Making Big Thirsty Fursuits With Ai

Corey Coyote
17 May 202311:10

TLDRIn this entertaining video, the host explores the creative possibilities of AI-generated anthropomorphic fursuit images. They test various prompts, ranging from a muscular tiger to a dragon fursuit, and discuss the reactions from their chat community. The video showcases the AI's ability to produce diverse and detailed images, while also highlighting the challenges of content moderation and the boundaries of what can be depicted.


  • 🎉 The video discusses the creation of anthropomorphic fursuit designs using AI.
  • 🚀 The creator is excited to be unbanned and has 74 redeems left.
  • 🎨 The script references a past internet phenomenon where someone would paint requested images using MS Paint.
  • 🤖 The AI is tested with a complex and humorous prompt involving Brian Blessed, a vacuum cleaner, and angry bears.
  • 🖼️ The results from the AI are appreciated for their creativity and uniqueness.
  • 🦊 A husky fursuit with angel wings is mentioned as an example of a creative output.
  • 🐯 The conversation includes various fursuit designs, such as a muscular tiger and a dragon fursuit.
  • 🌾 There is a focus on finding ways to work around content restrictions while creating appealing fursuit images.
  • 💪 The topic of muscular designs and the use of props like leather harnesses are discussed.
  • 🐺 The script ends with the creation of a muscular snow leopard fursuit in a wheat field.
  • 🎥 The video also promotes a code for a discount on a related product and encourages subscribing to a Patreon.

Q & A

  • What was the user's initial reaction to being unbanned from AI?

    -The user was excited and expressed joy by saying 'yay, unbanned'.

  • What was the first anthropomorphic character described in the script?

    -The first anthropomorphic character described was a rodent dancing in front of a pink background.

  • What was the user's idea inspired by 'Jim will paint it'?

    -The user's idea was to see what the AI would create if given a bizarre and funny request similar to those sent to 'Jim will paint it'.

  • How did the user describe the result of the AI's creation based on the 'Brian blessed riding a Henry Hoover' prompt?

    -The user described it as beautiful and something else, appreciating the AI's output.

  • What was the user's opinion on the creativity displayed on the telegram channel?

    -The user was impressed and found the results insane and creative.

  • Which fursuit image did the user describe as 'very cute'?

    -The user described a husky fursuit with angel wings drinking a glass of milk in front of a brick wall as 'very cute'.

  • What was the user's reaction to the muscular tiger fursuit with a nose piercing?

    -The user was surprised and intrigued, as they initially thought it had a nose piercing but it turned out to be something else.

  • What was the user's strategy to avoid getting flagged while creating content?

    -The user tried to modify the prompts by changing species, settings, and actions to keep the content safe and avoid getting flagged.

  • Which fursuit prompt led to a discussion about the user's personal preferences?

    -The muscular alligator fursuit wearing a harness in a swamp prompt led to a discussion about the user's personal preferences for non-orthodox crushes.

  • What was the final prompt that the user decided to use for the Phoenix fursuit?

    -The final prompt was 'photorealistic more muscular, anthrop Phoenix first suit rising from the Ash's, with a dramatic pause, vicious smile, wings fully open, and muscles flexing'.

  • How did the user engage with the chat during the video?

    -The user actively engaged with the chat by sharing their thoughts, asking for opinions, and responding to chat comments throughout the video.



🎮 Gamer's Response and AI Art Adventures

The paragraph begins with a discussion about a gamer's response to a situation and the excitement of being unbanned from AI's restrictions. The speaker then delves into a creative exercise where they recall a past internet phenomenon, 'Jim will paint it,' and decide to test the AI with one of their favorite requests. The request involves a bizarre scene of Brian blessed riding a Henry Hoover with angry German bearsman on a Dyson, racing on a Mario Kart level while intoxicated. The speaker expresses their surprise and delight at the AI's ability to generate such a scene in MS Paint style. They also mention the success of their Telegram channel and the creative results it has produced.


🎨 Muscular Fursuits and Creative Prompts

In this paragraph, the speaker continues their exploration of AI-generated art, focusing on muscular fursuits in various scenarios. They discuss the impact of a previous video featuring a muscular tiger fursuit and how it resonated with the audience. The speaker then introduces new prompts, such as a muscular snow leopard in a wheat field, and reflects on the AI's responses to different settings and species. They also mention the challenges of navigating content restrictions while still trying to push creative boundaries.


🌟 Creative Showcase and Channel Promotion

The final paragraph wraps up the session with a celebration of the creative potential of AI-generated art. The speaker expresses their admiration for the variety and quality of the images produced, including a moose fursuit and a red dragon. They also discuss the appeal of certain characters and the personal preferences that influence their selections. The paragraph concludes with a call to action for viewers to support the channel through likes, subscriptions, and a promotional code for a discount on Gamer subs.



💡Thirsty Fursuits

The term 'Thirsty Fursuits' refers to the concept of anthropomorphic animal costumes, often designed with exaggerated features to evoke a sense of allure or desire. In the context of the video, it is used to describe the type of content being generated and discussed, which involves creating images of large, muscular animal characters in various situations. This is evident when the speaker mentions creating a 'muscular tiger fursuit' and other similar concepts, aiming to capture the attention of the audience with their unique and provocative designs.


AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think and learn like humans. In the video, AI is used to generate images of the described 'Thirsty Fursuits'. The speaker interacts with the AI to produce various anthropomorphic characters, showcasing its capabilities in creating detailed and imaginative content. The AI's role is central to the video's theme, as it facilitates the creation of the discussed images, as seen when the speaker says, 'let's see if we are unbanned from the wild grabs of the AI'.


In this context, 'Redemption' refers to the act of using points or rewards to obtain something, such as content or services. The speaker mentions having '74 redeems', indicating a form of currency or points that can be used to unlock or access certain features or content. This concept is relevant to the video's theme as it suggests a system of reward or incentive that the speaker is engaged with, potentially related to the AI's services or the platform where the content is being generated and shared.


Anthropomorphic characters are those that are given human-like characteristics, such as the ability to speak, walk on two legs, or display human emotions. In the video, the term is used to describe the animal characters being created, like the 'muscular tiger fursuit'. These characters are designed with both animal and human traits, which is central to the video's theme of creating engaging and provocative content. The use of anthropomorphic characters adds a layer of complexity and appeal to the generated images, as seen in the description of the 'angry German bearsman on a Dyson'.


A 'Fursuit' is a costume designed to resemble an anthropomorphic animal character, often worn by performers or enthusiasts in various communities, such as the furries fandom. In the video, the creation and discussion of 'Thirsty Fursuits' is a primary focus. The term 'Fursuit' is used to describe the costumes that are being designed with the help of AI, as seen when the speaker talks about creating a 'muscular snow leopard fursuit'. These suits are integral to the video's narrative, as they represent the main subject of the content being generated and discussed.

💡Art Commission

An 'Art Commission' refers to the process of hiring an artist to create a custom piece of artwork. In the video, the speaker references a past event called 'Jim will paint it', where an artist took requests and created paintings using simple software like MS Paint. This concept is related to the video's theme as it involves the creation of custom content based on specific requests, similar to how the AI is being used to generate the 'Thirsty Fursuits' based on the speaker's descriptions.

💡Telegram Channel

A 'Telegram Channel' is a feature within the Telegram messaging app that allows users to broadcast messages to an unlimited number of subscribers. In the context of the video, the speaker mentions their Telegram channel, which seems to be a platform where they share content and interact with their audience. The channel's mention indicates its relevance to the video's theme, as it is a place where the speaker's generated 'Thirsty Fursuits' content might be shared and discussed with the community.


Creativity in this context refers to the use of imagination or original ideas to create something new and unique. The video emphasizes the creative process involved in generating the 'Thirsty Fursuits' with AI, as the speaker provides various prompts and descriptions to produce distinctive images. The concept of creativity is central to the video's theme, as it showcases the innovative ways in which AI can be used to create content that resonates with the audience, as seen in the speaker's excitement over the generated 'muscular wolf fursuit' and other characters.


The term 'Community' here refers to a group of individuals who share common interests or participate in the same activities. In the video, the speaker interacts with their audience, referred to as 'chat', indicating a sense of community around the content being generated and discussed. The community's presence is integral to the video's theme, as their reactions and interactions provide feedback and engagement that influences the creation process, as evidenced by the speaker's responses to chat comments and suggestions.

💡Content Moderation

Content Moderation involves the监督管理 of digital content to prevent the spread of inappropriate or offensive material. In the video, the speaker discusses the challenges of generating content within certain boundaries, as some terms or descriptions are flagged or blocked by the AI. This concept is relevant to the video's theme as it highlights the balance between creating provocative content and adhering to platform guidelines, as seen when the speaker mentions being 'banned' or 'flagged' for certain descriptions.


Patreon is a platform that allows creators to receive financial support from their fans or followers, typically in exchange for exclusive content or perks. In the video, the speaker encourages viewers to subscribe to them on Patreon for further support. This concept is related to the video's theme as it represents a method for the speaker to continue creating content and engaging with their community, while also receiving resources to maintain their creative endeavors.


The excitement of being unbanned and retaining redeems.

Starting off with a safe anthropomorphic rodent dancing in front of a pink background.

The popularity of the muscular tiger fursuit and its impact on the audience.

The creative idea of using AI to generate images based on weird requests, like the one involving Brian Blessed and a Henry Hoover.

The surprising results from the AI, showcasing a variety of unique and interesting anthropomorphic characters.

The exploration of the boundaries of what is allowed in the generated images, such as the challenges with the muscular tiger fursuit.

The humorous and engaging interaction with the chat, discussing likes and dislikes about various fursuit features.

The successful generation of a leather harness on a character, despite previous restrictions.

The playful banter about potentially getting banned again for pushing the limits with the content.

The creative process of changing species and settings to find the perfect combination, like a muscular wolf fursuit on a porch.

The excitement of finding a winning prompt with a muscular snow leopard fursuit in a wheat field.

The humorous and candid discussion about personal preferences for certain types of fursuits, like alligators and dinosaurs.

The successful generation of a variety of muscular fursuits in different settings, like an alligator in a swamp.

The exploration of more fantastical creatures, like a muscular phoenix rising from the ashes.

The final decision-making process for the best prompt of the night, highlighting the creativity and engagement of the chat.

The conclusion of the session with a call to action for likes, subscriptions, and the promotion of a discount code.