MidJourney Version 6, finally worth the price?

3 Jan 202406:36

TLDRIn this video, Toby explores the latest Mid Journey Version 6, highlighting its innovative natural language prompting system for generating images with AI. He compares the new features and image quality of Mid Journey with industry-leading models like Juggernaut XL and stable diffusion, finding that Mid Journey's images are more detailed and lifelike. Despite some areas for improvement, such as customizability and privacy features, Toby is impressed with Mid Journey's ability to translate complex prompts into high-quality, detailed images, suggesting a promising future for AI image generation technologies.


  • 🚀 Introduction of Mid Journey version 6 with new features that significantly improve the image generation process with AI.
  • 🌟 A new prompting method introduced in version 6 allows for more natural language, eliminating the need for generic keywords.
  • 🎨 The new version of Mid Journey outperforms other AI models like Stable Diffusion and Deli in terms of image quality and detail.
  • 🏆 Comparison of Mid Journey's images with industry-leading models shows superior results, especially in capturing the entire prompt accurately.
  • 👀 Examples provided in the script demonstrate the realistic and detailed outputs of Mid Journey, such as a photorealistic image of a woman and a car.
  • 🔍 Quality comparisons reveal that Mid Journey's images are more alive and detailed, even when the prompt is complex.
  • 🧸 In the case of a photorealistic ice bear, Mid Journey's interpretation is slightly more accurate despite some challenges with the 'plushy' appearance.
  • 🏁 Mid Journey's generator currently operates on Discord, suggesting potential for a dedicated site or platform in the future.
  • 💡 Suggestions for improvement include increased customizability, the addition of presets or templates, and reevaluation of privacy features pricing.
  • 🌐 The script encourages other software to adapt similar technologies, promoting healthy competition and continuous improvement in the AI image generation field.
  • 📢 The video concludes with a call to action for viewers to engage with the content by liking and commenting, and a promise of continued informative content in future videos.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is the introduction and review of Mid Journey version 6, an AI model for generating images, and its comparison with other AI models like Stable Diffusion and Deli.

  • How has the prompting process changed in Mid Journey version 6?

    -In Mid Journey version 6, the prompting process has been revamped to allow users to input natural language descriptions instead of using generic keywords. This allows for a more intuitive and human-like interaction with the AI.

  • What are the advantages of using natural language prompts in Mid Journey version 6?

    -Using natural language prompts in Mid Journey version 6 allows for more precise control over the generated images, reducing the need to generate numerous images to find the perfect one. It makes the process more efficient and user-friendly.

  • How does the video compare Mid Journey version 6 with Stable Diffusion and Deli?

    -The video compares the image quality and detail produced by Mid Journey version 6 with those generated by Stable Diffusion and Deli. It highlights how Mid Journey version 6 captures more details and produces more realistic images in line with the prompts.

  • What was the result of the photorealistic ice bear baby prompt comparison?

    -Both Mid Journey version 6 and Stable Diffusion struggled with interpreting the 'thumbs up' in the prompt. However, Mid Journey's version was considered better in terms of overall image quality, despite the ice bear looking more like a plushy teddy bear.

  • What issue does the reviewer have with Mid Journey's current setup?

    -The reviewer points out that Mid Journey's generator runs on Discord and suggests that a dedicated site would be more appropriate. Additionally, they mention the lack of customizability and the extra cost for privacy as areas that need improvement.

  • What is the reviewer's final verdict on Mid Journey version 6?

    -The reviewer concludes that Mid Journey version 6 is currently the best in terms of image generation quality and understanding natural language prompts. However, they emphasize that other software may adopt similar technologies, so Mid Journey should continue to innovate.

  • What is the significance of the black Porsche prompt in the comparison?

    -The black Porsche prompt was used to test how well each AI model could understand and execute a detailed prompt. Mid Journey version 6 excelled in this regard, capturing the entire prompt with impressive detail and accuracy.

  • What feedback does the reviewer have for the Mid Journey team?

    -The reviewer suggests that the Mid Journey team should work on customizability and freedom with their generator. They also recommend the introduction of presets or templates and express concern about the premium nature of privacy features.

  • How does the reviewer encourage viewers to engage with the content?

    -The reviewer encourages viewers to like the video, leave comments with any questions, and subscribe to the channel for more educational content.

  • What is the overall message the video aims to convey to its viewers?

    -The video aims to convey that the advancements in AI image generation technologies, such as Mid Journey version 6, are significant and beneficial for users. It also encourages viewers to stay updated with these technologies as the field is rapidly evolving.



🎨 Introducing Mid Journey Version 6: A New Era in AI Image Generation

This paragraph introduces the latest version of Mid Journey, an AI model for generating images. It highlights the significant updates in version 6, which include a new prompting system that allows users to describe images in natural language, similar to explaining to a human. The paragraph discusses the transition from using generic terms like '4K' or 'photo realistic' to a more intuitive and descriptive approach. It also compares the performance of Mid Journey with other AI models like Stable Fusion and Deli, emphasizing the improved quality and detail in the images produced by Mid Journey. The discussion includes a specific example of an image prompt and the resulting images, showcasing the model's ability to capture intricate details and produce realistic, high-quality visuals.


🚀 Mid Journey's Advancements and Areas for Improvement

The second paragraph delves into a critical analysis of Mid Journey's advancements and areas where improvements can be made. It praises the new version for its ability to understand natural language prompts and produce high-quality images with minimal need for adjustments. However, it also points out that there is room for growth in terms of customizability and freedom with the generator. The paragraph raises concerns about the platform's reliance on Discord and suggests the creation of a dedicated site for the generator. It also mentions the need for more presets or templates similar to those available for Stable Diffusion. Lastly, it addresses the issue of privacy and the额外 cost associated with higher plans, advocating for privacy to be a standard feature rather than a premium one.



💡Mid Journey Version 6

Mid Journey Version 6 is the latest iteration of an AI model discussed in the video. It represents a significant advancement in the technology for generating images, as it introduces new features that reshape the entire process. This version is highlighted for its ability to understand natural language prompts more effectively, allowing users to describe images in a conversational manner without the need for technical keywords.

💡Natural Language Prompting

Natural language prompting refers to the method of instructing AI by using conversational language, as one would with a human. In the context of the video, this new approach allows users to describe the images they want to generate in a more intuitive and straightforward manner, without relying on technical jargon or specific keywords that were previously necessary.

💡Image Generation

Image generation is the process of creating visual content using AI algorithms. It is the central theme of the video, where the host compares different AI models' abilities to generate images based on user prompts. The advancements in Mid Journey Version 6 are particularly notable for improving the quality and accuracy of generated images.

💡Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is an industry-leading AI model mentioned in the video for image generation. It is used as a point of comparison to demonstrate the improvements and capabilities of Mid Journey Version 6. The comparison highlights aspects such as color accuracy, detail capture, and overall image quality.

💡Juggernaut XL

Juggernaut XL is a specific version of the Stable Diffusion model that the video uses as a benchmark for comparison. It represents the state of the industry before the introduction of Mid Journey Version 6 and serves to illustrate the advancements made in the new version.


Photorealism in the context of the video refers to the quality of AI-generated images that closely resemble real-life photographs. It is a measure of how accurately the AI can capture and represent the visual details and textures of the real world. The video discusses how Mid Journey Version 6 excels in creating photorealistic images compared to other models.


Customizability refers to the ability of users to modify and tailor the AI-generated images according to their specific needs and preferences. The video suggests that while Mid Journey Version 6 offers significant improvements in image generation, there is still room for enhancement in terms of allowing users more freedom and control over the customization of their images.


In the context of the video, Discord is mentioned as the platform on which the Mid Journey AI model operates. The host suggests that a dedicated site for the generator might be more appropriate and user-friendly, indicating a potential area for improvement in the user experience.


Privacy in the video refers to the ability of users to keep their generated images confidential. It is noted that the current system allows others to see the images unless the user upgrades to a higher plan, which is seen as a premium feature that should be more accessible.

💡Quality Comparison

Quality comparison is a central aspect of the video, where the host evaluates and contrasts the image quality produced by different AI models. This involves assessing factors such as detail, color accuracy, and overall realism to determine which model performs better in generating images according to the user's prompts.

💡Educational Content

Educational content refers to the informative and instructional nature of the video. The host aims to educate viewers about the advancements in AI image generation technology, the capabilities of different models, and how to effectively use these tools. The video serves as a resource for those interested in understanding and utilizing AI for image creation.


Mid Journey version 6 introduces a new way of prompting for images, moving away from generic terms and towards natural language descriptions.

The new prompting method is similar to that used with jet GPT, allowing users to describe images as they would to a human.

An example prompt is given, describing a portrait of a woman with specific features and setting, showcasing the capability of the new version.

Mid Journey's images are compared to industry-leading stable diffusion models, specifically Juggernaut XL based on stable diffusion XL.

In the comparison, Mid Journey's images are noted to have better detail and realism, particularly in the hair and dress textures.

The birthmark detail was not captured in the images, but it is considered acceptable given the overall quality.

Another quality comparison involves a photorealistic image of an ice bear baby, where Mid Journey's interpretation is preferred despite some limitations.

Mid Journey's images are praised for their ability to capture the entire prompt with a high level of detail and accuracy.

The generator's reliability is highlighted, as it can bring ideas to life with minimal prompt adjustments.

The need for a dedicated site for the generator and the addition of presets or templates is suggested for improved user experience.

The issue of privacy is raised, as the generator operates on Discord and higher plans are needed for privacy features.

The video concludes by encouraging other software to adapt similar technologies, promoting healthy competition in the industry.

The presenter invites viewers to engage by leaving comments and promises to respond to each one.

The video ends with a call to action for viewers to like and share the content if they enjoyed it.