Hotpot AI Review: Putting AI Headshot Generators To The Test & The Results

Annie Margarita Yang
3 Dec 202310:27

TLDRIn this insightful video, Annie Margarita Yang embarks on a quest to discover the best AI headshot generator for cost-conscious college students and recent graduates needing professional LinkedIn photos. Self-funding her project, Annie evaluates Hot Pot AI among 20 services, critiquing its tendency to produce unrealistic, 'whitewashed' images, especially for non-Caucasian users. Despite the setbacks, Annie remains committed to providing unbiased reviews. She plans to update her website with comprehensive results and rankings, aiming to offer valuable recommendations for all demographics. Viewers are encouraged to support Annie's mission by exploring her financial advice and resources, including a special offer on her job search book.


  • πŸŽ₯ The video is a review by Annie Margarita Yang focusing on AI headshot generators.
  • πŸ’‘ Annie is searching for the best AI headshot generator suitable for college students and recent graduates on a budget.
  • 🌐 The motivation is to find a cost-effective solution for professional headshots needed for LinkedIn profiles.
  • πŸ’Έ Traditional professional headshots cost around $300 to $500, which is a burden for many students.
  • πŸ” Annie is conducting these reviews out of her own pocket to ensure unbiased and honest results.
  • πŸ“Έ She plans to review around 20 different AI headshot generators.
  • πŸ›οΈ The review today is for 'Hot Pot AI' headshot generator.
  • πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ€ Annie, being Asian, found that Hot Pot AI did not generate a good resemblance of her.
  • 🏳️ The AI seemed to whitewash her photos, making them look Caucasian.
  • πŸ“Š She mentions an MIT student with a similar experience of misrepresentation by AI headshot generators.
  • πŸ“– For more detailed information and updates, viewers are directed to Annie's website, particularly chapter 16 on AI headshot generators.

Q & A

  • Who is the speaker in the video and what is her area of expertise?

    -The speaker in the video is Annie Margarita Yang, who specializes in financial advice and career guidance.

  • What is the main purpose of the video?

    -The main purpose of the video is to review AI headshot generators to find the best one for creating professional headshots at a cost-effective price, particularly for college students and recent graduates.

  • Why does Annie feel that college students and recent graduates struggle with professional headshots?

    -Annie believes that college students and recent graduates struggle with professional headshots because they are expensive, costing around $300 to $500, which is money they often do not have.

  • How many AI headshot generators is Annie planning to review?

    -Annie plans to review approximately 20 AI headshot generators to determine the best one.

  • What is Annie's criterion for selecting the AI headshot generators?

    -Annie's criterion for selecting the AI headshot generators is to find one that provides cost-effective solutions and produces professional-looking, natural, and realistic headshots that closely resemble the original person.

  • What was Annie's experience with the Hot Pot AI headshot generator?

    -Annie's experience with the Hot Pot AI headshot generator was not satisfactory. The generated headshots appeared very white and did not resemble her, leading her to question the generator's ability to accurately represent people of different ethnicities.

  • What issue does Annie raise about AI headshot generators in general?

    -Annie raises the issue that AI headshot generators may have a bias towards Caucasian features, as she and an MIT student both experienced their features being altered to appear more Caucasian, with changes such as blue eyes and extremely white skin.

  • How does Annie plan to continue her reviews of AI headshot generators?

    -Annie plans to continue her reviews by updating her website,, after each review video. She intends to sort the generators into recommended and not recommended categories based on her findings.

  • What resource does Annie offer for those looking for more information on AI headshot generators?

    -Annie offers a resource on her website,, where she provides an article on AI headshot generators and continually updates the results of her reviews in the book resources section, chapter 16.

  • How can viewers support Annie's work?

    -Viewers can support Annie's work by purchasing a signed copy of her book, 'The 5-Day Job Search', from her website using the coupon code 'Winwn' for a 10% discount, or by signing up for a free audiobook version.

  • What is the main takeaway from the video?

    -The main takeaway from the video is that while AI headshot generators offer a potentially cost-effective solution for professional headshots, they may not be equally effective for individuals of all ethnicities, particularly for those who do not resemble the generator's apparent bias towards Caucasian features.



πŸŽ₯ Introduction to AI Headshot Review

Annie Margarita Yang introduces her video series focused on reviewing AI headshot generators. She aims to find the best solution for college students and recent graduates who need professional headshots for their LinkedIn profiles but cannot afford the high costs. Annie emphasizes that her reviews are unbiased and self-funded, as she purchases the AI-generated headshots herself. She begins her review with Hot Pot AI, opting for the most expensive package to assess the full range of options available.


πŸ–ΌοΈ Issues with AI Headshot Generators

Annie discusses her concerns with AI headshot generators, particularly their tendency to produce images that make her appear more Caucasian than she is. She questions whether these generators are better suited for individuals who are already Caucasian, as they consistently fail to generate headshots with accurate resemblance for people of other ethnicities. Annie shares her experience with Hot Pot AI, where the resulting images were too white and did not resemble her. She also mentions an MIT student with a similar experience, highlighting a broader issue with AI headshot generators and their inability to accurately represent diverse ethnicities.


πŸ“š Conclusion and Call to Action

Annie concludes her review by expressing her inability to recommend Hot Pot AI due to the issues with the generated headshots. She suggests that a more accurate review might require using images of a Caucasian individual, but she is concerned about not being able to provide a fair recommendation for people of other ethnicities. Annie encourages viewers to visit her website,, to find her article on AI headshot generators and to stay updated on her reviews. She also promotes her book, 'The 5-Day Job Search,' offering a signed copy with a discount code and a free audiobook version for those who are interested.



πŸ’‘AI Headshot Generator

AI Headshot Generators are digital tools that utilize artificial intelligence to create professional-looking headshots or portraits. These generators often require users to upload personal photos, which the AI then processes to produce a refined headshot. In the video, the narrator, Annie Margarita Yang, reviews various AI headshot generators, including Hot Pot AI, to determine their efficacy, especially in providing cost-effective solutions for individuals needing professional headshots for platforms like LinkedIn.

πŸ’‘Professional Headshot

A professional headshot is a high-quality portrait photo that is often used on professional platforms, such as LinkedIn, or for corporate profiles. The significance of a professional headshot lies in its ability to present an individual's appearance in a polished and suitable manner for professional contexts. In the video, the concern is that obtaining such headshots can be prohibitively expensive for college students and recent graduates, motivating the search for affordable AI-based alternatives.


The term 'cost-effective' refers to a product or service that offers good value for the money spent, balancing affordability with quality. Annie Margarita Yang's quest to find a cost-effective solution for obtaining professional headshots underscores the need to provide college students and recent graduates with a financially viable option without compromising on the professional quality of the headshots.


Whitewashing, in the context of the video, refers to the AI headshot generators' tendency to alter the ethnic features of non-Caucasian individuals towards more Caucasian appearances. This includes changes in skin tone, eye color, and facial features. Yang points out this flaw after observing that the AI-generated images did not accurately represent her Asian ethnicity, highlighting a significant limitation in the inclusivity and accuracy of these AI tools.

πŸ’‘Bias in AI

Bias in AI refers to the prejudice or unfairness in artificial intelligence systems that often stems from the data used to train these systems. This bias can result in AI tools producing results that favor certain groups over others. In the video, Yang encounters this issue firsthand with AI headshot generators that seem to favor Caucasian features, illustrating a broader concern about the need for more diverse and inclusive data in AI development.

πŸ’‘Image Upload Requirements

Image upload requirements are the specific criteria set by AI headshot generators for the photos users must submit. These criteria can include aspects like the facial expression, head position, lighting, and image quality. The video details Yang's process of selecting and uploading images according to these requirements, underscoring the importance of adhering to them for optimal results from the AI generator.

πŸ’‘User Review

A user review is an evaluation or critique of a product or service made by an individual who has used it. Yang's undertaking to review various AI headshot generators, funded out of her own pocket, represents a commitment to providing honest, unbiased feedback based on her personal experience with these services.

πŸ’‘Ethnicity and AI

Ethnicity and AI discusses how artificial intelligence applications, like headshot generators, handle the diverse features associated with different ethnicities. Yang's experience reveals a significant challenge: the AI's inability to faithfully reproduce non-Caucasian ethnic features, raising questions about the diversity of data sets used in training these AI systems.

πŸ’‘AI Generated Content

AI Generated Content refers to any media or text created by artificial intelligence systems. In the context of the video, the AI-generated headshots are central to Yang's reviews. These headshots are supposed to offer a professional and realistic representation of the individual, but Yang's experience points to limitations in achieving accurate depictions for all ethnicities.

πŸ’‘Content Creator

A content creator is an individual who produces entertainment or educational material for consumption by a specific audience. Annie Margarita Yang, by creating videos reviewing AI headshot generators, exemplifies a content creator who seeks to inform her audience about the efficacy and biases of these AI tools, offering valuable insights and recommendations based on her findings.


Annie Margarita Yang explores AI headshot generators to find cost-effective solutions for professional LinkedIn photos.

Yang emphasizes the financial burden of professional headshots for students and graduates, motivating her review.

Hot Pot AI is tested for its ability to produce realistic and natural-looking headshots.

Yang commits to paying for 20 different AI services to ensure unbiased reviews.

The review process involves uploading multiple images to gauge the AI's accuracy.

Initial issues encountered with image upload requirements in Hot Pot AI.

Yang observes a trend of AI-generated images whitewashing non-Caucasian features.

Mentions of better performance by other AI platforms like Try it on AI and Multiverse AI in terms of resemblance.

Hot Pot AI's generated images for Yang significantly altered racial appearance, prompting criticism.

Yang considers reviewing AI headshot generators using images of a Caucasian person for comparison.

Discussion on racial bias in AI headshot generators based on personal and referenced experiences.

Yang plans to update her website with comprehensive reviews and rankings of AI headshot generators.

Promotion of Yang's financial advice resources, including her book and free audiobook offer.

Endorsement of the 5-day job search book by Yang, with a special discount offer.

Invitation for viewers to support Yang's channel and access her career advice content.