Ai Can Make Fursuits Now

Corey Coyote
24 Apr 202314:01

TLDRThe video discusses the recent trend of AI-generated art, specifically focusing on the creation of AI fairy art using a group chat on Telegram. The participants input random prompts into an AI art website, resulting in a variety of bizarre and sometimes inappropriate images. The video showcases some of the more interesting and humorous results, highlighting the unpredictable nature of AI and its potential for creativity and pushing boundaries.


  • 🎨 AI-generated art has become increasingly sophisticated and creative.
  • 🌟 The group chat on Telegram allows members to input random prompts for AI art.
  • 🤔 Some AI-generated images are pushing the boundaries and showing unexpected content.
  • 😲 The AI's ability to create detailed and complex images is astonishing.
  • 🐶 A doggo club membership was mentioned, indicating a community interest in AI-generated fursuit art.
  • 🎭 The video showcases a variety of AI-generated images, including anthropomorphic animals and fantastical scenes.
  • 😂 The humor and surprise in the reactions to the AI art demonstrate its impact on viewers.
  • 🚫 There are concerns about the AI being pushed to create content that it shouldn't.
  • 🌈 The AI's versatility is highlighted by its ability to create a wide range of themes and styles.
  • 💡 The video encourages viewers to engage with AI art and share their creative ideas.
  • 🎥 The content creator's experience with the AI art generator is shared as both entertaining and insightful.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic discussed in the video transcript?

    -The main topic discussed in the video transcript is the creation of AI-generated art, specifically fairy art and fursuit designs, using AI art websites and the results of such prompts entered by the participants in a group chat.

  • What kind of reactions do the participants have to the AI-generated art?

    -The participants have mixed reactions to the AI-generated art, ranging from amusement and fascination to concern and disbelief at the quality and content of the images produced.

  • How does the group chat on Telegram function in relation to AI art?

    -The group chat on Telegram is used as a platform for the participants to share random prompts with each other, which they then input into an AI art website to generate and post the resulting images.

  • What are some of the unusual or unexpected AI-generated images mentioned in the transcript?

    -Some of the unusual AI-generated images mentioned include a muscular tiger in a Saturn grass fursuit, an anthropomorphic moose transforming into a bodybuilder, and a World War II pilot Fox fursuit sitting in the wing of a fighter aircraft.

  • What is the significance of the term 'cursed AI art' in the context of the video?

    -The term 'cursed AI art' refers to AI-generated images that are bizarre, unsettling, or of questionable taste, often eliciting strong reactions from viewers due to their strangeness or inappropriateness.

  • How do the participants feel about the potential of AI in art creation?

    -The participants are both impressed and somewhat wary of the potential of AI in art creation, recognizing its ability to produce high-quality and complex images, but also expressing concern over the generation of inappropriate content.

  • What is the role of the AI art website mentioned in the transcript?

    -The AI art website serves as a tool for users to input prompts and generate corresponding images based on those prompts. It is used by the participants in the group chat to create and share their AI-generated art.

  • Why do some of the AI-generated images trick the AI into showing content it shouldn't?

    -Some users intentionally input prompts that push the boundaries of the AI's programming, exploiting its limitations or ambiguities in understanding to generate images that may be considered inappropriate or controversial.

  • What is the general attitude of the participants towards the AI-generated fursuit designs?

    -The participants exhibit a range of attitudes towards the AI-generated fursuit designs, from fascination and appreciation for the creativity and quality of the designs to concern and discomfort with some of the more unusual or 'cursed' images.

  • How does the video transcript end in terms of future engagement with AI art?

    -The video transcript ends with an encouragement for the participants to continue engaging with AI art by coming up with creative and potentially 'crazy' ideas for prompts to use with the AI software in the future.



🎨 AI Fairy Art Creation with Chat

The speaker introduces the concept of AI-generated art, specifically focusing on the creation of AI fairy art. They mention a group chat on Telegram where members input random prompts into an AI art website, resulting in some astonishing and unexpected images. The speaker expresses concern about the direction of some of the generated content, as it seems to push boundaries. They invite chat participants to suggest ideas for the AI to create, leading to a series of bizarre and humorous prompts, such as a fursuit-clad Husky tail eating a kebab pizza in a forest with a car and a coyote with big eyes. The AI's ability to generate these images quickly and vividly is highlighted, as well as the community's enjoyment in exploring the limits of AI-generated content.


🍗 Bizarre Prompts and AI's Creative Responses

The speaker continues the discussion on AI-generated art, focusing on the community's attempts to push the boundaries with their prompts. They share several examples of AI-generated images that are both creative and strange, such as a muscular tiger in a fursuit on Saturn, a Doberman wearing a crop top, and a World War II pilot in a fursuit. The speaker also humorously notes their concern for the AI's portrayal of characters like Shrek and muscular moose. The paragraph emphasizes the fun and experimental nature of the chat community's interaction with the AI, as they explore various prompts and the resulting images, showcasing the AI's versatility and the community's creativity.


🏆 AI Art Competition and Chat's Creative Ideas

In this paragraph, the speaker wraps up the discussion on AI art by highlighting the community's ongoing engagement with the AI art generator. They mention the creation of a muscular tiger fursuit and the humorous addition of minions being arrested by Judy Hopps. The speaker expresses admiration for the quality of the AI-generated images, noting that some are so good they could replace existing characters. They also mention the community's excitement and engagement with the prompts, leading to the creation of even more unique and entertaining AI art. The speaker concludes by encouraging the chat community to continue their creative contributions for future AI art sessions, emphasizing the collaborative and fun nature of the exercise.



💡AI Art

AI Art refers to the creation of artistic works using artificial intelligence. In the context of the video, AI art is being used to generate images based on textual prompts provided by users in a chat group. The AI art website mentioned in the script takes these prompts and produces unique, sometimes bizarre, pieces of digital art that reflect the input given by the users.

💡Telegram Group Chat

A Telegram Group Chat is a feature within the Telegram messaging app where multiple users can communicate and share content simultaneously. In the video, a group chat is used as a platform for users to collaborate and input random prompts into an AI art website, showcasing the collective creativity and the surprising results generated by the AI.


A fursuit is a costume designed to look like an anthropomorphic animal, often worn in role-playing or performance contexts. The video script mentions fursuit in relation to the AI-generated art, where the AI is prompted to create images of anthropomorphic animals or characters wearing fursuits, which is a theme that has captured the interest of the chat group participants.


Anthropomorphic refers to the attribution of human traits, emotions, or behaviors to non-human entities, such as animals or objects. In the video, anthropomorphic characters are a key element in the AI-generated art, with the AI being prompted to create images of animals with human-like features or behaviors, which results in surreal and imaginative pieces of digital art.


Prompts are stimuli or cues given to an AI system to elicit a specific response or output. In the context of the video, prompts are the textual descriptions provided by the chat group users to the AI art website. These prompts are designed to challenge and explore the capabilities of the AI, leading to a variety of creative and sometimes unexpected results.

💡Cursed AI Art

Cursed AI Art refers to AI-generated images or creations that are unsettling, bizarre, or disturbing in nature. In the video, this term is used to describe some of the AI-generated art that has resulted from the chat group's prompts, which often push the boundaries of what the AI can produce, leading to strange and sometimes eerie outcomes.


A moose is a large member of the deer family found primarily in the northern regions of North America, Europe, and Asia. In the video, the moose is used as a subject for AI art generation, with the AI being prompted to create images of anthropomorphic moose or moose-related scenarios, showcasing the versatility and creativity involved in the AI art process.


Shrek is a popular character from a series of animated films produced by DreamWorks Animation. In the video, Shrek is used as a reference point for creating AI art, with the chat group participants suggesting prompts that involve Shrek in various unusual and humorous situations, demonstrating the playful and imaginative nature of the AI art generation process.


Foxy is a term often used to describe someone or something as cunning or sly, but in the context of the video, it is used to refer to a fox character or a fursuit with fox-like features. The script mentions a 'foxy tail' and a 'fox fursuit,' indicating the use of animal characteristics in the AI-generated art, which adds to the fantastical and whimsical nature of the creations.


A Doberman is a breed of dog known for its intelligence and strength. In the video, the Doberman is used as a basis for AI-generated art, with the AI being prompted to create images of anthropomorphic Dobermans or scenes involving this breed. This showcases the ability of the AI to incorporate different animal breeds into the art, resulting in unique and creative visuals.


AI-generated art is being used to create unique and sometimes bizarre furry images.

The group chat on Telegram is a hub for sharing AI-generated furry art.

Some AI-generated images are pushing the boundaries of what is considered acceptable.

The AI art website is being tested with various prompts to see what it can produce.

AI-generated furries have attracted attention and are being discussed in online communities.

The AI's ability to create detailed and complex images within seconds is impressive.

Some of the AI-generated images have anthropomorphic features, blending human and animal characteristics.

The creativity of the group chat members is leading to innovative and humorous AI-generated art.

The AI is being challenged with prompts that include unusual scenarios and characters.

The AI-generated art has sparked debates about the ethical implications of AI technology.

The video showcases a variety of AI-generated furries, demonstrating the technology's versatility.

The AI's ability to produce high-quality images has led to comparisons with human artists.

The video encourages viewers to submit their own creative prompts for future AI art creations.

The AI-generated art is not only visually striking but also raises questions about the future of art and technology.

The video serves as a testament to the growing capabilities and potential of AI in the art world.