How to Use Playground AI Art Generator Tutorial (100% FREE!) Getting Started Demo

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14 Mar 202305:50

TLDRPlayground AI is a user-friendly, free text-to-image generator that allows users to create AI art with a simple text input. The platform offers a variety of filters and editing tools, including the ability to upload images for further customization. Users can generate up to 1000 images daily and have the option to upgrade for more features. The tutorial guides viewers through the process of signing up, selecting filters, using the prompt field, and editing images to achieve their desired AI-generated art.


  • 🌐 Access Playground AI by visiting and signing in with a Google account.
  • 🎨 Use the art generator to create AI images and art by inputting simple text descriptions.
  • 🖼️ The service is free and allows users to generate up to 1000 images per day.
  • 🛠️ Interface includes filter options to determine the look of the generated image, with 'cinematic' being one example.
  • 📝 The prompt field is where users can dictate the AI-generated art by adding keywords and details.
  • 🖌️ The image to image tool can create images based on uploaded or drawn content.
  • 🔄 The generate button is used to execute the given instructions and generate the image.
  • ⚙️ Settings on the right side of the interface allow for finer details and adjustments to the image.
  • 📊 Prompt guidance helps the AI art generator understand how literal to interpret the instructions.
  • 📸 Users can upload images from their computer or the internet to edit with the AI art generator.
  • 💰 Playground AI offers a free option with 1000 images per day, as well as paid plans for higher usage.

Q & A

  • What is Playground AI?

    -Playground AI is a free and easy-to-use text-to-image generator that allows users to create AI images and art based on simple text inputs.

  • How to access Playground AI?

    -To access Playground AI, you can search for '' on Google and click on the first result that appears.

  • Is there a limit to the number of images you can generate with Playground AI?

    -While the service is free and unlimited, there is a daily limit of 1000 images per user.

  • How do you sign up for Playground AI?

    -To sign up for Playground AI, you can click on the 'sign up' button on their website and sign in with an existing Google account.

  • What is the purpose of the 'filter' option in Playground AI?

    -The 'filter' option is a primary variable that determines the overall look or style of the AI-generated image.

  • What is the 'prompt' field in Playground AI used for?

    -The 'prompt' field is the main area where users can input text to dictate the AI-generated art that will be created during the image generation process.

  • What does the 'image to image' tool in Playground AI do?

    -The 'image to image' tool aims to create images based on an uploaded or drawn input, though it can be a bit temperamental and may require some trial and error.

  • What are the different settings on the right-hand side of the Playground AI interface for?

    -The settings on the right-hand side of the Playground AI interface allow users to adjust finer details of the image generation process, such as choosing the AI model, image dimensions, and editing the strength of the edit instructions.

  • How can you keep your AI-generated images private on Playground AI?

    -By selecting 'private session,' users can ensure that their images are not visible to others while they are creating them.

  • What are some of the filters available for use in Playground AI?

    -Some of the filters available in Playground AI include Cinematic, Playtune (cartoon), Woolitize (wool-like), Play-Doh (clay-like), Origami, and Analog Diffusion, among others.

  • What are the pricing options for Playground AI?

    -Playground AI offers a free option with 1000 images per day, which can be used commercially. There are also paid options like DALL-E 2 for $10 a month and a Pro version for $15 a month, offering more images and faster generation.

  • How can you further edit your AI-generated art in Playground AI?

    -Users can click 'edit' on their generated images to make adjustments, add details like a mustache using the mask tool, or remove elements such as grass, animals, or trees.



🎨 Introduction to Playground AI Art Generator

This paragraph introduces the Playground AI art generator, a free and user-friendly tool for creating AI-generated images from text inputs. It outlines the process of accessing the platform via Google search and signing in with a Google account. The tutorial then provides a quick tour of the interface, highlighting the main features such as the filter for determining the image style, the prompt field for dictating the content, and the image-to-image tool. It also explains the generation button, settings for image details, and the option to start with four images. The paragraph concludes with a guide on using the Cinematic filter to create an AI-generated image of a matrix agent and the steps to refine the image through additional details and iterations.


💰 Playground AI Pricing and Alternatives

The second paragraph discusses the pricing options for Playground AI, mentioning the free option that allows for the creation of up to 1000 images per day, suitable for casual users. It also mentions premium options like DALL-E 2 for a monthly fee and the Pro version with faster image generation. The paragraph ends by suggesting viewers to check out a video on another platform called midjourney AI art generator, which is considered a more premium alternative to Playground AI.



💡Playground AI

Playground AI is a text-to-image generator that allows users to create AI images and art by inputting simple text descriptions. It is characterized as being free and easy to use, with a limit of 1000 images per day, making it practically unlimited for casual users. In the context of the video, Playground AI is the main subject and tool being discussed for generating AI art.

💡Art generator

An art generator is a tool or platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to transform textual input into visual art. It operates based on the keywords and descriptions provided by the user to generate images. In the video, the art generator is central to the process of creating AI images, with Playground AI being a specific example of such a generator.

💡Text input

Text input refers to the textual descriptions or prompts that users provide to the AI art generator to guide the creation of images. These inputs are crucial as they dictate the theme, style, and elements of the generated artwork. In the video, text input is the primary method through which users interact with Playground AI to produce their desired images.


Filters in the context of AI art generation are preset styles or parameters that users can select to influence the visual outcome of the generated images. They help to refine the look and feel of the AI-created art by applying certain visual effects or themes. The video mentions various filters like 'cinematic' and 'analog diffusion' that can be chosen to achieve different artistic styles.

💡Image to image tool

The image to image tool is a feature within Playground AI that allows users to create new images based on an uploaded or drawn image. This tool can be used to refine or modify existing images by adding details or changing the style, aiming to produce a desired outcome. It represents a more interactive and iterative approach to AI art generation.

💡Generate button

The generate button is the primary interactive element within the Playground AI interface that users click to execute the creation of AI-generated images based on their text inputs and selected filters. It is the action that triggers the AI to process the instructions and produce the artwork.


Settings in the context of the AI art generator refer to the adjustable options that users can tweak to modify the details and characteristics of the generated images. These may include image dimensions, prompt guidance, and other parameters that help users achieve their desired level of detail and artistic style.


Upscaling in AI art generation is the process of increasing the resolution or detail of an image after it has been initially generated. This allows users to obtain higher quality or more detailed versions of their AI-created art without losing the essence of the original design.

💡Edit screen

The edit screen is the interface within Playground AI where users can make adjustments and modifications to their AI-generated images. It provides tools for fine-tuning the artwork, such as adding details, changing styles, and applying masks to specific areas of the image.

💡Commercial use

Commercial use refers to the application of a product, service, or material for monetary gain or business purposes. In the context of the video, it indicates that the AI-generated images can be used by users for commercial reasons, such as in advertising or product design, without infringing on any usage restrictions.


Accessing Playground AI is straightforward by visiting and using a Google account for sign-up.

Playground AI offers a vast array of filters to customize the style of the AI-generated images.

The 'cinematic' filter is a good starting point for users new to Playground AI, offering a familiar aesthetic.

The prompt field is crucial in dictating the content of the AI-generated art, allowing for precise customization.

The image-to-image tool can refine the AI's output based on uploaded or drawn images, though it may require some trial and error.

The generate button is central to creating the AI art, with users often needing to use it multiple times for fine-tuning.

Settings on the right-hand side of the interface offer fine-tuning options, but beginners are advised to approach them with caution.

The stable diffusion AI 1.5 is recommended for beginners to start with for its balance of quality and performance.

Prompt guidance helps the AI art generator understand the level of literalism desired in the final image.

The private session feature allows users to keep their creations private, preventing others from viewing them.

Uploading images for editing with Playground AI's art generator is a powerful feature for personalizing existing images.

The ability to upscale images by 4X before downloading enhances the quality of the final product.

Playground AI offers a free tier with 1000 images per day, suitable for casual users and commercial use.

The platform provides various pricing options for users requiring more images or faster generation times.

Experimentation with different filters, such as 'playtune', 'woolitize', and 'Play-Doh', can lead to diverse and unique AI art.

The edit screen offers additional tools like masks and detail removal for further customization of the AI-generated images.

The tutorial showcases the creative process of generating AI art, from initial concept to final product.