I bought the weirdest minecraft merch I could find

25 Apr 202314:04

TLDRIn this entertaining video, the creator shares their experience purchasing a variety of unusual Minecraft merchandise online. From inexpensive items like mob head mini figures and backpack buddies to more elaborate pieces like a Minecraft poster and a light-up Redstone horror, the video showcases a diverse range of products. The creator also tries out Minecraft-themed food items, toys, and even a functional alarm clock shaped like TNT. The video is a fun exploration of the quirky world of Minecraft merchandise, highlighting both the creativity and the sometimes bizarre nature of fan items available to enthusiasts.


  • 🛍️ The video documents an individual's purchase of various Minecraft merchandise, ranging from inexpensive to high-priced items.
  • 🎁 The person begins by unboxing cheaper items like mob head minis and backpack buddies, gradually moving on to more expensive pieces.
  • 🧸 A variety of Minecraft-themed toys and collectibles are showcased, including pop toys, squishy toys, and even a Minecraft pig toy.
  • 🖼️ The individual unboxes a Minecraft poster and expresses excitement about the map featured on it, hinting at a childhood dream.
  • 🍬 Non-Minecraft items like Carl Jacobs gummies are also included, highlighting the person's enthusiasm for related merchandise.
  • 🎮 A Minecraft iPhone 4 case from 2013 and light-up Redstone horror are among the older pieces of merchandise shared.
  • 🗝️ The video features unique items like Minecraft magnets, a Minecraft alarm clock, and a TNT-shaped night light.
  • 🎨 The individual engages in activities like painting their own Minecraft figurines and playing games on a Minecraft interactive watch.
  • 🍪 The unboxing includes a disappointing experience with Minecraft Cheez-Its and cereal, as well as a failed attempt at using a Minecraft wall charger.
  • 🎁 The video concludes with the person trying out a Minecraft headphone set, recording a video with it, and joking about catching a fish using a Minecraft fishing rod.

Q & A

  • What was the first item the speaker purchased from the weirdest Minecraft merch?

    -The first item the speaker purchased was mob head minis, specifically an Enderman.

  • What was the speaker's reaction to the Minecraft backpack buddies?

    -The speaker found the Minecraft backpack buddies interesting, especially the feature where you could put your finger in the poppy design.

  • Did the speaker have any issues with the Minecraft glasses' UV protection?

    -The speaker did not express any issues with the UV protection of the Minecraft glasses, but was unsure if the creeper design would stay on.

  • How did the speaker apply the Minecraft tattoos?

    -The speaker applied the Minecraft tattoos by placing them on the skin, likely using water to activate the adhesive, and then pressing them down.

  • What was the speaker's opinion of the Minecraft gummies?

    -The speaker found the Minecraft gummies to be huge and interesting in taste, but ultimately did not like them and decided not to eat any more.

  • What was special about the Minecraft iPhone 4 case that the speaker bought?

    -The special thing about the Minecraft iPhone 4 case was that it was very old, from 2013, and had never been used before.

  • Why did the speaker purchase the Minecraft redstone torch wall charger?

    -The speaker purchased the Minecraft redstone torch wall charger because they thought it was a cool piece of merchandise and they liked the design.

  • What was the speaker's reaction to the Minecraft alarm clock?

    -The speaker was excited about the Minecraft alarm clock, especially its design and the feature to act as a night light.

  • How did the speaker feel about the Minecraft pig toy?

    -The speaker found the Minecraft pig toy to be horrifying and questioned the design choice, ultimately deciding it was the weirdest toy they had ever seen.

  • What was the outcome when the speaker tried to use the Minecraft fishing rod?

    -The speaker humorously pretended to catch a fish using the Minecraft fishing rod, but it was clear that the rod was just a toy with the Minecraft logo and did not actually function for fishing.



🛍️ Unboxing Various Minecraft Merchandise

The paragraph describes an individual's experience unboxing and reviewing a variety of Minecraft merchandise. Starting with cheaper items like mob head minis and backpack buddies, the individual progresses to more expensive and unique products such as Minecraft tattoos and a light-up Redstone horror figure. The unboxing includes a range of items from practical, like an iPhone 4 case and poster, to quirky, like a Minecraft-themed poppy finger holder and a dog toy. The individual also shares nostalgic feelings when applying the Minecraft tattoos, reminiscent of childhood memories with Batman tattoos.


🤣 Reactions and Antics with Minecraft Novelties

This paragraph details the individual's reactions and humorous antics while interacting with various Minecraft-themed novelties. The person juggles Minecraft bath ducks, expresses surprise at the existence of such items, and engages with a 'Minecraft hacks' book expecting it to teach hacking skills. The individual also unboxes a capybara plush that took a month to arrive and reacts with delight. There's a critique of a Minecraft pig toy, deemed 'horrifying,' and a segment on a mysterious eBay package containing a Diary of a Minecraft zombie book series, which the individual finds absurd and offers to give away.


🎮 Playful Testing of Minecraft Gaming Accessories

The individual engages in playful testing of various Minecraft gaming accessories and interactive items. They attempt to use a Minecraft redstone torch wall charger but face a minor issue due to lack of a suitable plug. An interactive watch is tested, revealing features like a camera, games, and a voice recorder. The individual also expresses excitement over a Minecraft big figure, which turns out to be a box with an Ender Dragon inside. A glitter lamp and official Minecraft headphones are unboxed and tested, with the individual playing games and recording videos to demonstrate their functionality. The paragraph concludes with a comedic fishing rod test, where the individual pretends to catch a fish, adding a layer of humor to the overall experience.



💡Minecraft merch

The term 'Minecraft merch' refers to merchandise or products that are based on the popular video game Minecraft. These can range from clothing items like t-shirts and hoodies to various accessories, toys, and collectibles that feature characters, symbols, or themes from the game. In the video, the narrator has purchased a variety of such items, showcasing their novelty and connection to the Minecraft gaming community.


Enderman is a character or 'mob' in the game Minecraft, known for its tall, black, and slender appearance, as well as its ability to teleport. In the context of the video, the narrator receives an Enderman collectible, which is a small figurine or toy representing this character. This item is an example of the type of Minecraft merch that fans might collect or display as a testament to their love for the game.

💡Minecraft backpack buddies

Minecraft backpack buddies are a type of merchandise that are small, soft toys or plushies designed to attach to the outside of a backpack. In the video, the narrator opens a package containing such an item, which is likely to have a character from the game, adding a personal and fun touch to their bag while also showing off their interest in Minecraft.

💡Minecraft tattoos

Minecraft tattoos, as mentioned in the video, refer to temporary or permanent body art that features designs or symbols from the game. The narrator has purchased temporary tattoos, which are a playful and non-committal way for fans to express their fandom. These tattoos might depict game elements like tools, blocks, or mobs, and wearing them is a way to incorporate the game's aesthetic into everyday life.


In Minecraft, Redstone is a special type of block that can be used to create complex circuits and mechanisms within the game, allowing players to invent and automate various processes. The term 'Redstone' in the video likely refers to a piece of merchandise or decoration inspired by this in-game element, possibly a lamp or a wall charger, indicating the narrator's appreciation for the game's technical aspects and their desire to bring that aspect into the real world through themed items.

💡Minecraft pig

The 'Minecraft pig' mentioned in the video is a reference to the pig character or mob within the game, which players can interact with in various ways, such as breeding, taming, or using as a source of food. The video suggests that the narrator has purchased a toy or figurine of this pig, which is an example of how fans of the game might seek out physical representations of the creatures they encounter in their virtual adventures.

💡Minecraft cereal

The term 'Minecraft cereal' refers to a food product that was created as a promotional tie-in with the game, featuring the game's branding and possibly themed flavors or shapes. In the video, the narrator has acquired a box of this cereal, which is an example of how the game's influence extends beyond traditional merchandise into consumable products. The cereal represents a unique way for fans to engage with the Minecraft universe in their daily lives.

💡Minecraft watch

A 'Minecraft watch' is a type of timepiece that features designs or themes from the game. This could include the game's logo, characters, or even interactive elements like games or cameras. In the context of the video, the narrator has obtained such a watch, which not only serves the practical purpose of telling time but also acts as a fashionable accessory for fans to express their passion for Minecraft and stay connected to the game's aesthetic.

💡Minecraft alarm clock

An 'Minecraft alarm clock' is a device designed to help users wake up and start their day, with a design or theme inspired by the game. In the video, the narrator has purchased a TNT-shaped alarm clock, which is an example of how everyday household items can be transformed into pieces of gaming memorabilia. This type of merch allows fans to incorporate elements of their favorite game into their daily routines in a functional yet entertaining way.

💡Minecraft Cheez-Its

The term 'Minecraft Cheez-Its' refers to a branded version of the popular cheese-flavored snack, which has been marketed with a Minecraft theme. In the video, the narrator expresses surprise and mild disappointment upon discovering that the snack's packaging features a game character but the actual snack pieces do not change color or design. This highlights the commercial aspect of gaming merchandise, where even common food items can be repurposed to appeal to fans of a particular game.

💡Minecraft bath Ducks

In the context of the video, 'Minecraft bath Ducks' refer to rubber ducks, a common bath toy, that have been designed with a Minecraft theme. These ducks might feature colors or patterns associated with the game, such as block designs or game character images. The mention of these bath ducks in the video underscores the wide range of merchandise that has been developed based on the game, even extending into the realm of children's bath time products.


Purchased various Minecraft merchandise online, ranging from inexpensive to high-priced items.

Unboxed a damaged package containing an Enderman collectible, but it was still interesting.

Minecraft backpack buddies were revealed, adding a fun element to the unboxing experience.

A unique phone wallet with a poppy finger holder was showcased, fitting an iPhone 4.

Minecraft glasses with UV protection were tested, but the wearer's face was not revealed.

Nostalgic Minecraft tattoos were applied, reminiscent of childhood Batman tattoos.

Steve and his pickaxe were featured in a Minecraft pop toy, demonstrating a playful side to the merchandise.

A peculiar Minecraft squishy was unboxed, emitting a fruity smell and adding a unique twist.

A 2022 Minecraft Pandora YN was unboxed, intriguing the viewer with its strangeness.

A Minecraft poster was shown, promising a treasure map that could fulfill childhood dreams.

Tried Carl Jacobs gummies, a Minecraft-related product, and shared a candid opinion on the taste.

A Minecraft dog toy was a favorite, demonstrating its appeal even to a dog named Rigby.

An old Minecraft iPhone 4 case from 2013 was unboxed, showing its vintage charm.

A light-up Redstone horror figure was acquired, one of the oldest pieces of Minecraft merch.

Minecraft magnets were found, with the oldest dating back to 2011, sparking a sense of nostalgia.

A Minecraft sword was presented, humorously referred to as 'totally real and legit'.

Minecraft cookie cutters were unboxed, with a chest tin being deemed cooler than the cutters themselves.

A Minecraft bath duck was described as the first thing that comes to mind, adding humor to the collection.

A Minecraft alarm clock in the shape of TNT was unboxed, with a night light feature and an explosion sound for the alarm.

Minecraft paint-your-own figurines were used to create customized models, showcasing creativity.

A Minecraft airplane pillow with an Ender mask was unboxed, raising questions about its comfort and design choice.

A Minecraft interactive watch was tested, including a camera, games, and a low battery warning.

A Minecraft fishing rod was tested and humorously claimed to have caught a wild axle model.