Civitai A.I Video & Animation // Tyler // 3.21.24

25 Mar 202476:07

TLDRIn this AI video and animation stream, Tyler, the social media and content manager at Civii, showcases an innovative workflow using the double masking IP adapter. He demonstrates how to create stunning AI-generated videos with just a little extra effort and imagination, transforming ordinary clips into thrilling scenes. Tyler also discusses the technical aspects of the process, including the use of masks, IP adapters, and prompt crafting. The stream is interactive, with viewers suggesting ideas and providing feedback. Tyler announces upcoming guest streams and encourages community involvement, highlighting the collaborative and experimental spirit of the AI video creation process.


  • 🎥 The AI video and animation stream focuses on creating engaging content using tools like animate diff and comfy UI.
  • 👤 Tyler, the social media and content manager at civii, hosts the stream and shares tips on AI video creation.
  • 🕒 The stream is a platform for community interaction, with viewers suggesting ideas and providing feedback in real-time.
  • 🎨 The IP adapter workflow was showcased, demonstrating its capability to produce high-quality AI-generated videos with minimal effort.
  • 🌟 The stream highlighted the importance of creativity and prep work in achieving impressive results with AI video tools.
  • 💡 Tyler discussed the process of masking and incorporating backgrounds into AI videos, emphasizing the role of attention to detail.
  • 📸 The use of alpha masks in After Effects was mentioned, illustrating the technical aspects of video production.
  • 🤖 The AI's ability to interpret and render prompts was tested with various scenarios, such as a girl being chased by a Titan and a mermaid being chased by a shark.
  • 🎥 The stream also touched on the challenges of working with transparency and color saturation in AI video generation.
  • 🚀 Tyler proposed a community contest involving the creation of AI videos based on a provided template and prompt, aiming to showcase collective creativity.
  • 🔄 The concept of batch management for video processing was introduced, offering a solution for users with lower VRAM capabilities.

Q & A

  • What is the main theme of Tyler's AI video and animation stream?

    -The main theme of Tyler's stream is creating AI videos while answering questions and providing tips and tricks about running tools like animate diff in comfy UI and workflows.

  • What specific workflow did Tyler discuss during the stream?

    -Tyler discussed the double masking IP adapter workflow, specifically the LCM (Low Resolution Model) workflow.

  • How did Tyler incorporate the Attack on Titan theme into his video?

    -Tyler used images of Masasa from the Japanese dance troop Avent-gard and combined them with generated images of Titans to create a video where Masasa is being chased by a Colossal Titan in a vibrant forest setting.

  • What was the outcome of Tyler's experiment with the mermaid and shark prompt?

    -The mermaid and shark prompt resulted in a video where a mermaid is being chased by a shark, with the background appearing to be under the ocean, and the shark's head poking out of the water, giving a horror anime effect.

  • What technical issue did Tyler encounter with the initial shark video?

    -Tyler encountered an issue where the shark did not appear as expected due to the alpha mask not being properly set up, causing the subject to bleed onto the background.

  • How did Tyler address the issue with the alpha mask in the shark video?

    -Tyler fixed the alpha mask issue by ensuring that the mask frames were consistent and did not bleed the subject onto the background, resulting in a more accurate and realistic shark depiction.

  • What was the community's reaction to Tyler's stream and the AI video creations?

    -The community was engaged and enjoyed the stream, with many participants sending in images and suggestions for Tyler to use in the AI video creations. They also provided feedback and expressed excitement over the final results.

  • What is Tyler's plan for future streams and community involvement?

    -Tyler plans to continue the streams and introduce guest streams on Fridays, starting with deor from the Civita community. The goal is to provide more value to the community by covering different areas of image and video creation and prompting techniques.

  • What was the idea proposed by Tyler for a community contest?

    -Tyler proposed a community contest where he would create a base video and supply an alpha mask. Participants would use a specific workflow and submit their finished 5-second videos. Tyler would then edit all submissions into a final video to be showcased on the Twitch stream and reveal the top five submissions.

  • What did Tyler mention about his streaming setup and PC specifications?

    -Tyler mentioned that his streaming PC is equipped with an NVIDIA RTX 4090 GPU, an Intel i9-13900K processor, and 128 GB of DDR5 RAM. However, the streaming itself is done off his Mac Studio, with Tyler using remote desktop to manage the stream.



🎥 Introduction to AI Video Stream and Workflow

The video begins with Tyler, the social media and content manager at Civii, welcoming viewers to the AI video and animation stream. He explains that on Thursdays, they engage in fun activities and create AI videos while answering questions and providing tips on using tools like animate diff and comfy UI. Tyler checks his audio quality on Twitch and prepares viewers for a demonstration of the double masking IP adapter workflow, showcasing the results of a little extra effort and imagination in video preparation.


🌟 Showcasing the Double Masking IP Adapter Workflow

Tyler dives into the double masking IP adapter workflow, using images from a Japanese dance troupe member and the Colossal Titan from Attack on Titan. He explains the process of using these images to create a background and environment for the video. The demonstration includes masking the girl running in After Effects and incorporating the Titan as a background element, resulting in a low-effort VFX work that impresses with its simplicity and impact.


😄 Engaging with the Community and Exploring New Ideas

Tyler engages with the community by showing the end result of his previous work and discussing the potential for further creativity. He shares a video of a girl from the dance troupe and immediately gets inspired by the idea of creating an Attack on Titan-themed video. The community's involvement is highlighted as Tyler takes suggestions from the Discord chat, showcasing the collaborative nature of the creative process.


🎨 Experimenting with Different Prompts and IP Adapters

The video continues with Tyler experimenting with various prompts and IP adapters, creating unique and intriguing scenes. He uses images and descriptions to generate videos of characters being chased, resulting in a diverse range of outcomes. Tyler discusses the process of refining the prompts and adjusting the IP adapter images to achieve the desired effects, emphasizing the importance of creativity and iteration in the process.


🤖 Addressing Technical Aspects and Community Interaction

Tyler addresses technical aspects of the streaming setup, including his PC specifications and how he uses remote desktop to stream from his Mac Studio. He also discusses the importance of community interaction, mentioning the upcoming Friday special guest streams focused on improving prompting skills for stable diffusion. Tyler's appreciation for the community's support and engagement is evident as he shares plans for future streams and collaborations.


🌊 Exploring Transparent and Partially Transparent Characters

Tyler explores the challenges and possibilities of working with transparent and partially transparent characters in the AI video creation process. He discusses the potential outcomes and the AI's interpretation of such characters, using examples like a water weight lady and a translucent sculpture. Tyler's curiosity and willingness to experiment are highlighted as he seeks to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with AI in video creation.


🏀 Creating Diverse Scenes with AI Video Techniques

Tyler demonstrates the versatility of AI video creation by generating scenes with a variety of subjects, such as a soccer player being chased by a monster and a mermaid being chased by a shark. He discusses the process of selecting appropriate prompts and IP adapter images to achieve the desired effects, showcasing the potential for creating diverse and engaging content using AI techniques.


🏆 Planning Community Contests and Future Streams

Tyler shares his plans for future community involvement, including a potential contest where participants submit their own AI video creations based on a provided template and settings. He discusses the idea of creating a compilation video featuring submissions from community members, highlighting the collaborative spirit of the AI community. Tyler also mentions upcoming guest streams that will cover a range of topics, emphasizing the value of community-driven learning and creativity.


🙏 Expressing Gratitude and Encouraging Community Growth

In the closing moments of the video, Tyler expresses his gratitude to the community for their support and participation. He reflects on the growth of the Twitch streams and the positive response from viewers. Tyler emphasizes the importance of community engagement and the value of learning from one another. He encourages viewers to download the workflow, experiment with it, and look forward to future streams and guest appearances that will provide even more value and insights.



💡AI video and animation stream

The main theme of the video revolves around the creation and展示 of AI-generated videos and animations. This involves using specific software and techniques to generate content that is engaging and visually appealing. The stream is a platform where the host, Tyler, demonstrates and discusses these processes in real-time, providing insights and tips to the audience.

💡IP adapter

An IP adapter in the context of the video refers to a tool or method used to adapt or modify the input to the AI system to achieve desired visual effects in the generated videos. It is a crucial concept as it allows for the manipulation of the AI's output to match the creator's vision, enabling the production of unique and creative content.


Masking is a technique used in video editing and visual effects to isolate a specific part of the video frame, typically the subject, from the background. This allows for separate manipulation and treatment of the subject and the background, which is essential in composites and特效. In the video, Tyler discusses attention masking and how it is used to improve the quality of the AI-generated content.

💡Stable diffusion

Stable diffusion is a term related to AI-generated imagery, referring to a stable and consistent output from the AI model when creating images or videos. It is important for ensuring that the final product meets the creator's expectations and maintains a certain level of quality and coherence.


Upscaling in the context of the video refers to the process of increasing the resolution of the AI-generated content to enhance its quality and detail. This is a significant step in the video creation process as it ensures that the final product is suitable for various platforms and viewing conditions.

💡Twitch chat

Twitch chat is a feature of the Twitch streaming platform where viewers can interact with the streamer and other viewers in real-time. It serves as a community space for discussion and feedback, allowing the streamer to engage with their audience directly. In the video, Tyler uses Twitch chat to communicate with viewers and gather their input for the AI video creation process.

💡Discord group

The Discord group mentioned in the video is an online community where members can discuss and share information related to the video's topic. It serves as a support system and a collaborative space for users interested in AI video creation and animation.

💡VFX work

VFX, or visual effects, involves the creation and integration of digital imagery into live-action footage to enhance the visual storytelling. In the context of the video, VFX work is used to describe the process of adding and manipulating elements like the 'Colossal Titan' into the AI-generated videos to create a more dynamic and engaging viewing experience.


In the context of AI-generated content, a prompt is a set of instructions or descriptions provided to the AI system to guide the creation of the output. It is a critical component as it helps shape the final product by giving the AI a clear direction on what to generate.


A workflow refers to the sequence of steps or processes involved in completing a task or project. In the video, the workflow involves the use of specific tools and techniques to create AI-generated videos, from the initial concept and masking to the final upscaling and rendering.


Tyler, the social media and content manager at Civii, hosts an AI video and animation stream on Thursdays where he showcases AI video creation and provides tips on using tools like animate diff and comfy UI.

The stream involves a fun and interactive session where Tyler answers questions and demonstrates workflows, specifically focusing on the LCM (Latest Comment Model) and IP adapter workflow.

Tyler shares his screen and discusses the process of creating a video featuring Masasa from the Japanese dance troupe Avent-gard, running in place with the backdrop of an Attack on Titan scene.

The use of two different images of Masasa and the Titan in the IP adapter helps to create a more accurate and生动 video result.

Tyler explains the importance of prep work and using the right images in the IP adapter to achieve the desired outcome in the video.

The stream showcases the use of the Discord chat for community interaction, where members can suggest ideas and contribute to the video creation process.

Tyler demonstrates the process of adding a background to the Titan character, creating an environment that enhances the overall video effect.

The prompt for the IP adapter is kept simple yet effective, focusing on Masasa from Attack on Titan and the Colossal Titan, resulting in a high-quality upscaled video.

Tyler emphasizes the importance of the mask in the workflow, particularly when dealing with subjects and backgrounds in video editing.

The stream highlights the creative process of turning a simple concept into an engaging video, such as the idea of a girl being chased by a giant.

Tyler discusses the technical aspects of the setup, including the use of a high-end PC with a 4090 GPU and the process of streaming from a Mac Studio.

The stream also touches on the challenges of working with transparency in images and the creative solutions found to overcome these issues.

Tyler shares his excitement about the potential for community-driven projects, such as a video contest where participants submit their own AI video creations based on a common theme or template.

The stream concludes with a discussion on the potential for future guest streams and the value they bring to the community by sharing diverse skills and knowledge.