Midjourney 5.2 | 100 patterns for prompting inspiration

29 Aug 202326:30

TLDRIn this video, the creator explores the 'dash dash tile' feature of Midjourney 5.2, applying 100 diverse patterns to images of roses, ships, and gardens. The experiment showcases a variety of patterns, from abstract floral to zebra print, revealing how each pattern transforms the subjects. The creator discusses the results, highlighting the successes and misses, and expresses anticipation for updates to the Aesthetics for more variety and exploration in image generation.


  • 🎨 The speaker is exploring AI technologies, particularly image generation and visual exploration with Midjourney 5.2.
  • 🖌️ A new in-painting feature called 'very region' has been introduced, but no updates were expected to the Aesthetics.
  • 🎭 The speaker chose not to make a video about in-painting due to personal workflow preferences and lack of unique insights to add.
  • 🔍 Instead, the focus is on experimenting with the 'dash-dash tile' feature, which creates seamless patterns in images.
  • 🌹 The speaker tested various patterns, including abstract floral, acid wash, bamboo weave, and barbed wire, to see how they apply to objects or environments.
  • 🌐 The results varied, and sometimes didn't meet expectations, suggesting the need to experiment with different settings.
  • 🎨 The selection criteria for patterns were based on how well they worked with the tile, their applicability to objects or environments, or personal preference.
  • 🌈 Patterns like fractal, galaxy, and geometric tessellation were highlighted for their interesting and unique visual effects.
  • 🎨 The speaker appreciates the aesthetic of certain patterns, such as the neon lights and Moroccan tiles, for their distinctive styles.
  • 📣 The speaker expresses a desire for updates to the Aesthetics, as version 5 has been ongoing for a while.
  • 🤖 The overall message is one of experimentation and anticipation for future updates to Midjourney's features.

Q & A

  • What AI technology is the speaker mostly experimenting with?

    -The speaker is mostly experimenting with image generation and visual exploration with Midjourney.

  • What new feature was recently added to Midjourney that the speaker did not explore in the video?

    -The new feature called 'Very Region' was recently added to Midjourney, but the speaker did not explore it in the video.

  • What is the purpose of the dash-dash tile feature in Midjourney?

    -The dash-dash tile feature in Midjourney is used to create seamless patterns in the generated images.

  • Which three words did the speaker select to combine with different patterns?

    -The speaker selected 'Rose', 'Ship', and 'Garden' to combine with different patterns.

  • What was the selection criteria for the patterns shown in the video?

    -The selection criteria for the patterns were either the pattern looked very good with the tile, it was applied well to the objects or environments, or the speaker just liked the way the images ended up looking.

  • How did the speaker describe the effect of the 'Acid Wash' patterns on the tile and reference images?

    -The speaker described the 'Acid Wash' patterns as giving a nice, different, grungy look for both the tile and reference images.

  • What was the speaker's opinion on the 'Barbed Wire' patterns?

    -The speaker thought the 'Barbed Wire' patterns looked okay with the tile but found the reference images kind of depressing, which they liked.

  • Which pattern did the speaker find interesting and different looking for both the tile and the reference images?

    -The 'Barcode Scan Lines' pattern was found to be really interesting and different looking for both the tile and the reference images.

  • What was the speaker's overall impression of the 'Venetian' pattern?

    -The speaker found the 'Venetian' pattern to have a nice blue coloring for both the tile and reference images, with some texture too.

  • What pattern did the speaker mention as their absolute favorite and why?

    -The speaker's absolute favorite pattern was 'Zentangle' because they liked the tiles a lot and how all the other subjects appeared as kind of black and white line drawings.



🎨 Exploring AI Image Generation and Visual Patterns

The paragraph discusses the author's interest in AI technologies, particularly image generation and visual exploration. They mention using Mid Journeys version 5.2 and the addition of a new feature called 'very region'. The author considered making a video on in-painting but decided against it as they wouldn't use the feature personally. Instead, they chose to explore patterns and an older feature called 'dash dash tile', which creates seamless patterns in images. The author tested various patterns, including floral, acid wash, bamboo weave, and barbed wire, and applied them to words like 'Rose', 'ship', and 'garden'. The results varied, and the author suggests that further experimentation with style, eyes, or other settings might be needed.


🌸 Diverse Patterns and Their Applications

This paragraph delves into a wide array of patterns tested by the author, from abstract floral to intricate textures like bamboo weave and barbed wire. The author's goal was to see these patterns applied to objects or environments, with mixed results. Some patterns, like the acid wash and bamboo weave, offered interesting视觉效果 when applied to the chosen words. The author also reflects on their selection criteria for the patterns, which included aesthetic appeal, good tiling, and personal preference for the final image look, even if the pattern didn't apply perfectly.


🌈 Creative Tile and Pattern Experimentation

The author continues their exploration of patterns, focusing on how they can transform the appearance of 'Rose', 'ship', and 'garden'. Patterns like chintz, circuit board, and coral reef brought diverse视觉效果, with some patterns like the cross stitch and crystal cluster standing out for their unique application to the subjects. The author also notes the impact of patterns like damask and venom wash, which brought an old-fashioned or textured look to the images. The paragraph highlights the author's process of experimentation and appreciation for the creative potential of these patterns.


🌌 Innovative Patterns Inspired by Nature and Technology

In this paragraph, the author describes testing a variety of patterns inspired by both natural and technological elements. Patterns like diamond plate and digital code brought industrial and computer-like aesthetics to the images. The author also experimented with patterns like Dobby, feather, and fireworks, which resulted in unique and sometimes unexpected视觉效果. Some patterns, like the fractal and galaxy-inspired ones, transferred well to the subjects, while others, like the forest camouflage, had a more literal application. The author's exploration showcases the versatility and creativity possible with these diverse patterns.


🎨 Diverse Patterns and Their Artistic Impact

The author concludes their pattern exploration by discussing a range of patterns from graffiti to Zentangle, each bringing a distinct artistic style to the images. Some patterns, like neon lights and paisley, offered vibrant and intricate视觉效果, while others, like plaid and polka dots, provided more traditional looks. The author also experimented with patterns like pineapple skin and rattan weave, which resulted in humorous or unexpected transformations of the subjects. Throughout the paragraph, the author reflects on the potential of these patterns to inspire creativity and personal expression in art.




Midjourney refers to an AI technology platform that specializes in image generation and visual exploration. In the context of the video, the speaker is discussing their experiences with version 5.2 of Midjourney, highlighting its capabilities and new features such as the 'very region' in-painting feature.


Aesthetics, in this context, pertains to the visual appeal and artistic style of the images produced by the Midjourney AI. The speaker mentions anticipating an update to the aesthetics, indicating a desire for new visual styles or improvements in the image generation process.


Prompting is the act of providing inputs or text commands to the AI in order to generate specific images. The video discusses the use of various patterns in conjunction with keywords like 'rose', 'ship', and 'garden' to create unique and seamless image patterns through the use of prompts.

💡Dash-Dash Tile

Dash-Dash Tile is a feature in Midjourney that creates seamless patterns from images. The speaker experimented with this feature by applying different patterns to objects and environments, aiming to see how the patterns would integrate with the subjects.


Patterns, in the context of the video, refer to the repeated designs or motifs used to create visual textures and styles in the generated images. The speaker explores a variety of patterns, such as floral, geometric, and natural textures, to see how they apply to different subjects and create interesting visual effects.


Abstract relates to a form of art that does not depict a recognizable subject but rather uses shapes, colors, and forms to achieve its effect. In the video, abstract patterns are discussed as a way to create unique and non-representational images through the Midjourney AI platform.


Seamless refers to the quality of an image or pattern where there are no visible breaks or interruptions, creating a continuous and smooth visual flow. The speaker's exploration of the Dash-Dash Tile feature aims to achieve seamless patterns in the generated images.

💡Visual Exploration

Visual Exploration is the process of discovering and experimenting with different visual elements and styles to create new and innovative images. The video is centered around the speaker's personal journey of experimenting with various patterns and features in Midjourney to push the boundaries of AI-generated art.

💡Reference Images

Reference images are examples or samples used for comparison or inspiration. In the video, the speaker uses reference images to demonstrate the outcomes of applying different patterns to the subjects of rose, ship, and garden, and to evaluate how well the patterns integrate with these subjects.

💡AI Technologies

AI Technologies encompass the various tools and systems that utilize artificial intelligence to perform tasks, such as image generation. The speaker is an enthusiast of AI technologies, particularly those related to image and visual exploration, and discusses their experiences with Midjourney as an example of such technology.


Exploration of Midjourney 5.2 and its image generation capabilities.

Introduction of a new feature called 'very region' for intricate art creation.

Decision not to cover 'in painting' due to personal workflow preferences.

Focus on 'dash dash tile' feature for creating seamless patterns.

Testing various patterns with the 'dash dash tile' feature.

Combination of words 'Rose', 'Ship', and 'Garden' with different patterns.

Abstract floral patterns inspired by flowers and vegetation.

Acid wash patterns giving a grungy look to reference images and tiles.

Bamboo weave patterns imitating the texture of woven bamboo.

Barbed wire patterns with an angular and pointed appearance.

Barcode scan lines creating interesting effects on roses and ships.

Boutique hand-night fabric patterns with intricate wax resist dyeing.

Block print patterns with strong lines and edges for contrast.

Brick wall patterns imitating the arrangement of bricks.

Brocade patterns with richly textured fabric often featuring raised designs.

Celtic knot patterns inspired by interlocking designs of Celtic knots.

Chain link patterns resembling interlocking chain links.

Chevron patterns formed by repeated inverted V-shapes.