I filled a GIANT BARN with FARMS in Minecraft Create Mod! WORLD DOWNLOAD!

Mr Beardstone
14 Apr 202426:34

TLDRIn this Minecraft Create Mod adventure, the player embarks on a mission to transform a giant barn into a bustling farm hub. The video documents the process of setting up various animal farms, including wool, beef, pork, chicken, and mutton, as well as automated systems for milking cows and collecting eggs. The player also tackles a bee infestation, showcasing problem-solving skills, and concludes with a fully operational barn, complete with storage upgrades and a hint at future projects.


  • 🌾 The creator aimed to fill a giant barn with various farms in Minecraft using the Create Mod.
  • 🚜 A mega Wheat Field was previously planted and a tractor and Harvester combo was built for automated harvesting.
  • 🏡 The barn was initially empty and the episode focuses on transforming it into a productive space.
  • 🐑 The farms inside the barn include wool, beef, pork, chicken, and mutton, as well as systems for milk, ham, eggs, and wool production.
  • 🎮 The creator is using the Create Mod to enhance the gameplay experience with new mechanics and machines.
  • 🎉 The creator reached episode 50 and expressed gratitude for the support, promising a world download for patrons and YouTube members.
  • 🛠️ Future plans for the channel may involve a new world with alterations to the mod pack for season 2.
  • 🐏 A wool farm was the first to be built with an innovative system using deployers and a gantry for shearing sheep.
  • 🥛 A milking system for cows was designed, using a gantry with deployers to automatically collect milk.
  • 🐔 Chickens are managed through a system that collects eggs and processes them for feathers and meat.
  • 🐖 Pigs are also farmed with a special chamber that allows for the collection of both pork chops and ham.
  • 🔧 The creator faced a bee infestation issue due to the proximity of birch trees and flowers, which are spawning grounds for bees.

Q & A

  • What was the primary goal of the episode?

    -The primary goal of the episode was to fill the empty barn with various farms using the Create Mod in Minecraft.

  • How many wheat did the creator plant in the previous episode?

    -The creator planted over 15,000 wheat in the previous episode.

  • What types of farms were focused on in this episode?

    -The episode focused on creating farms for beef, pork, chicken, mutton, milk, ham, eggs, and wool.

  • What was the creator's plan for the wool farm?

    -The creator planned to use a gantry with a shears dispenser to shear sheep as they move along a track, without the need for individual pens.

  • How did the creator address the issue of bees spawning in large numbers?

    -The creator decided to turn off the diamond farm and remove all the flowers to prevent more bees from spawning.

  • What was the solution for collecting eggs and managing the chickens?

    -The creator used a machine with hoppers and a slab to collect eggs and suffocate the grown-up chickens to obtain feathers and meat.

  • What was the method used for harvesting meat from cows and pigs?

    -The creator built platforms with mechanisms that push newborns off, causing them to fall and be killed by a punching hand with a stick or knife once they grow up.

  • What happened to the creator's Create backpack?

    -The creator misplaced the Create backpack, which contained all of their Create items, and they had to plan on making a new one.

  • What was the creator's plan for dealing with the excess experience points?

    -The creator planned to store the experience points in tanks and figure out what to do with them later.

  • What was the creator's reaction to the amount of meat and other resources collected?

    -The creator was surprised by the amount of meat, leather, eggs, and other resources collected in just a few hours and acknowledged that they would need to address storage and usage later.



🌾 Farm Expansion and Wool Production

The creator begins by discussing their previous efforts in planting a large wheat field and building a tractor and harvester combo. They also mention the construction of a barn that currently stands empty. The main goal for the day is to fill the barn with farm animals, hinting at a challenging day ahead for the animals. The focus of the day is to expand the farm to include more animals such as beef, pork, chicken, and mutton, as well as to produce milk, ham, eggs, and wool. The creator also shares their gratitude for reaching episode 50 and the support from their audience. They announce a download available to patrons and YouTube members, and tease future plans for the channel, including a new world for season 2 with modifications to the pack.


🐑 Building a Wool Farm and Grass Management

The creator shares their plan for building a wool farm, which involves gathering materials and constructing a pen for the sheep. They opt for a more fun and automated approach rather than traditional individual pens with shearer dispensers. The plan involves using a gantry system to shear the sheep as they move along, with an unloading system for storing the wool temporarily. The creator also discusses the importance of providing enough grass for the sheep and uses a technique to ensure rapid grass growth. They proceed to bring in sheep and set up the automated shearing system, which works effectively after some adjustments.


🥛 Cow Milking Mechanism and Aesthetic Improvements

The creator moves on to setting up a cow milking station, which involves creating a designated area for milk storage and mechanics. They experiment with using a gantry system to milk the cows by attaching buckets, and after some trial and error, they manage to successfully collect milk. The creator also focuses on improving the aesthetics of the farm by making it look more like a barn, adding lighting, hay bales, and bushes. They populate the farm with the required number of sheep and cows, and activate the automated systems, resulting in a productive and visually appealing farm setup.


🐝 Bee Overpopulation and Pest Control

The creator encounters an unexpected issue of an overpopulation of bees, which they attribute to their diamond farm attracting too many. They enlist the help of the iron trout, a powerful ally, to combat the bee problem. After a successful mission, the creator reflects on the need for pavements in the industrial area and considers making changes to the infrastructure. They then proceed to address the issue of animal harvesting, devising a plan to use creates for efficient and non-graphic harvesting methods.


🐖 Automated Animal Harvesting and Storage Solutions

The creator presents a method for automated animal harvesting using creates, which involves platforms and mechanisms that push newborn animals off to be killed by a punching hand with a stick. The system is designed to avoid harming multiple layers of animals and includes a deployer for feeding and a backpack for item collection. The creator successfully implements this system for various animals like cows, pigs, sheep, and chickens, resulting in a steady supply of meat, leather, eggs, and feathers. They also mention the need to manage the excess experience points collected and plan to convert them into bottles of enchanting.


🏡 Barn Completion and Future Plans

The creator wraps up the episode by completing the barn, adding clutter and storage upstairs, and converting the collected experience into bottles of enchanting. They express frustration over losing their create backpack but acknowledge that it will have to be addressed in a future episode. The creator also mentions the download available for patrons and YouTube members and encourages viewers to subscribe for the continuation of the series.




Minecraft is a popular sandbox video game developed by Mojang Studios, where players can build and explore virtual worlds made up of blocks. In the context of the video, the player is using the game to create a highly automated farm within a large barn, showcasing the game's potential for creative and complex builds.

💡Giant Barn

A giant barn refers to a large structure built within the game to house multiple types of farms. In the video, the player has constructed an empty barn with the intention of filling it with various automated farms for different purposes, such as wheat fields and animal pens.


Farms in the context of this video refer to the in-game structures designed for the production of resources such as wheat, meat, milk, eggs, and wool. The player is focused on automating these farms to efficiently produce and collect these resources without manual labor.


Automation in this context refers to the process of creating systems within the game that perform tasks with minimal or no player intervention. The player uses redstone mechanisms and mods to automate the harvesting, shearing, and milking processes, as well as animal breeding and resource collection.

💡Create Mod

The Create Mod is a mod for Minecraft that adds new machines, mechanics, and tools to the game, allowing for more complex redstone contraptions and automation. It introduces new ways to interact with the game's mechanics, such as deployers, sequenced gear shifts, and gantries, which the player utilizes to build the automated farms.


Redstone is a key component in Minecraft used for creating complex electrical circuits and mechanisms. It is a type of block in the game that can transmit power and is commonly used in building redstone contraptions for automation, such as the ones described in the video.

💡Wheat Field

A wheat field in the game is a designated area where wheat crops are planted and grown. It is one of the essential farms the player is focusing on in the video, with the goal of producing wheat in large quantities for various purposes.

💡Animal Husbandry

Animal husbandry in the context of the video refers to the in-game breeding and care of animals for the purpose of resource production, such as wool, milk, meat, and eggs. The player is creating specialized areas within the barn to house and manage different types of animals for these products.

💡Storage Upgrades

Storage upgrades in the game refer to the process of expanding or improving storage capabilities to hold larger quantities of items. In the video, the player is concerned with efficiently storing the large amounts of resources produced by the automated farms.

💡Experience (XP)

Experience points (XP) in Minecraft are points players earn by performing various actions, such as defeating mobs, which contribute to their overall experience level. In the video, the player is collecting XP from the automated processes, although the purpose for this XP is not entirely clear.


The creator filled a giant barn with various farms in Minecraft using the Create mod.

Over 15,000 wheat was planted to create a mega Wheat Field.

A tractor and harvester combo was built to automate the wheat field's harvesting process.

The barn was initially empty but plans were made to fill it with farms for increased production.

The focus was on beef, pork, chicken, mutton, milk, ham, eggs, and wool production.

A wool farm was the first to be built inside the barn using an innovative method with Create's deployers and序列式齿轮装置.

The creator reached episode 50 in the series, expressing gratitude for the support from the community.

A world download was offered to patrons and YouTube members for exploring the Minecraft world.

Plans for the channel include building a final district in the current world and transitioning to a new world for season 2.

The creator is open to suggestions for mods to include in the next season's world.

A milking system for cows was designed using a gantry and deployers to automate the process.

The creator implemented a system to shear sheep automatically every 30 seconds.

A mechanism was devised to harvest meat from animals in a less than ideal but functional manner.

The barn was filled with various farming contraptions, making it a bustling center of production.

The creator accidentally spawned a massive number of bees due to the proximity of flowers to birch trees.

The iron trout was called in to help eliminate the bee infestation.

The creator struggled with managing the excess experience gained from the farming operations.

The barn was completed with a magical transition, showcasing the creator's progress and achievements.