Midjourney 5.2 | 50 styles for prompt inspiration

10 Aug 202315:10

TLDRThe video explores 50 distinct styles in Midjourney 5.2, an AI tool, focusing on how they render images in landscape, portrait, and architecture contexts. The creator uses a consistent seed and relaxed mode for uniformity, highlighting styles that produce cool or unusually different results from the default. The summary includes a range of styles from 2D game art to whimsical skylines, each described for their visual impact and unique features.


  • 🎨 The video discusses 50 styles in Midjourney 5.2 for prompt inspiration.
  • 🔧 The selection criteria for these styles were their uniqueness or interesting visual appeal.
  • 🌟 The prompter combines words with three subjects: landscape, portrait, and architecture.
  • 🎲 A consistent seed number (777) was used for image generation, but it can be skipped for variety.
  • 🖼️ The images are generated in 'relaxed mode' for consistency.
  • 🏙️ Styles range from 2D game art to abstract cityscapes and art deco.
  • 🌈 Bright and vibrant colors are featured in skull shapes and contemporary quilts.
  • 🌃 Dark themes with specific color combinations are explored for different visual effects.
  • 🎭 Comic book art and dripping paint effects offer detailed and colorful results.
  • 👗 Elaborate costumes dominate the subject matter with a fantastical and otherworldly feel.
  • 🌿 Nature-inspired styles like gold leaf and whimsical skylines bring unique aesthetics.
  • 🔮 There are rumors of a new 5.3 version, prompting anticipation for further exploration.

Q & A

  • What is the main focus of the video?

    -The main focus of the video is to explore and showcase 50 different styles for prompt inspiration in Midjourney 5.2, an AI-based image generation tool.

  • How does the video creator select the styles featured in the video?

    -The video creator selects the styles based on their ability to produce images that are either cool or very different from Midjourney's usual default style for version 5.2, or both.

  • What are the three subjects the video creator combines with each style?

    -The three subjects combined with each style are landscape, portrait, and architecture.

  • What is the significance of the seed number 777 used in the video?

    -The seed number 777 is used to generate consistent results across the same prompts. It is a random number and can be skipped if the user does not wish to replicate the exact images from the video.

  • How were the images in the video generated?

    -All images were generated using relaxed mode in Midjourney 5.2, which allows for the generation of images that closely match the prompts and seed number provided.

  • What is the effect of the 'dripping paint' style on the subjects?

    -The 'dripping paint' style creates a very cool effect on all subjects, with surprisingly colorful results even without specifying colorfulness.

  • Can you explain the 'dark cyan and green' style mentioned in the video?

    -The 'dark cyan and green' style continues with dark themes but introduces a green tone, which is especially appreciated in landscapes and architecture.

  • What is the visual impact of the 'Gothic illustration' style?

    -The 'Gothic illustration' style delivers an expected look with a strong architectural focus, offering a very well-known aesthetic that is elegant and sophisticated.

  • How does the 'intricate underwater worlds' style portray landscapes and architecture?

    -In the 'intricate underwater worlds' style, landscapes and architecture are depicted with a focus on blue, fishy, and coral elements, suggesting a tropical underwater environment.

  • What is the significance of the 'whimsical skyline' style in the video?

    -The 'whimsical skyline' style presents cityscapes in a more whimsical manner, with a focus on skies, adding a unique and playful twist to the architectural portrayal.

  • What future plans does the video creator mention regarding Midjourney's version updates?

    -The video creator mentions rumors of a new 5.3 aesthetic for Midjourney and expresses an intention to explore this update as soon as it is released.



🎨 Exploring AI-Generated Art Styles

The paragraph discusses the speaker's journey with AI-generated art, particularly focusing on the 'describe' feature to create unique images. The speaker shares 50 distinct styles that stood out either for their visual appeal or their deviation from the AI's default style in version 5.2. The images were generated using a relaxed mode and a consistent seed ('777') for uniformity. The styles are categorized into landscape, portrait, and architecture, providing a comprehensive view of each style's impact across different contexts.


🖌️ Diverse Styles and Visual Effects

This paragraph delves into a variety of styles tested by the speaker, each eliciting different visual responses. The styles range from abstract cityscapes and art deco to dark and intricate gothic themes. The speaker appreciates the unique color combinations and the way they enhance the landscapes, portraits, and architecture. The paragraph also touches on the intriguing textures and patterns, such as quilts and swirls, and the imaginative concepts like fantastical otherworldly visions and graphic novel-inspired art.


🌈 Creative Palettes and Artistic Themes

The speaker continues to explore a wide array of styles and color palettes, emphasizing the diverse results achieved with different subjects. Themes like decay, comic book art, and dripping paint effects are discussed, along with their visual impact on landscapes, portraits, and architecture. The paragraph highlights the use of elaborate costumes, fantastical elements, and the playfulness of certain styles. It also mentions the anticipation of a new version (5.3) of the AI, suggesting a potential shift in the aesthetic landscape.




Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. In the context of the video, AI is used to generate images with various styles through a tool called Midjourney, which the creator experiments with to produce diverse and visually appealing results.


Midjourney is a software application that uses AI to generate images based on user input. In the video, the creator explores different styles available in Midjourney version 5.2 to inspire viewers and demonstrate the variety of outputs that can be achieved by using different prompts and settings.


In the context of the video, 'styles' refer to the various artistic and visual themes that can be applied to generate images using Midjourney. These styles can dramatically change the appearance of the output, from realistic to abstract, and influence the mood and aesthetic of the final image.


Prompts are the input phrases or instructions given to AI applications like Midjourney to guide the generation of specific types of images. They are crucial in determining the subject matter, style, and overall look of the AI's output. In the video, the creator uses different prompts to explore and demonstrate the capabilities of Midjourney's styles.


In the context of AI image generation, a 'seed' is a random number used as the starting point for the generation process. The same seed number, when used with the same prompt, can produce identical images. The creator of the video uses a seed number (-seed 777) to maintain consistency in the examples provided.

💡Relaxed Mode

Relaxed mode is a setting within AI image generation tools like Midjourney that adjusts the level of variation in the output. When enabled, it allows for more diverse and less predictable results compared to a stricter mode. In the video, all images were generated using relaxed mode to showcase a wider range of possibilities.


In the context of the video, 'landscape' refers to a type of image that depicts wide, scenic views of natural environments or cityscapes. It is one of the three subjects that the creator combines with various styles and prompts to demonstrate the versatility of Midjourney's capabilities.


A 'portrait' is a representation of a person's face or figure, often emphasizing the individual's appearance and expression. In the video, portraits are one of the subjects that the creator uses to illustrate how different styles can affect the depiction of human features and emotions.


Architecture refers to the design and planning of buildings and other physical structures. In the video, architecture is the third subject that the creator explores alongside landscapes and portraits. The different styles in Midjourney are applied to architectural images to show how they can alter the visual representation of structures.


Exploration in the video's context refers to the creator's process of investigating and experimenting with different styles and prompts within Midjourney. The goal is to discover new and unique visual outcomes, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with AI-generated art.


Exploration of Midjourney 5.2 with 50 distinct styles for creative inspiration.

The use of the 'describe' feature to generate a variety of images based on different styles.

The criteria for selection was based on the visual appeal and deviation from Midjourney's default style.

Combining words or phrases with three subjects: landscape, portrait, and architecture.

The use of a consistent seed ('--seed 777') for image generation to ensure reproducibility.

2D game art style that results in distinctly non-3D, pixelated visuals.

Abstracted cityscapes with a hint of urban elements and strong color accents.

Art Deco style producing elegant and sophisticated results.

Art Nouveau inspired illustrations with intricate bone structures and an ivory color palette.

Colorful skull shapes with vibrant hues intertwined in a visually striking manner.

Contemporary quilts texture style, offering a collage-like appearance.

Cubist cityscapes composed of robust geometric shapes in dark and Gothic color schemes.

Dark and ethereal color combinations with a focus on cyan, green, and indigo tones.

Decay style portraying decayed landscapes and architectural elements with distinctive portrait results.

Detailed comic book art style with superhero elements and a rich detail orientation.

Dripping paint effect creating a surprisingly colorful and artistic outcome.

Elaborate costumes style dominating the subject matter with an awe-inspiring aesthetic.

Fantastical otherworldly visions with a focus on landscape color palettes.

Folk art style characterized by a childlike approach and muted, yet colorful, hues.

Gold Leaf style applying golden elements to portraits and architecture with a luxurious touch.