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5 Apr 202303:32

TLDRThe video discusses the mid-journey tariff plans, highlighting the differences between the $10, $30, and $60 subscription options. It explains the concept of 'fast hours' for image generation, the number of concurrent jobs allowed, and special features like stealth image generation in higher plans. The video also suggests using Masterbundles.com to monetize graphic design skills, encouraging viewers to explore this platform for additional income from their hobbies.


  • 📌 The speaker is discussing the subscription options for the mid-journey tariff plan and providing recommendations.
  • 🚫 Free users of mid-journey have experienced limitations on the neural network usage and are prompted to subscribe.
  • 📋 To subscribe, users must be registered with mid-journey and authorized in Discord.
  • 💰 Mid-journey offers three subscription tiers: $10/month, $30/month, and $60/month (with a yearly option at a reduced cost).
  • ⏱️ The primary difference between plans is the number of 'fast hours' for image generation, with varying limits per tier.
  • 🏃‍♂️ 'Fast hours' allow for rapid image creation, taking 1-2 minutes per operation, after which the plan switches to 'relax mode' with longer generation times.
  • 📈 The $30/month plan includes 15 fast hours and allows three concurrent fast jobs.
  • 📈 The $60/month plan offers 12 concurrent fast jobs and features stealth image generation.
  • 🤔 The $10/month plan may be suitable for beginners or those not intending to use the service extensively, providing 200 image generations per month.
  • 🔍 Users can check their remaining fast hours by typing '/info' in the chat.
  • 💼 The speaker suggests monetizing design skills through Masterbundles.com, a marketplace for graphic design assets.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video transcript?

    -The main topic of the video transcript is the discussion of the mid-journey tariff plan options and how to choose the most suitable subscription based on the user's needs.

  • What is the issue users face with the free version of mid-journey?

    -Users of the free version of mid-journey face the issue of not being able to continue using the neural network for free after several days, as they are prompted to buy a subscription or wait until the next day, which does not bring any changes.

  • How does one become eligible to select and pay for a tariff plan with mid-journey?

    -To be eligible to select and pay for a tariff plan, one must be registered with mid-journey and authorized in Discord.

  • What are the three subscription options offered by mid-journey?

    -Mid-journey offers three subscription options: ten dollars per month, thirty dollars per month, and sixty dollars for the whole year, with the annual payment offering a slightly lower cost.

  • What is the concept of 'fast hours' in the context of mid-journey's tariff plans?

    -Fast hours refer to an image generation mode where the time spent on creating an image does not exceed one to two minutes. The number of fast hours varies depending on the chosen subscription plan.

  • What happens when a user exhausts their fast hours?

    -When a user exhausts their fast hours, the system automatically switches to 'relax mode', where image generation may take up to 10 minutes.

  • How many fast hours are provided in the thirty dollars per month plan?

    -The thirty dollars per month plan comes with 15 fast hours.

  • What is the difference between the thirty dollar and sixty dollar plans in terms of concurrent jobs?

    -The thirty dollar plan allows for three concurrent fast jobs, while the sixty dollar plan permits 12 such jobs.

  • What additional feature is available in the sixty dollar tariff plan?

    -The sixty dollar tariff plan offers the opportunity to use stealth image generation, a feature not present in the lower-priced plans.

  • How can users check their balance of fast hours?

    -Users can check their balance of fast hours by writing '/info' in the chat, and the bot will provide information about their remaining fast hours.

  • What is the monetization opportunity presented at the end of the transcript?

    -The monetization opportunity presented is masterbundles.com, a graphic design marketplace where users can buy and sell graphic design assets, and also act as buyers, vendors, or affiliates to earn money from their hobbies.



📌 Introduction to Mid-Journey Tariff Plans

The paragraph introduces the topic of discussion, which is the selection of a suitable tariff plan for the mid-journey service. The speaker intends to compare different plans and provide recommendations for choosing the right one. It mentions that users of the free version have experienced limitations and are prompted to purchase a subscription. The process of selecting and paying for a tariff plan involves registration with mid-journey, authorization in Discord, and following specific steps to access the subscription options.




A subscription refers to a membership or access granted to a service or product for a fee, typically on a regular basis. In the context of the video, it is about the viewer's access to the mid-journey neural network service, which requires payment to continue using it beyond the free version. The speaker discusses different subscription plans, indicating that this is the primary method to continue enjoying the service's features.

💡tariff plan

A tariff plan refers to a set of pricing conditions for a service, outlining the costs and benefits associated with different levels of service usage. In the video, the speaker compares various tariff plans offered by mid-journey, detailing the differences in cost, fast hours, and other features available at each level. The audience is provided with recommendations on how to choose the most suitable plan based on their usage patterns and budget.


Mid-journey is the name of the service being discussed in the video, which appears to be a neural network platform that generates images based on user input. It offers both free and paid versions, with the latter requiring a subscription to access advanced features and capabilities. The service seems to be popular among users interested in graphic design and image generation.

💡fast hours

Fast hours refer to a specific feature of the mid-journey service, representing a mode of image generation where the creation of an image is expedited, taking only one to two minutes per operation. This feature is a significant aspect of the subscription plans, with different plans offering varying amounts of fast hours per month. Once the fast hours are depleted, the service switches to a 'relax mode,' where image generation takes longer.

💡relax mode

Relax mode is an operational mode of the mid-journey service that is activated once a user has fully utilized their fast hours. In this mode, the image generation process takes longer, up to 10 minutes, as opposed to the quicker generation times in fast hours mode. This concept is introduced to illustrate the differences between the subscription plans and how they affect the user experience.

💡concurrent fast jobs

Concurrent fast jobs refer to the number of image generation tasks that can be processed simultaneously within a given subscription plan. The video mentions that the thirty-dollar plan allows for three concurrent fast jobs, while the sixty-dollar plan offers 12 such jobs. This feature is important for users who may want to generate multiple images at the same time, indicating a higher level of service and capability.

💡stealth image generation

Stealth image generation seems to be an additional feature available to users of the highest subscription tier, as mentioned in the script. While the exact nature of this feature isn't detailed in the transcript, it suggests a mode or method of image generation that may offer privacy or other unique advantages not found in the standard image generation process.


Discord is a communication platform used by mid-journey for user registration and authorization. It is a popular choice for creating communities and facilitating discussions among users with common interests. In the context of the video, Discord is the platform where users must be registered and authorized to proceed with the subscription and selection of a tariff plan.


Masterbundles is a graphic design marketplace mentioned in the video, where users can buy and sell various graphic design assets such as vector images, fonts, templates, and stock content. It provides an opportunity for users of graphic design tools and platforms, like mid-journey, to monetize their skills and creations by selling them on the marketplace.

💡image generation

Image generation is the process of creating visual content using artificial intelligence or neural networks, as discussed in the context of the mid-journey service. It involves the user inputting specific parameters or ideas, and the system producing corresponding images. The speed and number of images that can be generated are dependent on the subscription plan and its features, such as fast hours.

💡balance of fast hours

The balance of fast hours refers to the remaining amount of time available to a user for fast image generation within their subscription plan. It is a measure of the service's usage that users need to keep track of to ensure they do not exceed their allocated fast hours, after which the service switches to relax mode with longer image generation times.


Discussion on the mid-journey tariff plan choices and recommendations.

Comparison of subscription plans for the mid-journey neural network service.

Free version limitations and the transition to a paid subscription.

The registration and authorization process for selecting a tariff on mid-journey.

Explanation of the subscription options: $10, $30, and $60 plans.

The concept of 'fast hours' and its significance in the tariff plans.

Details on the $30 per month plan with 15 fast hours and its operation mode.

Transition from fast hours to 'relax mode' and its implications.

The $60 per month plan offering 12 concurrent fast jobs and stealth image generation.

The $10 plan's limitations and its suitability for beginners and casual users.

Information on how to check the balance of fast hours within the service.

Monetizing design hobbies through Master Bundles marketplace.

Roles available on Master Bundles: buyer, vendor, and affiliate.

Advice on trying Master Bundles as an affordable way to earn from hobbies.

Gratitude expressed for active subscriptions, likes, and comments.