Follow These 5 Steps with Kittl in 2024 to Create Amazing Designs for Print on Demand! Full Tutorial

Detour Shirts
16 Feb 202419:30

TLDRIn this tutorial video, Juna from Detour Shirts guides viewers through the process of creating a unique St. Patrick's Day design for print-on-demand using KD (Kittl) in 2024. She emphasizes the new features available, such as the AI quote generator and AI background remover, which streamline the design process. Starting with selecting a topic, Juna uses the AI tools to generate a witty phrase and a cartoon fox image with a green top hat. She then demonstrates how to use templates to integrate the text and graphic, customize the design, and adjust the layout for a T-shirt. The video concludes with exporting the design in the correct size and format, ready for various print-on-demand platforms. Juna encourages viewers to experiment with the AI features for creating one-of-a-kind designs and offers additional resources for further learning.


  • 🎨 **Using Templates and AI**: The tutorial demonstrates how to use templates and AI features in KD (Kittl) to create a design from scratch.
  • 🗓️ **Topic Selection**: Choosing a topic, such as a holiday like St Patrick's Day, is the first step to start the design process.
  • ✍️ **Phrase Generation**: Utilize the AI quote generator to come up with a phrase that matches the chosen topic and mood.
  • 🖼️ **Image Creation with AI**: Generate images using AI, such as a cartoon fox with a green top hat for St Patrick's Day.
  • 🎭 **Background Removal**: Use the AI background remover to make the generated image transparent for easier placement on designs.
  • 📏 **Sizing for Print**: Adjust the artboard size to 4500 by 5400 pixels for high-resolution print designs.
  • 🧩 **Combining Graphics and Text**: Combine the generated text and graphics using templates to create a cohesive design.
  • 🔄 **Vector Scaling**: Benefit from the scalability of vector graphics to resize elements without losing quality.
  • 🌈 **Color Customization**: Customize the colors of the design to match the theme or desired aesthetic.
  • 🔍 **Optimization for Export**: Optimize the final design for export, ensuring the right size and format for various print-on-demand platforms.
  • 📚 **Continuous Learning**: The speaker encourages continuous learning and experimentation with KD's features for ongoing skill development.

Q & A

  • What is the main focus of the video tutorial presented by Juna?

    -The main focus of the video is to demonstrate the process of creating a design for print on demand using KD (Kittl) in 2024, showcasing the AI features and the entire workflow from concept to the final product.

  • What is the first step suggested by Juna for creating a design?

    -The first step suggested by Juna is to find a topic for the design. She recommends looking at digital downloads, calendars, or thinking of upcoming holidays like St. Patrick's Day for inspiration.

  • How does the AI quote generator tool in KD help in the design process?

    -The AI quote generator helps in the design process by providing a niche-specific quote that matches the chosen theme. This helps in creating a design that is not only visually appealing but also resonates with the theme's sentiment or mood.

  • What is the significance of choosing a mood for the St. Patrick's Day design?

    -Choosing a mood for the St. Patrick's Day design allows for a more targeted and emotionally resonant design. It helps differentiate the design from others, especially if most designs are following a 'funny' theme, by opting for a 'sarcastic' or 'serious' tone instead.

  • How does the AI background remover feature in KD assist in the design process?

    -The AI background remover feature assists by automatically removing the white background from the generated AI image, allowing the designer to place the image on any desired background without the need for manual editing.

  • What is the role of templates in the design process as described by Juna?

    -Templates play a crucial role in the design process by providing a structured layout that can be easily customized. They save time and effort by offering a starting point that can be adapted to fit the specific design elements and text.

  • Why is it important to consider the size of the design when creating a print on demand product?

    -Considering the size of the design is important because it ensures that the design will be displayed correctly on the final product, such as a t-shirt. The correct size also helps maintain the quality and resolution of the design when it is printed.

  • How does using AI in the design process allow for the creation of unique designs?

    -Using AI in the design process allows for the creation of unique designs by generating text, images, and graphics that are not only tailored to the specific theme but are also less likely to be replicated by other designers, providing a distinct and original product.

  • What is the final step in the design process as shown in the video?

    -The final step in the design process is to download the design. This involves using the AI background remover, optimizing the quality, and exporting the design in the correct file format and size for print on demand.

  • What are the benefits of using KD's AI features for creating print on demand designs?

    -The benefits of using KD's AI features include the ability to quickly generate theme-specific quotes and images, customize these elements to fit the design, and create a unique design that stands out in the market. It also simplifies the design process by providing templates and tools that streamline the creation of professional-looking designs.

  • How does the video tutorial encourage viewers to experiment with different themes and holidays?

    -The video tutorial encourages viewers to experiment with different themes and holidays by demonstrating the ease with which one can switch between different design elements, quotes, and templates within KD. It also suggests using the provided topics for various months as a starting point for new designs.



🎨 Introduction to Design Tutorial with KD

Juna from Detour Shirts introduces a design tutorial using KD in 2024. The aim is to showcase the entire process from concept to finished product, highlighting new AI features like the background remover. Juna emphasizes the evolution of KD beyond templates and encourages finding a topic first, using tools like the quote generator AI for St Patrick's Day theme.


📈 Designing with AI and Templates

The process continues with selecting a quote that matches the St Patrick's Day theme and mood, opting for a sarcastic tone. Juna picks a quote and proceeds to create an artboard with the chosen text. She then uses KD's AI feature to generate a cartoon-style fox image with a green top hat for St Patrick's Day, demonstrating how to remove the white background and adjust the design to fit a t-shirt template.


🖌️ Refining the Design and Experimenting with Layouts

Juna explores different t-shirt templates suitable for St Patrick's Day, experimenting with the layout of the text and the fox image. She discusses the flexibility of KD's templates and the ability to scale and adjust vector graphics. The focus is on creating a unique design that fits well with the chosen quote and graphic, trying various combinations and making adjustments to finalize the design.


🚀 Finalizing and Exporting the Design

After finalizing the design, Juna shows how to download the artwork, using KD's background removal and optimization features to prepare the design for various platforms. She emphasizes the power of AI in creating unique designs and encourages viewers to experiment with different topics and holidays. Juna concludes by inviting viewers to continue creating and learning, offering resources for further exploration of KD's capabilities.



💡Print on Demand

Print on Demand (POD) is a printing technology and business model in which printing is done only after an order is received, allowing for individual customization and reducing the need for inventory. In the video, the presenter discusses how to create designs for POD, which is central to the theme of the tutorial.

💡KD (Kittl)

KD, or Kittl, is a design software platform that the video's presenter uses to demonstrate the creation of a design from start to finish. It is highlighted for its new features and AI capabilities, which are integral to the content of the video.

💡AI (Artificial Intelligence)

AI refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. In the context of the video, AI is used within the Kittl platform to assist in design generation, such as creating quotes and images, which is a key part of the tutorial.

💡Background Remover

The background remover is a feature within the Kittl platform that allows users to remove the background from an image, which is useful for creating designs that can be placed on various backgrounds without complications. It is used in the video to prepare an image for a T-shirt design.


A template in the design context is a pre-designed layout or pattern that can be used as a starting point for creating new designs. The video emphasizes the use of templates in Kittl to expedite the design process and to integrate custom graphics and text.

💡St Patrick's Day

St Patrick's Day is a cultural and religious holiday celebrated on the 17th of March. It is used in the video as a specific theme for which the presenter is creating a T-shirt design, demonstrating how to use Kittl's features to design for specific occasions.

💡Quote Generator

The quote generator is an AI feature within the Kittl platform that creates quotes based on selected themes and moods. In the video, it is used to generate humorous and sarcastic quotes related to St Patrick's Day for the T-shirt design.

💡Cartoon Style

Cartoon style refers to a form of two-dimensional illustration that is typically characterized by caricature and simplification. The presenter chooses a cartoon style for the AI-generated fox image to match the playful and light-hearted theme of the St Patrick's Day design.

💡Vector Graphics

Vector graphics are resolution-independent images that are created through a series of geometric calculations. In the video, the presenter mentions the scalability of vector graphics as a benefit when using Kittl to create designs that can be resized without loss of quality.


PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics and is a file format used for high-quality image storage and transfer. The video concludes with the presenter exporting the final design in PNG format, which is suitable for the high resolution required by POD services.

💡Optimize Quality

Optimizing quality refers to the process of adjusting the settings of an image or design to ensure it maintains its integrity while minimizing file size. In the context of the video, the presenter optimizes the quality of the final design before exporting it, which is crucial for efficient file transfer and print preparation.


Juna from Detour Shirts provides a full tutorial on creating designs for print on demand using KD in 2024.

The tutorial covers the entire process from idea generation to the final product export.

KD has added new features such as AI background remover and other tools since the last tutorial.

Step one is to find a topic, which can be inspired by holidays like St Patrick's Day.

The AI quote generator is used to come up with a niche-specific and mood-appropriate phrase.

Selecting a cartoon style for the AI-generated fox image to match the St Patrick's Day theme.

The AI background remover is utilized to prepare the image for t-shirt design.

Templates in KD are used to quickly match the design with a suitable layout.

Customization of text and graphics within the template is shown to fit the design.

Scaling and adjusting vector graphics in KD allows for flexibility in design composition.

The ability to copy and paste elements between KD projects is demonstrated.

Different template styles are explored to find the best fit for the design concept.

The use of AI for additional text generation to complement the design is highlighted.

The final design is optimized for print with a PNG format and the right dimensions.

The design is ready to be used on various print on demand platforms like Redbubble, TeePublic, Etsy, and Amazon.

The process from concept to completion is shown to take only a few minutes using KD's tools.

The power of AI in creating unique designs that haven't been seen before is emphasized.

Juna encourages viewers to experiment with KD's features for various holidays and topics.

A playlist of KD tutorials is available for further learning and exploration of the tool's capabilities.