Midjourney subscription plans - explained! / Choose a plan for Midjourney Basic vs Standard vs Pro

9 Mar 202307:03

TLDRIn this informative video, Kade introduces the subscription plans of Majority, a platform offering AI-generated art. With a free trial limited to non-commercial use and only 25 free images, Kade explains the three tiers: Basic, Standard, and Pro. Each plan varies in terms of fast and relaxed GPU time, which determines the speed and quantity of art generation. The Basic plan is suitable for occasional, low-volume use, while the Standard and Pro plans cater to higher demands with unlimited prompts and images. Kade also highlights the option to switch between fast and relaxed modes and the Pro plan's unique stealth mode for privacy. The video aims to help users understand their needs and choose the appropriate plan.


  • 🎉 Majority offers a fun experience with limited free images, requiring a subscription for more.
  • 📦 Subscription plans include Basic, Standard, and Pro, each with different features and pricing.
  • 💰 The Basic plan costs $8 per month if paid annually or $10 monthly, offering 3.3 hours of fast GPU time.
  • 🚀 Fast GPU time refers to the priority and speed of processing your images, more suitable for frequent use.
  • 🛌 Relaxed GPU time is slower, placing requests in a queue, included in Standard and Pro plans for unlimited image generation.
  • 🏢 Usage rights differ by plan; the free trial is for non-commercial use, while paid plans offer broader usage rights.
  • 🖼️ The Basic plan is suitable for limited needs like logo creation, while Standard and Pro are for more extensive image generation.
  • 🔄 Switch between fast and relaxed modes using comments, allowing flexibility based on your needs.
  • 🕒 Relax mode may take up to 10 minutes per image and frequent use can lead to shorter wait times.
  • 🛡️ The Pro Plan includes Stealth mode, hiding images from public view on the Majority website.
  • 📌 Remember to evaluate your monthly image generation needs and usage rights requirements when choosing a plan.

Q & A

  • What is the primary reason for explaining the Majority subscription plans?

    -The primary reason is to help users understand the different plans available and make an informed decision on which plan to choose based on their needs and usage.

  • How many free images does Majority provide before requiring a subscription?

    -Majority provides 25 free images before users need to purchase a subscription.

  • What are the three subscription plans offered by Majority?

    -The three subscription plans are Basic, Standard, and Pro.

  • What is the difference between paying monthly and annually for the Basic plan?

    -The Basic plan costs $8 per month if paid annually, but it will be $10 per month if paid on a monthly basis.

  • What does usage rights mean in the context of Majority subscription plans?

    -Usage rights refer to the permissions granted to users on how they can utilize the generated art. The free trial has non-commercial usage rights, while the paid plans offer general conversion terms.

  • What does GPU time represent in Majority's subscription plans?

    -GPU time represents the time users have access to the graphics processing units (GPUs) for generating images. The more GPU time, the more images a user can create within a month.

  • How does the Fast mode in Majority's subscription plans work?

    -Fast mode provides the highest priority and generates images instantly using the available GPUs. Once the Fast GPU time is used up, users will have to wait until the next month for more Fast GPU time.

  • What is the benefit of having Relax GPU time in the Standard and Pro plans?

    -Relax GPU time allows users to continue generating images even after their Fast GPU time is used up. Requests are queued and processed as GPUs become available, making it a more flexible option for users.

  • How does the Pro plan's Stealth mode function?

    -Stealth mode in the Pro plan ensures that the images generated by the user are not visible to others on the Majority website, providing an added level of privacy.

  • What is the recommended use for the Basic plan according to the script?

    -The Basic plan is recommended for users who need to generate a limited number of images, such as creating a logo for their business.

  • How can users switch between Fast and Relax modes in Majority?

    -Users can switch between Fast and Relax modes by using 'fast' or 'relaxed' comments when submitting their prompts.

  • What is the expected wait time for Relax mode according to the script?

    -The script mentions that in Relax mode, the processing of a prompt can take up to 10 minutes.



📸 Introduction to Majority Subscription Plans

The paragraph introduces the viewer to the Majority platform and its subscription plans. The speaker, Kade, explains that Majority offers fun and only provides 25 free images, after which a subscription is required. The available plans are Basic, Standard, and Pro, with different pricing structures based on commitment duration. The speaker emphasizes the importance of understanding the plans' features, such as fast and relaxed GPU times, to make an informed decision. Usage rights are also discussed, highlighting the limitations of the free trial and the commercial benefits of purchasing a plan.


🚀 Understanding GPU Time and Usage

This paragraph delves into the specifics of GPU time associated with Majority's subscription plans. The speaker clarifies that the Basic plan offers 3.3 hours of fast GPU time per month, which translates to approximately 200 images. Once this time is used up, users must wait until the next month for more fast GPU time. The Standard and Pro plans, however, offer a mix of fast and relaxed GPU time, allowing for continuous image generation albeit with waiting periods for relaxed GPU time. The paragraph also explains the concept of fast mode, which provides immediate GPU access due to its high priority, and the ability to switch between fast and relaxed modes through comments. Additionally, the Pro Plan's unique feature, stealth mode, is introduced, which keeps images private on the Majority website. The speaker advises users on how to choose the right plan based on their needs for image generation and commercial use.




Majority refers to a platform or service mentioned in the script that offers image generation capabilities. It is the central subject of the video, as the speaker, Kade, is explaining the subscription plans available for users of this service. Majority seems to utilize AI to create images based on user prompts, and the video focuses on the different levels of access and features provided by its subscription plans.

💡Subscription Plans

Subscription plans are the pricing structures offered by Majority that determine the level of access and features users receive. These plans are crucial to understanding how users can engage with Majority's image generation services, as they dictate the amount of GPU time available for creating images, the type of usage rights granted, and the potential for generating commercial content.

💡GPU Time

GPU time refers to the processing time on graphics processing units (GPUs) that Majority uses to generate images from user prompts. This is a key aspect of the subscription plans, as the amount of GPU time determines how many images a user can create within a given period. GPU time is divided into 'fast' and 'relaxed' categories, with fast mode offering immediate processing and relaxed mode processing images on a queue as GPUs become available.

💡Usage Rights

Usage rights define the permissions granted to users for the images they generate with Majority. These rights are important for commercial use, as they determine whether users can profit from the images or use them for business purposes. The free trial is limited to non-commercial use, meaning generated art cannot be used for profit-making activities, while the subscription plans allow for commercial use.

💡Fast Mode

Fast mode is a feature of Majority's subscription plans that allows users to generate images with the highest priority, providing immediate processing of their prompts. This mode is beneficial for users who require quick turnaround for their image generation needs, but it is limited by the amount of fast GPU time allocated in the subscription plan.

💡Relaxed Mode

Relaxed mode is an option in Majority's subscription plans that allows users to generate images by placing their requests in a queue. This mode is characterized by longer wait times as the system processes images only when GPUs are available. It is a more patient approach to image generation, suitable for users who can wait for their images to be processed.

💡Stealth Mode

Stealth mode is an additional feature available in the Pro subscription plan that offers privacy by preventing other users on the Majority website from seeing the images generated by the subscriber. This feature is beneficial for users who want to keep their creations private and not visible to the Majority community.

💡Commercial Use

Commercial use refers to the application of generated images for business purposes, such as advertising, branding, or any activity that generates income. Understanding the commercial use rights is essential for users who intend to profit from the images they create with Majority, as it dictates whether they need to purchase a subscription plan to legally do so.

💡Non-Commercial Use

Non-commercial use means utilizing the generated images for purposes that do not generate income or involve profit-making. This term is significant for users who are only interested in creating images for personal or non-revenue-generating activities. The free trial of Majority limits users to non-commercial use, which is suitable for personal experimentation or casual use.

💡Public Channels

Public channels refer to the shared spaces on Majority's platform where users can generate and share images. These channels are visible to others, which can be a concern for privacy. The script mentions that if users want to keep their images private, they should generate them in direct messages or on a private Discord server instead of using public channels.


Community, in the context of the script, refers to the collective group of users on the Majority platform. These users interact with the service, generate images, and may share their creations with others. The community aspect is important as it highlights the social element of Majority, where users can potentially learn from one another and share their experiences.


Majority offers a fun and valuable service with a limited free tier of 25 images.

To access subscription plans, simply type 'subscribe' to view available options.

Three subscription plans are available: Basic, Standard, and Pro.

The Basic plan costs $8 per month if paid annually or $10 per month if paid monthly.

Usage rights differ between plans; the free trial is for non-commercial use only.

The subscription plans primarily differ in the amount of fast and relaxed GPU time offered.

Fast GPU time allows for immediate processing of your prompts.

The Basic plan includes 3.3 hours of fast GPU time per month and no relaxed GPU time.

With the Standard and Pro plans, users can generate unlimited prompts and images per month.

The Basic plan is suitable for users needing a limited number of images, such as for a business logo.

The Standard and Pro plans are recommended for users who require a large number of images and prompts.

Relaxed mode places requests in a queue and may take up to 10 minutes for processing.

Wait times in relaxed mode can be shorter for occasional users compared to frequent users.

Users can switch between fast and relaxed modes using comments in their requests.

The Pro plan includes stealth mode, which hides images from public view on the Majority website.

Stealth mode ensures privacy by preventing others from seeing your images on the Majority platform.

For privacy, users can generate images in direct messages or on a private Discord server.