Photoshop AI is UNBELIEVABLE! Creating Product Images With Generative Fill

Brittany + Ryan
27 May 202312:27

TLDRAdobe's new Photoshop beta, integrated with Adobe Firefly AI, is revolutionizing product image creation. Users can now generate unlimited product images with text prompts directly within Photoshop, offering a seamless blend of traditional editing tools and AI capabilities. The video demonstrates how to create a product scene, add and remove objects, and adjust lighting and color to match the original image's perspective. The AI's ability to replicate angles and lighting is highlighted, as well as the ease of making final adjustments using familiar Photoshop tools. The creative process is showcased with two distinct styles: a natural look and a more modern, feminine pink theme. The video concludes by emphasizing the program's potential for unconventional thinking and its current status as the best AI tool for product image generation.


  • 🚀 Adobe's new Photoshop beta integrates AI technology to revolutionize product image creation.
  • 🌟 The AI system, Adobe Firefly, allows for text prompting directly within Photoshop for image generation.
  • 🛠️ Users can perform all operations in one app under a single subscription with unlimited generations.
  • 💡 The generative fill feature enables users to create or modify backgrounds and objects within an image.
  • 🔍 The object selection tool in Photoshop is used to select and modify specific parts of an image for AI adjustments.
  • 📈 The program replicates the angle and lighting of the original photo, maintaining consistency in the generated image.
  • 🎨 Photoshop's basic tools can be used alongside AI features for fine-tuning and adjustments.
  • ✨ The ability to remove unwanted objects and add new elements, like a coconut slice, enhances creative flexibility.
  • 🌱 The program encourages thinking unconventionally by suggesting background and object combinations that users might not consider.
  • 📸 Camera raw filter allows for advanced color and lighting adjustments to match the product with the background.
  • 👌 The final images generated are professional and suitable for social media or marketing materials.
  • ⏱ As the program is still in beta, there is potential for even more impressive features and improvements in the future.

Q & A

  • What is the new feature in the Photoshop beta that combines AI with the existing functionalities?

    -The new Photoshop beta combines Adobe Firefly, which is their AI creative system, to allow text prompting directly within Photoshop.

  • What is the process to start using the new AI tools in Photoshop?

    -To start using the new AI tools, one needs to log into their Creative Cloud account and download the new Photoshop beta. If they don't have an Adobe account, they can create one using the provided link.

  • How does the generative fill tool in Photoshop work?

    -The generative fill tool allows users to input text prompts to generate images or modify existing ones. It can add or remove objects and change backgrounds based on the text description provided by the user.

  • What is the benefit of using the generative fill tool in the context of the video?

    -The benefit is that it allows for the creation of complex scenes with props and backgrounds that match the original image's perspective and lighting, making the generated elements look natural and well-integrated.

  • How does the AI in Photoshop help in creating a realistic image?

    -The AI replicates the angle and lighting of the original image, ensuring that the generated elements have a consistent look and feel with the rest of the scene.

  • What is the advantage of using Photoshop for AI-generated images over other programs?

    -Photoshop provides not only AI-generated images but also access to all basic Photoshop tools, allowing for further editing and fine-tuning to achieve the desired look.

  • How does the AI in Photoshop handle color matching and lighting adjustments?

    -The AI in Photoshop can match colors and lighting with the existing elements in the image. Users can also manually adjust colors and apply effects like Gaussian blur for added depth of field.

  • What is the significance of the ability to add props to the scene in Photoshop?

    -The ability to add props allows users to create more detailed and context-rich scenes, which can be particularly useful for product images that require specific settings or additional elements.

  • How does the video demonstrate the use of text prompts to guide the AI in generating images?

    -The video demonstrates by showing how specific text prompts like 'bathroom with shadow' or 'pink candle, pink, lit candle' are used to generate corresponding images or modify the existing ones in the scene.

  • What is the potential application of AI-generated product images in social media and professional settings?

    -AI-generated product images can be used on social media accounts for marketing and branding purposes. They can also be used in professional settings to create elegant and professional-looking images for advertisements or product presentations.

  • What is the current status of the Photoshop AI tools mentioned in the video?

    -As of the time of the video, the Photoshop AI tools are in beta, which means they are still in the testing phase and have the potential for further development and improvement.



🎨 Photoshop's AI Tools for Creative Image Generation

The video introduces the new Photoshop beta, which integrates Adobe Firefly, an AI creative system. This allows for text prompting directly within Photoshop to generate images. The presenter demonstrates how to use the AI tools to create product pictures with unlimited generations under one subscription. The process includes using the object selection tool, generative fill for background and props, and tweaking the generated images using basic Photoshop tools. The video showcases the ability to adjust and refine images to match specific requirements, emphasizing the program's revolutionary impact on image creation.


🌈 Enhancing Image Realism with AI and Photoshop Tools

The presenter continues to explore the capabilities of the new Photoshop beta, focusing on refining and enhancing the generated images. Techniques such as using the Dodge tool to adjust brightness and shadows, and the camera raw filter to match colors and lighting are discussed. The video also covers how to add texture and style to the image, such as incorporating bubbles on a product cap and creating a romantic, spa-like atmosphere with a pink-themed bathroom scene. The presenter emphasizes the ease of making adjustments specific to the generated image and the potential for creating professional-looking product images for social media.


📈 Final Touches and the Future of AI Image Generation

The video concludes with the presenter making final adjustments to the generated images, such as changing the focus and applying Gaussian blur to create depth of field. The presenter merges layers and uses the camera raw filter for basic image adjustments to integrate all elements cohesively. The video highlights the program's ability to encourage unconventional thinking in image creation, as demonstrated by the unique background and vase choices. The presenter expresses excitement about the future of the program, noting its current beta status and the potential for growth and improvement. The video ends with a call to action for viewers to engage with the content and subscribe to the channel.




AI, or Artificial Intelligence, refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. In the context of the video, AI is used to generate product images through Adobe's Photoshop beta, showcasing its ability to understand and replicate complex visual tasks.


Photoshop is a widely used software for image editing and manipulation developed by Adobe. It is known for its powerful tools that allow users to create and edit high-quality images. In the video, the new Photoshop beta is highlighted for its integration with AI, specifically Adobe Firefly, to create product images.

💡Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly is Adobe's AI creative system that enables text prompting within Photoshop. It is used to generate images based on textual descriptions provided by the user. In the video, it is demonstrated how Adobe Firefly can create realistic and professional product images through generative fill.

💡Generative Fill

Generative Fill is a feature within the new Photoshop beta that allows users to generate content within an image based on a text prompt. It is showcased in the video as a powerful tool for creating backgrounds and adding or modifying objects within a scene, such as changing a white background to a bathroom or adding a coconut slice to a product image.

💡Text Prompting

Text Prompting is the method of describing what you want to generate or create using text commands. In the video, text prompting is used to instruct Adobe Firefly within Photoshop to generate specific images or modify existing ones, such as 'bathroom with shadow' or 'remove sink'.

💡Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud is a subscription service that gives users access to a collection of Adobe's creative and design software, including Photoshop. In the video, it is mentioned as the platform through which users can download and use the new Photoshop beta with AI features.

💡Product Images

Product Images refer to the visual representations of products, often used for marketing, advertising, or e-commerce. The video focuses on the creation of these images using AI within Photoshop, demonstrating how AI can enhance the process of creating professional and appealing product visuals.

💡Polygonal Lasso Tool

The Polygonal Lasso Tool is a selection tool in Photoshop used for making straight-edged selections. In the video, it is used to select parts of an image, such as bottles, and then invert the selection to target the background for modifications using generative fill.

💡Camera Raw Filter

The Camera Raw filter in Photoshop is a non-destructive way to adjust the colors, lighting, and other aspects of an image. It is used in the video to fine-tune the colors and lighting of the generated product images, making them more realistic and aligned with the desired aesthetic.

💡Dodge Tool

The Dodge Tool in Photoshop is used to lighten areas of an image. In the context of the video, it is employed to add brightness to the bottles in the generated product image, enhancing their appearance and making them stand out more in the final composition.

💡Gaussian Blur

Gaussian Blur is a filter in Photoshop that applies a blur effect to an image, reducing details and softening edges. It is used in the video to create a sense of depth by blurring background elements, such as a vase with pink roses, to make the product in the foreground more focused.


Photoshop AI is revolutionizing the creation of product images with its generative fill feature.

Adobe's new Photoshop beta integrates with Adobe Firefly, their AI creative system, for text prompting within the app.

Users can create outstanding images with unlimited generations under one subscription.

The new AI tools in Photoshop allow for scene building and prop addition, making it a powerful tool for designers.

The generative fill feature enables text prompts to transform backgrounds and add or remove objects from a scene.

Photoshop's AI tools can replicate the angle and lighting of an image, creating a realistic and consistent scene.

Basic Photoshop tools can be used alongside AI features for fine-tuning and adjustments.

The program allows for easy color matching and lighting adjustments to enhance product images.

AI-generated images can be used professionally on social media accounts, appearing elegant and professional.

Photoshop AI can create unconventional and creative backgrounds, such as a pink bathroom scene with a unique style.

The AI can generate props like a vase with pink roses, adding a subtle and cute touch to the scene.

Photoshop's AI tools can add texture and style to product images, such as rose petals and soapy foam on the floor.

The AI can generate additional elements like a pink lit candle for a romantic and spa-like atmosphere.

Focus can be adjusted on products while blurring the background for a more professional look.

Camera raw filter allows for further color and lighting adjustments to create a cohesive final image.

The biggest takeaway from the program is its ability to encourage unconventional thinking in image creation.

Photoshop's AI tools are expected to improve significantly in the coming months as it is currently in beta.

For those with knowledge of Photoshop, this AI program offers a superior alternative to other picture-generating platforms.