How To Create Hyper Realistic Digital AI Images With Free Tool Blue Willow And Easy Prompts

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23 Apr 202310:01

TLDRThe video script introduces a step-by-step guide on generating hyper-realistic images using AI tools, specifically highlighting a free tool called 'blue below'. The host, Mozart, explains how this technology can convert detailed prompts into images, aiding professionals like designers and photographers. The process involves signing up for a Discord server to use the tool, entering commands, and receiving generated images. The video encourages viewers to explore this tool to bring their imaginations to life and potentially enhance their work or personal projects.


  • 🎨 The video provides a step-by-step guide on generating hyper-realistic images using AI tools, which are becoming increasingly popular on platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook.
  • 🌐 The presenter introduces a free tool called 'Blue Below' that can generate images from text prompts, accessible through Google and a Discord server.
  • 📸 The video emphasizes the potential of AI-generated images for professionals such as designers, photographers, and civil engineers to visualize and communicate their ideas.
  • 💡 The presenter, Mozart, shares his experience with online businesses and encourages viewers to subscribe for more content on financial freedom and remote work.
  • 🔗 The website '' is mentioned as a resource for those interested in starting an online business.
  • 🔍 The process begins with a Google search for 'Blue Below', leading to Google AI's website where users can join a free beta version of the tool.
  • 🗣️ Users must sign up for a Discord server to use the tool, as it requires a chat platform to input commands and generate images.
  • 👀 The video demonstrates how to navigate the Discord server, find the appropriate group (e.g., 'rookie 49'), and observe examples of generated images and commands.
  • ✍️ The command structure is crucial; detailed prompts result in accurate image generation, as shown by the examples of an old man doing yoga and a woman in an orange dress.
  • 🔄 Users can modify their initial commands to experiment with different images, such as changing the background or the subject's attire.
  • 📸 The video concludes with an invitation for viewers to try the tool themselves, generate images based on their imagination, and potentially use them for personal or business purposes.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is about generating hyper realistic images using AI tools, specifically an AI tool called 'blue below'.

  • How are these AI-generated images being used on the internet?

    -These AI-generated images are being shared in various online platforms such as WhatsApp groups, Facebook groups, and used by professionals like designers, photographers, and civil engineers to visualize their ideas.

  • What is the significance of the AI tool 'blue below' in the video?

    -The AI tool 'blue below' is significant as it is presented as a free alternative to paid tools, capable of generating high-quality, hyper realistic images based on user prompts.

  • How does one access and use the 'blue below' AI tool?

    -To use 'blue below', users must first sign up on a Discord server, then join the specific Discord server for 'blue below', and finally, type their image prompts in the designated chat channel.

  • What kind of images can be generated with the AI tool?

    -The AI tool can generate a wide range of images, from realistic portraits, landscapes, to complex scenes like a boy standing in front of the pyramids, based on the level of detail provided in the user's prompt.

  • How detailed should a user's prompt be to get the desired image?

    -A user's prompt should be as detailed as possible, describing the scene, characters, and specific elements they want to be included in the image for accurate results.

  • Can the AI tool generate images in different styles or tones?

    -Yes, the AI tool can generate images in various styles and tones, such as 'hyper realistic', 'dark colors', or 'Moody tone', based on the user's request in the prompt.

  • How long does it typically take for the AI to generate an image?

    -The time taken for the AI to generate an image can vary, but it typically takes around one to two minutes depending on the server load.

  • What can users do with the generated images?

    -Users can download the generated images and use them for personal or professional purposes, such as sharing on social media profiles or incorporating them into business presentations.

  • Can users modify their prompts to regenerate different images?

    -Yes, users can modify their prompts to include different elements, change the setting, or adjust the style, and the AI tool will regenerate the image accordingly.

  • How can users improve their prompts to get better image results?

    -Users can improve their prompts by observing others' commands and generated images in the chat, learning from them, and refining their own prompts based on the insights gained.



🎨 Introducing AI-Generated Imagery

The paragraph introduces the concept of generating hyper-realistic images using AI tools. It explains that such images are becoming popular on the internet and in social media groups. The speaker, Mozart, offers to guide viewers step by step on how to use a free tool to create these images. The tool can bring any imagination to life, whether it's a scene with a boy and a girl with a puppy in front of a waterfall or the Statue of Liberty. The video aims to show how this AI tool can be used by professionals like designers and photographers to convert their ideas into reality or images, enhancing their presentations to clients or bosses.


🖌️ How to Use AI Image Generation Tools

This paragraph provides a tutorial on using AI tools, specifically 'Blue below', to generate realistic images. The speaker instructs viewers to sign up for a Discord server, which is necessary for using the tool. Discord is described as a chatting app similar to WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. The process involves joining a specific Discord server and group, observing others' commands and generated images, and then inputting one's own detailed command to generate an image. The paragraph includes an example of a command and the resulting image, demonstrating the AI's ability to interpret and visualize complex prompts accurately.



💡AI tools

AI tools refer to artificial intelligence software or applications that assist in generating hyper-realistic images from textual descriptions. In the context of the video, these tools are used to convert imagination into visual content, as demonstrated by the creation of an image with a boy, a girl, and a puppy in front of a waterfall with the Statue of Liberty in the background.

💡Hyper-realistic images

Hyper-realistic images are those that appear extremely lifelike and close to real-world photographs. They are created using AI tools that can interpret detailed descriptions and generate images that are almost indistinguishable from actual photographs. The video emphasizes the ability of these AI tools to create such images with high accuracy and detail.

💡Discord server

A Discord server is an online chat platform where users can communicate and share information. In the video, it is mentioned as a necessary step to use the AI tool 'Blue below', as it serves as the medium through which users can input their prompts and receive the generated images.

💡Command prompts

Command prompts are the textual descriptions or instructions given by users to AI tools to generate specific images. These prompts are detailed and contain all the elements that the user wants to be included in the image, such as objects, settings, and mood.

💡Free tool

A free tool refers to software or an application that is available without any cost to the user. In the context of the video, 'Blue below' is introduced as a free AI tool that allows users to generate hyper-realistic images without any payment, unlike other paid tools that require subscription or purchase.

💡Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is a state where an individual has enough savings, investments, and other financial assets to cover their living expenses without having to work actively for money. In the video, the speaker mentions achieving financial freedom through online businesses, which allows them the flexibility to travel and not be tied to a traditional job.

💡Online businesses

Online businesses are commercial ventures conducted over the internet, which can include e-commerce, affiliate marketing, and content creation platforms like YouTube. The video speaker mentions running various online businesses such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and affiliate marketing, which contribute to their financial independence.

💡Remote work

Remote work refers to a work arrangement where employees work from locations other than a central office, typically using the internet to communicate and complete tasks. The video emphasizes the benefits of remote work, such as the ability to work from anywhere in the world without being tied to a specific location or a nine-to-five job.

💡Image generation

Image generation is the process of creating visual content using software or algorithms, as opposed to capturing images through traditional photography. In the video, image generation is achieved through AI tools that interpret textual prompts and produce corresponding images.


In the context of the video, mood refers to the emotional atmosphere or tone that a generated image is intended to convey. Users can specify the mood they want for their image, such as 'moody' or 'dark', and the AI tool will attempt to create an image that matches this desired mood.

💡Civil engineer

A civil engineer is a professional who designs, constructs, and maintains public works projects, such as roads, bridges, and buildings. In the video, it is mentioned that civil engineers, among other professionals like designers and photographers, can use AI tools to convert their imagination into reality or images, which can be helpful for proposing ideas or designs to clients.


The video provides a step-by-step guide on generating hyper-realistic images using AI tools.

These AI-generated images are popular on the internet and social media platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook.

The presenter introduces a free tool that can generate images based on any prompt the user provides.

The AI tool can convert imagination into reality, which is useful for professionals like designers, photographers, and civil engineers.

The presenter, Mozart, runs multiple online businesses and promotes financial freedom through his channel.

The AI tool 'Blue' is mentioned as a free alternative to paid tools like Midjourney.

To use the AI tool, one must sign up for a Discord server, which is a chatting platform similar to WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

The Discord server is where users can chat and generate images by typing commands into the chat.

Users can observe the commands and generated images of others in the chat to understand how the AI tool works.

The AI tool carefully reads the command and generates an image that closely matches the description.

The video demonstrates generating an image of a boy standing in front of a pyramid with specific stylistic requests.

The generated images can be refined and adjusted based on user feedback and additional commands.

The AI tool can produce multiple images for a single command, allowing users to choose the best result.

Users are encouraged to sign up for the software and experiment with generating images according to their imagination.

The video concludes with a call to like and subscribe for more informative content on generating images with AI.