V5.2 - Using NEW Midjourney Version 5.2 (for ENHANCED AI Art!)

Wade McMaster - Creator Impact
22 Jun 202307:08

TLDRMidjourney Version 5.2 has been released, offering enhanced AI art with improved aesthetics, sharpness, and coherence in image creation. The update introduces a high variance mode for more diverse images and a 'shorten' command to optimize prompts. Users can also adjust image aspect ratios and zoom levels without changing resolution. The new version showcases better detail and realism in various prompts, including abstract concepts and human faces, promising a more pleasing and engaging visual experience.


  • 🚀 Midjourney Version 5.2 is now live and set as the default method for testing, featuring improved aesthetics and sharpness in images.
  • 🧠 The new version has better coherence and understanding of text inputs, enhancing the diversity of created images.
  • 🎲 Re-rolls may be needed to achieve desired images due to the increased diversity in image creation.
  • 📝 To use Version 5.2, simply type the prompt followed by '--- V Space 5.2', although it is active by default.
  • 🔄 High variance mode introduced, allowing more varied images with options for subtle or strong changes post-upscale.
  • 📊 Shortened command feature to suggest shorter prompts by removing less effective words.
  • 🔍 Zoom out function added to adjust image aspect ratio and create more space around the image subject without changing resolution.
  • 📸 Comparisons of prompts across versions show a trend of increased sharpness, detail, and photorealism in images.
  • 👤 Improvements in human face rendering, with less odd details and more realistic features.
  • 🎨 Abstract and concept combination prompts yield creative and high-quality results, showcasing the versatility of Version 5.2.
  • 🎥 A variety of image layouts and styles are now possible, including abstract art and nature scenes with unique visual effects.

Q & A

  • What is the main feature of the new Midjourney Version 5.2?

    -The main feature of Midjourney Version 5.2 is the improved aesthetics and sharpness in images, better coherence and understanding of text inputs, and increased diversity in image creation.

  • How can you activate the use of Version 5.2 for your prompts?

    -Version 5.2 is set as the default method and is active by default. You can type in your prompt and use the command '--- V Space 5.2' to explicitly specify the version, although it is not necessary as it's already active.

  • What is the High Variance Mode in Midjourney 5.2?

    -The High Variance Mode in Midjourney 5.2 creates more varied images. This feature allows users to make subtle or strong changes to their images after upscaling, providing more control over the final result.

  • How does the Shorten command work in Midjourney 5.2?

    -The Shorten command analyzes the prompt and suggests ways to shorten it by removing less effective words. This feature is designed to make prompts more efficient and effective, but it does not work with multi-prompts.

  • What is the Zoom Out function in Midjourney 5.2?

    -The Zoom Out function allows users to zoom in or out of an image and change its aspect ratio. This does not increase the image resolution but rather adjusts the image to fit the new size, potentially losing detail in the process.

  • How does Version 5.2 compare to previous versions in terms of image quality?

    -Version 5.2 offers sharper and more realistic images compared to previous versions. It has better coherence with text inputs and provides more variety in the images it generates.

  • What improvements were observed in the depiction of human faces in Version 5.2?

    -Human faces in Version 5.2 look more realistic, with fewer odd details that might catch the eye. The version has made significant strides in improving the details and aging of facial features.

  • How does Midjourney 5.2 handle abstract concepts and artistic styles?

    -Midjourney 5.2 has shown the ability to handle abstract concepts and artistic styles effectively. For instance, it can combine two concepts, like Pikachu as a karate master, and produce high-quality images with more clarity and less fuzziness.

  • What kind of results can users expect from the abstract VHS glitch art prompt in Version 5.2?

    -Users can expect a cool effect that is great for abstract use or overlays. The results are visually appealing and have improved from previous versions, even though this specific style wasn't necessarily enhanced in Version 5.2.

  • How does the new Midjourney Version 5.2 help with prompt efficiency?

    -The Shorten command in Version 5.2 helps make prompts more efficient by suggesting shorter versions that remove less effective words, thus potentially improving the quality of the generated images.

  • What should users do to test out Midjourney Version 5.2?

    -Users should log in to the platform, try out Version 5.2 with various prompts, and explore the different features such as High Variance Mode and the Zoom Out function to see the improvements and results for themselves.



🚀 Introduction to Mid-Geny Version 5.2 and Its Features

This paragraph introduces the release of Mid-Geny version 5.2, highlighting its improved aesthetics and sharpness in image generation. It emphasizes the better coherence and understanding of text input, leading to increased diversity in created images. The user is informed about the default activation of this version and the command to use it ('--V Space 5.2'). The introduction of a high variance mode is also discussed, which allows for more varied images and the ability to make subtle or strong changes to them. A new shortened command feature is presented, designed to optimize prompts by removing ineffective words and improving efficiency. Additionally, a zoom function for adjusting image aspect ratios is explained, noting that it doesn't increase image resolution but rather adjusts the image to fit the new parameters.


🎨 Comparative Analysis of Mid-Geny Versions and Image Quality Enhancement

The paragraph compares the image outputs of different Mid-Geny versions, focusing on the improvements seen in version 5.2. It discusses the increased sharpness, variety, and photorealism in the generated images. The paragraph provides specific examples, such as a dog and a cat, to illustrate the advancements in detail and artistic quality. The text also touches on the ability to add more complexity to prompts, as seen with the 'red dog running through the city' example, and how this contributes to more realistic and pleasing images. The abstract prompts are also explored, noting the cleaner look and better conveyance of feelings such as warmth and happiness. The paragraph concludes with a brief mention of testing human faces and the observed improvements in detail and realism across versions.



💡Midjourney Version 5.2

Midjourney Version 5.2 refers to the latest update of the AI art generation software, which is designed to enhance the aesthetics and sharpness of the images produced. It is the central focus of the video, as the speaker discusses its new features and improvements over previous versions. For instance, the script mentions that this version has better coherence and understanding of text inputs, which allows for more diverse and accurate image outputs.


In the context of the video, aesthetics refers to the visual appeal and artistic quality of the images generated by the AI software. The speaker highlights that Version 5.2 has improved aesthetics, meaning the images not only look more visually pleasing but also have a greater level of detail and clarity. This is an important aspect for users who aim to create high-quality art through the AI platform.


Coherence in this context refers to the ability of the AI to understand and accurately represent the concepts and ideas presented in the text input by the user. The speaker notes that Version 5.2 has a better coherence, which means it can more effectively interpret and translate the user's prompts into relevant and contextually appropriate images, enhancing the user's experience and the output quality.


Diversity in the video script pertains to the variety and range of images that the AI can produce based on a single prompt. With Version 5.2, the AI has increased diversity in its image generation, allowing for more varied outputs even with the same prompt. This feature is beneficial for users seeking multiple interpretations or creative explorations of their ideas.

💡High Variance Mode

High Variance Mode is a newly introduced feature in Midjourney Version 5.2 that creates more varied images during the generation process. When activated, this mode encourages the AI to produce a wider range of visual outputs, providing users with more options and creative possibilities. It is an enhancement that caters to users who seek a broader spectrum of artistic interpretations from their prompts.

💡Shorten Command

The Shorten Command is a feature in Version 5.2 that analyzes and suggests shorter versions of a user's prompt by removing less effective words. This tool aims to streamline the prompt, making it more efficient and focused, which can potentially improve the quality of the generated images by reducing clutter and distractions in the input.

💡Zoom Out Function

The Zoom Out Function allows users to adjust the scale and aspect ratio of their generated images, creating an effect where the image appears smaller within a larger frame or is cropped to fit a new ratio. This feature provides additional control over the composition and presentation of the AI-generated art, enabling users to experiment with different visual formats.

💡Image Resolution

Image resolution refers to the dimensions and quality of the images produced by the AI. In the context of the video, it is mentioned that there is no change in resolution with Version 5.2 compared to previous versions, with square images typically being 1024 by 1024 pixels. The resolution determines the level of detail and clarity in the images, which is an important consideration for users who may want to use these images for various purposes.

💡Photo Realism

Photo Realism is a term used to describe images that are incredibly lifelike and closely resemble photographs. In the video, the speaker notes that Version 5.2 of Midjourney has improved its ability to generate images with a photo-realistic quality, which is a significant advancement for users seeking highly realistic visual outputs.

💡Abstract Concepts

Abstract concepts in the context of this video refer to non-representational or non-literal ideas that are translated into art through the AI's interpretation. The speaker tests the software's ability to handle abstract prompts, such as 'warmth and happiness' or 'VHS glitch art,' which challenge the AI to create images that evoke certain feelings or concepts rather than depict specific objects or scenes.

💡Comparative Analysis

Comparative analysis involves evaluating and contrasting different versions or aspects of a subject to identify strengths, weaknesses, and patterns. In the video, the speaker conducts a comparative analysis of the images generated by Midjourney Version 5.2 against those of previous versions, highlighting improvements in sharpness, coherence, and overall image quality.


Mid-Journey Version 5.2 is now live.

Version 5.2 is set as the default method for testing.

Improved aesthetics and sharpness in images.

Better coherence and understanding of text input.

Increased diversity in image creation.

Re-rolls may be required for desired image outcomes.

The prompt can be typed with 'dash, dash V Space 5.2' to use the new version.

High variance mode creates more varied images.

Strong or subtle changes can be made to images post-upscale.

New shortened command for prompt efficiency.

Shorten works by removing less effective words from prompts.

Zoom out function changes image aspect ratio without losing resolution.

Version 5.2 maintains the same image resolution as previous versions.

More personality and photorealism in images with version 5.2.

Human faces in images look more real and detailed in version 5.2.

Abstract prompts yield cleaner and more varied results in version 5.2.

Terminator as a Pixar character showcases sharp and clear image production.

Pikachu as a karate master demonstrates the combination of two concepts effectively.

Waterfall in nature with a purple sky image is a beautiful artistic creation.

Abstract VHS glitch art retains its appeal in version 5.2.