How To Make Money With Deep Dream Generator AI (Step By Step)

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22 Jan 202310:00

TLDRDiscover how to monetize the Deep Dream Generator AI by creating unique images for custom portrait services on platforms like Fiverr. The tool's ease of use and ability to produce high-quality, dream-like designs make it ideal for freelancers looking to stand out. Invest in a unique style, maximize exposure through multiple freelancing websites, and leverage the AI to fulfill orders with minimal effort, potentially earning a significant income.


  • 🌟 The Deep Dream Generator is a unique AI tool that creates dream-like images without requiring any technical skills.
  • 🎨 Users can start with a free trial on, generating designs using text prompts or by uploading a base image.
  • 💰 After the free credits are used, users need to purchase more energy credits to continue using the AI tool.
  • 📈 The monetization potential of AI-generated art is significant, as seen in the variety of custom portrait services on platforms like Fiverr.
  • 🖼️ Artists on freelancing platforms offer custom styles, and using AI tools like Deep Dream can help create unique offerings.
  • 📈 Becoming a seller on Fiverr and offering Deep Dream-generated portraits is a viable way to earn money online.
  • 🔄 To maximize reach, sellers should connect to multiple freelancing websites and build a strong reputation with positive reviews.
  • 💵 Successful sellers on Fiverr have made significant income from custom portrait services, even after platform commissions.
  • 🛍️ Etsy is another platform where artists can sell custom AI-generated art and reach a wider audience.
  • 🚀 Expanding to other AI image generation tools like Mid Journey can offer additional creative possibilities and potentially higher profit.
  • 📊 Consistency is key in building a client base and success in selling AI-generated art online.

Q & A

  • What is the Deep Dream Generator AI used for?

    -The Deep Dream Generator AI is used for creating images in a dream-like style based on text prompts or base images, producing unique and visually compelling designs.

  • How user-friendly is the Deep Dream Generator?

    -The Deep Dream Generator is very user-friendly and does not require any technical skills or coding knowledge to operate.

  • What are the different options available for generating images with the Deep Dream Generator?

    -There are three options: generating an image from a text prompt, uploading a base image and choosing a style, or uploading an image and turning it into a deep dream.

  • How does the credit system work with the Deep Dream Generator?

    -The app is free for the first few designs, but after the credits are used up, users must purchase more credits to continue using the service. Different packages are available, including an advanced package offering 120 energy per month for $19.

  • What is a potential way to monetize the Deep Dream Generator?

    -One can offer custom portrait services on freelancing platforms like Fiverr, using the Deep Dream Generator to create unique portraits for clients based on their provided images or descriptions.

  • How can one stand out from the competition offering custom portraits?

    -By developing a unique style or aesthetic that is different from other sellers, and by consistently delivering high-quality work to build a strong reputation and positive reviews.

  • What are some other AI tools similar to the Deep Dream Generator?

    -Other AI tools include MidJourney, DALL-E 2, Stable Diffusion, and more, each offering different styles and capabilities for generating images from text.

  • What is the importance of having a strong profile on freelancing websites?

    -A strong profile with a well-crafted seller biography and high-quality examples of work can significantly increase the chances of attracting clients and converting gigs.

  • How can one expand their reach and client base?

    -By connecting to as many freelancing and marketplace websites as possible, such as Upwork, 99designs,, Toptal, PeoplePerHour,, and, to increase exposure and trust.

  • What is the potential income from selling custom portraits using AI?

    -The income can be substantial, as demonstrated by top-rated sellers on Fiverr who have sold their services thousands of times, with earnings potentially reaching tens of thousands of dollars after accounting for platform commissions.

  • What is the role of positive testimonials in selling custom portrait services?

    -Positive testimonials serve as social proof and enhance the seller's credibility, making clients more likely to trust and purchase the services.



🎨 Introducing the Deep Dream Generator

This paragraph introduces the Deep Dream Generator, an AI-powered tool that creates visually stunning and unique images. It emphasizes the user-friendliness of the software, requiring no technical skills or coding knowledge. The speaker shares their admiration for the tool's ability to transform simple text prompts into complex and intriguing designs. They also discuss the pricing model of the software, highlighting the free trial and the option to purchase energy credits for continued use. The paragraph concludes with a guide on how to use the generator, including generating images from text, uploading a base image, and utilizing the deep dream feature.


💡 Monetizing AI Art on Freelance Platforms

The second paragraph delves into strategies for monetizing AI-generated art, particularly through the use of the Deep Dream Generator. It suggests setting up a profile on Fiverr and becoming a seller to offer custom portrait services. The importance of having a unique style to stand out in a competitive market is stressed, along with the potential to expand to other freelancing websites for increased exposure. The speaker provides an overview of the potential earnings, using a top-rated seller as an example to illustrate the financial benefits. They also mention other AI tools like MidJourney and encourage exploring these alternatives for potentially superior results. The paragraph ends with advice on building a client base and maintaining consistency for long-term success in the AI art market.



💡Deep Dream Generator

Deep Dream Generator is an AI-based tool that creates visually striking images by transforming input images or text prompts into dream-like, surreal scenes. It is known for its unique ability to generate content that is both beautiful and bizarre, often resulting in images that blend recognizable elements with abstract, artistic features. In the context of the video, Deep Dream Generator is presented as a powerful and user-friendly tool for generating content that can be monetized online, particularly through platforms like Fiverr and Etsy.


Monetization refers to the process of generating income from a product, service, or content. In the video, the term is used to describe how individuals can earn money by utilizing the Deep Dream Generator to create unique images and selling these as custom portraits on various online platforms. The video outlines strategies for monetizing AI-generated art, emphasizing the importance of finding a niche and building a strong online presence to attract customers and earn revenue.

💡Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is the development of computer systems that can perform tasks typically requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and language translation. In the context of the video, AI is leveraged through the Deep Dream Generator to create distinctive and creative images, which can then be commercialized. The video highlights the potential of AI in the creative industry and its role in enabling new forms of artistic expression and income generation.


Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance services, where individuals and businesses can find and hire freelancers for various projects. In the video, Fiverr is presented as a platform where one can sell custom portrait services generated using the Deep Dream Generator. The video emphasizes the importance of creating a compelling profile and gig listing on Fiverr to attract clients and successfully monetize the AI-generated art.

💡Custom Portraits

Custom portraits are personalized artworks that depict a specific individual or subject in a particular artistic style. In the context of the video, custom portraits are created using the Deep Dream Generator by transforming客户提供的图片 or text prompts into unique, dream-like images. These custom portraits can then be sold on platforms like Fiverr and Etsy, offering customers a novel and personalized product that is different from traditional portraits.


Freelancing refers to the act of working as a self-employed individual, often for different clients, on a project-by-project basis. In the video, freelancing is discussed as a means to monetize the skills and services related to AI-generated art, such as creating custom portraits with the Deep Dream Generator. The video suggests that by offering these services on various freelancing platforms, individuals can build a client base, earn income, and potentially grow their business.


Etsy is an e-commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items and craft supplies. In the video, Etsy is mentioned as another platform where artists and creators can sell their products, including custom portraits generated with the Deep Dream Generator. The video suggests that by setting up a shop on Etsy and offering custom orders, individuals can reach a wider audience and tap into the substantial traffic that the platform receives.


Aesthetics refers to the visual aspects or the artistic style of a piece of work. In the context of the video, aesthetics are crucial when creating and selling custom portraits using the Deep Dream Generator. The video emphasizes the importance of finding and developing a unique aesthetic to stand out in a competitive market, as customers are likely to be drawn to distinctive and novel artistic styles.


Upwork is a global freelancing platform that connects businesses and skilled professionals for various projects. In the video, Upwork is suggested as one of the many freelancing websites where individuals can offer their services related to AI-generated art, like custom portraits created with the Deep Dream Generator. By expanding one's presence to platforms like Upwork, the video implies that freelancers can increase their chances of finding clients and growing their business.

💡Positive Testimonials

Positive testimonials are favorable reviews or endorsements from clients or customers about a product or service. In the video, positive testimonials are highlighted as an essential aspect of building a successful profile on freelancing platforms. These testimonials help to establish trust and credibility, which can attract more clients and lead to more orders for custom portraits generated with the Deep Dream Generator.

💡Monthly Membership

A monthly membership refers to a subscription model where users pay a recurring fee to access a service or product. In the context of the video, the term is used to describe the ongoing cost associated with using the Deep Dream Generator, which requires a monthly fee to continue generating images after the initial free trial. The video suggests that despite this cost, the potential income from selling AI-generated art can far outweigh the membership fee.


Deep Dream Generator is a unique AI tool that creates dream-like images without the need for technical skills.

The AI can generate stunning designs with simple text prompts, making it highly accessible for users.

The software is user-friendly, allowing users to generate images starting from a text prompt or by uploading a base image.

The app offers a free trial with limited credits, after which users can purchase more energy for continued use.

The advanced package provides 120 energy per month, suitable for beginners at a cost of $19 per month.

Users can customize their images with various styles and settings, taking advantage of the deep dream feature.

The AI model offers different options for users to enhance their designs and create more unique outputs.

The generated images can be transformed into dream-like pictures, offering a distinctive visual style not found elsewhere.

Freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Upwork provide opportunities for users to monetize their AI-generated images by offering custom portrait services.

Sellers on these platforms can differentiate themselves by offering a unique style, such as the deep dream aesthetic.

By connecting to multiple freelancing websites, users can increase their exposure and client base, leading to more positive reviews and trust.

The potential to earn significant income exists, as demonstrated by top-rated sellers on Fiverr who have sold their services over 1000 times.

The use of AI in creating custom portraits can lead to a passive income stream, with minimal active involvement required from the seller.

Other AI tools like Mid Journey offer similar capabilities, potentially providing an even better result with the right instructions.

The key to success is to maximize reach by connecting to as many platforms as possible and finding a unique style that stands out.

Consistency is important, as it may take time to gain clients, but a unique style and effective use of AI tools can lead to steady progress.