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AI Hipe
22 Oct 202308:29

TLDRThis tutorial introduces Tensor Art AI, a tool that transforms text into unique images. It guides users through creating an account, selecting styles, crafting clear descriptions for AI, adjusting settings for optimal results, and sharing creations. The platform's social features allow for community engagement and feedback, while the potential to monetize artwork on freelance sites is also highlighted. The video emphasizes the ease of use and the creative possibilities of Tensor Art AI.


  • 🎨 Tensor Art AI is a tool that transforms text descriptions into unique images.
  • 🔗 Access Tensor Art by visiting their official website through the provided link.
  • 💻 The platform offers a variety of styles to create different types of images.
  • 📋 To get started, sign in with a Google, Discord, or email account and agree to the rules.
  • 🌟 Customize your account with a picture, name, and personal description.
  • 📊 Tensor Art functions like a social network, allowing users to share, follow, and engage with content.
  • 🔄 The platform features a 'daily energy' system, which replenishes with daily sign-ins and can be earned through activities.
  • 🖼️ Use clear and concise prompts to guide the AI in creating the desired image, and specify unwanted elements in the negative prompt.
  • 🎨 Experiment with different models, settings, and the image-to-image feature for reference to achieve the perfect look.
  • 💡 Tensor Art can be a source of income by selling AI-generated images on freelance platforms.
  • 📈 The tutorial encourages users to explore the community for feedback, ideas, and improvement opportunities.

Q & A

  • What is Tensor Art AI?

    -Tensor Art AI is a special AI tool that creates images based on the words and descriptions provided by the user. It offers a variety of styles to choose from, allowing users to generate a wide range of pictures.

  • How can I get started with Tensor Art AI?

    -To get started with Tensor Art AI, visit their official website through the link provided in the video description and click on 'sign in'. You can sign in with your Google account, Discord account, or email.

  • What are the steps involved in using Tensor Art AI?

    -The steps include signing up for an account, choosing the right style for your art, writing good descriptions for the AI, adjusting the settings to achieve the desired look, and saving and sharing your art with others.

  • How can I personalize my Tensor Art AI account?

    -After signing in, you can personalize your account by adding a picture, creating a username, writing a brief description about yourself, and entering an invitation code if you have one.

  • What is the social network-like feature of Tensor Art AI?

    -Tensor Art AI has a feature that works like a social network, allowing users to share their created images within the platform, follow other creators, engage with their content, and build a community of followers who appreciate their work.

  • What is 'daily energy' in Tensor Art AI and how can I earn more of it?

    -Daily energy is the resource used to create images in Tensor Art AI. You start with 100 daily energy, which refreshes upon daily sign-in. You can earn more energy by inviting new users to create images for the first time or by hosting an original model and running it once.

  • How do I choose a model for my art in Tensor Art AI?

    -To choose a model, go to the main page where you'll find various models offered by Tensor Art AI. Click on the model you want to use, and you'll be taken to a screen with information about that model. From there, you can click 'run' to start creating images with that model.

  • What should I include in my prompt for Tensor Art AI?

    -In your prompt, you should clearly outline what you want to appear in your photo. For the negative prompt, list what you don't want to see in your photo. Be as specific as possible to get the desired outcome.

  • What are the additional features I can use while creating art with Tensor Art AI?

    -Additional features include the imageo image feature for reference, the option to set the aspect ratio (portrait, landscape, square, or custom), and adjustable settings like steps and CFG scales to create different types of photos.

  • How can I use the images I create with Tensor Art AI?

    -You can download the images you create and use them for personal projects or even sell them on freelance platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. Tensor Art AI allows you to turn your creativity into potential income opportunities.

  • What are some tips for optimizing my experience with Tensor Art AI?

    -Use clear and detailed instructions in your prompts, experiment with different models and settings, and engage with the community for feedback and inspiration. Also, manage your account settings effectively, including the screen's brightness and signing out when finished.



🎨 Introduction to Tensor Art AI

This paragraph introduces the viewer to Tensor Art AI, a tool that transforms words into images. It outlines the steps that will be covered in the tutorial, including creating a Tensor Art account, selecting the right style, writing effective descriptions, adjusting settings, and sharing the created art. The script emphasizes the ease of use for beginners and the potential to earn money by creating images for others. It guides the user to the official Tensor Art website through a link in the video description and explains the process of signing in with various account options, customizing the profile, and exploring the platform's features, including its social networking aspects.


🖌️ Creating and Customizing Art with Tensor Art

The second paragraph delves into the actual process of creating art with Tensor Art AI. It explains how to use the 'Imageo Image' feature and adjust settings such as steps and CFG scales to achieve desired outcomes. The paragraph demonstrates the importance of clear instructions in the prompts to receive accurate image results and explores the option to generate multiple photos with each click. It also discusses the ability to remix, upscale, and publish images, or download them for personal use. Additionally, the paragraph highlights the potential to sell AI-generated images on freelance platforms, emphasizing the creative and economic opportunities that Tensor Art provides.



💡Tensor Art AI

Tensor Art AI is an artificial intelligence tool that transforms textual descriptions into visual images. It is the central focus of the video, which guides users on how to utilize this technology to create art. The tool offers various styles and settings, allowing users to generate a wide range of images based on their preferences and descriptions.

💡Account Creation

Account Creation is the initial step in using Tensor Art AI, where users sign up to access the platform's features. This process can be done through Google, Discord, or email, and requires agreement to the platform's rules. A complete profile with a picture and description enhances the user experience and social networking aspects within the platform.


Styles refer to the various artistic themes or visual motifs available in Tensor Art AI that users can select to generate their images. These styles influence the overall look and feel of the AI-generated art, allowing for diverse creative outputs.


Descriptions are the textual inputs provided by users to guide the AI in generating specific images. They include positive prompts to specify desired elements and negative prompts to exclude certain features. Effective descriptions are crucial for achieving the desired outcome in the generated art.


Settings in the context of Tensor Art AI refer to the adjustable parameters within the platform that users can modify to influence the characteristics of the generated images. These may include aspects like aspect ratio, steps, and CFG scales, which contribute to the final appearance of the artwork.

💡Social Network Features

Social Network Features of Tensor Art AI enable users to share their creations, follow other creators, and engage with content within the platform. This aspect fosters a community where users can showcase their work, receive feedback, and connect with like-minded individuals.

💡Daily Energy

Daily Energy is a resource within Tensor Art AI that users consume to create images. It is replenished daily, and users can earn additional energy by inviting new users or running an original model. This system encourages regular use and engagement with the platform.

💡Image Generation

Image Generation is the process of creating visual content using Tensor Art AI based on the user's descriptions and selected settings. This is the core functionality of the platform, where users transform their textual prompts into unique images.

💡Freelance Platforms

Freelance Platforms are online marketplaces where Tensor Art AI users can offer their skills in creating AI-generated images for clients. This provides an opportunity to monetize the art created with the AI tool, turning it into a source of income.

💡Community and Feedback

Community and Feedback are essential aspects of Tensor Art AI that involve users interacting within the platform's social network features. By sharing their work and receiving feedback, users can improve their skills, gain new ideas, and foster a collaborative environment.

💡Tutorial and Guidance

Tutorial and Guidance refer to the educational content provided in the video script, which aims to teach users how to navigate and effectively use Tensor Art AI. The tutorial covers various aspects of the platform, from signing up to generating and sharing images.


Tensor art AI is a tool that creates images from text descriptions.

The platform offers a variety of styles to choose from for creating art.

Users can sign up with a Google account, Discord account, or email.

The dashboard provides access to features like search, pro version subscription, app usage, and community interaction.

Tensor art operates like a social network for sharing created images and connecting with other creators.

Daily energy is required to create images, which can be replenished daily or earned through various activities.

The platform allows users to switch between dark and light mode and adjust other settings according to preference.

Users can select different models and write prompts to generate desired images.

The negative prompt helps to specify what elements should be excluded from the generated images.

The imageo image feature allows users to import a reference image for the AI to use when creating new images.

Adjusting steps and CFG scales can alter the types of photos generated.

After generating an image, users have options to remix, upscale, detail, publish, or download the image.

The platform's community aspect encourages users to share their work, gain feedback, and build a following.

AI-generated images can be sold on freelance platforms, providing opportunities for income.

The tutorial covers the process of setting up a profile, exploring platform features, and engaging with the community.

Clear instructions and wise resource usage are emphasized for successful image generation.

The video tutorial invites viewers to subscribe and engage with the content for more informative videos.