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22 Oct 202310:36

TLDRThe video script introduces Kyber AI, a powerful video creation app that leverages artificial intelligence to transform text prompts into stunning videos. It guides viewers through the process of using Kyber AI, from signing up for an account, selecting a text prompt, and customizing video settings such as duration, aspect ratio, and camera movements, to generating and downloading the final video. The tutorial also highlights the app's capabilities in creating music videos and transforming existing footage into compelling animations, emphasizing its user-friendly interface and the potential for creative storytelling.


  • 🎥 The script provides a comprehensive guide on using Kyber AI, a powerful video app that employs AI to create videos from text prompts.
  • 📝 To begin, users must sign up for an account on Kyber AI, which operates on a credit-based system with various subscription plans available.
  • 💡 The video creation process starts with selecting a text prompt, where users can choose from different styles like cinematic or photo realistic for a unique look.
  • 🌟 Kyber AI offers a variety of options including image upload, existing video modification, music video creation, and storyboarding for detailed video crafting.
  • 🎨 The style and subject of the video can be customized with suggestions provided by the app, and users can add extra details and meta modifiers for a personalized touch.
  • 🎥 Video settings allow users to adjust the duration, aspect ratio, and camera movements to suit different platforms and preferences.
  • 📸 Users can preview their videos without using credits, and the app provides multiple frames to choose from as a starting point.
  • 🎞 The storyboard feature enables the creation of complex videos with multiple scenes and transitions, allowing for storytelling within the video.
  • 🌐 Transforming existing videos into animations or different styles is another powerful feature of Kyber AI, which can enhance and alter the original footage significantly.
  • 💸 The length and quality of the final video affect the number of credits used, with higher quality options requiring more advanced subscription plans.
  • 📌 The tutorial encourages users to explore Kyber AI's capabilities and create their own amazing videos, highlighting the app's potential for creative expression.

Q & A

  • What is the main challenge in creating a video for someone who is not a video editor?

    -The main challenge includes learning to choose the right software, editing footage, adding music and effects, and achieving a professional look, which can be time-consuming and expensive.

  • What is Kyber AI and how does it simplify video creation?

    -Kyber AI is a powerful video app that uses artificial intelligence to create videos from text prompts, making the process easier and more accessible for users without extensive video editing skills.

  • How does the credit-based system work in Kyber AI?

    -The credit-based system means that the number of videos you can create depends on the credits you have, which are tied to your subscription plan. Each video creation uses up a certain number of credits based on its length.

  • What are the four main options available on Kyber AI's video creation page?

    -The four main options are uploading an image to create a video, changing the look of an existing video, creating music videos with AI animations and a song or audio as a starting point, and typing a text prompt to generate a video.

  • How can the 'Describe the Subject' and 'Style' sections in Kyber AI help users in creating videos?

    -The 'Describe the Subject' section allows users to specify what they want to see in the video, while the 'Style' section lets them choose the visual style, such as cinematic or photorealistic. This combination helps in achieving a desired look and feel for the video.

  • What is the purpose of the 'Meta modifiers' and 'Styling options' in Kyber AI?

    -Meta modifiers and styling options allow users to fine-tune their video by combining elements from different categories, leading to more customized and unique video outputs.

  • How can users adjust the camera movement in their videos on Kyber AI?

    -Users can adjust the camera movement by selecting options like 'none', 'zoom in', or 'zoom out', and setting a number from 1 to 10 to determine the intensity of the movement, which can range from subtle to dynamic.

  • What is the 'Boomerang' option in Kyber AI and when might it be used?

    -The 'Boomerang' option allows users to create a video that plays and then reverses it. This feature can be used for creative effects or to create looping videos suitable for certain social media platforms.

  • How does the storyboard feature in Kyber AI help in creating a story with multiple scenes?

    -The storyboard feature enables users to create different scenes by starting with one shot and describing subsequent ones. This allows for the construction of an entire narrative, shot by shot, resulting in a more complex and engaging video.

  • What is the process for transforming an existing video using Kyber AI?

    -To transform an existing video, users upload the video, choose a new style or theme, adjust video settings for stability, and preview the transformed video. This allows for the creation of compelling animations from pre-existing footage.

  • How can users share or download their videos created with Kyber AI?

    -Once satisfied with the video, users can click 'share' to generate a link for copying or emailing, or 'download' to save the video to their computer. Higher quality options like 4K or 1080p are also available for users with more advanced plans.



🎥 Introduction to Kyber AI Video Creation

The paragraph introduces the process of creating videos using Kyber AI, a powerful video app that employs artificial intelligence to generate impressive videos from text prompts. It emphasizes the challenges of video creation, especially for beginners, and outlines the topics that will be covered in the video, such as selecting text prompts, adding music, and creating stunning animations. The speaker also provides guidance on how to access Kyber AI and the importance of being mindful of the credits used within the platform.


🛠️ Customizing Video Settings and Storyboards

This paragraph delves into the specifics of customizing video settings within Kyber AI. It explains how to select the video duration, aspect ratio, and camera movements to achieve the desired effect. The concept of storyboards is introduced, allowing users to create multiple scenes and build a narrative for their videos. The speaker demonstrates how to use the storyboard feature to generate different frames and settings, emphasizing the creative potential of this tool.


🌐 Transforming Existing Videos with Kyber AI

The speaker discusses the capability of Kyber AI to transform existing videos into compelling animations. By uploading a video and applying a chosen style, users can create entirely new visual experiences. The paragraph highlights the platform's ability to stabilize transformations and maintain realistic movements, while also cautioning about the credit usage based on video length. The speaker showcases examples of transformed videos, showcasing the app's versatility and power.

🙌 Conclusion and Encouragement for Video Creation

In the concluding paragraph, the speaker wraps up the tutorial by encouraging viewers to explore Kyber AI for their video creation needs. They express hope that the tutorial was informative and that viewers are now equipped to create their own amazing videos. The speaker also invites feedback and suggestions for future content, emphasizing their commitment to providing valuable and educational material.



💡video editing

Video editing refers to the process of combining and manipulating footage, music, and effects to create a cohesive and engaging final video product. In the context of the video, it highlights the challenges faced by individuals who are not professional video editors and introduces Kyber AI as a solution to these challenges.

💡Kyber AI

Kyber AI is an artificial intelligence-based application designed to simplify the video creation process by transforming text prompts into high-quality videos. It is presented as a powerful tool that can produce professional-looking videos with minimal effort from the user, making it accessible to individuals without extensive video editing skills.

💡text prompts

Text prompts are inputs provided to Kyber AI that describe the desired visual and stylistic elements of the output video. These prompts include a description of the subject and the style, which the AI uses to generate the video content. They are a fundamental part of the video creation process within the Kyber AI platform, allowing users to guide the AI's output.


Credits in the context of Kyber AI represent a form of currency within the platform that determines how many videos a user can create. The number of credits a user has depends on their subscription plan, and each video created consumes a certain number of credits, emphasizing the importance of efficient use of these resources.

💡video settings

Video settings refer to the customizable parameters that a user can adjust to control the final output of their video, such as duration, aspect ratio, and camera movements. These settings are crucial in shaping the structure and appearance of the video, allowing for tailored content creation.

💡storyboard feature

The storyboard feature in Kyber AI is a tool that enables users to create a sequence of different scenes for their video. By starting with one shot and describing subsequent scenes, users can build a narrative and produce a video that tells a story, shot by shot.

💡transforming existing videos

Transforming existing videos involves taking pre-recorded footage and altering its appearance using AI to match a desired style or theme. This process allows users to create new and compelling animations from their existing video content, showcasing the versatility and power of Kyber AI.

💡AI animations

AI animations are videos generated by artificial intelligence that can create dynamic and visually appealing content based on user inputs. These animations can range from stylized renderings to realistic simulations, offering a unique and creative way to produce video content without the need for manual animation skills.

💡credits-based system

A credits-based system is a pricing model used by Kyber AI where users are allocated a certain number of credits upon subscription. These credits are then used to create videos, with different video lengths and complexities consuming varying amounts of credits. This system allows for flexibility in usage while managing costs.

💡7-Day free trial

A 7-Day free trial is a promotional offer provided by Kyber AI that allows new users to test the platform and its features without charge for an initial period of seven days. This trial period gives users an opportunity to explore the capabilities of the AI video creation tool before committing to a paid subscription.

💡aspect ratio

Aspect ratio refers to the proportional relationship between the width and height of a video frame. It is an important consideration in video creation as it determines how the video will appear on different platforms and devices. The script mentions the ability to choose aspect ratios suitable for platforms like TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube, highlighting the importance of tailoring videos to specific audience preferences and platform requirements.


Creating a video can be challenging, especially without prior editing experience.

Kyber AI is a powerful video app that uses artificial intelligence to create videos from text prompts.

The video demonstrates how to use Kyber AI to create amazing videos, covering text prompts, music, and effects.

Kyber AI offers a 7-Day free trial, with subscription plans starting at $5 a month.

The app uses a credit-based system, where credits are consumed based on video length.

Users can choose from four options: uploading an image, changing an existing video, creating music videos, or typing a text prompt.

The text prompt section allows users to describe the subject and choose a style for their video.

Kyber AI provides a guide to help users craft their prompts with suggestions for subjects and styles.

The video settings page allows users to set the video's duration and aspect ratio for different platforms.

Camera movements can be customized, with options like zoom in or zoom out, and intensity levels.

The storyboard feature enables users to create different scenes and build a story shot by shot.

Existing videos can be transformed into compelling animations with Kyber AI's transformative features.

Users can preview their videos without using credits, and choose a starting frame for their video.

The app allows for the generation of up to one-minute long videos, though longer videos consume more credits.

Higher quality options like 4K and 1080p are available for an upgraded plan.

The platform includes a vast collection of copyright-free images, photos, music, and more.

The tutorial showcases the potential of Kyber AI in transforming ordinary videos into impressive, stylized animations.