STARRY AI: Create AI Art in your own style!

Wade McMaster - Creator Impact
13 Nov 202306:04

TLDRThe video script introduces Star AI, a versatile mobile application that enables users to create AI-generated art and customize it with personal styles. The app is available on Android, Google, and Apple devices and allows for image creation through text prompts, style training with personal images, and extensive editing options including retouching and upscaling to high resolutions. The platform's user-friendly interface and powerful features make it an appealing choice for AI art enthusiasts, with ongoing improvements enhancing the experience.


  • 📱 Star AI is a versatile app for creating AI art on mobile devices, compatible with both Google Android and Apple platforms.
  • 🌐 Users can sign up and use Star AI on a computer, but the app is optimized for mobile use, enhancing the user-experience on phones.
  • 📈 The app allows for simple image creation with text prompts, offering various options for customization including aspect ratios and styles.
  • 💾 Images can be easily downloaded to one's phone, and the app offers a feature to upscale images to higher resolutions.
  • 🎨 Star AI supports personal style training, enabling users to upload images to train and create a unique style for their AI-generated art.
  • 📷 The style creation process is user-friendly, requiring only a few images to define a new style, and provides options for categorization.
  • 🖥️ After training, users can apply their personal style to new creations, making the artwork more unique and personalized.
  • 📝 The app features advanced editing tools, such as retouch and remix options, to refine and customize the generated images further.
  • 📌 Star AI offers a powerful platform for both novices and experienced artists, with a user-friendly interface and robust features for AI art creation.
  • 🚀 The platform is continually improving, becoming more powerful over time, which speaks to the app's commitment to enhancing user experience and capabilities.

Q & A

  • What is the main purpose of the Star AI app?

    -The main purpose of the Star AI app is to enable users to create AI-generated art on their phones, and even train their own styles to personalize their creations further.

  • On which platforms is the Star AI app available?

    -The Star AI app is available on Google Android and Apple devices, allowing users to create and customize art on their preferred mobile platforms.

  • How does the image creation process work in Star AI?

    -The image creation process in Star AI involves entering a text prompt, selecting style and canvas size options, and then hitting the 'create' button to generate the image based on the input.

  • What are some of the features available for editing and customizing the generated images?

    -The app offers features such as creating variations, remixing, retouching, and upscaling the resolution of the generated images to enhance their quality and personalization.

  • How can users train their own styles in Star AI?

    -Users can train their own styles in Star AI by uploading a set of images that represent the desired style, categorizing them (such as characters or landscapes), and then starting the training process.

  • What is the approximate time it takes for a style to be trained in Star AI?

    -The style training process in Star AI typically takes about an hour to complete.

  • How does the retouch feature in Star AI work?

    -The retouch feature allows users to paint over specific areas of the image they wish to change. After making the desired adjustments, users can submit a new prompt for the retouched area and create a new image based on that input.

  • What are the advantages of using Star AI for creating and editing AI art?

    -Star AI offers a user-friendly interface, the ability to train personalized styles, and powerful editing tools like retouching and upscaling. It's a free platform that has shown significant improvements over time, making it accessible and effective for AI art creation.

  • How can users access more information or download the Star AI app?

    -Users can find more information and download the Star AI app through the provided link in the video description or by searching for 'Star AI' in their app store.

  • What was the reviewer's overall impression of the Star AI app?

    -The reviewer had a positive impression of the Star AI app, highlighting its ease of use, powerful features for creating and customizing AI art, and the significant improvements it has made over the past few months.

  • How does the Star AI app support the creation of high-resolution images?

    -The Star AI app allows users to upscale their images to very high resolutions, such as 4096 by 5120 pixels or even 15,000 pixels for detailed and large-scale images.



🎨 Introduction to Star AI and Basic Art Creation

This paragraph introduces the Star AI app, a versatile tool for creating AI-generated art on mobile devices. It highlights the app's features, such as creating art and training personal styles, and its availability on various platforms. The speaker demonstrates the app's simple interface for generating images by entering text prompts and selecting options like canvas size and style. They also discuss the app's capability to create variations, remix, retouch, and upscale images, showcasing the process through the creation of a high-resolution image.


🖌️ Custom Style Training and Advanced Editing with Star AI

The second paragraph delves into the advanced features of Star AI, focusing on the ability to train custom styles using personal images. It explains the process of uploading images to create a unique style and the categorization options available. The speaker then demonstrates how to use the newly trained style to generate images that reflect the custom style, noting the imperfections and the potential for further refinement. They also explore the retouch feature, which allows for detailed adjustments to the generated images, and the option to upscale the images to a significant resolution, emphasizing the app's powerful capabilities for AI art generation and personalization.



💡AI art

AI art refers to the use of artificial intelligence to create visual art. In the context of the video, it describes the process of generating images through the Star AI app, which users can customize by applying their own styles or training the app with their images.

💡Star AI

Star AI is a mobile application that enables users to create AI-generated art and train the app with their own styles. It is available on Google Android and Apple devices and is the sponsor of the video, showcasing its features and capabilities.

💡Mobile app

A mobile app is a software application designed to run on smartphones, tablets, or other portable devices. In the video, the mobile app referred to is Star AI, which is specifically designed for creating and personalizing AI-generated art on mobile devices.

💡Text prompt

A text prompt is a piece of text that serves as an input to generate a specific output, such as an image in the context of AI art. It is a crucial element in the process of creating art with AI, as it guides the app in producing the desired visual content.

💡Canvas size

Canvas size refers to the dimensions of the virtual space where the AI art is created. It determines the shape and proportions of the generated image, with options like portrait, landscape, and square being common formats.

💡Style training

Style training in AI art involves the process of teaching the AI to recognize and replicate a specific artistic style by uploading a set of images that exemplify that style. This allows users to create AI-generated art that matches their desired aesthetic.


Upscaling refers to the process of increasing the resolution of an image, making it larger while maintaining or improving its quality. In the context of the video, the creator upscales an AI-generated image to a high resolution for better detail and clarity.


Retouching is the process of altering or enhancing an image, typically to correct flaws or improve its appearance. In the video, the creator uses the retouching feature to remove unwanted elements from the AI-generated art.


Customization refers to the process of modifying a product or service to meet individual needs or preferences. In the context of the video, customization is achieved by training the AI with personal styles and making adjustments to the generated art.

💡User-friendly interface

A user-friendly interface is a design that is easy to use and navigate, ensuring that users can access and utilize the features of a product without difficulty. The video highlights the Star AI app's user-friendly interface, which allows for straightforward creation and personalization of AI art.


Introduction to Star AI, a mobile application for creating AI art on various devices.

The app allows users to create art and train their own styles for personalized content.

Star AI is available on Google Android and Apple devices, showcasing its accessibility.

A brief demonstration of the app's functionality, including creating images through text prompts.

Option to change canvas size and aspect ratios for different image formats.

The ability to view and download creations, with the image size and resolution details provided.

Creating variations and upscaling images for higher resolution outputs.

Exploring pre-made styles within the app and the option to create and name custom styles.

Training a custom style using personal images and selecting an appropriate category.

Creating new images based on the trained custom style and adjusting prompts for desired outcomes.

The retouch feature for making adjustments and improvements on specific areas of an image.

Finalizing images with high resolution and detailed zoom capabilities.

The app's user-friendly interface and its free trial availability.

Continuous improvement and enhancement of the platform over time.

Recommendation to try Star AI for those interested in experimenting with AI art.