I Used AI To Make Minecraft Better!

29 Jul 202209:12

TLDRIn this video, the creator collaborates with AI to design a unique update for Minecraft, introducing innovative blocks like the wishing well that rewards players with items, and a farming block for easy cultivation. Exciting new items such as a grappling hook with various enchantments and a lava-shooting bow are also proposed. The AI suggests adding a giant sea turtle and an elephant as passive mobs, enhancing the game's biodiversity. A man-eating plant is envisioned as a hostile mob, and a concept to convert items into their predecessors is discussed, sparking curiosity and excitement for the potential of AI in game development.


  • 🤖 The video involves using AI to design an update for Minecraft.
  • 🌟 A wishing well block is proposed where throwing emeralds in yields items like leather.
  • 🚀 Introduction of a farming block that places a block of the player's choice above it when activated.
  • 🔥 A bow that shoots arrows made of lava is suggested as a new weapon.
  • 🪢 The concept of a grappling hook is introduced as a new item for traversal.
  • 🐘 An elephant is considered as a new passive animal for the game, but it doesn't fit well.
  • 🐢 A giant sea turtle is chosen as the new passive animal to be added to Minecraft.
  • 🌵 A man-eating plant is created as a new hostile mob with unique behavior.
  • 🔄 A conversion item that turns resources into their earlier forms is proposed.
  • 👾 The AI controlling the player's character is discussed, leading to a variety of interesting outcomes.
  • 🎮 The video includes a sponsored segment for an MMORPG called Noah's Heart.

Q & A

  • What is the main concept of the video?

    -The main concept of the video is using AI to design its own update for Minecraft, which the creator then codes into the game.

  • What is the first block idea the AI suggests for the update?

    -The first block idea the AI suggests is a wishing well block that opens up when right-clicked.

  • How does the wishing well block function in the game?

    -The wishing well block functions by allowing players to throw in emeralds and receive items in return, such as leather.

  • What is the purpose of the farming block introduced in the video?

    -The farming block is designed to help players cultivate plants more easily by placing a block of their choice directly above when right-clicked.

  • What is the name of the update suggested by the AI for Minecraft?

    -The AI suggests the update to be named 'Minecraft World Domination'.

  • What item does the AI propose to add to Minecraft, which the creator finds exciting?

    -The AI proposes to add a grappling hook to Minecraft, which the creator finds exciting.

  • How does the grappling hook work in the game?

    -The grappling hook works by allowing players to aim and shoot it to reach higher places, and it has enchantments like extension and retraction.

  • What passive mob does the AI suggest adding to Minecraft?

    -The AI suggests adding a giant sea turtle as a passive mob to Minecraft.

  • What hostile mob idea did the AI provide that was eventually implemented?

    -The AI provided the idea of a man-eating plant as a hostile mob, which was eventually implemented.

  • What unique ability does the man-eating plant have?

    -The man-eating plant has the ability to convert items into their predecessors, such as turning leaves into saplings or wheat into seeds.

  • What is the creator's reaction to the enderman creeper idea proposed by the AI?

    -The creator is intrigued by the enderman creeper idea but is unsure of how it would look and function in the game.



🚀 Introducing AI-Designed Minecraft Updates

The video begins with the creator's intention to allow an AI to design its own update for Minecraft, which the creator will then implement using blocks in the game. The first idea discussed is the transformation of the existing desert well into a wishing well that provides items in return for emeralds thrown into it. The creator also introduces a farming block that allows players to easily cultivate crops and an innovative block that places a chosen block directly above when right-clicked. The video then moves on to brainstorming for new items, weapons, and mobs to add to the game, with the AI suggesting a grappling hook and a lava-shooting bow. The segment ends with the need for an update title, which the AI proposes as 'Minecraft World Dom'.


🔨 Crafting New Tools and Taming Elephants

This paragraph delves into the creation of new tools and mobs for Minecraft. The creator discusses the development of a grappling hook with various enchantments, such as extension and retraction, which add depth to the gameplay. The video then transitions to the introduction of new mobs, with the AI suggesting a giant sea turtle and an elephant. The elephant is described as a large, intelligent creature that could provide a new source of interaction for players. Despite some initial hesitation, the creator decides to include the elephant in the game, emphasizing the importance of adding more wildlife to Minecraft. The paragraph concludes with the AI's idea of a man-eating plant, which the creator finds intriguing and plans to implement with unique movement and functionality.




AI, or Artificial Intelligence, refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think and learn like humans. In the context of the video, the AI is used to design a unique update for the game Minecraft, showcasing its ability to generate creative ideas and concepts for game elements such as blocks, items, and mobs.


Minecraft is a popular sandbox video game developed by Mojang Studios, where players can build and explore virtual worlds made up of blocks. The game allows for a high degree of creativity and has a strong focus on community-driven content creation. In the video, the player collaborates with AI to enhance the game by introducing new features and creatures, aiming to improve and expand the gaming experience.

💡Wishing Well

A wishing well is a block concept proposed by the AI for the Minecraft update. It is inspired by the existing desert well in the game but with a new functionality. When players right-click or throw items like emeralds into it, the well rewards them with different items, such as leather or even diamonds, adding a new element of surprise and reward to the game.

💡Farming Block

The farming block is an AI-generated idea for a new type of block in Minecraft that simplifies the cultivation process for players. When right-clicked, this block is supposed to place a block of the player's choice directly above it, making farming more efficient and potentially leading to the creation of automated farming systems.

💡Grappling Hook

The grappling hook is an item suggested by the AI to be added to Minecraft. It is designed to allow players to quickly and efficiently traverse the game's environment by shooting a hook and pulling themselves towards their target. This new item would add a new dimension to exploration and mobility within the game world.

💡Lava Arrow

A lava arrow is a weapon concept proposed by the AI, which is a type of arrow made from lava that can be shot using a bow. This unique weapon would introduce a new combat mechanic, as well as a visually impressive and potentially powerful attack option for players to use against enemies in the game.

💡Giant Sea Turtle

The giant sea turtle is a passive animal concept introduced by the AI for inclusion in Minecraft. It represents a larger version of the regular sea turtle found in the game, potentially adding more variety and visual interest to the oceans and seas within the Minecraft world.


The elephant is a large, intelligent animal proposed by the AI as a new addition to Minecraft. The idea is that elephants could provide players with a new source of interaction and potential gameplay mechanics, such as transportation or new types of resources. However, the idea is ultimately rejected due to concerns about fitting the animal's characteristics into the game's existing biomes and ecosystems.

💡Man-eating Plant

The man-eating plant is a hostile mob concept created by the AI for the Minecraft update. This plant would be passive by default but become aggressive when provoked, offering a new type of challenge and interaction for players. The idea is to add an element of danger and surprise to the game's environment, particularly in areas like the lush caves.

💡Enderman Creeper

The Enderman Creeper is a combination of two existing Minecraft mobs, the Enderman and the Creeper, as suggested by the AI. This new hostile mob would incorporate the characteristics of both, potentially resulting in a more formidable enemy with unique abilities. The concept is a part of the AI's broader exploration of new and creative mob designs for the game.

💡Item Conversion

Item conversion is a concept introduced by the AI where certain items in Minecraft can be converted into their predecessors. For example, leaves could be converted into saplings, and wheat into seeds. This mechanic would add a new layer of resource management and strategic gameplay, allowing players to grow plants more efficiently, especially in the early stages of the game.


AI designs its own Minecraft update.

Introducing a wishing well block that offers items in return for emeralds.

A farming block that places a block of the player's choice above it.

The concept of an automated clay farm from mud is discussed.

The update is titled 'Minecraft World Domination'.

A grappling hook item is suggested by AI, enhancing vertical exploration.

A lava arrow-shooting bow is proposed for combat.

A new MMORPG game, Noah's Heart, is advertised with its unique features.

The grappling hook is created with enchantments like extension and retraction.

A passive giant sea turtle is suggested as a new animal in the game.

An elephant is considered as a potential addition to the game.

A man-eating plant is created as a new hostile mob.

An item conversion mechanic is introduced, turning leaves into saplings.

The enderman creeper hybrid is created, blending two existing mobs.

AI-controlled character movement is experimented with.

The video showcases the creative potential of AI in game design.

The man-eating plant becomes an aggressive mob when provoked.

The video ends with a reflection on the impact of AI on Minecraft gameplay.