Krea AI - The one who beats up Mid Journey and Stable Diffusion | Krea AI tutoral (EP01)

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13 Dec 202310:24

TLDRThe video introduces a revolutionary AI tool called Kaa, which enables users to generate and enhance images based on their drawings and text prompts. The tool offers various features such as adjusting AI strength, selecting styles, and upscaling image resolution. The platform also includes multiple AI tools and applications, showcasing its versatility and potential for future projects.


  • πŸš€ Introduction to a powerful AI tool called Kaa for image generation and enhancement.
  • πŸ“ Access Kaa by entering the correct address in the browser to use the platform.
  • 🎨 The interface features two artboards and a dashboard that displays a pink fog and objects.
  • 🌫️ Manipulating the artboard elements like the blue box affects the generated image, including the fog.
  • 🐟 Users can customize the generated images by changing prompts such as 'fish'.
  • ✍️ The 'Text to Image' feature allows users to generate images based on typed text descriptions.
  • πŸ—‘οΈ Users can clear preset objects by using the trash bin icon for a clean workspace.
  • πŸ€ An example is given of drawing a boy playing basketball, with adjustments to match a specific style like Michael Jordan.
  • 🎨 Users can adjust the 'AI Strength' to balance between the influence of their drawing and text prompts.
  • πŸ–ΌοΈ The platform offers various styles for image generation, such as 'Illustration' and 'Product'.
  • πŸ“ˆ The 'Quick Enhance' and 'Send to Enhance' features improve image quality and resolution.

Q & A

  • What is the name of the AI tool introduced in the video?

    -The AI tool introduced in the video is called Kaa.

  • How do you access the Kaa AI tool?

    -To access Kaa, you need to enter the correct address, which is 'Kaa Ai'.

  • What features can be seen on the Kaa dashboard?

    -On the Kaa dashboard, there are two artboards, a pink fog, and two objects visible on the left panel.

  • How does the AI tool respond to changes made on the dashboard?

    -The AI tool generates images according to the draft on the dashboard. Changes, such as moving objects or altering the fog, will immediately update the image.

  • What is the purpose of the 'Text to Image' action icon?

    -The 'Text to Image' action icon allows users to generate an image based on the text they type in.

  • How can users customize the AI-generated image?

    -Users can customize the AI-generated image by adjusting the balance between their drawing and the text prompts using the 'AI Strength' slider.

  • What are the different styles available for the generated images?

    -The different styles available include illustration, no style, and product, which is designed for generating images of objects like cars or computers.

  • How can users enhance the quality of their generated images?

    -Users can enhance the quality of their images by using the 'Quick Enhance' feature, which increases the resolution and pixel count of the image.

  • What other AI tools and features does Kaa offer besides real-time image generation?

    -Kaa offers multiple AI tools including upscaling, AI pins, logo illusions, and animated differences, as well as Studio Projects and AI training.

  • How does the 'Send to Enhance' feature work?

    -The 'Send to Enhance' feature allows users to upscale and enhance their images by increasing the resolution, which can be adjusted by the user.

  • What is the significance of the AI tool Kaa in terms of control over image generation?

    -Kaa is significant because it acts as an ice-breaker, offering more control over image generation compared to previous tools like stable diffusion or mid journey.



πŸš€ Introduction to Kaa AI Tool

The video begins with an introduction to a powerful AI tool named Kaa. The presenter explains that to use Kaa, one must navigate to the correct address. Upon accessing the tool, users are greeted with a dashboard featuring two artboards and a pink fog, with objects visible on the left panel. The AI generates images based on user drafts, and adjustments to the draft, such as moving a blue box, result in immediate changes to the generated image. The video also touches on the ability to control the image with prompts and the presence of action icons, including a text-to-image feature. The presenter demonstrates the process by attempting to draw a boy playing basketball, aiming for a Michael Jordan-like figure, and adjusting the AI strength to balance the drawing and text prompts. The paragraph concludes with a discussion on how to enhance the quality of the generated image using Kaa's features.


🎨 Customization and Enhancement of Generated Images

This paragraph delves into the customization options available within Kaa, such as changing colors and styles. The presenter explores different styles, including illustration and product design, and how they can influence the final image. The focus then shifts to the enhancement features of Kaa, which allow for improving the quality and resolution of images. The presenter demonstrates the quick enhance and send to enhance options, showing the before and after effects on image quality. Additionally, the video mentions the ability to change the AI address and scaling factor for further customization. The paragraph ends with a mention of Kaa's other tools and applications, including upscaling and multiple AI tools, with a teaser for future episodes discussing Studio Projects and AI training.


🌟 Kaa's Versatility and Future Episodes

The final paragraph highlights the versatility of Kaa as not just a drawing tool but also an image enhancer. The presenter mentions the ability to upload personal images for enhancement, such as childhood photos. The video concludes with a brief overview of Kaa's capabilities, including real-time generation and upscaling, and mentions other AI tools like AI pins, logo illusions, and animated differences. The presenter signs off, noting that while stable diffusion and mid-journey tools are available, Kaa stands out as a game-changer, and looks forward to the next episode where more features and tools will be introduced.



πŸ’‘AI tool

The term 'AI tool' refers to artificial intelligence software or applications designed to perform specific tasks, often by simulating human intelligence. In the context of the video, the AI tool is Kaa, which is described as a powerful and revolutionary platform capable of generating and enhancing images. The video showcases how Kaa can interpret user inputs, such as text and simple drawings, to create detailed images, demonstrating the practical application of AI in the field of graphic design and content creation.


Crea appears to be the name of the platform or interface being discussed in the video. It is an AI-driven tool that allows users to create images by entering a specific address and interacting with a dashboard that includes various features and functionalities. The video describes how Crea enables users to generate images based on textual descriptions and rough sketches, highlighting the ease of use and the creative potential of AI in visual arts.


Artboards are virtual spaces within a digital design or illustration program where users can create and organize their visual elements. In the video, artboards are mentioned as part of the interface that users interact with when using the AI tool. They serve as the canvas for the images being generated, allowing users to visualize and manipulate the elements within their designs. The concept of artboards is crucial for understanding the workflow and capabilities of the AI tool being discussed.


A draft in this context refers to a preliminary version or sketch of an image or design. The video describes how the AI tool can generate images based on a user's draft, which could be a simple sketch or a textual description. This draft serves as a starting point for the AI to create a more detailed and refined image, showcasing the tool's ability to understand and execute creative directions.

πŸ’‘Image generation

Image generation is the process of creating visual content using AI algorithms. In the video, this concept is central to the functionality of the AI tool Kaa, which can produce images based on textual prompts and user-provided sketches. The tool's ability to generate images is demonstrated through various examples, such as creating an image of a boy playing basketball or transforming a simple sketch into a detailed illustration. This process highlights the convergence of technology and creativity in the realm of digital art.

πŸ’‘Text to image

The 'text to image' feature refers to the capability of the AI tool to transform textual descriptions into visual representations. As explained in the video, users can type in any text, and the AI will generate an image that corresponds to the description. This functionality is a key aspect of the tool's versatility and power, allowing users to bring their textual ideas to life through visual content without the need for extensive graphic design skills.

πŸ’‘AI strength

AI strength, as mentioned in the video, refers to the degree to which the AI tool influences the final output based on user inputs. It is a adjustable setting that allows users to balance the importance of their drawings versus their textual prompts when generating images. By adjusting the AI strength, users can control the level of creativity and automation in the image generation process, ensuring that the final result aligns with their vision.


Enhancement, in the context of the video, refers to the process of improving the quality of an image generated by the AI tool. The video describes a feature called 'quick enhance' that can increase the resolution and detail of an image, transforming a low-quality image into a high-quality one. This enhancement process is significant as it not only improves the visual appeal of the images but also expands the potential uses of the AI-generated content.


Styles in the video refer to the different visual aesthetics or artistic approaches that can be applied to the AI-generated images. The tool Kaa offers various styles, such as 'illustration' and 'product,' which can change the overall look and feel of the generated images. The choice of style is important as it allows users to tailor the output to suit their specific needs or preferences, whether it's for a realistic illustration or a stylized product design.


Upscaling is the process of increasing the resolution of an image while maintaining or improving its quality. In the video, the AI tool Kaa offers an 'upscaling' feature that can enhance the pixel quality of the generated images, effectively 'double' the pixels and create a more detailed and crisp image. This is particularly useful for images that are intended to be used in high-resolution formats or printed large sizes, ensuring that the final product retains its clarity and detail.

πŸ’‘Multiple AI tools

The term 'multiple AI tools' refers to the suite of different artificial intelligence-driven applications offered by the Kaa platform. As mentioned in the video, these tools include real-time image generation, upscaling, and various apps like 'AI pins' and 'logo Illusions.' This diversity of tools within the platform demonstrates the versatility of AI in addressing different creative and design needs, providing users with a comprehensive set of resources for their projects.


Introduction to a powerful AI tool called Kaa.

Using Kaa requires entering the correct address, Kaa Ai.

The dashboard of Kaa features two artboards and a pink fog visualization.

The AI generates images based on the user's draft, with real-time adjustments.

Users can create and manipulate objects within the artboard, such as a fish.

The left panel contains action icons, including text-to-image functionality.

The landing screen encourages users to sign up for Kaa.

Users can clear preset objects and draw their own, like a boy playing basketball.

The AI can refine user drawings by adjusting the 'AI strength' slider.

Kaa offers five different styles for image generation, such as illustration and product design.

Images can be downloaded, but may initially be of low quality.

Kaa provides a 'quick enhance' feature to improve image quality.

Users can upload any image for enhancement, not just those generated on Kaa.

Kaa offers multiple AI tools, including real-time generation and upscaling.

The platform is versatile, with apps like AI pins, logo illusions, and animated differences.

Kaa represents a breakthrough in AI technology, offering more control to users.

The video promises future episodes with introductions to Studio Projects and AI training.