How to Use DALL E 3 FREE Access (without ChatGPT Plus) AI Art Generator

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10 Oct 202305:20

TLDRThe Dalle 3 AI art generator from OpenAI is now completely free and a significant upgrade from its predecessor, Dalle 2. Users can access Dalle 3 by visiting and signing in with a Microsoft account. The platform offers 25 tokens, known as boosts, to speed up image generation, with the option to earn more through Microsoft rewards. The video demonstrates the process of using Dalle 3 to create images based on prompts and highlights the ability to customize and download the results. Additionally, Dalle 3 can be accessed through the Bing chat feature, which also utilizes boosts for faster image creation.


  • 🎉 Dalle 3 AI art generator is now completely free to access and use, offering a significant upgrade from its previous version.
  • 🔗 Access Dalle 3 by visiting, where the image creator is hosted.
  • 📝 The service is currently in preview mode, suggesting potential future updates and improvements.
  • 🔑 To use Dalle 3, users must sign in with a Microsoft account; new users can follow the provided video tutorial to create an account.
  • 🌐 The image creator dashboard allows users to input prompts, view generated images, and manage their boosts (tokens for faster image creation).
  • 🚀 Using boosts can speed up the image generation process; without boosts, creation may take longer.
  • 🏷️ The dashboard also features a homepage to explore images created by others, along with their prompts, and a FAQ section for additional information.
  • 💡 Microsoft rewards can be earned and used to purchase more boosts for the image creator.
  • ⏰ Image generation without boosts can take around 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the complexity of the prompt.
  • 🎨 Dalle 3 can also be accessed through the Bing chat feature, which allows for image creation and modifications within the chat interface.
  • 🔄 Boosts are consumed with each image generation request, and the limit resets weekly, but this policy is subject to change.

Q & A

  • How can you access Dall-e 3 for free?

    -You can access Dall-e 3 for free by going to the website Once there, you can use the Dall-e 3 image creator after signing in with a Microsoft account.

  • What is the first step to use Dall-e 3 according to the video?

    -The first step to use Dall-e 3 is to head over to, where the Dall-e 3 image creator is located.

  • What unique feature does Dall-e 3 offer in terms of image generation speed?

    -Dall-e 3 offers a 'boost' feature that allows images to be created more quickly. Using boosts can accelerate the image generation process, but once your boosts run out, image generation may take longer.

  • Can the Bing watermark be removed from the images created with Dall-e 3?

    -Yes, the Bing watermark that appears in the bottom left of the images created with Dall-e 3 will disappear once the image is downloaded.

  • Is there a limit to the number of boosts available for Dall-e 3 users?

    -Yes, users initially have 25 boosts available for quicker image generation. The use of boosts is deducted from this total, and image generation may take longer once boosts run out. However, it's mentioned that boosts reset back to 25 each week.

  • What additional functionalities does Dall-e 3 offer through Microsoft Bing?

    -Besides image creation, Dall-e 3 integrated with Microsoft Bing allows users to explore other images created by people, browse frequently asked questions, and even participate in the Microsoft rewards section to accumulate points for more boosts.

  • What alternative method is provided for accessing Dall-e 3 for free?

    -An alternative method for accessing Dall-e 3 for free is by using itself and clicking on the chat feature. Dall-e 3 is built into Bing chat, allowing for image creation directly within a chat conversation.

  • How does using Dall-e 3 within Bing chat affect your boost count?

    -Using Dall-e 3 within Bing chat consumes boosts from your account. Even though image generation might appear fast and seamless within Bing chat, it still deducts boosts for each image generated.

  • Can users turn off the boost feature to save boosts?

    -No, once you've activated boosts for image generation in Dall-e 3, you cannot turn them off. This means you're essentially locked into using a boost every time you request image generation.

  • What type of user would find the initial 25 boosts sufficient according to the video?

    -Light users of Dall-e 3 image creator would find the initial 25 boosts sufficient, as these boosts reset back to 25 each week, allowing for regular, albeit limited, fast image generation.



🎨 How to Access and Use Dall-E 3 for Free

The video introduces Dall-E 3, OpenAI's latest AI art generator, as a superior and free alternative to Stable Diffusion and Midjourney, marking a significant upgrade from Dall-E 2. It guides viewers through the process of gaining free access to Dall-E 3 via, showcasing its integration into Microsoft Bing in preview mode. The tutorial covers initial steps from signing in with a Microsoft account to navigating the image creation dashboard, where users can input prompts (e.g., 'humanlike coconuts playing guitar') and use 'boosts' to expedite image generation. It highlights features such as the exploration of community creations, FAQs, and the Microsoft rewards system. The video demonstrates the image generation process, including customization options and the removal of the Bing watermark upon download. It also compares the speed of creation with and without boosts and introduces an alternative access method through Bing chat, emphasizing the efficiency and quality of the generated images. Additionally, it discusses the mechanics of boost usage and limitations, suggesting that the current allocation of 25 weekly boosts may suffice for light users, though policies are subject to change.


🖌️ Discover Photoshop 2024's AI Generative Fill Feature

The second part of the video script shifts focus to Adobe Photoshop 2024, particularly highlighting its new AI generative fill feature. The speaker encourages viewers to subscribe to the channel for future AI-related updates and tutorials. The brief overview suggests an educational content aimed at users interested in leveraging the latest AI technologies in graphic design, implying that detailed instructions and applications of Photoshop 2024's features will be explored in subsequent videos.



💡Dalle 3

Dalle 3 refers to the third iteration of OpenAI's AI art generator, a significant advancement over its predecessor, Dalle 2. It is highlighted in the video as a free-to-use tool that marks a considerable upgrade, offering more sophisticated capabilities for generating images based on textual prompts. The video outlines the process of accessing Dalle 3, emphasizing its availability through and its potential as a top alternative for stable diffusion and Midjourney users. The context provided in the script illustrates Dalle 3's role in democratizing access to advanced AI image generation technologies.

💡Microsoft Bing

Microsoft Bing plays a pivotal role in the script as the web platform where Dalle 3 is accessed and used. Previously hosting Dalle 2, Bing has now integrated Dalle 3, offering a preview mode that suggests future updates and enhancements. The script illustrates how Bing serves as a gateway to Dalle 3, providing users with a seamless experience from prompt creation to image generation, showcasing Bing's evolving relationship with AI technologies and its commitment to enhancing user creativity through AI.

💡AI image generator

An AI image generator, such as Dalle 3, is a tool that creates images based on textual descriptions provided by users. The video script describes how to use Dalle 3 for generating images, demonstrating the generator's capability to interpret creative prompts—like humanlike coconuts playing guitar around a campfire—and produce corresponding visual content. This concept is central to the video, showcasing the practical application of AI in creative processes and its potential to generate diverse and intricate images from simple textual inputs.


In the context of the Dalle 3 AI image generator, 'boost' refers to a feature that allows users to expedite the image creation process. The video explains that users start with 25 boost tokens, which can be used to generate images more quickly. If boost tokens are depleted, image generation may take longer, indicating a system designed to manage server load and prioritize user requests. Boosts highlight a balance between resource allocation and user experience, emphasizing the value of time in the digital creative process.

💡Microsoft account

A Microsoft account is a prerequisite for accessing Dalle 3 through Bing, as detailed in the video. The script outlines the steps for signing in or creating a Microsoft account to use the image generator, underlining the integration of Dalle 3 within Microsoft's ecosystem. This requirement demonstrates the broader strategy of leveraging advanced AI tools to enhance user engagement with Microsoft's services, linking account ownership with access to innovative technologies.

💡Image Creator dashboard

The Image Creator dashboard is the user interface within Bing where Dalle 3's generated images are displayed and managed. According to the script, once signed in, users are directed to this dashboard, which includes areas for entering prompts, viewing generated images, and utilizing boost tokens. This concept encapsulates the user experience aspect of interacting with Dalle 3, showcasing the practicality and user-centric design of the platform for engaging with AI-generated artwork.

💡Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft Rewards is mentioned in the video as a program where users can earn points for various activities, including using Dalle 3. These points can then be exchanged for more boosts, connecting user engagement directly with benefits that enhance their experience with the AI image generator. The inclusion of Microsoft Rewards illustrates a gamified approach to encouraging continued use of Microsoft's services, integrating Dalle 3 into a broader ecosystem of user rewards and incentives.


A prompt, in the context of AI image generation, is a textual description submitted by users to guide the creation of images. The video provides examples of creative prompts, such as 'humanlike coconuts playing guitar around a campfire,' illustrating how Dalle 3 interprets these inputs to generate relevant images. Prompts are fundamental to the interaction between users and the AI, serving as the bridge between creative ideas and their visual representation through AI technology.

💡Image generation

Image generation is the process by which the Dalle 3 AI translates textual prompts into visual images. The video describes this process in detail, showcasing how users can influence the outcome by adjusting their prompts and using features like boost to expedite the process. This concept is central to the video, highlighting the capabilities of AI in creating detailed, varied images based on user input, and demonstrating the technological advancements in AI-driven creative tools.

💡Bing Chat

Bing Chat is introduced in the video as an alternative access point for Dalle 3, where users can interact with Bing's chat feature to request image generation. This integration demonstrates a multifaceted approach to accessing AI technology, offering users flexibility in how they engage with Dalle 3. The video's mention of Bing Chat underscores the seamless integration of AI capabilities within existing platforms, enhancing user experience through conversational interfaces and simplifying the creative process.


Dalle 3 AI art generator is now completely free to use, making it a strong alternative to stable diffusion and Midjourney.

To access Dalle 3 for free, users need to visit

Previously, only Dalle 2 was available on Microsoft Bing, with Dalle 3 now in preview mode.

Users must sign in with a Microsoft account to use the Dalle 3 image creator.

The image creator dashboard provides tools for inputting prompts and viewing generated images.

Dalle 3 offers 'boosts' to speed up image creation, with 25 free boosts initially provided.

Users can explore other images created by the community and learn from the prompts used.

The FAQ section on Bing provides additional information about using Dalle 3.

Microsoft Rewards can be used to acquire more boosts for faster image generation.

Images generated by Dalle 3 can be shared, saved, downloaded, or customized further using Microsoft Designer.

The Bing watermark on generated images disappears upon download.

Boosts can significantly reduce the time taken to generate images.

Dalle 3 is also integrated into Bing chat, allowing users to create images within a chat interface.

Image generation through Bing chat consumes boosts just like direct image creation.

The initial allocation of 25 boosts resets weekly, although this is subject to change.