I used AI to remake mobs in minecraft

23 Jul 202208:00

TLDRIn a creative endeavor, the author uses AI to generate unique ideas for a Minecraft mod, leading to a series of humorous and absurd transformations of in-game mobs. From turning a fox into 'Squidward' and a dragon into 'Yoda', to creating 'Baby Dragon Pigs' and 'Sonic Turtles', the video is a testament to the unpredictable nature of AI and the endless possibilities in Minecraft modding. Despite some results being less than ideal, the experiment showcases the blend of technology and imagination in gaming content creation.


  • 💡 The creator is developing a custom mod for Minecraft and seeks inspiration from AI.
  • 🎮 Initially, the attempt to use Siri for mod ideas was unsuccessful and deemed a 'terrible idea'.
  • 🖌️ An AI-generated story website was used to transform a fox into 'Squidward', leading to a popular YouTube video.
  • 🐲 The creator's attempt at turning a dragon into Yoda resulted in a peculiar and unsatisfactory outcome.
  • 🍲 A chicken was transformed into 'mac and cheese', including the creation of pasta and grilled chicken.
  • 🎮 A surreal event of Elon Musk becoming sentient and going into 'alien mode' within the game was modded.
  • 🐷 A pig was turned into a dragon with the suggestion to add 'baby dragon pigs' to the game's end cities.
  • 🐢 A turtle was transformed into a 'Sonic turtle', which the creator found amusing but also odd-looking.
  • 🥛 The creation of a 'milk carton' was a highlight for the creator, who has a kitchen full of Kirby's.
  • 🎮 A custom 'Wii' dimension was created within Minecraft, accessible by stealing a villager's Wii.
  • 🤖 An axolotl was transformed into a Darth Vader mounting droid, leading to a humorous droid army scenario.

Q & A

  • What did the creator initially attempt to use for generating mod ideas in Minecraft?

    -The creator initially attempted to use Siri, similar to a voice assistant, for generating mod ideas in Minecraft.

  • How did the creator describe their experience with using Siri for mod ideas?

    -The creator described their experience with Siri as terrible, stating that it was not helpful in providing random animal ideas for the mod.

  • What alternative method did the creator use after Siri failed to provide satisfactory results?

    -After Siri failed to provide satisfactory results, the creator used a website that completes sentences with AI-generated stories to come up with mod ideas.

  • What was the outcome when the creator turned a fox into 'Squidward'?

    -The outcome was a popular video on YouTube, as it became the most popular video ever, despite the creator's personal dissatisfaction with the result.

  • How did the creator change the dragon in their Minecraft mod?

    -The creator changed the dragon into Yoda, after finding the idea amusing and deciding to execute it in Minecraft.

  • What was the creator's reaction to the Yoda dragon mod?

    -The creator was not fond of the Yoda dragon mod, stating that it looked horrible and expressing dislike for the result.

  • What did the creator do when they envisioned Elon Musk becoming sentient in Minecraft?

    -The creator modded the game to include an Elon Musk character in 'alien mode', which they found amusing and unique.

  • How did the creator implement the 'baby dragon pig' idea in Minecraft?

    -The creator added wings to the pig, turning it into a dragon pig, and suggested adding these creatures to the end cities in the game for more free content ideas.

  • What was the creator's overall opinion of their modding experience with AI-generated ideas?

    -The creator found the experience challenging and the AI-generated ideas to be random and nonsensical, but they made the best of it and found some humor in the process.

  • What did the creator make in their kitchen in relation to the modding ideas?

    -The creator made a milk carton, which they considered the coolest thing they've made, and filled their kitchen with Kirby's.

  • How did the creator access the custom Wii dimension in Minecraft?

    -To access the custom Wii dimension, the creator instructed to sneak into a villager's house, steal their Wii, and then eat it, leading to a humorous encounter with Miyamoto.



🎮 AI-Assisted Minecraft Mod Creation

The creator discusses their process of making a Minecraft mod, initially considering using Siri for mod ideas but quickly realizing its limitations. They then turn to an AI-generated story website to assist in their mod creation, which leads to a series of bizarre and humorous transformations, including turning a fox into Squidward, a dragon into Yoda, and a chicken into mac and cheese. Despite the oddities, some mods like the baby dragon pigs seem to be a hit. The creator also shares their dissatisfaction with certain outcomes and their humorous journey through this AI-guided mod creation process.


🕹️ Entertaining Misadventures in the Minecraft World

The narrative continues with the creator sharing their amusing and sometimes absurd experiences in Minecraft. They describe turning a turtle into Sonic, a dog into a chicken, and a bee into toast, among other creative and whimsical mods. The creator also imagines scenarios like Elon Musk becoming sentient and John Cena watching him, leading to a series of comedic events. The paragraph concludes with the creator's reflections on the challenges of using AI for content creation and their invitation for viewers to share their thoughts in the comments.




AI, or Artificial Intelligence, refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think and learn like humans. In the context of the video, the creator is using AI to generate ideas for a Minecraft mod, showcasing the application of AI in a creative and unconventional way. The AI's suggestions lead to the creation of various unique and humorous mob transformations within the game.


Minecraft is a popular sandbox video game that allows players to build and explore virtual worlds made up of blocks. In the video, the main theme revolves around the creator's attempt to make a mod in Minecraft, which involves altering the game's existing characters (mobs) and adding new elements. The game's flexibility and open-world nature make it an ideal platform for such creative endeavors.


A mod, short for modification, refers to alterations made by players or developers to a video game's software, which can change or add new features to the original game. In this video, the creator is developing a mod for Minecraft, aiming to remake the game's mobs with AI-generated ideas, resulting in a unique and entertaining gaming experience.


Siri is a virtual assistant developed by Apple Inc., known for its voice-activated features and ability to answer questions, perform tasks, and provide recommendations. In the video, the creator initially attempts to use Siri to generate mod ideas but finds it unhelpful, leading to the use of another AI tool for more creative input.

💡Story Generation

Story generation refers to the process of automatically creating narratives or stories through AI algorithms. In the video, the creator uses a website that employs AI-generated story completion to provide ideas for the Minecraft mod. This technique demonstrates the application of AI in content creation and its potential for producing unexpected and imaginative outcomes.


Squidward is a character from the animated television series 'SpongeBob SquarePants.' In the video, the creator humorously turns a Minecraft fox into 'Squidward' by drawing him, showcasing the creative and whimsical nature of the mod-making process. This transformation is meant to be entertaining and highlights the video's playful approach to modding.


Yoda is a wise and iconic character from the 'Star Wars' franchise, known for his unique speech pattern and powerful use of the Force. In the video, the creator transforms a Minecraft dragon into 'Yoda,' adding a comical twist to the mod by combining elements from two different fictional universes. This example illustrates the boundless creativity possible when merging AI-generated ideas with popular culture references.

💡Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese is a popular dish made from pasta and a cheese sauce. In the video, the creator humorously turns a Minecraft chicken into 'mac and cheese,' representing the literal interpretation of the AI's suggestion and showcasing the absurdity that can arise from AI-generated content ideas. This segment highlights the video's theme of exploring unconventional mod concepts.

💡Elon Musk

Elon Musk is an entrepreneur and CEO known for founding companies like Tesla and SpaceX. In the video, the creator imagines a scenario where Elon Musk becomes sentient within Minecraft, reflecting the video's penchant for blending real-world figures with the game's universe. This instance demonstrates the video's narrative drive to create surreal and entertaining content.


The Wii is a video game console developed by Nintendo, known for its innovative motion-sensing controllers. In the video, the creator creates a custom 'Wii dimension' in Minecraft, turning a dolphin into a 'giant Wii remote,' showcasing the imaginative ways in which AI-generated ideas can be incorporated into the game. This concept exemplifies the video's exploration of unconventional and humorous mod ideas.

💡Darth Vader

Darth Vader is the main antagonist of the original 'Star Wars' trilogy, known for his black armor and signature breathing sound. In the video, the creator turns an axolotl into 'Darth Vader,' complete with a lightsaber, as another example of the playful and creative use of AI-generated ideas in modding Minecraft. This transformation adds a layer of humor and pop culture reference to the video's narrative.


The creator decides to use AI for generating mod ideas for Minecraft.

The initial attempt to use Siri for mod ideas proves to be unsuccessful.

An AI-generated story website is used to transform a fox into Squidward, leading to a popular YouTube video.

The creator's attempt to make a Minecraft dragon resemble Yoda.

A humorous mod where a chicken is turned into mac and cheese.

The creator imagines a scenario where Elon Musk becomes sentient in Minecraft and goes into 'alien mode'.

A pig is transformed into a dragon with wings, suggesting an addition to the end cities in the game.

A turtle is turned into a Sonic the Hedgehog-inspired creature.

The creator rates the mod a one out of ten, expressing dissatisfaction with the outcome.

A milk carton is created and deemed the coolest thing the creator has made.

A custom dimension based on the Wii console is successfully created.

The creator humorously engages with a character resembling Shigeru Miyamoto in the Wii dimension.

An axolotl is transformed into a Darth Vader mounting droid, leading to a funny in-game confrontation.

A dog is turned into a chicken, humorously referencing Chick-fil-A.

A bee is transformed into a piece of toast, with wings made out of butter.

The creator reflects on the challenges of using AI for idea generation, acknowledging its limitations.