Problem with MidJourney, does it worth price?

Vladimir Chopine [GeekatPlay]
4 Dec 202320:43

TLDRThe video script discusses the capabilities and pricing of a mid-journey image creation platform, comparing it to alternatives like Photoshop and stable diffusion. It highlights the platform's features such as image rendering, upscaling, and variations, as well as its integration with Discord. The speaker expresses concerns about the platform's value for money and potential copyright issues with generated content.


  • 🌟 Mid Journey is an image generation platform that creates high-quality images with AI.
  • 💰 The pricing for Mid Journey starts at $10 for a standard plan with limited features, going up to $30 for an unlimited render with more options.
  • 🤖 Access to Mid Journey is through Discord, which means users need to be familiar with command-line interactions.
  • 🖼️ Users can upscale images, create variations, and perform actions like zooming and panning within the platform.
  • 🔄 Mid Journey allows for the blending of images and the creation of new, unique visuals by merging different prompts.
  • 🎨 The platform offers different styles and mods for image generation, such as steampunk, diesel punk, and cyber punk.
  • 🔍 Mid Journey has a built-in CLIP system that can analyze images and provide descriptions for further generation.
  • 🚀 The fast mode in Mid Journey is designed to render images quicker, but it consumes more hours of usage.
  • 💸 There are concerns about the commercial use of images generated with Mid Journey due to potential copyright issues.
  • 🔎 The script suggests that for the same price, users might find more value in other platforms like Adobe Photoshop with AI capabilities.
  • 💭 The overall verdict in the script is that Mid Journey, while impressive in image quality, may not be worth the $30 price tag for some users.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video transcript?

    -The main topic of the video transcript is a review and demonstration of an AI-based image generation platform called Mid Journey, discussing its features, pricing, and comparison with other similar tools like Photoshop and stable diffusion.

  • How does the user access Mid Journey?

    -The user accesses Mid Journey through Discord, which serves as the platform for the AI image generation service.

  • What are the pricing plans for Mid Journey mentioned in the transcript?

    -The pricing plans mentioned are a $10 standard plan with limited features and a $30 plan that offers unlimited renders and access to a relaxed mode, which supports most of the features.

  • What is the primary method of interaction with Mid Journey?

    -The primary method of interaction with Mid Journey is through command-line inputs, where users type in prompts to generate images.

  • What is the 'relax mode' in Mid Journey?

    -The 'relax mode' in Mid Journey is a feature available in the $30 pricing plan that allows users to have a more relaxed and unrestricted experience with the AI image generation capabilities.

  • How does the user feel about the value of Mid Journey compared to other tools?

    -The user feels that Mid Journey is overpriced at $30 per month, especially when compared to alternatives like Adobe Photoshop with AI Firefly or other tools that offer more flexibility and control at a lower cost.

  • What are some of the features demonstrated in the transcript?

    -Some of the features demonstrated include image upscaling, variations by region, zooming in and out, and blending images using the 'blend' command.

  • What concerns does the user express about using Mid Journey for commercial work?

    -The user expresses concerns about potential copyright issues with images generated by Mid Journey, as the platform seems to be less strict about generating copyrighted content compared to other AI tools.

  • How does the user describe the quality of images produced by Mid Journey?

    -The user describes the quality of images produced by Mid Journey as stunning and very interesting, but also notes that the service can feel more like a game than a professional tool due to its limitations and pricing.

  • What is the user's final verdict on whether Mid Journey is worth the $30 monthly fee?

    -The user concludes that Mid Journey is not worth the $30 monthly fee, suggesting that it might be more appropriately priced at $10 for the value it provides, and that other tools offer better value for money.



🎨 Introduction to Mid Journey and Pricing

The paragraph introduces Mid Journey, a platform that creates stunning images. It discusses the pricing plans, which include a $10 standard plan and a $30 plan with unlimited rendering and a relax mode. The speaker compares these costs to alternatives like Photoshop, which comes with AI capabilities and is priced at $15. The main concern is whether the investment is worth it for the features provided by Mid Journey.


💻 Using Mid Journey and Its Features

This paragraph delves into the specifics of using Mid Journey, which requires Discord as its platform. The user interacts with the server through command lines to render images. The speaker mentions the fast mode they are using and the ability to produce high-quality results. Additionally, the paragraph covers the upscaling feature, which can enhance images to 4K resolution, and the variations feature, which allows for modifications to the generated images.


🖌️ Creative Options with Mid Journey

The speaker explores the creative options available in Mid Journey, such as variations and panning. They discuss the ability to zoom in and out of images and how this affects the quality. The paragraph also touches on the limitations of the platform, such as the need for post-processing work. The speaker highlights the flexibility of Mid Journey in creating different styles and the ability to mix images for unique results.


🤖 Mid Journey's Limitations and Copyright Concerns

This paragraph addresses some of the limitations of Mid Journey, such as the default settings that tend to render white females and the potential copyright issues with using the platform for commercial work. The speaker also compares Mid Journey to other platforms like Adobe Photoshop and GPT, discussing the value for money and the potential risks of using copyrighted content.


🎮 Mid Journey as a Gimmick and Its Worth

In the final paragraph, the speaker concludes that Mid Journey, while fun and gimmicky, may not be worth the $30 price tag when compared to alternatives like Adobe Photoshop and GPT. They suggest that a $10 plan might be more appropriate for casual use and experimentation. The speaker emphasizes the importance of considering the value provided by the platform and the potential legal implications of using its content for commercial purposes.



💡Mid Journey

Mid Journey refers to a platform or tool that generates stunning images based on user inputs. It is a central focus of the video, where the speaker discusses its capabilities, pricing, and comparison with other image-generating software. The speaker uses Mid Journey to create various images throughout the video, showcasing its features and potential limitations.


Pricing in this context refers to the cost associated with using Mid Journey, which the speaker finds to be on the higher side, especially when compared to other alternatives like Adobe Photoshop with AI Firefly. The speaker discusses the different plans, such as the standard plan at $10 and the more expensive Pro plan at $60, and weighs the value provided by these costs.


Discord is the platform through which Mid Journey is accessed and utilized. It is a communication platform that allows users to interact with servers and generate images using command-line inputs. The speaker discusses the limitations of using Discord for image manipulation and its integration with Mid Journey.


Rendering in this context refers to the process of generating images using Mid Journey. It involves typing commands and prompts to produce the desired visual output. The speed and quality of rendering are key points of discussion, with the speaker comparing the fast mode and relax mode.


Upscaling is the process of increasing the resolution of an image, which is a feature offered by Mid Journey. The speaker discusses the ability to upscale images to various sizes, including 4K, and the impact on image quality and detail.


Variations in the context of the video refer to the ability of Mid Journey to create multiple versions of an image with slight differences. This feature allows users to explore different visual outcomes based on the same initial prompt or image.

💡Command Line

Command line is the interface through which users input text-based commands to interact with Mid Journey and generate images. It is a text-based system that requires users to type specific prompts to produce the desired outputs.

💡AI Firefly

AI Firefly is a feature or component of Adobe Photoshop that is mentioned in comparison to Mid Journey. It represents the integration of artificial intelligence into the image editing software, enhancing its capabilities.

💡Stable Diffusion

Stable diffusion is a term used to describe a type of image generation model that the speaker mentions as an alternative to Mid Journey. It is a technology that allows users to create high-quality images with local installations and specific models.


Copyright in this context refers to the legal rights of creators over their works, which is a concern the speaker raises when discussing the use of Mid Journey for commercial purposes. The speaker questions the legality of using images generated by Mid Journey in commercial work due to potential copyright issues.

💡User Interface

User interface refers to the design and usability of the platform through which users interact with Mid Journey. The speaker comments on the interface created for Discord, noting its limitations but also acknowledging some improvements over other applications.


Mid Journey creates stunning images, showcasing its capabilities in the field of AI-generated content.

The pricing for Mid Journey can be a barrier for some users, with a basic plan at $10 and an unlimited render option at $30.

Photoshop with AI Firefly is mentioned as a competitor, with a slightly higher price point but potentially more versatility.

Mid Journey operates on the Discord platform, utilizing a command-line interface for rendering images.

The fast mode in Mid Journey is designed to produce results more quickly, though it may require more hours to use.

Upscaling images in Mid Journey is notably fast due to the pre-rendering of upscale quality.

Users can experiment with variations in Mid Journey, allowing for modifications to the generated images.

The ability to zoom in and out of images is present, offering a good job on image manipulation without asking for additional prompts.

Mid Journey offers the option to blend multiple images together, creating a merged product with unique characteristics.

The platform provides a description feature, analyzing images and providing a textual representation to assist in rendering.

Users can specify styles such as 'cyberpunk' or 'steampunk' to generate images with those aesthetics.

Mid Journey's model seems biased towards certain demographics, primarily rendering white females by default.

The platform's ability to handle copyrighted material is questionable, with some content potentially violating copyright policies.

Comparing the value of Mid Journey to other options like Adobe Photoshop and Chat GPT, the $30 price point may not offer enough value for some users.

The transcript discusses the potential for using Mid Journey in commercial work, but there are concerns about copyright infringement.

Overall, the user finds Mid Journey to be more of a game than a practical tool, questioning its worth at the current price.