I can't play hyper realistic body cam horror games [Deppart]

30 May 202317:55

TLDRCorey Kenshin, a gaming YouTuber, shares his intense experience playing a hyper-realistic body cam horror game. He describes the frightening visuals, sound design, and the game's dark atmosphere, which leaves him feeling genuinely scared and uncomfortable. Despite his initial confidence, Corey struggles with the game's challenges, including reloading, navigating, and facing unexpected enemies. His reactions are a mix of humor and genuine fear, showcasing the immersive and terrifying nature of the game.


  • 🎮 The video is about the YouTuber's experience playing a hyper-realistic body cam horror game.
  • 🤔 The YouTuber expresses curiosity about the origin of his intro ideas and the freedom of content creation on YouTube.
  • 👻 The game's dark setting and sound design contribute to the horror experience, making the player feel uneasy.
  • 🔫 The player finds a gun in the game, indicating the need for defense against in-game threats.
  • 😅 The player humorously reacts to in-game events, adding a light-hearted tone to the horror experience.
  • 💡 Technical issues like game freezing and lagging are highlighted, affecting the player's experience.
  • 👻 The player is startled by unexpected game events, such as the game world inverting or doors mysteriously opening.
  • 🔄 The player mentions the need to reload, indicating the game's mechanics and the tension it creates.
  • 👣 The importance of listening to footsteps for navigation and survival in the game is emphasized.
  • 😓 The YouTuber admits to feeling genuinely uncomfortable and scared, breaking the fourth wall to engage with the audience.
  • 🎶 The player comments on the game's music, noting how it builds up tension and then abruptly cuts off, adding to the horror atmosphere.
  • 👾 The player encounters various enemies and realizes that headshots are effective, showing a learning curve in the gameplay.

Q & A

  • What is the YouTuber Corey Kenshin's perspective on the freedom of content creation as a YouTuber?

    -Corey Kenshin believes that the beauty of being a YouTuber is the freedom to do what you want, without limiting oneself to a specific niche like just video games.

  • What game is Corey Kenshin playing in the script, and what is his initial reaction to it?

    -The script does not specify the name of the game Corey Kenshin is playing, but his initial reaction is that the game is too dark and the sound design is making him uncomfortable.

  • How does Corey Kenshin describe his experience with the game's graphics and sound?

    -Corey Kenshin is impressed by the game's graphics, comparing them to PT's release, but he is also disturbed by the game's dark setting and sound design.

  • What issue does Corey encounter with the game's controls and mechanics?

    -Corey Kenshin struggles with the game's controls, particularly with reloading and the game's mechanics, such as the flashlight and the gun.

  • How does Corey Kenshin react to the game's difficulty and his performance?

    -He expresses frustration with missing shots and having to reload, and he jokes about his performance, indicating that he finds the game challenging.

  • What technical issues does Corey experience while playing the game?

    -Corey Kenshin experiences game freezing, lagging, and an unexpected inverting of the game's display, which he attributes to downloading corrupt copies of the game.

  • How does Corey Kenshin handle in-game decisions, such as choosing directions?

    -He involves his audience by asking them for input on which direction to go, showing a playful and interactive approach to his gameplay.

  • What is Corey Kenshin's strategy for dealing with the game's enemies?

    -He focuses on headshots after realizing they are effective and suggests that listening for footsteps is a key strategy for dealing with the game's enemies.

  • How does Corey Kenshin's attitude towards the game change as he continues to play?

    -His initial excitement turns into discomfort and fear as he progresses, culminating in him stating that he doesn't like the game and feels genuinely scared.

  • What does Corey Kenshin say about the game's checkpoint system?

    -He expresses frustration with the lack of checkpoints in the game, as it adds to the difficulty and stress of playing.

  • How does Corey Kenshin conclude his experience with the game?

    -He concludes by stating that he doesn't need realistic body cam horror games, implying that the game's immersive and intense experience was too much for him.



🎮 Gaming Freedom and Exploration

In this paragraph, the YouTuber Corey Kenshin expresses the creative freedom that comes with being a content creator on YouTube. He talks about not limiting himself to gaming content, suggesting that even a casual walk and chat could be entertaining for his audience. He also humorously discusses his experience with a dark and challenging game, highlighting technical issues like low visibility and game freezing, and his reactions to in-game sound design and unexpected events.


😱 Encounters with Game Bugs and Immersion

The second paragraph captures the YouTuber's experience with a game that has various bugs and glitches, such as freezing and inverting the screen, which he finds frustrating. He also discusses the game's suspenseful elements, like footsteps and breathing sounds, and his struggle with the game's mechanics, including reloading and the abrupt changes in music. His commentary reflects a mix of humor, confusion, and a hint of fear as he navigates the game's challenges.


🤯 Fear and Tension in a Horror Game

In this paragraph, Corey Kenshin describes his discomfort and fear while playing a horror game, emphasizing the realistic and intense atmosphere it creates. He talks about the game's corners and dark spaces, which add to the tension. He experiences in-game deaths and frustrations with the game's mechanics, such as not being able to retry from a checkpoint. His commentary includes moments of panic and confusion, as well as attempts to strategize and adapt to the game's challenges.


🏆 Overcoming Challenges and Victory

The final paragraph concludes with Corey Kenshin overcoming the game's challenges and achieving victory. He expresses relief and satisfaction with his performance, particularly mentioning his ability to 'break ankles' in games. The paragraph ends on a high note with the YouTuber triumphing over the game, despite the realistic and intense horror elements he faced earlier.




A YouTuber is an individual who creates and shares content on the YouTube platform. In the script, Corey Kenshin identifies as a gaming YouTuber, emphasizing the creative freedom to explore various topics beyond just video games, such as going for a walk and having a chat, which he believes his audience would still find engaging.


PT refers to the playable teaser for the game 'P.T.' (Playable Teaser), which was a demo for the now-cancelled game 'Silent Hills'. The script mentions 'PT' to draw a comparison to the graphics and atmosphere of the game being played, highlighting the high level of realism and horror that the game's graphics evoke.

💡Sound design

Sound design in a video game refers to the creation and arrangement of audio elements such as music, sound effects, and ambient noise. In the script, Corey comments on the sound design, noting how it contributes to the game's horror atmosphere and his own feelings of unease and tension.


Ammo stands for ammunition, which is used in games to fire weapons. Corey mentions checking for ammo, indicating his readiness to engage with enemies in the game, and later expresses frustration when he misses shots and runs out of ammunition.


Lagging in gaming refers to a delay or slow response in the game's performance, often due to technical issues. Corey experiences game lag, which inverts his view and disrupts his gameplay, causing him to feel frustrated and disconnected from the game.


A checkpoint in a video game is a point at the game where the player's progress is saved, allowing them to resume from that point if they die or quit. Corey asks for a checkpoint when he feels overwhelmed, indicating his desire for a way to restart the game from a more manageable point.

💡Head shots

A head shot in gaming is a shot that hits an enemy in the head, often resulting in more damage or an instant kill. Corey discovers the effectiveness of head shots in the game, which becomes a strategy for him to overcome the challenges he faces.

💡Close Quarters

Close Quarters refers to a situation in a game where the player is in a confined space with limited visibility and movement, often increasing the intensity and difficulty. Corey expresses discomfort with the close quarters in the game, noting the abundance of corners and the difficulty in seeing enemies.


A reticle is a aiming guide, often a crosshair, used in games to help players aim their weapons accurately. Corey wishes for a reticle to improve his aiming, especially in the chaotic and intense moments of the game.


In the context of the script, 'Shogun' is used as a playful and confident self-reference by Corey, indicating his role as a powerful player within the game. It's a term borrowed from feudal Japan where a shogun was a military dictator, symbolizing strength and leadership.

💡Body cam horror games

Body cam horror games are a subgenre of horror video games that utilize a first-person perspective, often mimicking the view from a body camera to create a more immersive and realistic experience. Corey expresses his discomfort with this type of game, stating that he does not need such realistic horror experiences.


The freedom of a YouTuber to create content beyond gaming.

Corey Kenshin's introduction and his approach to YouTube content.

The immersive experience of playing a hyper-realistic body cam horror game.

The game's dark and intense atmosphere with lack of brightness.

Corey's reaction to the game's sound design and its impact on his experience.

Finding a gun in the game and the ensuing action.

The humorous moment when Corey considers whether he farted while playing.

Corey's decision-making process while navigating the game's environment.

The game's technical issues, such as freezing and lagging.

Corey's frustration with the game's music and sound effects.

The unexpected game inversion and Corey's reaction.

Corey's realization that the game's enemies can bleed and die.

The tension as Corey tries to navigate through the dark with only footsteps to guide him.

Corey's discomfort and fear while playing the horror game.

The moment Corey discovers the effectiveness of headshots in the game.

Corey's plea for a checkpoint due to the game's difficulty.

The final moments of the gameplay where Corey admits he doesn't need realistic body cam horror games.