Natalia Kalinska
24 Oct 2023132:08

TLDRThis comprehensive tutorial offers beginners a detailed guide to using Canva effectively. It covers the latest updates, basic functionalities, and explores various tools for creating designs, including templates, photos, and elements. The video also delves into Canva's Pro features, such as the background remover, brand kit, and content planner, emphasizing the platform's capabilities for enhancing both social media and business content creation. Tips for organization and design workflow are also provided, making it an invaluable resource for new users.


  • 🎨 Canva is a versatile design tool suitable for creating graphics, short videos for social media platforms, and content for blogs and websites.
  • πŸ†“ Canva offers a free version with basic functionalities and a Pro version that解锁s additional features and capabilities.
  • πŸ”§ Canva's interface is user-friendly, allowing users to easily navigate and utilize its design tools and templates.
  • πŸ–ΌοΈ Users have access to over 1 million free photos and graphics, with Canva Pro offering access to over 100 million premium stock photos, videos, and more.
  • 🌐 Canva is available on multiple platforms, including browser version, desktop app, and mobile apps for Android, iOS, and other devices.
  • πŸ“‘ The editor allows for precise adjustments and manipulations of elements such as photos, text, and graphics to create professional designs.
  • πŸ” Canva's AI-powered search function helps users find appropriate templates and design elements based on keywords and descriptions.
  • πŸŽ“ Canva offers educational resources and tutorials for users through its design school, blog, and community groups.
  • πŸ“… Canva Pro includes a content planner and scheduling feature, allowing users to automatically publish their designs on social media platforms.
  • πŸ”— Users can upload their own media, connect with external apps, and utilize Canva's extensive library to create unique designs.
  • πŸ’‘ Canva's 'Magic Design' feature uses AI to generate template suggestions based on user inputs, streamlining the design process.

Q & A

  • What is the primary purpose of Canva and who can benefit from using it?

    -Canva is a graphic design platform used by individuals, small businesses, and enterprises to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, and other visual content. It's beneficial for anyone needing to create engaging visuals for their personal or professional use.

  • How can a beginner get started with Canva?

    -A beginner can start by signing up for a free account on Canva's website. They can then explore the templates, learn the basics through tutorials, and gradually experiment with different design elements and tools within the platform.

  • What are some of the functionalities that Canva offers to its users?

    -Canva offers a wide range of functionalities including drag-and-drop design capabilities, access to millions of photos, graphics, video, and audio, the ability to upload personal media, and advanced features like background removal, brand kit organization, and AI-powered design suggestions in Canva Pro.

  • How can Canva be used for social media content creation?

    -Canva provides templates specifically tailored for various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Users can choose from ready-made designs or create their own from scratch, ensuring their content is visually appealing and optimized for each platform's specifications.

  • What is the Magic Design feature in Canva and how does it work?

    -Magic Design is an AI-powered feature in Canva that suggests templates based on a user's description. It pulls from Canva's library to find designs that fit the user's needs and can even include uploaded media to create a customized design.

  • How does Canva support video content creation?

    -Canva allows users to create short and long-form video content. It provides templates for video editing, the ability to add animations, text overlays, and transitions. Users can also upload their own video footage and edit it within the Canva platform.

  • What are the benefits of Canva Pro and how does it differ from the free version?

    -Canva Pro offers additional features such as access to over 100 million premium stock photos, videos, and audio; advanced editing tools like background removal and photo effects; the ability to create a brand kit for consistent branding; and AI-powered features like Magic Switch and Content Planner. It also allows for more customization and less restrictions compared to the free version.

  • How can Canva help with content planning and scheduling?

    -Canva Pro's Content Planner allows users to schedule posts to be automatically published on their social media platforms. This feature helps streamline the content creation and posting process, ensuring a consistent online presence.

  • What resources does Canva provide for learning and improving design skills?

    -Canva offers a Learn tab on their website with access to Design School, featuring tutorials, courses, events, a blog with resources and articles, and a community group for collaboration and feedback.

  • How can users keep their designs consistent with their brand identity using Canva?

    -Users can set up a brand kit in Canva Pro, which includes their logo, color palette, fonts, brand voice, and other branding elements. This allows them to apply their brand consistently across all designs and templates within the platform.



🎨 Introduction to Canva for Beginners

This paragraph introduces the viewer to an updated comprehensive Canva tutorial designed for beginners. It emphasizes the ease of use of Canva and its range of tools and functionalities. The speaker, Natalia, welcomes viewers to her channel and outlines the content of the tutorial, which includes creating designs from scratch, video content, and animated graphics. She also mentions the provision of a free Canva Pro account for viewers and hints at an upcoming course for more tailored Canva learning.


πŸ–ΌοΈ Exploring Canva's Template Library

In this section, the speaker discusses Canva's extensive template library, which caters to various design needs such as business, social media, education, and more. The tutorial covers how to access and utilize these templates, including custom brand templates and starter elements. The speaker also touches on the importance of the search bar, which is AI-powered and can suggest templates based on user input.


πŸ“Š Understanding Canva's Interface and Features

The speaker provides an in-depth overview of Canva's user interface, highlighting key features such as the top panel, left panel, and the design, text, and elements tabs. She explains how to navigate the homepage, create new designs, and organize projects. The paragraph also introduces the concept of Canva Pro and its additional features, such as brand management and AI apps.


πŸ–ŒοΈ Customizing and Creating Designs in Canva

This segment focuses on the process of creating and customizing designs in Canva. The speaker explains various methods of starting a design, including using templates, uploading media, or starting from scratch. She also discusses the use of Canva's AI-powered search bar, 'Magic Design', which can generate design ideas based on user input. The paragraph emphasizes the flexibility and creativity offered by Canva's design tools.


🎨 Advanced Designing with Canva's Elements and Features

The speaker delves into the specifics of designing with Canva's elements, such as photos, graphics, and text. She demonstrates how to search for and add elements to a design, as well as how to edit and customize them. The paragraph also covers the use of Canva's 'Apps' tab, which offers additional functionalities like content planning and social media scheduling. The speaker encourages viewers to explore these features to enhance their design workflow.


πŸ“Έ Working with Photos and Media in Canva

This part of the tutorial focuses on how to work with photos and media within Canva. The speaker shows how to add images to a design, adjust their settings, and use Canva's utilities panel to edit them. She also discusses the use of the 'Info' button to gather more information about the media and how to add images to folders for easy access. The paragraph highlights the importance of using high-quality media to create professional designs.


🌟 Enhancing Design with Animations and Video Editing

The speaker introduces the capabilities of Canva for creating animated graphics and editing videos. She explains how to add animations to elements and use page-level animations to enhance the design. The tutorial also covers how to create videos within Canva, including trimming video clips, adjusting playback speed, and adding transitions. The speaker emphasizes the potential of Canva for producing engaging visual content.


πŸ”§ Canva Pro: Advanced Features and Benefits

In this section, the speaker discusses the benefits and features of Canva Pro, such as access to premium stock photos, videos, and graphics, as well as advanced editing tools like background removal and photo editing. She also talks about the brand kit feature, which allows for consistent branding across designs, and the content planner for scheduling social media posts. The speaker encourages viewers to try Canva Pro for its enhanced capabilities and efficiency.


πŸ“š Canva Learning Resources and Community

The speaker concludes the tutorial by directing viewers to Canva's learning resources, including the design school, blog, and community group. She encourages viewers to utilize these resources to further their skills and knowledge in using Canva. The speaker also promotes her own upcoming course for learning Canva for social media and business purposes, inviting viewers to sign up and join her channel for more tutorials.




Canva is an online graphic design platform that allows users to create various types of visual content, such as social media posts, presentations, posters, and more. In the video, Canva is presented as a versatile tool for beginners and professionals alike, offering a wide range of templates, elements, and functionalities to design visually appealing content without the need for advanced design skills.

πŸ’‘Design Tutorial

A design tutorial is a step-by-step guide or lesson that teaches individuals how to create visual designs using design software or tools. In the context of the video, the design tutorial is focused on using Canva to create content for various platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and other social media sites.


Templates in design software like Canva are pre-made layouts or frameworks that users can utilize as a starting point for their designs. They typically include pre-selected fonts, colors, and images that adhere to specific design criteria or themes. The video emphasizes the use of Canva's extensive template library to quickly and easily create professional-looking designs without starting from scratch.


In the context of graphic design, elements refer to the fundamental components that make up a design, such as shapes, icons, photos, videos, and text boxes. The video script highlights the importance of Canva's Elements tab, which provides users with a rich library of design elements that can be added to their projects to enhance visual appeal and convey information effectively.


Branding involves creating a unique name, symbol, or design that identifies and differentiates a product or service from others in the market. In the video, the concept of branding is discussed in relation to Canva Pro's features, such as the Brand Kit, which allows users to maintain consistency in their visual identity across all designs.

πŸ’‘AI-Powered Features

AI-powered features refer to the capabilities within a software or platform that are driven by artificial intelligence, enhancing the user experience through automation andζ™Ίθƒ½εŒ– suggestions. In the video, AI-powered features in Canva, such as the Magic Design and Content Planner, are highlighted as tools that simplify the design process and improve workflow efficiency.

πŸ’‘Social Media Content

Social media content refers to the various types of media and messages that are posted on social networking platforms to engage and communicate with an audience. The video script focuses on teaching viewers how to create engaging social media content using Canva, including graphics, videos, and posts optimized for different platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

πŸ’‘Video Editing

Video editing is the process of manipulating and assembling video shots into a coherent sequence, often used to create polished and engaging visual narratives. In the video, video editing within Canva is discussed as a feature that allows users to create short and long-form video content, add animations, and trim video clips to fit their desired format.

πŸ’‘Canva Pro

Canva Pro is a premium subscription plan of the Canva platform that offers additional features and resources beyond the free version, catering to users who require more advanced design capabilities. The video script introduces Canva Pro as a tool that provides access to premium design elements, enhanced editing features, and additional functionalities aimed at boosting design productivity and creativity.

πŸ’‘Content Planner

A content planner is a tool or system used to organize, schedule, and manage the creation and distribution of content, particularly for digital platforms. In the video, Canva's Content Planner is presented as an AI-powered feature available to Canva Pro users, enabling them to schedule and automate the posting of their designs on social media platforms.


Learn how to create designs from scratch using Canva's powerful tools and functionalities.

Discover the updated Canva interface and its easy-to-use features for beginners and advanced users.

Explore Canva's browser version, desktop app, and mobile apps for a seamless design experience on any device.

Find out how to set up your Canva account and utilize the free 45-day Canva Pro trial for additional features.

Understand the various templates available in Canva for different platforms like social media, blogs, and videos.

Learn how to create custom brand templates and streamline your design process with Canva Pro.

Get tips on how to adjust the playback speed of the tutorial to suit your learning style and pace.

Find out how to use Canva's AI-powered search bar to discover templates and design elements.

Explore the use of Canva's Magic Design feature to generate templates based on your content description.

Learn how to upload your own media and integrate it into your Canva designs seamlessly.

Discover how to organize your designs and assets using folders and the projects panel in Canva.

Understand the different options for printing your Canva designs directly through the platform.

Get insights on how to use Canva's collaboration features to work with team members on designs.

Learn about the various apps and integrations available within Canva to enhance your design workflow.

Find out how to use Canva's drawing tools to create custom graphics and elements within the editor.

Explore the use of Canva's animation features to bring your designs to life for social media and video content.