FURRIES React To ANTI-FURRY MEMES... (ft. Barley The Cat)

20 Jul 202305:19

TLDRThe video features a host, Barley The Cat, reacting to anti-furry memes and highlighting the irony of anti-furries who may become furries in the future. It critiques the misconceptions about the furry fandom, pointing out that it's a diverse community with members of various professions and intelligence levels. The video also exposes the poor quality and cringe-worthy nature of anti-furry content, emphasizing the host's disapproval of such derogatory humor.


  • 🎭 The video features a host, presumably a furry, reacting to anti-furry memes and comments.
  • 👎 The host expresses disdain for anti-ferries, questioning their humor and intelligence.
  • 🤔 The script highlights a contradiction where some anti-ferries may become furries in the future.
  • 🧬 It's mentioned that a well-known furry is a molecular biologist who contributed to the COVID vaccine development.
  • 🎥 The host criticizes anti-ferries for misusing and editing furry content in a derogatory way.
  • 🇷🇺 There's a discussion about the outdated and irrelevant nature of some anti-furry memes, specifically those related to Russia and the Soviet Union.
  • 🖼️ The host discovers that a meme, initially thought to be created by an anti-furry, was actually made by a furry.
  • 🤯 The script includes a critique of the generalization and stigmatization of the furry fandom.
  • 👾 A reference to a popular YouTuber, Markiplier, is made, pointing out the irony that his brother is a furry artist.
  • 😅 The host finds some of the anti-furry content cringeworthy and of declining quality.
  • 🔫 A sarcastic comment is made about the ineffectiveness of a child with a toy gun, possibly symbolizing the host's view on anti-ferries' impact.

Q & A

  • What is the main theme of the video discussed in the transcript?

    -The main theme of the video is the reaction of furries to anti-furry memes and the discussion around the stereotypes and misconceptions about the furry fandom.

  • How does the host describe the anti-fer (anti-furry) community at the beginning of the video?

    -The host describes the anti-fer community as pre-pubescent little hells, trolls who might become furries in about a year's time, and individuals who think they are comedians but are not as funny as they believe.

  • What is the irony in the anti-fer meme that features Markiplier's brother?

    -The irony is that Markiplier's brother is actually a furry artist, which contradicts the anti-furry stance portrayed in the meme.

  • What is the host's opinion on the quality of the anti-fer memes?

    -The host finds the quality of the anti-fer memes to deteriorate the more they are seen and considers them cringeworthy.

  • What is the host's reaction to the anti-fer meme involving a potato and a toy gun?

    -The host finds it amusing and questions the effectiveness of the toy gun, stating that the recoil would knock an anti-fer into next week.

  • How does the host address the stereotype that furries are unintelligent?

    -The host counters this stereotype by mentioning a well-known furry who is a molecular biologist and helped develop the COVID vaccine, highlighting that furries can be highly intelligent.

  • What is the host's view on the anti-fer's use of outdated Russian and Soviet jokes?

    -The host finds it outdated and irrelevant, as those types of jokes were more popular in 2016 but are no longer funny or relevant.

  • What is the host's opinion on the furry fandom being labeled as people acting like animals or wannabes?

    -The host challenges this label by questioning why it is considered negative to act like an animal or embrace a certain persona, and points out that many people enjoy role-playing in various contexts.

  • How does the host conclude the video?

    -The host concludes by expressing gratitude to the viewers for watching the whole video, reminding them to join the Discord server, and encouraging them to subscribe to Barley the Cat's channel.

  • What is the host's final message to the viewers?

    -The host wishes the viewers good afternoon, good evening, and good night, emphasizing that they should remember the key points discussed in the video.



🤔 Controversial Views on Furry Fandom

The paragraph delves into the host's critical perspective on the furry fandom, a community of people interested in anthropomorphic animals. The host expresses strong dislike for a subset referred to as 'anti-fers', who are described as prepubescent individuals with a potential future interest in furries. The host challenges the comedic abilities of these individuals. The discussion takes a turn as it highlights an accomplished member of the furry community, a molecular biologist involved in the development of the COVID-19 vaccine, countering the stereotype of furries being unintelligent. The host criticizes the anti-fers for their editing of furry videos to make them seem random and nonsensical, expressing a personal offense at this action. There's also mention of a lingering fascination with Russia among the youth, which the host finds outdated. The critique extends to a meme that was too well-made to be created by an anti-fer, revealing that it was actually made by a furry. The paragraph concludes with a reference to a popular YouTuber, Markiplier, and his brother, who is a furry artist, to further emphasize the irony of the situation.


🙏 Closing Remarks and Call to Action

In this paragraph, the host concludes the video by thanking the viewers for watching until the end. The host then promotes a Discord server and encourages viewers to subscribe to another content creator named Barley, acknowledging Barley's popularity and the likelihood that the audience is already subscribed. The host uses humor to address the possibility of being outsized by Barley and playfully insists on a renewed subscription. The paragraph ends with well-wishes for the viewers' afternoon, evening, and night, signaling the end of the video in a friendly and engaging manner.




Furries are members of a subculture interested in anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics. In the video, they are the target audience reacting to anti-furry memes, and the discussion revolves around the stereotypes and misconceptions about the furry fandom.


Anti-furry memes are humorous images, videos, or text posts that mock or criticize the furry fandom. The video explores the reactions of furries to such memes, highlighting the contrast between the humor intended by the creators and the actual impact on the furry community.

💡Barley The Cat

Barley The Cat appears to be a content creator or character involved in the video. The mention of Barley suggests that this individual or entity may provide commentary or insight into the anti-furry memes, possibly adding a layer of humor or critique to the video's narrative.


The term 'prepubescent' refers to individuals who are yet to undergo puberty, typically children or early adolescents. In the context of the video, it is used to describe the young age of some anti-furry individuals, questioning their maturity and understanding of the furry fandom.


Trolls are individuals who intentionally provoke or upset others, often by posting inflammatory content online. The script suggests that some anti-furries may be trolls, using memes to elicit reactions from the furry community and potentially misrepresenting their true intentions or future interests.


Comedians are professionals who entertain by making people laugh through jokes, stories, or humorous observations. The video implies that some anti-furries believe themselves to be comedians, but their attempts at humor may be misguided or offensive, leading to a critique of their self-perception and the impact of their actions.

💡molecular biologist

A molecular biologist is a scientist who studies the interactions and processes involving molecules in biological systems. The mention of a molecular biologist in the context of the video serves to highlight the diversity and accomplishments within the furry fandom, challenging the stereotype that furries lack intelligence or professional success.

💡COVID vaccine

The COVID vaccine refers to the vaccines developed to protect against the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes COVID-19. The script references a well-known furry who contributed to the vaccine's development, emphasizing that members of the furry community have made significant contributions to society and should not be dismissed based on stereotypes.


A watermark is a visible overlay on a digital image or video that identifies the creator or owner. In the video, the mention of a watermark relates to the investigation of the origin of a meme, revealing that it was created by a furry, which challenges the assumption that all anti-furry content is produced by those outside the community.

💡Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 is a popular online multiplayer video game known for its diverse cast of character classes, many of which have distinctive and stylized appearances. The game's mention in the video underscores the point that furries are not alone in their appreciation for anthropomorphic characters, and that such interests can be found across various forms of media and entertainment.


Markiplier, whose real name is Mark Fischbach, is a popular YouTuber known for his gameplay videos and entertaining commentary. The reference to Markiplier in the script, particularly his brother being a furry artist, serves to illustrate the wide range of people who are involved in or appreciate the furry fandom, even within well-known internet personalities' circles.


The furry fandom is a loosely defined community of people with a unique interest in anthropomorphic animals.

Anti-ferries are often seen as trolls who may themselves become furries in the future.

The host challenges the notion that anti-ferries think they are comedians by examining their humor.

A well-known furry is a molecular biologist who contributed to the development of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The video critiques the anti-ferries' tactic of taking a furry video and editing it to a random, unrelated context.

Some memes are deemed ironic, such as one involving Markiplier's brother, who is a furry artist.

The video discusses the stereotype of the furry fandom as people acting like animals or 'wannabes'.

The host points out the irony in using Markiplier as an anti-furry icon, given his history with Five Nights at Freddy's.

The video addresses the sentiment that anti-ferries' memes are cringeworthy and of deteriorating quality.

The host humorously critiques the effectiveness of a 'potato' and a child with a toy gun as threats.

Barley the Cat, a character in the video, is appreciated for his shirt and positive contribution.

The video ends with a reminder to join the host's Discord and subscribe to Barley's channel.

The host reflects on the effort put into creating the memes, despite their intended negative message.

The video highlights the diversity within the furry community, challenging the notion of it being homogeneous.

The host emphasizes the importance of understanding the core values of the furry fandom before critiquing it.

The video showcases the host's critical thinking skills in dissecting the anti-ferries' arguments and tactics.

The host encourages viewers to form their own opinions about the furry fandom, rather than relying on stereotypes.

The video concludes with a message of inclusivity and respect for different interests and communities.