Most Realistic Horror Game Ever

12 Apr 202414:58

TLDRIn this video, the player experiences a realistic horror game with innovative features such as scream detection and nudity filters. Despite initial skepticism about the game's execution, the player becomes immersed in its challenging gameplay, which involves avoiding movement and sound to survive. The video culminates in an impressive speedrun where the player skillfully navigates the game's mechanics to find all the key elements swiftly, setting what they believe to be a world record.


  • 🎮 The game in discussion is considered one of the most realistic horror games available.
  • 👻 Initial impressions from the trailer were positive, but the actual gameplay was criticized for poor execution.
  • 🚶‍♂️ The game is described as an 'endless walking simulator' by some players.
  • 🗣️ The game responds to the player's screams, adding a unique interactive element to the horror experience.
  • 🔍 The player's role involves investigating crime scenes, though the methods portrayed are not accurate to real forensics.
  • 🎭 The game includes a nudity filter, which humorously reacts to certain in-game events.
  • 😱 The game's difficulty and tension are heightened by the player's inability to speak or move without consequences.
  • 🏃 The player must employ various strategies to avoid being 'murdered' in the game.
  • 📚 The game world is randomized, with different 'seeds' leading to different experiences for each playthrough.
  • 🏆 The player achieves what they believe to be a speedrun world record, showcasing the game's replayability and challenge.
  • 🤔 Despite its visual appeal, the game is ultimately seen as mediocre in the horror genre, with comparisons made to the Slender Man game.

Q & A

  • What was the general consensus about the horror game's concept versus its execution?

    -The general consensus was that the concept of the game was cool, but the execution was poor, describing it as an 'endless walking simulator' that failed to deliver the intended gameplay experience effectively.

  • What feature of the game reacts to the player's screams?

    -The game has a feature that reacts to the player's screams. It is sensitive enough to register even normal talking as a scream, which influences the gameplay.

  • Why did the player decide to adjust the microphone settings?

    -The player adjusted the microphone settings to ensure they could talk normally without the game registering it as a scream, which could affect the gameplay negatively.

  • What criticism did the player offer regarding the use of stock screams in horror games?

    -The player criticized the use of stock screams in horror games, suggesting that developers should record their own unique screams to enhance the authenticity and emotional impact of the game.

  • How does the nudity filter setting affect the game?

    -The nudity filter setting modifies the game's content by filtering out nudity. The player jokes about the game signaling an alarm when the nudity filter is activated, humorously suggesting it was not the developer's intended way to play the game.

  • What gameplay strategy does the player suggest based on the game's mechanics?

    -The player suggests that an optimal strategy might involve standing still and not speaking during certain times to avoid triggering negative consequences in the game.

  • What frustration does the player express about the game's mechanics?

    -The player expresses frustration over the randomness of objectives like finding bodies, which seem to spawn unpredictably, making it challenging to strategize effectively.

  • What achievement does the player claim to have accomplished by the end of the gameplay?

    -The player claims to have possibly set a speedrun world record for the game by efficiently finding all required items in a remarkably short amount of time.

  • What are the consequences of movement and speech in the game according to the player's experience?

    -According to the player's experience, both movement and speech can lead to negative outcomes in the game, such as being killed, which adds a layer of complexity to the gameplay.

  • How does the player summarize their overall experience and performance in the game?

    -The player summarizes their experience as challenging yet rewarding, particularly feeling exhilarated by potentially setting a speedrun record, despite recognizing the game's mediocre aspects.



🎮 Game Review and First Impressions

The paragraph begins with the speaker discussing a game they recently discovered. They initially dismissed it as just another walking simulator but later found it to be visually impressive. The speaker engages with the game's features, such as the scream detection, and comments on the mixed reactions from their chat. They also critique the game's execution, comparing it to a horror experience with elements of tension and surprise. The speaker humorously addresses the game's use of screams and suggests a more authentic approach for horror developers. They navigate through the game, making observations about the unrealistic forensics and the game's mechanics, such as the nudity filter and its unintended consequences. The paragraph concludes with the speaker reflecting on the game's difficulty and the strategies needed to progress.


🌙 Navigating the Night and Game Strategies

This paragraph focuses on the speaker's strategies for surviving the game's night mode. They discuss the importance of staying still and silent to avoid detection, and the challenges they face in doing so. The speaker also explores different locations within the game, finding bodies and trying to understand the patterns of their placement. They share their experiences with the game's mechanics, such as the 'don't move' rule and the consequences of breaking it. The speaker also reflects on the game's pacing and the excitement of finding all the required items in a record time, despite the game's simplicity and similarities to other horror games.


🏆 Achieving a Speedrun World Record

In the final paragraph, the speaker recounts their surprising achievement of a potential speedrun world record for the game. They detail their strategy of collecting all the required items quickly and efficiently, expressing disbelief and excitement at their accomplishment. The speaker reflects on the game's visuals and the sense of achievement they felt, despite finding the game to be mediocre in terms of horror content. They also humorously suggest that their performance was so impressive that it might have scared the game developers with how easily they completed the game. The paragraph ends with the speaker boasting about their achievement and encouraging others to share their experience.



💡Horror Game

A horror game is a video game genre designed to scare, unnerve, or disturb its players through atmosphere, audiovisuals, and storytelling. In the transcript, the horror game discussed combines visual impressiveness with gameplay elements like navigating in the dark and reacting to audio cues ('it can hear me scream'), which intensifies the player's experience of fear and suspense.

💡Walking Simulator

A walking simulator is a type of video game focused more on exploration and interaction with the environment than on traditional game mechanics like scoring points or defeating enemies. The player characterizes the game in the transcript as 'an endless walking simulator', suggesting that much of the gameplay involves navigating through environments, which could contribute to a creeping, immersive horror experience but might lack varied gameplay elements.

💡Nudity Filter

A nudity filter in video games is a setting that allows players to block or obscure explicit content, typically for reasons of personal comfort or to make the game appropriate for different audiences. The player in the transcript toggles this setting, humorously noting the game's realistic graphics and debating the extent of nudity displayed, which reflects on the game's realism and the player's control over content exposure.


A speedrun is an attempt to complete a video game in the shortest possible time, often using specific strategies to exploit the game's mechanics. In the transcript, the player achieves what they believe might be a 'speedrun world record' for the game, highlighting a gameplay style focused on efficiency and skill in navigating the game's challenges quickly.


In the context of this horror game, 'scream' is likely a gameplay mechanic where the game detects loud noises from the player, which can affect the game's outcome. The player mentions that their talking is registering as a scream, which adds a layer of difficulty as they must manage their noise level to avoid in-game penalties.

💡Realistic Graphics

Realistic graphics in video games refer to high-quality, detailed visuals that closely mimic real life. The transcript mentions the game being 'super impressive visually', indicating that the graphic quality enhances the horror atmosphere, making the scary elements more impactful due to their lifelike appearance.


Forensics in the context of this game refers to the investigation of scenes typical in crime dramas, like examining bodies or bloodstains. The player criticizes a character for contaminating a blood scene, humorously pointing out a disregard for realistic forensic procedures, which could detract from the game's realism or immersion.


Objectives in video games are tasks or missions provided to the player to progress through the game. The player discusses various objectives related to navigating the game environment and reacting to game mechanics, such as not moving or speaking, which are crucial for surviving in this horror game scenario.

💡Jump Scare

A jump scare is a sudden, unexpected event designed to frighten the player, typically used in horror games and films. In the transcript, the player experiences jump scares ('you screamed, you died'), which are critical moments that test the player's reaction and contribute to the game's tension.

💡Game Mechanics

Game mechanics refer to the rules and systems that govern gameplay. In the transcript, the player navigates through game mechanics like voice and movement detection ('it can hear me scream', 'said don't move'). These mechanics are integral to creating interactive and challenging experiences in the horror game, directly impacting the player's ability to progress and survive.


The game initially seemed promising based on its concept, but the execution was criticized as an 'endless walking simulator'.

The game's trailer received unanimous approval for its cool concept, but the actual gameplay did not meet expectations.

An interesting feature of the game is its ability to register the player's scream, even when they are just talking.

The game's visual presentation is highly praised and considered super impressive.

The game includes a nudity filter setting, which has sparked humorous debate among players.

The game's intended playstyle seems to involve not moving or speaking, adding a unique challenge.

The game's difficulty is highlighted by the player's struggle to avoid 'death' despite following the rules.

The player discovers a potential strategy for the game by observing the pattern of body locations.

The game's horror elements are discussed, with the player noting the difference between 'dead' and 'murdered'.

The player experiences a sense of accomplishment after completing the game in a remarkably short time.

The game's replayability is hinted at through the randomized locations of key elements.

The player's experience is marked by a blend of frustration and satisfaction, highlighting the game's conflicting qualities.

The game's speedrun potential is realized by the player, who believes they set a world record.

Despite its shortcomings, the game provides a sense of achievement and excitement for the player.

The player's experience serves as a testament to the potential for engaging gameplay even within a flawed framework.