How to Blend in Lexica Aperture Ai~ Create whole other new images

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28 Feb 202315:13

TLDRThe video script introduces viewers to Lexica, an AI program for designing images. The creator thanks Jackie Jackson for the recommendation and demonstrates how to blend images using the platform. They explain the process of signing up for a free trial, which offers 25 to 50 free images, and the subsequent subscription plans. The tutorial walks through the steps of uploading an image, adjusting dimensions for full-body or landscape shots, and using prompts to generate new images with desired attributes. The creator shares their success with blending personal images and stock photos, showcasing the AI's ability to adapt poses and incorporate specified details like clothing and hair. The video encourages viewers to experiment with the software and promises future content on upscaling images for profit.


  • 🎨 Lexicon is an AI program used for designing images.
  • πŸ” Users can access Lexicon through Google search and sign up for an account.
  • πŸ’° Lexicon offers 25 to 50 free images, after which a subscription is required.
  • πŸ“… Membership pricing is available on a yearly or monthly basis, with monthly being $10.
  • πŸ–ΌοΈ The generate feature allows users to input prompts and blend images based on dimensions and version.
  • 🌟 Version 2 and scls contrast mode are options for users to experiment with.
  • πŸ“Έ Users can upload their images and blend them with stock images or images found through Google.
  • ✍️ Uploading the image first and then editing the prompt is recommended for successful blending.
  • 🎭 The system can modify attributes such as clothing color, hairstyle, and pose.
  • πŸ‘₯ Both male and female images can be used, and the system will adjust the output accordingly.
  • πŸ”„ The software retains some details even if they are removed from the prompt, showcasing its adaptability.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is about using an AI program called Lexicon to design and blend images.

  • How does the speaker discover Lexicon?

    -The speaker discovers Lexicon through a friend named Jackie Jackson.

  • What are some features of Lexicon mentioned in the video?

    -Some features of Lexicon mentioned include blending images, adjusting dimensions, selecting versions, and using prompts to generate images.

  • How much does Lexicon cost?

    -The cost of Lexicon is $96 for a yearly membership, or $10 per month on a monthly subscription.

  • What is the speaker's recommended approach for using the blending feature in Lexicon?

    -The speaker recommends uploading the image first and then editing the prompt to achieve the desired result.

  • How does the speaker select images to blend?

    -The speaker selects images to blend by searching for clip art or stock images on Google and saving them.

  • What kind of changes can be made to the images using Lexicon?

    -Changes that can be made to the images using Lexicon include altering the clothing, hair, pose, and adding intricate details.

  • How does the speaker ensure the best results when blending images?

    -The speaker ensures the best results by experimenting with different prompts, dimensions, and image uploads, and by adjusting the prompts based on the desired outcome.

  • What is the speaker's experience with Lexicon?

    -The speaker is relatively new to Lexicon and has been experimenting with it for four days, discovering its capabilities through trial and error.

  • What is the purpose of the video for the speaker's audience?

    -The purpose of the video is to help the audience understand how to use Lexicon for blending images and to showcase the potential of the software.

  • What additional content does the speaker promise to provide?

    -The speaker promises to provide a video on how to upscale images for profit in the future.



🎨 Introduction to Lexicon AI and Image Blending

The speaker introduces the topic of using Lexicon, an AI program for designing images, and expresses gratitude to Jackie Jackson for the recommendation. They admit to being new to the platform but demonstrate their ability to blend images. The process begins with a Google search for 'Alexa Aperture' leading to the Lexicon website where users can sign up for an account to receive free images and eventually subscribe for more features. The speaker shares their experience with the membership pricing and explains the image generation process within the platform, including setting dimensions and using version two of the system. They also mention using prompts from Creative Fabrica and blending these with Google images to create new visuals.


🌟 Customizing Images with Lexicon AI

The speaker dives into the customization process of images using Lexicon AI. They describe selecting a photo of a woman and using the system to modify her outfit to include a red hoodie and a green bag. The AI successfully incorporates the requested changes, albeit with some unexpected adjustments like the color of the shoes matching the bag. The speaker emphasizes the importance of uploading the base image first and then refining the prompt for optimal results. They also discuss the concept of 'intricate detail' and how it affects the final image, using examples from their previous blending attempts.


πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ¨ Adjusting Prompts for Male Imagery

Switching to male imagery, the speaker explains how they adapt their prompts to fit the new context. They find an image of a man online, save it, and upload it to Lexicon. The speaker then adjusts the prompt to reflect the male subject, removing elements like 'beautiful' and 'intricate detail' that were more suited to the previous female image. The resulting images showcase the AI's ability to understand and apply the new prompt, with the man appearing in a polished digital illustration style. The speaker also experiments with changing the color of the man's shirt to blue and notes that the AI accommodates this request, further demonstrating the flexibility and adaptability of the system.


πŸ’° Closing Remarks and Encouragement for Subscription

In the final paragraph, the speaker wraps up the tutorial by encouraging viewers to subscribe and turn on notifications to stay updated with their content. They mention future videos that will cover additional features, such as upscaling images for profit. The speaker reflects on their learning process with Lexicon AI, sharing that it has been a journey of trial and error, especially with their daughter, and they express excitement about the potential of the software and the creative possibilities it unlocks.



πŸ’‘puberty science

The term 'puberty science' seems to be the title or theme of the video, although it is not explicitly defined within the transcript. It likely refers to the educational content of the video, which may involve discussing scientific concepts related to puberty or the use of scientific methods in creating digital art. The video's theme revolves around using AI technology to blend images, which could be seen as a metaphor for the blending of characteristics during puberty.


Lexicon is an AI program mentioned in the script that allows users to design and blend images. It is the central tool discussed in the video, used for creating new visual content by combining different elements. The term 'lexicon' in a broader sense refers to a collection of words used in a particular language or field, but in this context, it is the name of the software being demonstrated.

πŸ’‘AI program

An AI program, or Artificial Intelligence program, is a software application that uses artificial intelligence to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. In the context of this video, the AI program referred to is Lexicon, which is used for image design and manipulation. The program is able to understand prompts and blend images based on the user's instructions, showcasing the capabilities of AI in creative tasks.

πŸ’‘image blending

Image blending is the process of combining two or more images to create a new image with elements from the original ones. In the video, the speaker demonstrates how to use the AI program Lexicon to blend images by uploading a base image and then adding a description or prompt to alter the image according to their specifications.


In the context of the video, a 'prompt' is a set of instructions or a description given to the AI program to guide the creation or modification of an image. The prompt serves as the input for the AI to understand what the user wants to achieve in the image blending process.


Dimensions in this context refer to the size and resolution of the images being created or manipulated within the AI program. The speaker mentions different dimensions, such as 512x768 pixels, which is used for creating full-body images.


An account in this context refers to the user's personal access to the AI program Lexicon. The speaker mentions creating an account to use the program and accessing it to blend images, indicating that a user needs to sign up and possibly subscribe to use the full features of the AI program.


A subscription in this context is a payment plan that grants users access to the full features of the AI program Lexicon. The speaker mentions different subscription options, such as yearly or monthly plans, and the costs associated with them.

πŸ’‘creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica is mentioned as a source of prompts for the AI program. It is likely a platform or tool that helps users generate or find descriptions to use as prompts for image blending.

πŸ’‘intricate detail

Intricate detail refers to the complex and fine details present in an image. In the context of the video, the speaker mentions intricate details in the AI-generated images, such as patterns on clothing or features on the characters.

πŸ’‘upload image

Uploading an image refers to the process of transferring a picture from the user's device to the AI program for further manipulation or creation. In the video, the speaker uploads images as a first step in the blending process.


Introduction to Lexicon, an AI program for designing images.

Gratitude expressed towards Jackie Jackson for introducing Lexicon.

Mention of the possibility to get 25 to 50 free images initially.

Details on subscription plans and membership pricing.

Explanation of the image generation process in Lexicon.

Importance of dimensions for creating full-body images.

Description of the version and guiding skill selection.

Demonstration of blending images with specific prompts.

Use of personal images and Google search for clip arts or stock images.

Process of uploading an image and editing the prompt for better results.

Example of changing the appearance of an image by adding attributes.

Showcase of the intricate details generated by the AI.

Adjustment of prompts to fit different subjects, like changing from women to men.

Results of experimenting with different settings and prompts.

Discussion on the potential of Lexicon for creative and commercial use.

Personal experience and learning curve with the AI software.

Invitation to subscribe and turn on notifications for future content.