I Designed a Whole Pokémon Generation with DALL•E MINI A.I.

The Harry Gold Show
24 Aug 202217:35

TLDRHarry Gold, host of The Harry Gold Show, explores the creative possibilities of AI in designing a new generation of Pokémon. Using Dall•E Mini and Midjourney, he generates bizarre and unique Pokémon concepts, some of which are quite disturbing. The process involves a lot of trial and error, with the AIs producing a wide range of results, from amusing to horrifying. Harry also discusses the potential for future Pokémon designs and invites viewers to guess a famous person in a caricature for a shoutout. The show ends with Harry asking for feedback on the new Pokémon designs and signing off with a reminder to stay safe.


  • 🎨 The host, Harry Gold, uses two AIs - Dall•E Mini and Midjourney - to create a new generation of Pokémon, showcasing the unpredictable and often humorous results of AI-generated images.
  • 🤖 Dall•E Mini, also known as Craiyon, and Midjourney are both AI image generators that take text prompts and create images, leading to a variety of bizarre and entertaining outcomes.
  • 😲 The internet has been using Dall•E Mini to create all sorts of nonsensical images, from recognizable characters to more abstract creations.
  • 📈 Harry Gold highlights that the AIs have access to the collective data of the internet, which influences the types of images they generate.
  • 🧩 The process involves starting with simple prompts and seeing how the AIs interpret them, often leading to unique and unexpected Pokémon designs.
  • 🌐 The AIs are not limited to a set list of types, allowing for a wide range of creative input, which results in a diverse set of Pokémon concepts.
  • 😱 Some of the generated images are quite disturbing, with human faces, deformed creatures, and other unsettling features.
  • 😂 The humor in the script comes from the absurdity and randomness of the AI-generated images, as well as the host's reactions to them.
  • 👾 There's a running joke in the script about the AIs frequently generating images that resemble bugs or rodents, despite the wide range of possibilities.
  • 🎭 The host reflects on the nature of creativity and the role of AI in the artistic process, suggesting that even AI can struggle with the concept of 'cool' Pokémon.
  • 🔮 Towards the end, the script humorously contemplates the future of Pokémon and what it might look like, inviting viewers to guess a famous person in a drawn caricature.
  • 🎉 The show concludes with an interactive element, encouraging viewers to participate in a guessing game related to a caricature, fostering engagement with the audience.

Q & A

  • What are the two AIs mentioned in the transcript that were used to create a new generation of Pokémon?

    -The two AIs mentioned are Dall•E Mini, also known as Craiyon, and Midjourney.

  • What is the humorous twist in the name 'Craiyon' that the AI uses?

    -The twist is that 'Craiyon' is spelled with an 'AI' instead of an 'I', which is a pun on the name 'Dall•E' and the acronym for Artificial Intelligence.

  • How does the internet use Dall•E Mini according to the transcript?

    -The internet uses Dall•E Mini to create a variety of nonsensical images by inputting text prompts and seeing what the AI generates.

  • What was the AI's approach to generating new Pokémon in the video?

    -The AI was given text prompts related to Pokémon and then generated images based on those prompts, resulting in a range of bizarre and unique designs.

  • What is the host's opinion on the AI-generated images in comparison to the last AI used for making Pokémon?

    -The host believes that the last AI used was specifically tailored for creating Pokémon, whereas Midjourney and Dall•E Mini have aggregated internet data, leading to more unpredictable and varied results.

  • What does the host find appealing about using these AIs to create Pokémon?

    -The host finds it appealing that they are not limited to a predetermined list of types and can input any type of Pokémon they want, leading to more creative and diverse outcomes.

  • What is the host's reaction to the AI-generated image of an 'obese Rabbid made of moss'?

    -The host is surprised and finds it amusing, noting that it's an unexpected and bizarre creation.

  • What is the 'cool Pokémon' that the host asks the AI to generate?

    -The host asks the AI to generate a 'cool Pokémon' and is presented with various designs, some of which he finds interesting and others that he finds more disturbing.

  • What is the host's strategy for determining the number of new Pokémon generated?

    -The host uses the logic that since the AI can't generate evolutions, by crossing off all evolved forms, it approximates to about 50 Pokémon to a generation.

  • What is the game that the host proposes to the viewers at the end of the transcript?

    -The host proposes a game where he will draw a famous person, and the first three people to guess who it is in the comments will get a shoutout when he reveals the answer in the next episode.

  • What is the description of the person the host is drawing for the game in the final part of the transcript?

    -The person has extremely puckered lips, hollow cheeks, and a prominent chin that juts forward, giving the impression that their lips are trying to reach a kiss on their own without the rest of their face.



😀 Introducing AI-Generated Pokémon

The video script opens with the host, Harry Gold, introducing two AIs, Dall•E Mini (also known as Craiyon) and Midjourney, which are used to create a new generation of bizarre Pokémon. The AIs generate images based on text prompts, leading to humorous and unexpected results. The host discusses the capabilities of each AI and shares examples of the strange and sometimes frightening images they produce, including a boggle-eyed chameleon and a creature that looks like a combination of all marsupials. The segment ends with the host expressing excitement about the potential of these AI-generated creatures.


🎨 Exploring AI's Creative Limits

In this paragraph, the host continues to experiment with the AIs, using them to create images of various Pokémon types. The host notes that the AIs sometimes produce dark and disturbing images, but also acknowledges that some of these could serve as good starting points for new Pokémon designs. There's a focus on the unpredictability and creativity of the AIs, with the host even suggesting a generation of Pokémon inspired by elder gods. The segment includes a variety of reactions to the AI-generated images, from delight to horror, and ends with the host's reflection on the community's diverse tastes in Pokémon.


😂 AI's Wacky Pokémon Creations

The host humorously discusses the AIs' attempts to create new Pokémon, highlighting the absurdity and creativity of the results. The AIs are tasked with generating images of Pokémon that haven't been made before, such as a platypus Pokémon. The segment is filled with laughter and astonishment as the host reacts to the AIs' creations, which include bizarre combinations like a cheese fish Pokémon and various deformed versions of Pikachu. The host also touches on the potential future of Pokémon and how the AIs might predict it, ending with a playful challenge for the audience to guess a famous person's caricature.


🎉 The Harry Gold Show's Pokémon Recap and Challenge

The final paragraph wraps up the show with a recap of the AI-generated Pokémon and a game for the audience. The host explains that, considering the AIs can't generate evolutions, the new generation of Pokémon amounts to about 50 new creatures. The host then invites the audience to participate in a guessing game involving a caricature of a famous person, with a shoutout promised to the first three correct guesses. The video ends with a description of the week's subject, characterized by distinctive lips and facial features, and an invitation for the audience to share their favorite Pokémon from the new batch in the comments.



💡DALL•E Mini

DALL•E Mini, also known as Craiyon, is an AI image generation tool that creates images based on textual prompts. In the video, it is used to design a new generation of Pokémon, showcasing the AI's ability to produce creative and sometimes bizarre results. The tool plays a central role in the video's theme of exploring AI's creative potential.


Midjourney is another AI system used alongside DALL•E Mini in the video for generating images from text descriptions. It represents the unpredictable nature of AI-generated content, which is a key theme in the video as the host experiments with creating unique Pokémon designs.


Pokémon is a popular media franchise featuring fictional creatures that players capture, train, and battle. The video's main theme revolves around using AI to create a new generation of these creatures, emphasizing the imaginative aspect of the process and the diversity of the results produced by the AIs.

💡AI-generated image

An AI-generated image is a visual representation created by an artificial intelligence based on a given text prompt. In the context of the video, these images are the end results of the AI's interpretation of the concept of a Pokémon, highlighting the variability and creativity inherent in AI image generation.

💡Evolutionary line

In the context of Pokémon, an evolutionary line refers to a series of creatures that evolve from one stage to another. The video humorously notes how the AI-generated creatures seem to form their own evolutionary lines, despite not being actual Pokémon, which adds to the video's exploration of AI's creative limits.

💡Starter types

Starter types refer to the initial Pokémon that a player can choose from at the beginning of a game. The video mentions that the last AI used for making Pokémon was specifically tailored for creating these initial creatures, indicating a shift in the approach to using AI for design.

💡Elder gods

Elder gods, often associated with mythological or cosmic entities of great power, are humorously suggested as the basis for legendary Pokémon in the video. This concept is used to illustrate the potential for AI to create unique and awe-inspiring designs that push the boundaries of the familiar Pokémon universe.

💡Post-modern artists

Post-modern artists are mentioned in a humorous context, suggesting that they, like the AI-generated Pokémon, create works that can be perplexing or challenging to understand. This reference ties into the video's theme of exploring the intersection of technology, creativity, and art.


Automation is the use of technology to perform tasks with minimal human intervention. The video briefly touches on the potential societal impact of automation, speculating on the future job market and how post-modern artists might be as outdated as other professions in a fully automated world.


Pikachu is a well-known Pokémon, often recognized as the mascot of the franchise. In the video, various AI-generated images are described in relation to Pikachu, either by combining elements with it or by creating distorted versions of the character, which serves to highlight the unpredictable nature of AI creativity.


A caricature is a representation of a person's features, exaggerated for humorous effect. The video ends with a game inviting viewers to guess a famous person based on a caricature drawn by the host. This interactive element adds a layer of engagement and playfulness to the video's exploration of visual representation and recognition.


Using Dall•E Mini and Midjourney to create a new generation of unique and unusual Pokémon.

Dall•E Mini and Midjourney generate images based on text prompts, leading to unpredictable and often humorous results.

The internet has been using Dall•E Mini to create a wide range of bizarre images.

The AIs have access to the collective data of the internet, which influences the generated Pokémon designs.

The first image generated is described as an 'exceptionally good pull' with potential for minor adjustments.

A boggle-eyed chameleon and a composite marsupial are among the initial Pokémon designs.

Midjourney's interpretation of the same prompt results in a drastically different image.

The presenter expresses dissatisfaction with some of the generated images, while finding others workable.

A new approach is taken by not limiting to starter types, allowing for a broader range of Pokémon designs.

The AIs generate a variety of Pokémon types, some of which are described as 'cool' and others as 'demented bugs'.

The freedom to specify any type for the Pokémon leads to creative and unusual combinations.

A human-faced Pokémon and an obese Rabbid made of moss are among the more bizarre creations.

The presenter humorously comments on the AIs' tendency to produce dog and rabbit-like Pokémon.

An attempt to create a platypus Pokémon with Dall•E Mini is met with mixed results.

The presenter expresses a preference for the more outlandish and 'funky' designs over the more typical ones.

A 'cheese fish Pokémon' is one of the more unusual combinations suggested by the AI.

The presenter laments the repeated creation of mutant Pikachu designs when combining yellow things with Pokémon.

A game is proposed where the presenter will draw a famous person, and commenters can guess for a shoutout.

The show concludes with an invitation for viewers to share their favorite newly created Pokémon and to stay safe.