The BEST Thing About Midjourney Version 5.2

Future Tech Pilot
26 Jun 202306:45

TLDRMidjourney Version 5.2 introduces consistent style transfer through its improved remix mode. By generating a foundational style and using stylized and chaos values, users can create unique images and apply the style to various subjects. The remix mode allows for customization and achieving a consistent aesthetic across different images, which is a game-changer for artists seeking to establish a uniform brand identity.


  • 🚀 Midjourney Version 5.2 introduces consistent style generation using Remix mode.
  • 🎨 Start by creating a foundational style with a unique aesthetic, like 'Gorilla neon oil painting'.
  • 🌟 Utilize stylized and chaotic values for a more unique and creative initial image.
  • 🔄 Turn on Remix mode by typing 'forward slash prefer remix' in the prompt box.
  • 📸 Variation buttons now allow for customization of the image based on the foundational style.
  • 🔍 Erase the original subject (e.g., Gorilla) and replace it with another for a new image in the same style.
  • ⚠️ Remove stylized and chaotic values when remixing to maintain consistency.
  • 🚗 Use 'very strong' variation for upscaled images to preserve the consistent style effectively.
  • 🎁 Version 5.2 offers more variety in grids, allowing for a range of options in the same style.
  • 🛠️ The update is game-changing for artists seeking to establish a consistent style across their work.
  • 🌐 AI art is progressing towards a symbiotic relationship with humans, enhancing creative expression.

Q & A

  • What is the main feature introduced in Midjourney Version 5.2?

    -The main feature introduced in Midjourney Version 5.2 is the consistent style transfer, made possible by the improved remix mode.

  • How does one generate a foundational style in Midjourney 5.2?

    -To generate a foundational style, users should start by creating an image with a unique style, such as a Gorilla neon oil painting with thick brush strokes, and utilize stylized and chaos values for more variety.

  • What is the recommended approach for selecting a style to transfer in Midjourney 5.2?

    -The recommend approach is to choose a style that stands out, like the third option in the example, and then transfer this style to different subjects using the remix mode.

  • How does the remix mode function in Midjourney 5.2?

    -In Midjourney 5.2, the remix mode allows users to modify the original image by bringing up a prompt box where they can remix the photo into their desired outcome. This feature significantly improves upon previous versions.

  • Why is it important to remove the chaos and stylize values when remixing in Midjourney 5.2?

    -Removing the chaos and stylize values ensures consistency in the style transfer. These values introduce variety and creative freedom, which are not desired when the goal is to maintain a consistent style across different subjects.

  • What are the two variation options available when using the remix mode on an upscale in Midjourney 5.2?

    -The two variation options are 'very strong' and 'very subtle'. For a consistent style, 'very strong' is recommended over 'very subtle'.

  • How can users ensure they get the desired variation mode in Midjourney 5.2?

    -Users should check their settings to make sure 'High variation mode' is enabled, as this affects the intensity of the variation, with 'Low variation mode' leading to less consistent results.

  • What is the significance of the consistent style feature for artists?

    -The consistent style feature allows artists to maintain a uniform look across their art and branding, which can greatly enhance their personal style and the overall aesthetic of their work.

  • How can users find more ideas and resources for using Midjourney 5.2 effectively?

    -Users can find free PDFs in the description of the video, including cheat sheets, camera angles, and a visual dictionary of 200 Aesthetics, as well as variety prompt packs available in the speaker's store on their website.

  • What is the potential impact of the AI's improved understanding and expression in Midjourney 5.2?

    -The improved AI capabilities in Midjourney 5.2 can lead to a symbiotic relationship between the AI and the user, where the AI is able to express what the user is looking for, potentially surpassing the user's own creative limitations.



🎨 Introducing Consistent Style with Remix Mode

This paragraph introduces the audience to the new feature in version 5.2 of mid-journey, the Remix Mode, which allows for a consistent style across different subjects. It explains how to generate a foundational style using a stylized value and chaos value, and then transfer that style to various prompts. The importance of turning on Remix Mode and the functionality of variation buttons in this mode are highlighted. The paragraph also discusses the impact of keeping or removing stylized and chaotic values when remixing images, emphasizing the need for consistency. Examples are given on how to apply this feature to different subjects, such as replacing a gorilla with a dog or a sports car, and the results of using strong versus subtle variations in the Remix Mode are compared. The transformative potential of this feature for artists and branding is underscored.


🚀 Enhancing Creative Freedom with Remix Variations

This paragraph delves deeper into the practical application of Remix Mode, discussing the outcomes when different subjects like Castle in the Sky, a turtle, or a futuristic sound system are used. It points out that while there might be slight variations, the consistent style can still be achieved. The paragraph advises on the proper use of the re-roll function in relation to Remix Mode, cautioning against inadvertently generating a new prompt. The transformative impact of this feature on personal branding and the symbiotic relationship between AI and human creativity is celebrated, with the speaker expressing excitement about the future possibilities of AI-generated art.



💡Midjourney Version 5.2

Midjourney Version 5.2 refers to a specific update of a software or application, likely related to art or design, which introduces new features that enhance user experience. In the context of the video, it is the platform that enables the creation of consistent styles through its features, which is a significant improvement over previous versions.

💡Remix Mode

Remix Mode is a feature within Midjourney Version 5.2 that allows users to modify and recombine elements of a generated image to create a new piece of art. It is a tool for artists to experiment with styles and subjects, as demonstrated in the video where the style of a gorilla painting is transferred to a dog and a sports car.

💡Stylized Value

The Stylized Value is a parameter within the software that influences the creative freedom of the generated artwork. It contributes to the uniqueness of the style by allowing the AI to interpret the input in a more abstract or artistic manner, which is crucial when looking for a distinctive style to apply across different subjects.

💡Chaos Value

Chaos Value is another parameter that adds variety to the generated images. It introduces random elements, creating a broader range of styles. However, when aiming for consistency in style, as in the video, it is recommended to reduce or eliminate the Chaos Value to maintain a coherent artistic theme.

💡Variation Buttons

Variation Buttons are used in the software to generate slightly different versions of an image. In the context of Remix Mode, these buttons serve a different purpose, allowing users to bring up the prompt box to remix the photo with different subjects or styles, which was not as effective in previous versions but has been significantly improved in Version 5.2.

💡Consistent Style

Consistent Style refers to the ability to apply a uniform artistic theme or visual identity across multiple images or pieces of art. This is a highly sought-after feature for branding and artistic coherence, as demonstrated in the video where the same style is applied to different subjects, creating a unified look.

💡Upscaled Version

An Upscaled Version of an image refers to a process where the image is enlarged or 'scaled up' while maintaining or improving its quality. In the video, the upscaled version of the gorilla painting is used to showcase the consistent style that can be achieved through the Remix Mode.

💡Strong Variation

Strong Variation is an option within the Remix Mode that allows for significant changes to the original image while still retaining the core style. It is preferred over subtle variations when aiming for a pronounced and recognizable artistic style, as shown when the gorilla style is applied to a sports car.

💡High Variation Mode

High Variation Mode is a setting in the software that, when enabled, allows for a greater degree of variation in the generated images. It is important to have this mode on when using Remix Mode to ensure the generation of diverse yet stylistically consistent images.


Re-roll is a function that allows users to generate a new set of images with the same parameters. In the context of the video, it is mentioned that using Re-roll with Remix Mode on can result in a new prompt, which may not contain the desired consistent style. Therefore, it is suggested to turn off Remix Mode before using Re-roll for a more predictable outcome.

💡AI Art

AI Art refers to artwork that is created or influenced by artificial intelligence. In the video, AI is used to generate paintings with a consistent style, showcasing the potential for AI to assist artists in expressing their vision. It represents a convergence of technology and creativity, where AI can help realize ideas that may be difficult for humans to achieve manually.


Version 5.2 of Midjourney introduces consistent style generation.

The previously underutilized Remix mode is now a key feature.

Foundational styles can be created using stylized values and chaos values.

Remix mode can be toggled on or off using forward slash prefer remix in the prompt box.

Variation buttons now allow for remixing the photo into custom prompts.

Erasing the subject and replacing it with another maintains the foundational style.

Removing chaos and stylize values ensures consistency in the remixed images.

Strong variations are recommended over subtle ones for consistent style application.

High variation mode should be enabled for the best remix results.

The new remix feature has significant implications for artists and branding.

The AI and human collaboration moves closer to a symbiotic relationship in creative expression.

The update allows for recreation of any picture with consistent style.

PDFs with helpful resources like cheat sheets and visual dictionaries are available for download.

Examples demonstrate the versatility of the style transfer across various subjects.

Re-rolling with remix off ensures the generation retains the desired style.

Version 5.2 offers more variety within grids for better style matching options.

The update is considered game-changing and has been long-awaited by the community.