Feeding RAGDOLLS to AI Monsters - People Playground Gameplay

14 Sept 202309:19

TLDRIn this thrilling gameplay of People's Playground, the team ventures into the abyss to discover new creatures. They encounter various challenges, including hostile environments and unexpected life forms such as a frog-like creature and a Leviathan. The team must navigate through dangerous situations, including combat and door malfunctions. They also bring back specimens for research, leading to intense experiments with a toad and an infector. The video ends with a dramatic battle involving multiple creatures and the use of an atom bomb, leaving the fate of the playground uncertain.


  • 🔍 The gameplay takes place in 'People's Playground', a mysterious abyss filled with new creatures.
  • 🚪 The team is equipped and prepared to explore, but encounters technical difficulties with the doors.
  • 💦 The environment changes to a purple hue and includes water, which is unusual for the abyss.
  • 🐸 The explorers come across various creatures such as frogs, toads, and squids, some of which are hostile.
  • 🔥 The team uses weapons and engines to navigate and deal with threats, including shooting at attacking creatures.
  • 🚪 Interference with the doors leads to a dangerous situation with a Leviathan, a massive and intimidating creature.
  • 🧪 The research lab conducts experiments with captured creatures, like a struggling squid and a toad that hatches from an egg.
  • 🦈 The toad exhibits unusual behavior, including using its tongue to move through the environment and attacking humans.
  • 🔥 An infector creature releases poisonous gas, leading to the infection and demise of a test subject.
  • 🔥 A Hazmat suit and flamethrower prove ineffective against the infector, and the situation escalates.
  • 💥 The encounter with the Leviathan and fireflies results in the destruction of a mech and the escape of the monster.

Q & A

  • What is the setting of the gameplay in the video?

    -The setting is in 'People's Playground', where the players explore the abyss filled with new creatures.

  • Why do the characters in the video wear suits?

    -The characters wear suits to be prepared for any threats or dangers they may encounter in the abyss.

  • What does the team do when they encounter a frog or toad-like creature?

    -Upon encountering the frog or toad-like creature, the team decides to shoot it as it appears to be a threat and starts attacking them.

  • How do the characters react when they find a jammed door?

    -When they find a jammed door, they try to unjam it or look for an alternative exit to continue their exploration.

  • What happens when the team encounters a Leviathan?

    -Upon encountering a Leviathan, the team is concerned and considers whether they should try to defeat it or not, as it appears to be a formidable creature.

  • What does the team do with the creatures they capture?

    -The team brings the captured creatures, such as a squid and an egg, to the research lab for further study and experimentation.

  • What is the outcome of the toad's interaction with the human in the chamber?

    -The toad does not eat the human, but it does attack and cut the human in half, showing its aggressive nature.

  • How does the team handle the situation when the Leviathan breaks free?

    -The team tries to contain the Leviathan by closing doors and using test subjects to distract it, but ultimately they resort to using an atom bomb to eliminate it.

  • What unexpected event occurs with the fireflies?

    -The fireflies unexpectedly become powerful and destructive, causing the team to resort to shooting them down to prevent further damage.

  • What is the final outcome of the video?

    -The video ends with the team inadvertently causing massive destruction and chaos in People's Playground, including the use of an atom bomb, leading to an uncertain conclusion.



🔍 Abyssal Exploration and Creature Encounters

The video begins with a team returning to the 'people's playground', an abyssal exploration site, to discover new creatures. The team is well-prepared and equipped, but they quickly encounter unexpected challenges. As they descend, the environment changes, becoming purple and water-filled, which is a stark contrast to previous experiences in the abyss. They spot a life form, which turns out to be a frog or toad-like creature. The situation escalates when the creature attacks, forcing the team to defend themselves. Despite their efforts, the creature proves to be persistent and dangerous, leading to a tense firefight. The team also faces technical difficulties with the doors of their base, which adds to the drama. They manage to capture some creatures, including a squid and a toad, for further study at the research lab. However, the creatures' aggressive behavior and the team's struggle to contain them highlight the perils of their mission.


🔥 Experimentation and Unforeseen Consequences

The second part of the video script details the continuation of the experimental phase with the captured creatures. The team attempts to destroy an infector creature using a Hazmat-suited individual with a flamethrower, but the plan backfires when the suit fails to protect against the creature's poisonous gas. The situation worsens when a Leviathan monster breaks free and causes destruction, leading to the loss of a mech and several test subjects. The team's efforts to manage the Leviathan are thwarted when it learns to open doors and escapes, leading to chaos and further destruction. The script ends with a grim realization of the potential consequences of their actions, as the creatures turn on each other and the human team, resulting in a devastating end to the video with the playground potentially destroyed.



💡AI Monsters

AI Monsters refers to artificial intelligence entities that are portrayed as monstrous or threatening within the context of the video. These AIs are likely to exhibit behaviors that are hostile or unpredictable, creating a sense of danger and excitement for the viewers. In the script, AI Monsters are the primary antagonists, engaging in various interactions with the characters, such as attacking or being experimented upon, which adds tension and intrigue to the gameplay.

💡People's Playground

People's Playground is the setting of the video, presumably a virtual environment or simulation where various scenarios can be played out. It is a place where characters can interact with AI Monsters and other elements, exploring and experimenting in a controlled yet dynamic space. The playground serves as the backdrop for the unfolding events, providing a platform for the characters to face challenges and encounter the AI Monsters.


In the context of the video, a Leviathan is a large, formidable creature that the characters encounter within the People's Playground. Drawing from mythological roots, a Leviathan is often depicted as a massive sea monster, symbolizing power and fear. In the gameplay, the Leviathan poses a significant threat to the characters, requiring strategic approaches and teamwork to handle the encounters effectively.


Fireflies in the video are portrayed as small, seemingly harmless creatures that originate from the abyss. However, they reveal a surprising and unexpected ability to cause massive destruction, such as blowing up a mech, which is contrary to their innocent appearance. This element of the video serves to underscore the theme of the unexpected dangers that can arise even from the smallest or most innocuous-seeming entities.

💡Hazmat Suit

A Hazmat Suit is a type of protective gear designed to protect the wearer from hazardous materials, chemicals, or biological threats. In the video, the Hazmat Suit is used by a test subject when interacting with a creature that emits poisonous gas. However, the suit fails to provide the expected protection, highlighting the severity of the situation and the extreme measures required to deal with the dangerous creatures in the playground.


Infection in the video refers to the process by which a creature's harmful effects or properties are transmitted to another entity. One example is when a test subject comes into contact with an infector, which leads to a rapid and severe transformation, illustrating the potential risks and consequences of interacting with unknown or dangerous life forms.


The term 'tongue' in the video is used to describe a physical attribute of a creature, specifically a toad, which is capable of using it in an extraordinary manner, such as piercing through doors. This unusual capability adds an element of surprise and challenge to the gameplay, as the characters must contend with unpredictable and unconventional threats.


Escape in the context of the video refers to the characters' attempts to flee from dangerous situations or creatures. This is a recurring theme throughout the gameplay, as the characters are often placed in life-threatening scenarios that require quick thinking and decisive actions to avoid harm or death. The term underscores the high-stakes nature of the environment and the constant need for vigilance and adaptation.

💡Test Subjects

Test Subjects in the video are individuals or creatures introduced into the People's Playground for the purpose of experimentation or observation. They are used to gauge the reactions and behaviors of the AI Monsters and other creatures, often putting them in perilous situations. The use of test subjects highlights the experimental and exploratory nature of the gameplay, as well as the potential for discovery and learning about the creatures and their behaviors.

💡Atom Bomb

The term 'Atom Bomb' refers to a powerful weapon used in the video as a last resort to deal with an especially threatening situation. The decision to use such an extreme measure underscores the severity of the threat posed by the creatures and the desperation of the characters to restore order and safety within the People's Playground.


Entering the abyss with a team in People's Playground to explore new creatures.

The team is equipped and prepared for any threats in the abyss.

Descending into a purple-tinged environment unlike the typical abyss.

Engaging engines to lure the team deeper into the water.

Encountering a life form resembling a frog or toad in the depths.

Defending against an attacking creature by shooting at it.

Struggling with a jammed door while facing hostile creatures.

Leviathan-like creatures are spotted, adding to the danger in the abyss.

The team manages to escape from the Leviathan, but not without difficulty.

Discovering another Leviathan and facing a dire situation.

The door dynamics in the base: closing one opens another.

Bringing back a monster for research, with mixed results.

A toad hatches from an egg and exhibits aggressive behavior.

The toad uses its tongue to bypass security doors.

An infector creature releases poisonous gas, infecting a test subject.

A Hazmat suit fails to protect against the infector's poison.

Leviathan consumes fish without escaping its containment.

Fireflies from the abyss explode, destroying a mech.

The Leviathan learns to open doors, leading to an escape.

Monsters from the abyss fight each other, offering a brief respite.

The situation spirals out of control, leading to the use of an atom bomb.