Spells

In the context of Yodayo, models and spells are the core components that users utilize to generate images. Models determine the style or theme of the image, while spells, also known as 'Lauras', allow users to specify character details, background styles, and other elements to fine-tune the output. These features enable users to create highly customized and personalized anime images.

💡Tavern Beta

The Tavern Beta is an interactive feature on the Yodayo platform that allows users to engage in conversations with chatbots that have the personalities of anime characters. This feature provides a role-playing experience where users can interact with their favorite characters in a more immersive way, adding a unique social aspect to the platform.

💡Compute Credits (Yo Beans)

Compute Credits, or 'Yo Beans', are the virtual currency used within the Yodayo platform. Users need Yo Beans to perform high-priority image generations or enhancements. The platform provides a certain number of free Yo Beans daily, and users can also purchase additional beans to use the service more extensively.

💡NSFW Content

NSFW stands for 'Not Safe For Work', indicating content that may be inappropriate or explicit, and not suitable for professional or public viewing environments. The video mentions that the AI models used by Yodayo have the capability to generate NSFW content, and the platform is working on ways to manage and filter such outputs.

💡High Priority

In the context of Yodayo, 'High Priority' is a feature that allows users to prioritize their image generation requests. By using a certain number of Yo Beans, users can expedite the process and get their images generated faster than if they were using the standard, lower-priority generation, which can take a significantly longer time due to high demand.


Upscaling refers to the process of increasing the resolution of an image, making it larger and potentially more detailed. In Yodayo, users can use the upscaling feature to enhance the quality of their generated images by adjusting the resolution and pixel density, with different levels of upscaling available at varying costs in Yo Beans.

💡Community and Contests

The Yodayo platform encourages community engagement through various activities, including contests. These contests provide opportunities for users to win Yo Beans and other rewards by participating and contributing to the community. It serves as a way for the platform to foster user interaction and creativity.

💡Image Settings

Image settings refer to the various parameters and options that users can adjust when generating images on Yodayo. These settings include aspects like canvas size, steps, scale, seed, and sampling methods. By tweaking these settings, users can influence the quality, style, and characteristics of the generated images.


Yodayo is an AI image generator for anime that surpasses Midjourney in capabilities.

A unique feature of Yodayo is the customization of images through models and spells, similar to Stable Diffusion.

Yodayo operates on a model called Stable Diffusion, with its own trained models and spells.

The platform offers a beta feature called Tavern, enabling interaction with anime characters through a chat-style interface.

Users can log in through Google, Apple, or other methods for convenience.

Yodayo has a prompt and negative prompt area that allows users to guide the image generation process.

The platform provides 100 free daily 'yo beans' for users to generate or enhance images.

Yodayo has over 130 models and 2,000 spells available for users to choose from, each with a distinct style.

Users can adjust settings like canvas size, steps, scale, seed, and sampling methods for image generation.

Yodayo allows users to upscale images for higher resolution and quality using compute credits or 'yo beans'.

The platform offers a daily free upscaling option, albeit with a longer waiting time due to high demand.

Yodayo's explore page showcases user-generated artwork and provides inspiration for creating new images.

Users can recreate and generate images using the same settings as others by copying and pasting prompts.

Yodayo has a Discord community where users can participate in contests and win yo beans.

The platform is working on adding voice to the chat feature for an even more immersive experience with anime characters.

Despite the powerful features, Yodayo's explore page lacks proper filtering for NSFW content.

Yodayo does not allow users to add their own models or spells but offers a variety of pre-trained options.

The platform encourages community engagement, offering free yo beans for active participation.