How AI ART Combats ELITISM in Traditional Art | AI Artist Interviews

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19 Feb 202314:10

TLDRIn this interview, Austin Beckstrom, a graphic designer and AI artist, discusses his journey with NightCafe, an AI art platform. He shares how he collaborates with his wife, the community's positive atmosphere, and the democratization of art through AI. Austin emphasizes the platform's intuitive design and the encouragement it provides for creators, highlighting the excitement of being part of a movement that breaks down elitism in traditional art.


  • 🎨 Austin Beckstrom, a graphic designer with 15 years of experience, was introduced to AI art through friends on Facebook and has been using NightCafe since October.
  • 👥 Austin and his wife, both active on NightCafe, collaborate and share ideas rather than compete, enhancing their creative process together.
  • 📈 Austin has amassed a significant following on the platform, nearing 12,000 followers, which he finds exciting and humbling.
  • 🌅 His daily routine on NightCafe includes checking notifications, engaging with the community through likes and comments, and posting from his backlog of AI art creations.
  • 🖼️ Austin has explored various ways to utilize his AI art, including creating physical prints, and sees the technology as a stepping stone for further artistic exploration.
  • 🤝 The NightCafe community is described as positive, supportive, and free from the toxicity often found on social media, which Austin finds refreshing and inspiring.
  • 🎭 AI art is seen as a democratizing force in the art world, making it more accessible to a broader audience and challenging the traditional elitism of fine art.
  • 🚀 Austin is excited about the current era of AI art, comparing it to significant art movements like Impressionism and Surrealism, and sees it as a new genre of art.
  • 💪 He encourages others to continue creating art, regardless of the criticism or debate about whether AI-generated art is 'real' art.
  • 🧐 Austin draws inspiration from existing art and the work of other artists on NightCafe, using prompts as a starting point for experimentation.
  • 🌟 He admires many artists on the platform, including his wife Tracy, and appreciates the talent and collaboration he finds within the NightCafe community.

Q & A

  • How did Austin Beckstrom discover NightCafe and get involved in AI art?

    -Austin Beckstrom discovered NightCafe through his wife's recommendation after he expressed amazement about the advancements in AI art, which he learned about from his friends discussing it on Facebook.

  • What is Austin's background and how long has he been a graphic designer?

    -Austin Beckstrom is a graphic designer with 15 years of experience. He has been involved in the field for over a decade and a half.

  • How has Austin's involvement with NightCafe impacted his social media presence?

    -Austin's involvement with NightCafe has significantly boosted his social media presence, amassing nearly 12,000 followers on the platform.

  • What is the dynamic between Austin and his wife as they both use NightCafe?

    -Austin and his wife have a collaborative dynamic, often discussing their work, exchanging tips, and giving each other feedback on their AI art creations.

  • Can you describe Austin's daily routine with NightCafe?

    -Austin usually creates about six to eight images before going to bed, hoping they will generate overnight. He starts his day by checking notifications, replying to comments, browsing the feed for likes and inspiration, and posting from his backlog of images.

  • How does Austin feel about the community aspect of NightCafe?

    -Austin finds the NightCafe community to be very positive, supportive, and collaborative. He appreciates the lack of negativity and the encouragement for creativity and beauty.

  • What are Austin's thoughts on the democratization of art through AI?

    -Austin sees AI art as a means of democratizing the art world, allowing more people to participate in creativity and visual art. He believes that more people creating art is a wonderful thing.

  • How does Austin handle the large number of AI art images he creates?

    -Austin has a backlog of hundreds of images he hasn't posted yet. He selectively posts older images, gauging people's reactions to understand what the community likes.

  • What are Austin's thoughts on the traditional art world and its elitism?

    -Austin perceives the traditional art world as elitist, with fine art not being as accessible to the common person. He believes AI art helps break down these barriers and engages more people in the art world.

  • Who are some of Austin's favorite artists on NightCafe?

    -Austin appreciates many artists on NightCafe, including his wife Tracy, as well as talents like Volcano, More Monkey, Naleria, Gazelli, RIS Zia, Draconic Visions, Adamcito, and Nate B.

  • What keeps Austin coming back to NightCafe?

    -Austin is drawn back to NightCafe because of the positive, kind, and genuine community, as well as the well-designed and intuitive website that is user-friendly and encourages creativity.



🎨 Introductions and Discovering NightCafe

The paragraph introduces Cassandra, who handles social media and community events for NightCafe, and Austin Beckstrom, a graphic designer with 15 years of experience. Austin discovered NightCafe through his wife and friends discussing AI art on Facebook. He quickly became interested and started exploring different apps before settling on NightCafe. His wife directed him to the platform, and he has been hooked ever since. Austin has a significant following on the site, with close to 12,000 followers, and he enjoys the positive and collaborative environment of the NightCafe community.


🤝 Collaborative Creativity and Spouses' Art Dynamics

In this paragraph, Austin and his wife use NightCafe as a platform for collaboration rather than competition. They discuss their art, share tips, and give each other feedback on their work. This collaborative approach enhances their creativity and fosters a supportive environment. The couple's dynamic is playful and they enjoy the process of creating together, which contrasts with any potential feelings of rivalry that might arise from both being active on the same platform.


🌟 Daily Routine and Community Involvement

Austin shares his typical day on NightCafe, which starts with checking notifications and responding to comments. He then browses the feed and explore wall for inspiration and to see what's popular within the community. He also posts his images, carefully managing his backlog to avoid overwhelming the platform with too many posts at once. Austin's routine reflects his active engagement with the NightCafe community and his dedication to both creating and sharing his art.

🖼️ Embracing AI Art and the NightCafe Community

Austin expresses his excitement about the AI art community and the positive atmosphere of NightCafe. He compares the current state of AI art to historical art movements like impressionism and surrealism, acknowledging that new art forms often face initial resistance. He appreciates the democratization of art that AI enables, allowing more people to participate in creativity. Austin also discusses the potential of AI art to inspire traditional art forms and how it has helped him and others discover their passion for art.

🎭 Inspiration and the AI Art Ecosystem

Austin talks about his process for finding inspiration for new art pieces, which involves a lot of experimentation and drawing from existing art and the work of other artists on NightCafe. He mentions several artists by name, appreciating their talent and the sense of community they contribute to. Austin's response highlights the diverse range of talent on NightCafe and the supportive network that encourages artistic growth.

🔗 The Future of Art and NightCafe

In the final paragraph, Austin reflects on the broader implications of AI art and its potential to democratize the art world. He quotes William Morris to emphasize the importance of art for everyone and counters arguments against AI art by highlighting its ability to involve more people in the creative process. Austin's enthusiasm for NightCafe and AI art is evident as he sees them as positive forces for change in the art world.



💡AI Art

AI Art refers to the creation of visual art using artificial intelligence. In the context of the video, AI Art combats elitism in traditional art by making the process of creating art accessible to a broader audience. The video discusses how AI Art platforms like NightCafe enable users to generate and share art without the need for traditional artistic skills, thus democratizing the art world.


Elitism is the belief that only a select few are qualified to understand or appreciate certain art forms, often leading to a sense of superiority and exclusion of others. In the video, the interviewee discusses how AI Art challenges elitism in traditional art by providing a platform for everyone to create and appreciate art, regardless of their background or training.


NightCafe is an online platform that utilizes AI to generate art based on user-provided prompts. It serves as a community for artists and enthusiasts to share their AI-created works, collaborate, and inspire one another. In the video, NightCafe is presented as a tool that helps to democratize art and fosters a positive and supportive community.


Collaboration refers to the act of working together with others to create or achieve something. In the context of the video, collaboration is highlighted as a key aspect of the NightCafe community, where artists share ideas, give each other tips, and help one another improve their AI-generated art.


Community in this context refers to a group of individuals who share common interests or activities, such as creating and appreciating AI-generated art on NightCafe. The community provides a supportive environment where members can engage, learn, and grow together.


Creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas to create something new and expressive. In the video, creativity is celebrated as a fundamental aspect of AI Art, allowing individuals to explore their artistic potential and produce unique works without the constraints of traditional artistic skills.

💡Positive Environment

A positive environment is one that encourages and supports individuals in a constructive and uplifting manner. The video highlights NightCafe as a platform that fosters a positive environment where artists can create, share, and receive positive feedback, free from the negativity often found on other social media platforms.

💡Art Techniques

Art techniques refer to the methods and skills used by artists to create their works. In the context of the video, learning about art techniques is one of the benefits of engaging with AI Art on NightCafe, as it allows users to explore and understand different approaches to creating visual art.

💡Traditional Art

Traditional art refers to artistic practices that have been established and passed down through generations, often involving manual skills such as painting, drawing, and sculpting. The video discusses how AI Art challenges the traditional art world by offering a new, technology-driven approach to creating art that is accessible to all.

💡Democratization of Art

The democratization of art refers to the process of making art creation and appreciation accessible to a wider audience, regardless of their background or training. In the video, this concept is central to the discussion of how AI Art platforms like NightCafe empower individuals to express their creativity and participate in the art world on a more equal footing.


Impressionism is an art movement that emerged in the late 19th century, characterized by the use of light, color, and loose brushwork to capture the immediate impression of a scene. In the video, Impressionism is mentioned as an historical example of an art movement that faced initial backlash but eventually became widely accepted and celebrated.


AI art is challenging the elitism in traditional art forms by making art creation more accessible to a wider audience.

Austin Beckstrom, a graphic designer with 15 years of experience, discovered NightCafe through his wife and has been using it since October.

Austin and his wife use NightCafe as a collaborative platform, sharing ideas and tips to improve their AI art creations.

With over 11,000 followers on NightCafe, Austin appreciates the supportive and positive community that has formed around AI art.

The community on NightCafe is described as refreshingly positive, with people focusing on creating beauty and complimenting each other's work.

AI art has allowed people who didn't believe in their creative abilities to produce stunning images, similar to the impact of the book 'The Artist's Way' by Julia Cameron.

Austin compares the current AI art movement to the emergence of impressionism and surrealism, noting that new art forms often face initial backlash.

The democratization of art through AI allows more people to engage with and learn about different art techniques and artists.

AI art serves as a stepping stone for some to explore traditional art forms like painting and mixed media.

NightCafe's user-friendly interface and forgiving nature make it easy for beginners to start creating art with minimal knowledge.

Austin emphasizes the importance of creating and sharing art, regardless of the opinions of others who may question its artistic value.

The community on NightCafe is diverse, with many talented artists who inspire each other and collaborate on projects.

AI art is seen as a way to break down barriers and make the fine art world more accessible to the general public.

William Morris, the founder of the Arts and Crafts movement, is quoted as valuing art for the many, not just the few, reflecting the ethos of AI art's impact on society.

The interview concludes with Austin expressing his excitement about the democratization of art and the opportunities it presents for widespread creativity.

The transcript highlights the transformative power of AI art in making the process of creating and appreciating art more inclusive and democratic.

The positive and supportive community on NightCafe serves as a model for how art platforms can foster creativity and collaboration among their users.