i got the R9 haircut.. 😭

13 Apr 202418:11

TLDRIn a humorous and chaotic video, the protagonist decides to get a daring R9 haircut after much deliberation and banter with friends. Initially hesitant, they proceed with the hog rider style, which involves shaving the sides and leaving a strip of hair, resembling a mohawk. Despite the laughter and jokes from the chat, they commit to the transformation, even considering a full skin cut but ultimately settling on the R9. The video is filled with reactions, with the protagonist playfully engaging with the audience and even considering showing off the new look to their mom. The video concludes with the protagonist accepting their new hairstyle, despite the teasing and memes from the chat, embracing the change with a positive attitude.


  • 😭 The speaker decided to get a 'Hog Rider' haircut, initially planning a mohawk-style with shaved sides.
  • 🤔 There was a moment of indecision about whether to go for a full shave ('full skin') or leave some hair.
  • 🎥 The haircut process was live-streamed, involving audience participation to decide certain styles and durations.
  • 😂 Audience reactions were mixed, with many finding the evolving haircut humorous and engaging in light-hearted banter.
  • 📸 The speaker frequently checked their appearance during the stream, reacting live to changes and audience comments.
  • 👨‍🦲 At one point, the speaker looked into getting a 'low taper' cut, influenced by audience suggestions.
  • 💇‍♂️ Midway, the speaker contemplated keeping a half-shaved look as part of the ongoing entertainment.
  • 👀 The haircut evolved into what was termed an 'R9' cut, referring to a style associated with the famous soccer player, Ronaldo.
  • 📞 The speaker humorously considered FaceTiming their mom to show the haircut, underlining the spontaneous and humorous nature of the stream.
  • 🤷‍♂️ By the end, the speaker and the audience playfully debated the success of the haircut, with plans to possibly adjust it based on feedback.

Q & A

  • What is the 'Hog Rider' haircut mentioned in the script?

    -The 'Hog Rider' haircut refers to a style inspired by a mohawk, characterized by shaved sides and a strip of hair left in the middle of the head. The name likely comes from its resemblance to the hairstyle of the 'Hog Rider' character from a popular video game.

  • Why does the person in the script consider a 'low taper' haircut initially?

    -The individual initially considers a 'low taper' haircut because it was recommended by others. A 'low taper' involves gradually shortening the hair length from the top towards the neckline, providing a subtle transition that is often considered stylish and clean.

  • What prompts the decision to go with a 'full skin' style?

    -The decision to go with a 'full skin' style, meaning fully shaving the sides of the head, is made after considering how it would look. The group ultimately decides that leaving hair on the sides would look strange with the intended haircut style.

  • What role does the chat play in the decision-making process for the haircut?

    -The chat actively participates in the decision-making process, providing real-time feedback and suggestions. They influence decisions such as the style of the haircut and how long the person should keep it before changing.

  • How does the individual react to seeing their new haircut?

    -The individual reacts with shock and amusement upon seeing their new haircut. They express disbelief and laughter, especially as they receive immediate feedback from the chat and see their reflection.

  • What is the significance of doing a '360' during the haircut?

    -Doing a '360'—turning around completely—allows the individual and the viewers (chat) to see the haircut from all angles. This helps in assessing the overall look and making further adjustments if needed.

  • How is humor incorporated into the haircut session?

    -Humor is incorporated through playful banter, exaggerated reactions, and humorous remarks about the changes in appearance. The chat also adds to the humor by sending emojis and making funny comments.

  • What concerns does the person voice about the new haircut?

    -The individual expresses concerns about the practical implications of their new haircut, such as not being able to go out in public comfortably and how it will affect their social interactions, like family dinners.

  • What final decision is made regarding the hairstyle at the end of the script?

    -By the end of the script, the individual contemplates whether to keep the 'Hog Rider' haircut or change it to another suggested style, the 'R9'. The final decision seems pending further feedback and reactions.

  • How is the haircut related to personal identity and viewer interaction in the script?

    -The haircut significantly influences the individual's personal identity as it changes their appearance dramatically, sparking various reactions. It also serves as a medium for interaction with viewers, who participate in shaping the narrative and the individual's identity through live feedback and suggestions.



💇‍♂️ The Hog Rider Haircut Dilemma

The speaker is contemplating whether to get a hog rider haircut, which involves having a mohawk with shaved sides. They discuss the idea with their friend Chad and the chat, showing a picture for reference. The conversation revolves around the decision to go for a full skin (completely bald) look or to leave some hair. The speaker ultimately decides to go through with the hog rider haircut, despite concerns about how it will look with hair and the time it will take for it to grow back. The chat reacts with laughter and amusement, and the speaker expresses surprise at their own transformation, with some suggesting it looks good while others joke about its resemblance to various other hairstyles or characters.


😅 Reactions and Considerations Post-Haircut

After getting the hog rider haircut, the speaker interacts with the chat and their friend Chad, who provide mixed reactions. The speaker considers whether to keep the haircut or to try something else, like an R9 cut. The chat encourages the speaker to keep the current haircut, and there's a humorous discussion about the speaker's appearance, with comparisons to eggs and ninjas. The speaker's mother is mentioned, and there's a playful debate about showing her the new haircut via FaceTime. The speaker also addresses the chat's suggestions and concerns about the haircut growing out, with some joking about it looking like a mullet without the mullet.


🤯 The R9 Cut Decision and Aftermath

The speaker and Chad continue the conversation about the R9 haircut, which seems to be an even more drastic change. The chat is divided, with some encouraging the speaker to go for it and others expressing disbelief at the decision. The speaker is concerned about the haircut's permanence and how it will be perceived, especially by their mother. Despite the reservations, the speaker goes through with the R9 cut, leading to more laughter and comments from the chat about the haircut's appearance, comparing it to various characters and situations. The speaker also discusses the potential for memes and the long-term implications of their new look.


😆 Final Thoughts and Allergic Reactions

In the final paragraph, the speaker continues to engage with the chat and Chad, discussing the new haircut and its impact. There are more jokes about the haircut's appearance, with comparisons to Hopper from Stranger Things and a prisoner's style. The speaker also experiences an allergic reaction, which adds another layer to the conversation. The chat and Chad weigh in on whether the speaker should keep the haircut or change it, with suggestions ranging from a fade to a straight line. The speaker and the chat engage in a playful banter, with the chat rating the haircut and making light of the situation. The speaker ends the conversation by expressing their determination not to let their friends cut their hair again and by reflecting on the reactions to their new look.



💡R9 haircut

The R9 haircut is a specific style mentioned in the script that seems to be a significant focus of the video. It is likely a type of haircut that the speaker is either considering or has received, and it appears to be a source of humor or concern due to its distinctiveness. The exact nature of the R9 haircut is not detailed in the script, but it is central to the video's narrative and the reactions of the participants.

💡Hog rider haircut

The 'Hog rider haircut' is another term used in the script to describe a particular hair styling choice. It is associated with a zero hair or 'bald' look on the sides, which seems to be a precursor or alternative to the R9 haircut. The term likely refers to a specific subculture or style within the broader context of haircuts and personal grooming.

💡Mid taper fade

The 'mid taper fade' is a haircut technique that involves gradually fading the hair from the top of the head down to the sides, creating a smooth transition from longer hair in the middle to shorter hair at the sides and back. This style is mentioned in the script as an alternative or part of the overall haircut that the speaker is considering.

💡Allergic to eggs

In the context of the script, 'allergic to eggs' refers to a personal health condition of the speaker or someone else present. An egg allergy is a common food allergy where the immune system reacts adversely to proteins found in egg whites or yolks. This detail adds a personal element to the narrative and could be a source of humor or concern within the video.


FaceTime is a video calling application developed by Apple Inc. for macOS and iOS devices. In the script, it is used as a means of communication, suggesting that the speaker intends to show their new haircut to someone else, presumably a family member, through this platform.

💡Twitch stream

A 'Twitch stream' refers to the live broadcasting of video content on Twitch, a popular platform primarily used for video game streaming. In the context of the script, it seems to be used metaphorically to describe the speaker's current situation or the content of the video, possibly implying that the speaker's reactions or the haircut itself are entertaining or worthy of streaming.


A 'mullet' is a hairstyle characterized by short hair on the front and sides of the head and longer hair at the back. It became a popular style in the 1980s and is often associated with a certain subculture or fashion trend. In the script, the mullet is mentioned as a comparison to the speaker's current or potential hairstyle.


In the context of the script, 'Ronaldino' appears to be a nickname or a play on words derived from the name 'Ronaldo,' which is a common reference to the famous Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. The speaker is called 'Ronaldino' after getting the R9 haircut, suggesting that the haircut has transformed their identity or appearance in a way that is associated with the footballer.

💡Headset Dent

The term 'headset Dent' likely refers to a mark or indentation on the head caused by wearing a headset for an extended period. In the script, it is used humorously to describe a perceived flaw or feature in the speaker's appearance after the haircut, possibly implying that the haircut has revealed or accentuated this feature.


Allergies are a common medical condition where the immune system reacts to certain substances, known as allergens, causing symptoms such as sneezing, itching, or swelling. In the script, the mention of allergies adds a personal and potentially humorous element to the narrative, as it is linked to the speaker's reaction to the haircut or the situation.


The individual is considering a hog rider haircut.

The person is debating whether to go for a full skin or leave some hair.

The decision is made to go for a full skin, despite concerns about how it will look.

The individual's friends encourage them to keep the haircut, even suggesting a mid taper fade.

The person expresses concern about how long they will have to keep the haircut before they can shave their head again.

The person's mother is mentioned, and there's a suggestion to FaceTime her to show off the new haircut.

The individual is compared to a hog rider, which seems to be a humorous comparison.

The person is urged to do the 'hog rider call' after the haircut.

There's a discussion about the person looking like a ninja after the haircut.

The individual is asked to do a 360-degree turn to show off the haircut from all angles.

The person is compared to Hopper from Stranger Things after getting the R9 haircut.

The individual expresses regret and considers moving to Texas after the R9 haircut.

The person is told they now have a 'headset dent' after the haircut.

The individual is allergic to eggs, which becomes a running joke in the chat.

The person is urged to keep the haircut, with chat users saying it looks better than the previous one.

The individual is compared to a unicorn whose horn fell off, further emphasizing the uniqueness of the haircut.

The person is told they look like a prisoner after the haircut.

The individual is urged to fade the haircut, but they dismiss the idea.

The person is told they look like Ronaldinho after the haircut, leading to a playful argument about their new nickname.

The individual is encouraged to show their mother the new haircut, despite their reservations.

The person is told that the haircut will look better when it grows out.