MET GALA 2024 FASHION ROAST PART 2 (finally people on THEME)

10 May 202462:15

TLDRIn this lively second installment of the Met Gala 2024 fashion roast, commentator Luk Mah dives into the outfits that initially missed the spotlight. He critiques a wide array of celebrity looks, emphasizing how well they align with the event's theme. From Alia Bhatt's traditional sari to Amanda Seyfried's sustainable Prada ensemble, Luk evaluates the creativity and thematic relevance of each attire. He humorously dissects the hits and misses, pondering whether the fashion choices truly encapsulate the theme or merely touch on superficial elements.


  • 😀 Luk Mah hosts a Met Gala 2024 fashion review focusing on celebrities who adhered to the theme, discussing their outfits in detail.
  • 👗 Aaliyah Bot, an Indian actress, wore a sari by designer Sabya Sachi, featuring intricate floral embroidery and crystal fringes, beautifully embodying traditional Indian craftsmanship.
  • 🌸 Amanda Seyfried's Prada gown utilized deadstock fabric, aligning with sustainability themes, and was adorned with crystal flowers, connecting to the event's theme.
  • 💃 Amelia Hamlin's dress by Undercover included a unique element of purple roses encased in a plastic skirt, symbolizing the preservation and encapsulation of nature.
  • 🔗 Ashley Graham wore a chainmail and leather dress by Ludovic De Saint Sernin, decorated with silver chainmail flowers, subtly nodding to the theme.
  • 🎨 Barry Keane's Burberry suit featured historical references and subtle deterioration elements, like frayed bows, reflecting the passage of time.
  • 🕰️ Brie Larson's Prada outfit, inspired by past collections, featured a gradient ombre, reflecting themes of time and transformation.
  • 🌺 Camila Cabello carried a block of ice with a copper rose inside by Jane Wade, symbolizing transient beauty as the ice melted during the event.
  • 👚 Charlie XCX and Marni aimed to show the beauty in decay with a well-loved t-shirt concept, detailed with bugle beads to highlight wear and tear.
  • 🧵 Kiki Palmer's Marc Jacobs dress showed signs of deliberate deterioration, aligning with the exhibit's theme of clothing's temporal transformation.

Q & A

  • Who is the host of the Met Gala 2024 Fashion Roast Part 2?

    -The host of the Met Gala 2024 Fashion Roast Part 2 is Luk Mah, and the show is presented on his channel, Hotl Mode.

  • What is the main theme discussed in the Met Gala 2024 Fashion Roast Part 2?

    -The main theme discussed in the Met Gala 2024 Fashion Roast Part 2 revolves around reviewing and critiquing the fashion looks from the Met Gala, specifically focusing on how well they adhered to the event's theme and showcased elements of craft and innovation in fashion.

  • Which actress was noted for wearing a design by Sabia Sachi at the Met Gala, and what was the design's thematic reference?

    -Aaliyah Bot, an Indian actress, wore a design by Sabia Sachi. The outfit was noted for its intricate floral embroideries and crystal fringes, which referenced 'The Garden of Time' theme, symbolizing the resistance against the mechanization and loss of traditional crafts.

  • How did Amanda Seyfried's outfit reflect the Met Gala's theme?

    -Amanda Seyfried's outfit was a custom Prada look that used deadstock fabric, aligning with themes of sustainability and time by reusing materials from a past Prada collection. Her dress, covered in pink and white crystal flowers, tied into the 'Garden of Time' theme subtly.

  • What unique feature did Amelia Hamlin's dress have, and how did it tie into the exhibit's theme?

    -Amelia Hamlin wore a dress by Undercover, which included a plastic skirt encasing purple roses. This design element of trapping flowers in plastic tied into the theme by representing the preservation and encapsulation of nature, which is a nod to the theme of time stopping.

  • Describe how Ashley Graham's outfit matched the Met Gala theme.

    -Ashley Graham wore a dress that featured elements like silver chain mail and leather, with subtle floral motifs made of chain mail. While the dress was stylish, it was considered only marginally thematic, focusing more on appearance than deeply engaging with the 'Garden of Time' theme.

  • What criticism was made about Barry Keane's attire at the Met Gala?

    -Barry Keane's attire, a brown velvet three-piece suit, was praised for its style but noted for its minimal thematic engagement. It was appreciated for its historical references to early 1800s men's fashion but lacked a direct connection to the Met Gala's 'Garden of Time' theme.

  • What was unique about the accessory Camila Cabo carried, and how did it relate to the theme?

    -Camila Cabo carried a block of ice with a copper rose inside, which gradually melted as she walked. This accessory uniquely symbolized the transient nature of time and the theme of decay and transformation, which aligned well with the 'Garden of Time' theme.

  • Explain the thematic significance of Charlie XCX's outfit at the Met Gala.

    -Charlie XCX's outfit was designed to resemble a well-worn t-shirt, complete with holes and tears, adorned with bugle beads to emphasize its worn nature. This concept reflected the passage of time and the sentimental value of clothing, fitting the Met Gala's theme of the enduring yet changing nature of fashion.

  • What was the overall reception of the fashion choices reviewed in the Met Gala 2024 Fashion Roast Part 2?

    -The overall reception of the fashion choices in the Met Gala 2024 Fashion Roast Part 2 was mixed. While many outfits were praised for their beauty and craftsmanship, several were critiqued for not sufficiently addressing or creatively interpreting the 'Garden of Time' theme.



🌟 Met Gala Fashion Roast and Review Part 2

The script starts with the host introducing a continuation of a Met Gala fashion review, addressing missed celebrity outfits from the previous part. The host candidly shares his own casual attire due to the hot weather, setting a laid-back tone. He acknowledges audience comments requesting reviews of specific celebrities like Nicki Minaj and mentions his appreciation for playful critiques from viewers. The first reviewed celebrity is Alia Bhatt, dressed in Sabia Sachi, noted for her elegant sari adorned with floral embroideries. The discussion critically examines whether her attire aligns with the event's theme, questioning the depth of cultural representation in her outfit.


🌼 In-Depth Analysis of Met Gala Attire

This section delves into a detailed analysis of several celebrities' outfits at the Met Gala. Amelia Hamlin's dress by Undercover is highlighted for its innovative design featuring purple roses encapsulated in plastic, symbolizing time capture. Ashley Graham's look is critiqued for its simplicity and lack of thematic depth despite its aesthetic appeal. The host discusses the theoretical and actual aspects of the outfits' adherence to the gala's theme, such as the blend of historical references with modern interpretations, and provides a mixed review on how effectively each celebrity's outfit conveys the intended 'Garden of Time' theme.


👗 Mixed Reactions to Celebrity Met Gala Outfits

Continuing the review, various outfits are analyzed for their thematic relevance and aesthetic value. The narrative contrasts highly themed outfits against those perceived as underwhelming in the context of the event's theme. Highlights include a critique of Coleman Domingo's attire, praised for its homage to past iconic figures and its subtle thematic ties through floral elements. The segment also expresses disappointment in some celebrities' lack of thematic depth, like Demi Moore's dress, which, while visually stunning, is seen as only loosely connected to the gala's theme.


🌟 Closing Thoughts on Met Gala Fashion

The script concludes with the host summarizing thoughts on the reviewed Met Gala outfits. The focus is on the last set of outfits, assessing their impact and thematic coherence. The review points out both hits and misses, noting instances where the outfits creatively interpret the theme and others where they fall short. The host's narrative emphasizes the importance of thematic adherence in such a high-profile fashion event, and suggests anticipation for further discussion in subsequent video parts, promising a focus on the men's fashion and outfits that completely disregarded the theme.



💡Met Gala

The Met Gala, officially called the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute benefit, is an annual fundraising gala for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute in New York City. It marks the opening of the Costume Institute's annual fashion exhibit. In the script, the Met Gala is the central event where various fashion looks are reviewed and critiqued, emphasizing the importance of theme adherence and innovative fashion.

💡Fashion roast

A 'fashion roast' refers to a humorous and critical review of the fashion choices made by individuals, typically celebrities, at a public event. In the context of the video, the host conducts a 'fashion roast' of the Met Gala attendees, evaluating how well their outfits match the event's theme and critiquing the aesthetics and creativity of their fashion choices.


In the context of the Met Gala, the 'theme' refers to the conceptual guideline set for the event, which is intended to inspire the fashion choices of the attendees. The theme is closely tied to the Costume Institute's exhibit and serves as a creative directive for the gala's dress code. The script discusses how various outfits align or diverge from the specified theme, impacting the host's reviews.


Embroidery involves decorating fabric or other materials using a needle to apply thread or yarn. In the video, embroidery is highlighted as a significant and traditional craft in Indian fashion, showcased in Aaliyah Bot's sari. The host discusses its relevance to the theme, emphasizing the craftsmanship and cultural significance of embroidered garments.

💡Crystal flowers

Crystal flowers are decorative elements that mimic the appearance of flowers using crystals. In the script, these are mentioned as part of the outfits reviewed, specifically in relation to the theme 'Garden of Time'. The host evaluates how these elements contribute to the thematic expression of the outfits.

💡Deadstock fabric

Deadstock fabric refers to unused textiles that are left over from production runs or previous seasons, which are then repurposed to create new items. This concept is mentioned in the context of Amanda Safreed's outfit, aligning with sustainability practices. The host discusses its relevance to the theme, interpreting it as a nod to the preservation and recycling of materials over time.


Sustainability in fashion refers to practices aimed at reducing the environmental impact of clothing production, including the use of recycled materials and minimizing waste. The script touches on this topic when discussing the use of deadstock fabric in certain Met Gala outfits, evaluating how these practices reflect on the broader theme of time and conservation.


Automation refers to the use of technology to perform tasks with minimal human intervention. In the video, automation is discussed in the context of Sabi Sachi's outfit for Aaliyah Bot, symbolizing the encroachment of industrialization on traditional crafts like embroidery, which the host uses to tie back to the theme of preserving cultural heritage in the face of modernization.

💡Costume Institute

The Costume Institute is a curatorial department of the Metropolitan Museum of Art that houses a collection of more than 35,000 costumes and accessories. The Met Gala benefits this institute, and the annual theme of the Gala correlates with the Institute's exhibit. The script explains that the gala outfits are intended to be in dialogue with the themes of these exhibits, enhancing the viewer's understanding of the event's cultural and artistic significance.

💡Historical reference

Historical reference in fashion involves drawing inspiration from past styles, techniques, or motifs to create contemporary designs. Throughout the script, various outfits are evaluated for their historical references, assessing how they incorporate elements from different eras to align with the Met Gala's theme, thereby bridging past and present fashion narratives.


Aaliyah bot's look from designer Sabia Sachi features a sari with floral embroideries and crystal fringes, embodying the 'Garden of Time' theme.

Amanda Seyfried's Prada dress uses deadstock fabric, aligning with the theme of reawakening and sustainability.

Amelia Hamlin's yellow cocktail dress with purple roses encased in plastic from Undercover is a standout moment, capturing the essence of time and preservation.

Ashley Graham's Ludovic Des garment showcases silver chain mail and leather, a stunning look but with a less clear connection to the theme.

Io ad Dee's dress with white bleach flowers and a goo lace top offers a subtle take on the 'Garden of Time' narrative.

Barry Kean's three-piece brown velvet suit from Berbery is a strong men's fashion moment, referencing early 1800s gentlemanly attire.

R Larson's Prada look, with its gradient ombre and square silhouette, is a daring choice that invites mixed reactions.

Camila Cabello's chain mail dress with a tattered effect and an ice block carrying a copper rose adds a unique twist to the theme of time and change.

Charlie XCX's t-shirt with holes and silver bugle beads captures the theme of clothing degradation over time.

Coleman Domingo's double-breasted soup jacket with a cape by Willie Chavarria pays homage to past legends, including Chadwick Boseman.

Demi Moore's Harris Reed dress made from wallpaper and featuring exaggerated hip wings is a bold choice, though its thematic relevance is questioned.

Dove Cameron's Diesel gown with tatters and tears of floral fabric plays into the theme of clothing degradation and the passage of time.

Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union's Michael Kors looks bring a water element into the 'Garden of Time', with Gabrielle's ombre scale dress particularly stunning.

Elle Fanning's Balman gown, inspired by Sleeping Beauty, features birds and a fragile glass theme, though its direct link to the exhibit is unclear.

Emily Ratajkowski's vintage Versace sheer dress with embroidery is appreciated for its fragility, but its thematic connection is seen as a 'bottom barrel scrape'.

Eva Chen's Robert Wun 'snow rose' dress is a showstopper, with its fully embroidered and embellished design, although its thematic representation of time is debated.

Greta Lee's white lace dress with florals is appreciated for its silhouette but lacks a strong thematic element.

Gwendoline Christie's Marella gown with a horsehair cape is beautiful but its connection to the 'Garden of Time' theme is not evident.