GPT-5 Date LEAKED! OpenAI Voice PREVIEW. AI Ceo LEAVES! Sora, Meta , Robotics Breakthrough and more

23 Mar 202424:28

TLDRThe video script discusses recent developments in AI, including OpenAI's advancements in voice engines and GPT-5, the potential impact of AI on Hollywood, and the rapid growth of AI compute power. It also touches on concerns about the pace of AI development, the future of robotics, and the introduction of AI in healthcare. The script highlights the transformative potential of AI while also addressing the need for caution and consideration of broader societal impacts.


  • 🚀 OpenAI is methodically achieving goals from Sam Altman's tweet, including higher rate limits, video capabilities, and enhanced browsing and GPT versions.
  • 🗣️ The anticipation for OpenAI's improved voice engine is high, expected to launch in early Q2 2024, potentially revolutionizing voice interactions.
  • 🎬 OpenAI's outreach to Hollywood suggests a future where AI-generated video content could become mainstream, though accessibility and cost concerns remain for general consumers.
  • 🧠 GPT-5 is in preview, showing promising improvements and hinting at a mid-year release, possibly bringing significant advancements in AI capabilities.
  • 💻 Stability AI's challenges and the resignation of its CEO point to a trend towards decentralized AI, raising questions about the future of the AI market landscape.
  • 📷 Meta's Scene Script, a novel 3D scene reconstruction tool, underlines Meta's underrated position in AI development, with potential widespread applications.
  • 🕵️‍♂️ Concerns about AGI's societal impact are echoed by tech leaders, suggesting a possible need to pause AI development to assess safety and ethical implications.
  • 📚 Nvidia's AI-powered healthcare agent outperforms nurses in certain tasks, highlighting AI's potential to revolutionize healthcare efficiency and accessibility.
  • 🛠 The Unitary H1 robot's agility and capabilities showcase rapid advancements in robotics, hinting at a future where robots could perform complex physical tasks.
  • 📡 The exponential increase in AI compute power underscores the fast-paced development in the field, promising more sophisticated and capable AI systems in the near future.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video transcript?

    -The main topic of the video transcript is the recent developments and announcements in the field of artificial intelligence, focusing on OpenAI's projects and plans, as well as other significant AI news and advancements.

  • What did Sam Altman's tweet from the previous year predict about OpenAI's 2024 projects?

    -Sam Altman's tweet predicted several advancements for OpenAI in 2024, including higher rate limits, video capabilities, better browsing, improved GPT models, and a better voice mode. Many of these predictions have come true or are on track to being realized.

  • What is the significance of OpenAI's voice engine project?

    -The voice engine project is significant because it aims to provide a more advanced and realistic voice mode for AI interactions. This technology is expected to be integrated into various products and services, including Volkswagen's vehicles starting in the second quarter of 2024.

  • What are some of the concerns surrounding the introduction of AI in the Hollywood film industry?

    -Concerns include the potential high costs of using AI for video generation, the impact on creative jobs such as writers and filmmakers, and the need for balancing AI integration with maintaining the human element in storytelling.

  • What is the current status of GPT-5 according to the transcript?

    -GPT-5 is in a preview version and is expected to be released sometime in the middle of the year, likely during the summer. It is anticipated to be materially better than its predecessors, with enhanced capabilities in reasoning and other areas.

  • What happened to Stability AI's CEO, Imad Mustak?

    -Imad Mustak resigned from his role as CEO and from his position on the board of directors at Stability AI. He is pursuing decentralized AI initiatives.

  • What is Meta's novel approach for 3D scene reconstruction?

    -Meta introduced Scene Script, a method for reconstructing environments and representing the layout of physical spaces. It was trained in simulation and aims to enhance augmented reality applications by understanding the 3D structure of the user's environment.

  • What is the current sentiment regarding the pace of AI development?

    -There is a growing sentiment among industry leaders that the rapid pace of AI development may warrant a pause to fully understand and address the societal implications and potential risks associated with artificial general intelligence (AGI).

  • How does the transcript address the concern of AI replacing human jobs in healthcare?

    -The transcript discusses an AI-powered healthcare agent developed by Hippocratic AI and Nvidia that can handle patient calls more efficiently than human nurses, potentially reducing stress on healthcare systems. However, it suggests that this technology is intended to assist healthcare workers rather than replace them.

  • What is the significance of the Unitary H1 robot's capabilities?

    -The Unitary H1 robot's ability to perform agile movements like backflips without a hydraulic system demonstrates the rapid advancements in robotics and the potential for more flexible and capable robots in the future.

  • How does the AI compute power graph reflect the future of AI development?

    -The AI compute power graph shows a significant increase in compute capabilities, indicating that AI systems will continue to advance rapidly, with shorter training times and potentially greater capabilities in the near future.



🚀 AI Developments and Predictions for 2024

The paragraph discusses the advancements in artificial intelligence, particularly focusing on OpenAI's progress in 2024. It mentions a tweet by Sam Altman that outlined desired features for OpenAI, many of which have been achieved or are on the horizon. The discussion includes improvements in rate limits, video capabilities, browsing enhancements, and the anticipated release of a better voice mode. The voice engine is expected to be a significant development, with Volkswagen planning to integrate OpenAI chat GPT into its vehicles starting in the second quarter of 2024. The paragraph also touches on the speculation around AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) and the potential transformational impact of these AI developments.


🎬 OpenAI's Foray into Hollywood and GPT-5 Updates

This paragraph delves into OpenAI's venture into the entertainment industry, specifically Hollywood, with its AI video generation tool, Sora. The startup is seeking partnerships with film studios and talent agencies to incorporate the AI video generator into their work. The discussion highlights the computational intensity and potential cost barriers of such technology, suggesting that it may initially serve a B2B market rather than individual consumers. The paragraph also mentions the potential release of GPT-5, with expectations of its preview version around mid-year, offering significant improvements over previous models.


🤖 Advancements in Robotics and AI Agents

The focus of this paragraph is on the rapid advancements in robotics and AI agents. It discusses the development of a full-size motor-driven humanoid robot capable of impressive agility and acrobatics, such as backflips, without hydraulic systems. The paragraph also covers the progress in AI compute power, suggesting an accelerationist future for robots and AI systems. Additionally, it touches on the potential societal impacts of AGI and the need for careful consideration and potential pauses in AI development over the next 5 years, as suggested by leaders in the tech industry.


🌐 Global AI Trends and Healthcare Innovations

This paragraph covers a range of topics, including the global trends in AI development, the potential for AI to transform various industries, and specific innovations in healthcare. It discusses Nvidia's collaboration with Hippocratic AI to develop an AI-powered healthcare agent that can handle patient calls, offering a cost-effective and efficient solution to healthcare systems. The paragraph also highlights the importance of addressing potential job displacement caused by AI in healthcare and the need for a balanced approach to integrating AI into the sector.



💡Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence refers to the development of computer systems that can perform tasks typically requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and language translation. In the context of the video, AI is the central theme, with discussions on advancements, potential impacts on society, and the ethical considerations surrounding its rapid growth.


OpenAI is an artificial intelligence research organization committed to ensuring that artificial general intelligence (AGI) benefits all of humanity. In the video, OpenAI's projects, such as the voice engine and its potential integration into Volkswagen vehicles, as well as its venture into the movie business with the AI video generator, are highlighted as significant advancements in the AI field.


GPT-5 refers to the fifth generation of the Generative Pre-trained Transformer, an AI language model developed by OpenAI known for its advanced natural language processing capabilities. The video discusses the anticipation surrounding GPT-5's release, expected to bring about significant improvements in AI's reasoning and mathematical abilities.


Hollywood is the center of the American film industry, and in the context of the video, it represents the potential integration of AI into the entertainment sector. The discussion around OpenAI's meetings with Hollywood studios suggests a shift in how AI could revolutionize content creation and film production.

💡AI Ethics

AI Ethics refers to the moral principles and values that guide the development and use of artificial intelligence systems. The video touches on the ethical considerations of AI advancements, including the societal impact and safety concerns associated with the rapid development of AI technologies.

💡Healthcare AI

Healthcare AI involves the application of artificial intelligence in the healthcare sector to improve patient care, streamline operations, and enhance medical research. The video discusses an AI-powered healthcare agent developed by Nvidia and Hippocratic AI that can handle patient calls, indicating the growing role of AI in healthcare services.

💡AI Compute

AI Compute refers to the computational power required to train and run AI models. As AI models become more complex, the demand for computational resources increases. The video highlights the rapid growth in AI compute, indicating the pace at which AI technologies are advancing and the potential for even more powerful AI systems in the future.


Robotics is the branch of technology that deals with the design, construction, operation, and use of robots. In the video, robotics is discussed in the context of advancements in humanoid robots, such as the unitary H1 robot's ability to perform complex movements like backflips, showcasing the potential for robots to become more agile and capable in various applications.

💡Decentralized AI

Decentralized AI refers to the distribution of AI resources and capabilities across multiple systems or networks, rather than being controlled by a single centralized authority. The video discusses the trend towards decentralized AI, with the CEO of Stability AI resigning to pursue this approach, suggesting a shift in the AI industry towards more distributed models of development and deployment.

💡AI Safety

AI Safety involves the development of precautions and guidelines to prevent AI systems from causing harm to humans, either directly or indirectly. The video emphasizes the importance of AI safety, particularly in the context of AGI, and the need for serious consideration of potential risks and ethical implications associated with AI advancements.


Sam Altman's tweet from last year about OpenAI's 2024 predictions is gaining attention as many of the anticipated features seem to be manifesting.

OpenAI has increased rate limits, integrated video, improved browsing, and developed better GPTs, indicating a progressive achievement of the goals set out in Sam Altman's tweet.

An upcoming transformational release from OpenAI is anticipated to be a better voice mode, potentially launching soon based on recent trademarking and development updates.

Volkswagen's announcement to install OpenAI chat GPT into its vehicles starting Q2 2024 signifies a significant integration of AI into the automotive industry.

OpenAI's exploration into the entertainment industry with its AI video generation tool, Sora, indicates a potential shift towards B2B models due to the high computational costs.

Hollywood's engagement with OpenAI's technology suggests a future where AI may play a pivotal role in content creation, while also raising concerns about the impact on traditional roles.

GPT-5 is in a preview version and is expected to release mid-year, with significant enhancements over its predecessors, as per recent demos and insider information.

Stability AI's CEO, Imad Mostaque, has resigned, indicating potential challenges in the AI industry and the rise of decentralized AI.

Meta introduces Scene Script, a novel approach for 3D scene reconstruction, showcasing their commitment to advancing AI in the field of augmented reality.

Ilia Sutskever, a key figure in AI safety and alignment, remains elusive, with his last known work focusing on aligning superhuman AI systems.

Neuralink's progress is showcased by an individual playing Mario Kart using brain signals, highlighting the rapid advancements in brain-computer interfaces.

Unitary H1 robot demonstrates agility and flexibility by performing backflips without a hydraulic system, indicating a future where robots are more capable and versatile.

AI compute power has been increasing rapidly, suggesting that future systems will be trained faster and more efficiently, potentially accelerating the development of AGI.

Nvidia and Hippocratic AI develop an AI-powered healthcare agent that outperforms human nurses in certain tasks, costing only £9 an hour to operate.

Microsoft CEO suggests a potential global pause on AI development within the next 5 years to fully understand and manage the implications of AI advancements.