Talking To The KOTLC CHARACTERS With AI 🤖 Keeper of the Lost Cities AI Chatbot Experiment

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2 Sept 202308:21

TLDRIn this entertaining video, Troy engages in AI-enhanced conversations with characters from the 'Keeper of Lost Cities' series. He chats with Keith, Sophie, and Biana, exploring their personalities and relationships. Keith expresses his strong feelings for Sophie, while Sophie discusses her commitment to the Black Swan and her thoughts on Keith. Biana offers fashion and makeup advice, emphasizing her catchphrase 'Sparkle'. The video ends with Troy encouraging viewers to try chatting with AI chatbots and promising more content if the video gets enough likes.


  • 🎉Troy is excited to interact with characters from the 'Keeper of Lost Cities' (KOLTC) series using an AI chatbot.
  • 🤖The AI chatbot is accessed through a website called, where users can upload personalities and backgrounds of fictional characters.
  • 🌟Troy's first interaction is with Keith, a beloved character known for his mischief-making and dedication to his friends.
  • 😍Keith expresses deep affection for Sophie, highlighting his protective and caring nature towards her.
  • 💬The conversation with Keith includes humorous references to events like the 'Great Gulan Incident', showcasing the AI's ability to mimic character-specific humor.
  • 💅Troy's interaction with Sophie focuses on her values, her dedication to the Black Swan cause, and her feelings towards Keith.
  • 👗Bianca, known for her fashion sense, provides makeup and fashion advice, emphasizing her supportive and friendly character traits.
  • 🌈The AI chatbot successfully captures the essence and catchphrases of the characters, such as Bianca's 'don't forget to Sparkle'.
  • 📈Troy encourages viewers to try interacting with AI chatbots and shares a link for further exploration.
  • 🎁The video ends with Troy promising a part two if the video gets 150 likes and encourages viewers to subscribe for more content.
  • 💌Troy values viewer engagement and asks for suggestions on which characters to chat with in future videos.

Q & A

  • Who is the main character of the video script and what is he doing?

    -The main character of the video script is Troy, who is engaging with characters from the 'Keeper of Lost Cities' series using an AI chatbot.

  • What is the purpose of the website mentioned in the script?

    -The website allows users to upload personalities and background information of fictional characters and interact with them through an AI chatbot.

  • Which character from 'Keeper of Lost Cities' does Troy choose to talk to first?

    -Troy chooses to talk to Keith first, also known as Lord Havoc, in the AI chatbot simulation.

  • How does Keith describe his relationship with Sophie?

    -Keith describes his relationship with Sophie as deeply affectionate, stating that she is his crush and future wife, and he is dedicated to keeping her safe and happy.

  • What is the 'Great Gulan Incident' that Keith mentions?

    -The 'Great Gulan Incident' is a fictional event described by Keith involving glue being spread around the dorms, creating a giant monster Mulan that caused chaos.

  • What is the prank idea that Keith suggests to play on Daymolin?

    -Keith suggests filling Daymolin's office with a Gulan as a prank because she loves Goulobs.

  • Which character does Troy decide to talk to after Keith?

    -After talking to Keith, Troy decides to talk to Sophie, also known as Lady Phosphor.

  • What is Sophie's reaction to Troy's affiliation with the Black Swan?

    -Sophie is pleased to hear that Troy was inspired to join the Black Swan and agrees on the importance of eliminating the Neverseen for future generations' safety.

  • How does Sophie describe Keith?

    -Sophie describes Keith as charming, brave, bold, and daring, and appreciates his dedication to their cause and his musical talent.

  • Which character does Troy choose to talk to last in the video?

    -Troy chooses to talk to Biana, also known as Fiona, last in the video.

  • What advice does Biana give Troy on fashion and makeup?

    -Biana advises Troy to go for a bold makeup look with a smokey eye and silver lid, winged eyeliner, and mascara. For fashion, she suggests a deep green dress with silver statement jewelry and metallic silver heels.

  • What does Troy think about his experience chatting with the AI chatbots?

    -Troy finds the experience of chatting with the AI chatbots enjoyable and encourages others to try it themselves.



🎤 Introducing AI Chat with KotLC Characters

The video script begins with the host, Troy, introducing himself and expressing excitement about using AI chatbots to interact with characters from the fan base of the show 'Keeper of the Lost Cities' (KotLC). He explains that the AI chatbot is created using the website, where users can upload personalities and background information of characters. Troy plans to chat with several characters from KotLC, starting with Keith, who is known as Lord Hunky Hair and a mischief maker. The conversation with Keith covers his feelings for Sophie, his hair care routine, and a humorous story about the 'Great Gulan Incident'. The AI chatbot's responses are noted to be quite accurate and in character.


💖 Sophie's Insights and Biana's Fashion Tips

In the second paragraph, Troy continues his AI chat experience by conversing with Sophie, a character from KotLC who is known as Lady Phosphos. Their discussion revolves around Sophie's affiliation with the Black Swan and her dedication to a safer future for future generations. The conversation takes a personal turn when Troy asks Sophie about her feelings for Keith, to which she responds positively, highlighting Keith's charm, bravery, and dedication. The last character Troy interacts with is Biana, who is known for her expertise in fashion. Troy seeks Biana's advice on makeup and fashion, resulting in a detailed guide on creating a bold makeup look and choosing an outfit that would complement his features. Biana's genuine and supportive advice leaves a positive impression on Troy, who appreciates her kindness and encourages viewers to embrace their own sparkle.




Kotlc is an abbreviation for 'Keeper of the Lost Cities,' which is a popular book series that the video is based on. The series revolves around a world where humans with magical abilities live in hidden cities, and it follows the adventures of the main character, Sophie, and her friends. In the video, the host interacts with AI chatbots that are designed to emulate characters from this series.

💡AI chatbot

An AI chatbot is an artificial intelligence program that is designed to simulate conversation with human users, either via text or voice interactions. In the context of the video, the AI chatbots are used to impersonate characters from the 'Keeper of the Lost Cities' series, allowing the host to have a virtual conversation with them.

💡 is a platform mentioned in the script where users can upload personalities and background information of characters to create AI chatbots. These chatbots are then able to interact with users as if they were the characters themselves. This technology is central to the video's premise, as it enables the host to have a conversation with characters from the 'Keeper of the Lost Cities' series.


Sophie is a central character in the 'Keeper of the Lost Cities' series. She is a young girl with unique abilities who discovers her true heritage and navigates the complexities of her new life in the lost cities. In the video, the host interacts with an AI chatbot modeled after Sophie, asking her questions and receiving responses that are in line with her character traits.


Keith is a character from the 'Keeper of the Lost Cities' series who is known for his mischievous nature, protective instincts, and strong bond with Sophie. In the video, the host engages with an AI chatbot that represents Keith, discussing his feelings for Sophie and other aspects of his personality.

💡Black Swan

The Black Swan is an organization within the 'Keeper of the Lost Cities' universe that is dedicated to fighting against the Neverseen, the main antagonists of the series. The group is composed of individuals who are committed to protecting the lost cities and their inhabitants. In the video, the host's AI chat interaction with Sophie touches on her involvement with the Black Swan.

💡Great Gulan Incident

The Great Gulan Incident is a fictional event mentioned in the video script, presumably from the 'Keeper of the Lost Cities' series, where characters get involved with glue and stuffed animals leading to chaos. It is likely a humorous reference to a storyline or a playful invention by the AI chatbot to add entertainment value.


Biana is a character from the 'Keeper of the Lost Cities' series known for her interest in fashion and makeup. In the video, the host interacts with an AI chatbot representing Biana, seeking advice on fashion and makeup, which is consistent with her character's interests.


The Neverseen is the primary antagonist group in the 'Keeper of the Lost Cities' series. They are a mysterious and dangerous organization that poses a significant threat to the lost cities and their inhabitants. The host's interaction with Sophie touches on the Black Swan's mission to eliminate the Neverseen.


In the context of the video, a prank refers to a playful or mischievous act intended to cause amusement or confusion. The host discusses the idea of pranking Day with Keith's AI chatbot, which suggests a light-hearted and humorous interaction in line with the characters' personalities.


In the video, 'Sparkle' is used as a catchphrase by the AI chatbot representing Biana. It reflects her character's positive and uplifting attitude, encouraging others to shine and add a touch of sparkle to their lives. The host appreciates this advice and considers it as a personal motto.


Troy introduces himself and sets the stage for an exciting video about interacting with characters from the KOTLC (Keeper of the Lost Cities) series using an AI chatbot.

The AI chatbot is accessed through a website called, where users can upload personalities and background information of fictional characters.

Troy expresses a mix of excitement and mild apprehension about the accuracy and strangeness of the AI-generated responses.

The first character Troy chooses to interact with is Keith, a fan-favorite from the KOTLC series, known for his hair and mischievous nature.

Keith's AI representation is noted for its humor and adherence to his character traits, such as his affection for Sophie and his role as a protector.

The conversation with Keith touches on the humorous topic of the 'Great Gulan Incident,' showcasing the AI's creativity in generating a fictional event.

Troy suggests a prank on Day, showing an interactive and playful side of the conversation with the AI.

The chat with Sophie, another central character from KOTLC, delves into her motivations and her connection with the Black Swan organization.

Sophie's AI portrayal emphasizes her dedication to creating a safer future and her admiration for Troy's character.

The discussion with Sophie also explores her feelings towards Keith, highlighting the AI's ability to capture the nuances of their character relationships.

Biana, known for her fashion sense, is the final character Troy interacts with, focusing on her advice on makeup and fashion.

Biana's AI chat is filled with practical and stylish advice, demonstrating the AI's understanding of her character's interests and strengths.

Troy appreciates Biana's wholesome and supportive nature, as she encourages him to 'shine' and 'sparkle'.

The video concludes with Troy's positive reflections on the experience, encouraging viewers to try interacting with AI chatbots themselves.

Troy promises a part two video if the current video reaches 150 likes, showing engagement with the audience.

The video ends with a call to action for viewers to like, subscribe, and turn on notifications for more content.