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TLDRMarkiplier experiences a chilling and immersive horror game called 'Depart', where the gameplay is viewed through a body cam, enhancing the fear. The game starts with him in darkness, finding a gun and navigating through eerie environments. Markiplier encounters terrifying creatures and intense situations, all while dealing with the game's disorienting effects and his own reactions to the game, including motion sickness. Despite the challenges, he appreciates the unique perspective and the game's ability to elicit scares, leaving viewers with a memorable and thrilling experience.


  • 🎮 The game 'Depart' is described as an unsettlingly realistic horror game with a unique gameplay style.
  • 👻 The player, Markiplier, experiences a disorienting and immersive journey through darkness and uncertainty.
  • 🔫 Markiplier finds a gun early in the game, which provides a sense of security but also adds to the tension.
  • 💡 The game employs a body cam perspective, enhancing the realism and immersion compared to traditional first-person shooters.
  • 🍺 Markiplier mentions being drunk, which humorously affects his gameplay and reactions throughout the video.
  • 🔦 The player's desire for a flashlight highlights the game's focus on exploration and the importance of visibility in horror games.
  • 👻 Encounters with various horror elements, like Slenderman, add to the game's eerie atmosphere.
  • 🚪 The game involves navigating through a changing environment with locked doors and unexpected turns.
  • 💥 Markiplier expresses mixed feelings about the game's immersive quality, noting both enjoyment and motion sickness.
  • 🎯 Ammo management and strategic use of resources are crucial aspects of the gameplay.
  • 🤔 The game ends with a thought-provoking message, leaving the player to ponder its implications.

Q & A

  • What is the title of the game that Markiplier is playing?

    -The title of the game is 'Depart'.

  • How does Markiplier describe the horror game 'Depart'?

    -Markiplier describes 'Depart' as an unsettlingly realistic horror game with a unique body cam-style gameplay.

  • What does Markiplier find in the game that he believes might be useful?

    -Markiplier finds a gun in the game, which he thinks could be useful for his survival.

  • Why does Markiplier feel that the game 'Depart' is more immersive than other horror games?

    -The game 'Depart' is more immersive due to its body cam-style perspective, which makes the gameplay feel closer to a first-person experience.

  • What does Markiplier mention about his experience with the game that makes him feel a bit nauseous?

    -Markiplier mentions that the game's high level of immersion and the perspective shift as he moves around make him feel a bit nauseous, similar to the experience of playing in VR.

  • What does Markiplier do when he encounters a character in the game that he doesn't like?

    -When Markiplier encounters a character he doesn't like, he shoots at it, expressing surprise when his action proves effective.

  • What kind of ammo does Markiplier find during the gameplay?

    -Markiplier finds explosive ammo during the gameplay, although he is not sure about the exact type due to the absence of an ammo counter.

  • How does Markiplier react to the changing environment and the unexpected events in the game?

    -Markiplier reacts with surprise and sometimes fear to the changing environment and unexpected events, expressing his thoughts and feelings throughout the gameplay.

  • What does Markiplier say about the game's lighting and how it affects his gameplay?

    -Markiplier comments on the game's lighting, saying that the darkness and the flashing lights make it difficult for him to see and aim, which adds to the challenge and horror of the game.

  • What does Markiplier do when he feels overwhelmed by the game's intensity?

    -When Markiplier feels overwhelmed by the game's intensity, he pauses the game to give himself and the viewers a breather, acknowledging the potential for motion sickness.

  • How does Markiplier conclude his thoughts on the game 'Depart'?

    -Markiplier concludes that while 'Depart' is a great proof of concept and a demo that provides a new level of immersion and scares, it needs some fine-tuning to improve the experience, particularly regarding the motion sickness issue.



🌑 Entering the Unsettling World

The first paragraph introduces the player, Markiplier, to the game Depart, an unsettlingly realistic horror experience. Markiplier expresses confusion and surprise at the game's immersive qualities, noting the disorientation and the unexpected discovery of a gun. He navigates through darkness and empty spaces, speculating on the game's mechanics and his limited knowledge of the situation. The paragraph highlights the game's atmosphere, the player's initial reactions, and the introduction of key elements like the gun, which sets the stage for the ensuing action.


🔦 Searching for Clarity in Darkness

In the second paragraph, Markiplier continues to explore the dark environment, expressing a desire for a flashlight to navigate the pitch-black surroundings. He encounters various challenges, such as the game's perspective and the sensation of cornering, which adds to the tension. The paragraph also touches on the player's experience with motion sickness due to the immersive gameplay. Markiplier's reactions to the game's events, like the sudden changes in lighting and the appearance of frightening entities, showcase the game's ability to evoke fear and uncertainty in the player.


🔫 Combat and Exploration in the Unseen

The third paragraph focuses on Markiplier's interactions with the game's combat mechanics and his attempts to progress through the level. He击杀 an enemy and finds keys, which suggests puzzle-solving elements in the game. The paragraph also highlights the player's resource management, as he realizes his limited ammo supply. Markiplier's commentary on the game's difficulty, the strategic use of the gun, and the tension-filled moments when he faces various threats paint a vivid picture of the game's challenging and suspenseful nature.


💥 Encounters and Revelations in the Hallway

In the fourth paragraph, Markiplier engages in more combat, facing relentless enemies that don't go down easily. He strategizes on how to keep the enemies at bay, highlighting the game's intense and possibly survival-horror aspects. The paragraph also describes the player's careful approach to the game's environment, his observations on the game's mechanics, and the discovery of new items. Markiplier's experiences with the game's difficulty, the eerie atmosphere, and the unexpected events contribute to the overall suspense and terror of the game.


🎮 Reflecting on the Immersive Experience

The final paragraph serves as a conclusion to Markiplier's gameplay experience. He reflects on the game's unique qualities, such as the immersive perspective and the increased level of fear it induces. Markiplier discusses the game's potential and the need for fine-tuning to address issues like motion sickness. The paragraph ends with a call to action for viewers to share their thoughts and a teaser for future content. This summary captures the player's overall impressions of the game, his appreciation for the horror experience, and his anticipation for more scares in upcoming videos.



💡Body Cam

A body cam is a wearable video camera that is typically used by law enforcement or other professionals for recording events from a first-person perspective. In the context of the video, it refers to the unique gameplay style where the game is experienced as if through a body camera, adding to the realism and immersion of the horror game that the player, Markiplier, is engaging with.

💡Horror Game

A horror game is a genre of video games where the primary focus is on creating a sense of fear, tension, and unease in the player. These games often involve elements of the supernatural, survival, and exploration in dark, eerie environments. In the video, Markiplier is playing a horror game that is described as 'unsettlingly realistic,' indicating a high level of immersion and scare factor.


Markiplier is a popular YouTuber known for his Let's Play videos, particularly in the horror game genre. He is characterized by his energetic and comedic commentary while playing games. In this video, Markiplier is the player navigating through the horror game, providing reactions and commentary that add to the entertainment value for his audience.


In the context of horror games, darkness often serves as a tool to create suspense and fear by limiting the player's visibility and control over their environment. It can represent the unknown and heighten the player's sense of vulnerability. In the video, Markiplier expresses his apprehension about walking into the darkness, a common trope in horror games that builds tension.


In video games, especially those of the horror genre, a gun is often provided as a means of self-defense against enemies or threats. It can symbolize power and control in a situation where the player might otherwise feel vulnerable. In the script, Markiplier finds a gun early in the game, which he perceives as a positive development for his chances of survival within the game.


Immersion in gaming refers to the feeling of being deeply involved in and fully engaged with the game environment and its narrative. It's a state where the player feels like they are truly part of the game world. In the video, Markiplier notes that the body cam perspective of the game makes it more immersive, as it simulates a realistic experience that is closer to the player's own point of view.

💡VR (Virtual Reality)

Virtual Reality, or VR, is a technology that allows users to experience computer-generated environments as if they were real. It typically involves the use of headsets and other sensory inputs to create a fully immersive experience. In the video, Markiplier compares the body cam gameplay to VR, highlighting the increased level of immersion it provides.

💡Motion Sickness

Motion sickness is a sensation of discomfort and nausea experienced by some individuals when subjected to constant motion or visual stimuli, particularly in virtual environments. In the context of the video, Markiplier mentions feeling a bit nauseous due to the immersive nature of the game, which is similar to the experience of motion sickness some people have in VR.

💡Ammo (Ammunition)

Ammunition, or ammo, refers to the materials used in firearms, such as bullets or shells. In video games, managing ammo is often a critical aspect of gameplay, as it can determine the player's ability to defend themselves against enemies. In the script, Markiplier expresses concern about his ammo, indicating the importance of this resource in the game.


A flashlight is a portable light source used in various situations, including navigating dark environments. In video games, a flashlight is often used to照亮玩家的视野 and reveal hidden details or threats. In the horror game Markiplier is playing, the flashlight serves as a crucial tool for exploring the dark and uncertain game world.


A scare in the context of a horror game refers to a sudden event or element designed to startle or frighten the player. These are often unexpected and are a key component of creating a suspenseful and terrifying gaming experience. Markiplier mentions getting scared multiple times throughout the video, which is a primary goal of horror games.


Markiplier experiences a new type of horror game that is described as unsettlingly realistic.

The game features a unique gameplay style that combines first-person shooter elements with body cam perspectives.

Markiplier navigates through darkness and confusion, highlighting the game's immersive and disorienting environment.

The discovery of a gun adds an element of potential combat, increasing the tension of the gameplay.

Markiplier's commentary on the game's perspective adds depth to the player's understanding of the game's innovative approach.

The game's use of lighting and shadow creates an eerie atmosphere that enhances the horror experience.

Markiplier's reaction to the game's intense moments provides insight into the game's ability to evoke fear and excitement.

The game's narrative and setting are explored, with Markiplier questioning the circumstances of his character's predicament.

The game's mechanics, such as ammunition management and enemy encounters, are discussed and critiqued.

Markiplier's experience with the game's motion sickness potential is shared, highlighting the physical impact of immersive gameplay.

The game's conclusion and its thought-provoking ending are analyzed, adding a layer of depth to the horror experience.

Markiplier's overall impression of the game is positive, appreciating the innovation and uniqueness it offers.

The video ends with Markiplier encouraging viewers to check out more scary games and to share their thoughts on the game.