Trolling Furries at Furry Con...GONE WRONG!

12 Sept 202312:49

TLDRThe video follows a group of individuals who initially approach a dog shelter under the pretense of adopting a pet, but instead inquire about 'furries,' a term misunderstood as a dog breed. The script is filled with humor and irony, as the group navigates through a furry convention, interacting with attendees and staff, and creating a series of comedic and chaotic situations. The video is a blend of pranksterism and vlogging, with the characters often finding themselves in unexpected and hilarious scenarios, all while documenting their experiences for YouTube. Despite the comedic elements, the video also touches on the community aspect of such conventions, showing a genuine interest in the subculture and its members.


  • 🚫 Misunderstandings and confusions about the term 'furries' lead to awkward interactions at an event.
  • 🎬 A vlogger attempts to create content by trolling and pranking people at a convention, causing disruptions.
  • 🤝 Individuals at the event, including staff and attendees, express their frustration and discomfort with the vlogger's actions.
  • 🐶 The vlogger initially claims to be interested in adopting a dog, but their true intentions become questionable.
  • 🎥 The script reveals the challenges of managing a public event and ensuring a positive experience for all participants.
  • 😡 Tensions arise when the vlogger's actions are reported as harassment, leading to confrontations with event security.
  • 😂 Despite the chaos, there are moments of humor and light-heartedness amidst the serious issues.
  • 📸 The vlogger's pursuit of 'furry' content leads to a bizarre and uncomfortable encounter with a participant.
  • 🚨 The event staff take reports of harassment seriously and take action to address the situation.
  • 🤔 The script raises questions about the ethics of content creation and the impact on communities.
  • 🎉 In the end, the vlogger reflects on their experience and considers the possibility of joining the community they initially mocked.

Q & A

  • What was the initial intention of the individuals at the adoption center?

    -The individuals initially went to the adoption center with the genuine intention of adopting a dog, expressing their interest and admiration for dogs.

  • How much money was mentioned as a potential donation towards the end of the script?

    -Three hundred dollars was mentioned as a potential donation.

  • What was the reaction of the staff when the individuals started talking about 'furries' at the adoption center?

    -The staff was confused and clarified that they only had dogs available for adoption, not 'furries'.

  • What was the misunderstanding regarding 'furries' that the individuals encountered?

    -The individuals mistakenly thought 'furries' referred to a breed of dogs or a restaurant, but it actually refers to a subculture interested in anthropomorphic animals.

  • What was the location where the individuals were asked to leave due to inappropriate attire?

    -They were asked to leave a block party or event called 'Fergon' due to not being in 'furry' attire.

  • What was the role of the person who had a conversation with the individuals about registration?

    -The person was a board member who guided the individuals to the registration area.

  • What was the unexpected reaction of the individuals when they were given a tour of a 'furry' room?

    -The individuals were shocked and uncomfortable, leading to a humorous and bizarre exchange about the fursuits.

  • What was the final outcome of the video according to the script?

    -The video concluded with the individuals expressing regret and a desire to undo the past ten minutes, implying a negative experience.

  • How did the individuals describe their YouTube video at the end of the script?

    -They described it as a crazy experience, teasing an upcoming video with more content.

  • What was the humorous misunderstanding regarding the 'muscle' in the script?

    -There was a humorous misunderstanding where a description of a furry suit was misinterpreted as a crude and inappropriate comment.



🤣 Misadventures at the Shelter

The paragraph revolves around a visit to a dog shelter, where the speaker initially expresses a desire to adopt a dog. However, the conversation quickly takes a turn when the topic of 'furries' is introduced. The speaker seems to be involved in a prank or vlog, leading to a humorous and chaotic exchange with shelter staff and other visitors. The speaker's confusion and comedic reactions to the mention of 'furries' as a breed and the subsequent misunderstandings create an entertaining and somewhat absurd narrative.


🎥 Chaotic Vlogging and Misunderstandings

This paragraph details the speaker's continued vlogging adventures, now in a setting that appears to be a convention or event. The speaker engages with the audience, discusses a donation to a humorous cause, and navigates through the crowd. There are several instances of misunderstandings and the speaker being mistaken for someone else, leading to a series of comedic interactions. The paragraph also includes a confrontation with an authority figure over the disturbance caused by the speaker's vlogging, highlighting the challenges of public content creation.


😱 Unsettling Encounters and Unexpected Dares

The final paragraph of the script describes the speaker's unsettling experiences after encountering a group of furries. The speaker is both intrigued and apprehensive, leading to a room tour with the furries. The interaction takes a bizarre turn with inappropriate and explicit discussions about the fursuits. The speaker's shock and discomfort are palpable, and the paragraph ends with a return to the vlogging theme, urging viewers to like, comment, and subscribe for more content. This paragraph is marked by a mix of humor, discomfort, and the speaker's attempt to maintain a light-hearted demeanor despite the odd circumstances.




Trolling refers to the act of intentionally provoking or upsetting others, often by posting inflammatory or off-topic messages in an online community. In the context of the video, the creators seem to be engaging in trolling behavior by making inappropriate or misleading statements, which leads to reactions from the people they interact with at the event.


Furries are individuals who have an interest in anthropomorphic animals, or animals with human-like characteristics. They often create their own characters, called 'fursonas', and may wear costumes, known as 'fursuits', to events or conventions. In the video, the term is used to describe the attendees of 'Furry Con', a gathering for those with an interest in the furry fandom.

💡Adopting dogs

Adopting dogs is the process of taking a pet into one's care that was previously homeless, abandoned, or in a shelter. The video starts with a conversation about adopting dogs, which seems to be a misunderstanding or a setup for a prank, as the term 'furries' is confused with actual dogs.


Vlogging, short for video blogging, is the creation and sharing of video content online, often documenting one's personal experiences, opinions, or daily life. In the video, the characters mention vlogging, indicating that they are recording their experiences at the event to share with an online audience.

💡Furry Con

Furry Con is likely a play on words combining 'Furries' and 'Con', which is short for convention. It is a gathering or event where people with an interest in the furry fandom come together. In the video, the creators seem to have attended such an event with the intention of trolling or creating controversial content.


Detroit is the largest city in the state of Michigan, United States. In the video, one of the characters mentions being from Detroit, possibly to establish a tough or assertive persona, which is a stereotype sometimes associated with people from this city.

💡Marine Corps veteran

A Marine Corps veteran is an individual who has previously served in the United States Marine Corps, a branch of the U.S. military. In the video, one character claims to be a Marine Corps veteran, which is meant to add credibility and authority to their interactions with others at the event.


Harassment refers to unwanted and disturbing behavior towards others, which can include verbal or physical actions. In the video, the characters mention receiving reports of harassment, indicating that their actions are causing discomfort or distress to attendees and staff at the event.


In the context of an event or organization, operations refer to the management and coordination of activities to ensure smooth running and efficiency. The video mentions going to 'operations', suggesting that the characters are being taken to a supervisor or management area to address their behavior.

💡Room tour

A room tour typically involves showing and explaining the features and layout of a particular space. In the video, the characters are offered a room tour by some furries, which they accept, possibly leading to more controversial content or interactions.

💡YouTube video

A YouTube video refers to content uploaded and shared on the YouTube platform, which can include a variety of formats such as vlogs, tutorials, entertainment, or informative content. The video script mentions creating a YouTube video, indicating that the events and interactions recorded are intended for public viewing and sharing online.


Trolling attempt at Furry Con goes wrong

Misunderstanding about college education

Unexpected reaction to the mention of '300 dollars'

Confusing encounter at a dog adoption center

Mistaken identity with the term 'furries'

Vlogging adventures lead to a surprising location

Unusual attire leads to an unexpected confrontation

A tough guy from Detroit challenges the vloggers

An unexpected turn at the registration desk

A United States Marine Corps veteran's serious approach to the situation

The revelation of the true purpose of the visit

An awkward exchange about 'furry' merchandise

A sudden and surprising end to the video

An unexpected offer for a room tour

A bizarre and uncomfortable bathroom encounter

A shocking and unexplained event involving a 'furry'

The vloggers' attempt to wrap up the chaotic experience

A call to action for viewers to follow for future content