Can AI beat the FINAL WAVE of Dome Keeper?!

Luckless Lovelocks
30 Oct 202334:10

TLDRIn this exciting challenge, the player embarks on an automation-only run in the game, aiming to defeat the final wave using only automated weapons. The strategy involves selecting a dome with high health, like the Tesla Dome, and focusing on upgrading defensive gadgets and automated weapons while neglecting the main weapon. The player opts for a medium map and experiments with various upgrades and tactics, such as the auto repair, condenser, and resource converter, to optimize resource gathering and defense capabilities. Despite some setbacks and regrets over certain choices, the player ultimately succeeds in overcoming the final wave, proving the viability of the automation-focused strategy. The video leaves viewers intrigued and open to suggestions for further challenges.


  • 🤖 The challenge is to beat the final wave using only automated weapons in a game.
  • 🛡️ The player chooses a Tesla Dome with high health and opts for a Shield gadget with the rebound ability.
  • 🚀 A medium map is selected for a balanced difficulty level in the challenge.
  • 💪 The strategy involves upgrading automated defenses as much as possible without focusing on the main weapon.
  • 🔨 The player starts with defensive gadgets and Gadget Autonomy to strengthen the automated defense.
  • 🏗️ The importance of digging efficiently is emphasized for resource gathering, with mining upgrades considered.
  • 💦 Water is crucial for upgrading automated weapons, and the player aims to gather and manage it effectively.
  • 🔋 The player acknowledges the potential need for healing and resurrection abilities to maintain the Dome's health.
  • 🔄 The player experiments with different resource management strategies, such as converting iron to water.
  • 🎯 The player expresses uncertainty about being able to defeat the final wave but is willing to attempt it and learn from the experience.
  • 🌟 The challenge, while difficult, is proven to be possible, and the player considers attempting it on a higher difficulty or map.

Q & A

  • What is the main objective of the challenge described in the transcript?

    -The main objective of the challenge is to attempt an automation-only run to beat the final wave using only automated weapons in the game.

  • Which type of Dome does the player initially consider for the challenge and why?

    -The player considers a Tesla Dome initially because it has the most health, which is crucial for surviving the final wave with only automated defenses.

  • What is the role of the Shield gadget in the strategy?

    -The Shield gadget is chosen because of its rebound ability, which could potentially damage enemies and contribute to the overall defense strategy.

  • What is the significance of the Roots repellent in the proposed strategy?

    -The Roots repellent is considered because it has a damage over time effect, which could be beneficial in dealing continuous damage to enemies.

  • How does the player plan to approach resource collection and management?

    -The player plans to prioritize automated defense and upgrade weapons as much as possible, starting with defensive gadgets and then focusing on resource collection and upgrades like Mass Iron for faster iron collection.

  • What is the player's initial map choice and why?

    -The player chooses a medium map with the intention of completing it as fast as possible while upgrading weapons, essentially treating it like a speedrun.

  • What type of healing does the player focus on to keep the Dome healthy?

    -The player focuses on getting as much healing as possible, including water-based upgrades and abilities, to maintain the Dome's health.

  • Which automated weapon does the player decide to upgrade first and why?

    -The player decides to upgrade the Auto Cannon first because it is an automated weapon and they need more water for further upgrades.

  • What is the player's strategy for dealing with the final wave?

    -The player is unsure of the specifics of the final wave and considers various strategies, including having a lot of healing and resurrections, but acknowledges that they might need to upgrade weapons more effectively to beat it.

  • What does the player realize about their strategy towards the end of the transcript?

    -Towards the end, the player realizes that they might have focused too much on the Keeper upgrades and not enough on the weapon upgrades, which could be crucial for beating the final wave.

  • What is the player's conclusion after completing the challenge?

    -After completing the challenge, the player concludes that it is indeed possible to beat the final wave with an automation-only strategy and considers attempting the challenge on a more difficult level.



🤖 Automation Challenge Introduction

The speaker introduces an automation-only challenge in a game, aiming to beat the final wave using only automated weapons. They consider using a dome with high health and contemplate various game strategies, such as choosing the right gadgets and abilities for optimal damage against enemies. The plan involves prioritizing automated defenses and upgrading them over the keeper, with a focus on speed and efficiency in gameplay.


🚀 Initial Gameplay and Upgrades

The speaker begins the game by upgrading their defenses and acquiring resources. They discuss the importance of speed and kinetics for damage, as well as the decision to upgrade the autocannon for better performance against waves. The speaker also reflects on their past mistakes and attempts to improve their gameplay by focusing on upgrades and resource management.


💡 Strategy Adjustments and Resource Management

The speaker continues to strategize, considering the best use of resources and the need for speed in finding and collecting them. They discuss the potential of different upgrades and gadgets, such as the shotgun and the split sphere, and the importance of timing and decision-making in the game. The speaker also acknowledges their errors and attempts to correct them, aiming for a more effective approach.


🛠️ Further Upgrades and Tactical Considerations

The speaker focuses on further upgrades, including the shield and reflection abilities, while also expressing concerns about their resource allocation and the efficiency of their gameplay. They discuss the potential benefits of certain upgrades and the need to balance between offense and defense. The speaker also reflects on their overall strategy and considers how to improve their chances of success against the final wave.


🌊 Resource Conversion and Preparation for the Final Wave

The speaker emphasizes the need for efficient water conversion and the importance of upgrading weapons to handle the final wave. They discuss their regret over certain decisions and the realization that they may have underestimated the challenge. The speaker also talks about their strategy for the final wave, including the use of healing and resurrection abilities, and expresses hope that their preparations will be sufficient.


🎮 Final Wave Strategy and Game Reflection

The speaker confronts the final wave, acknowledging the difficulty and uncertainty of the challenge. They discuss their last-minute strategies and the use of their remaining resources and abilities. After the attempt, the speaker reflects on the experience, considering the possibility of increasing the difficulty and inviting viewers to suggest new challenges. They express gratitude and love for their audience, showing a positive and engaging attitude towards the gaming community.




Automation refers to the use of technology to control and operate processes without the need for human intervention. In the context of the video, the main theme revolves around utilizing automated weapons and defenses to overcome challenges. The narrator aims to beat the final wave of a game using only automated systems, emphasizing the efficiency and strategic use of these mechanisms.


A challenge is a task or situation that is difficult or demanding and requires effort, skill, or determination to overcome. In the video, the narrator sets up a challenge for themselves and the viewers to engage with, which is to beat the final wave with only automated weapons. This concept is central to the video's narrative as it drives the content and the strategies employed.


Defense in this context refers to the strategies, mechanisms, or tools used to protect or safeguard one's assets, in this case, the dome, from harm or damage. The video focuses on upgrading and utilizing automated defense mechanisms to fend off enemies. It is a crucial element as the narrator aims to survive waves of attacks using these defenses.


Upgrades refer to the process of enhancing or improving the capabilities, effectiveness, or performance of a system, tool, or mechanism. In the video, upgrades are essential as they strengthen the automated weapons and defenses, allowing the narrator to progress and face more formidable challenges.


Strategy is a carefully thought-out plan or method for achieving a particular goal or outcome. In the video, the narrator's strategy involves a focus on automated defenses and efficient resource management. The concept is integral as it underpins the decision-making process and the approach to overcoming the challenge.


Resources in this context are the in-game materials or elements, such as iron and water, that are required for upgrades, repairs, and other operations. The video emphasizes the importance of efficiently gathering and utilizing resources to enhance the player's capabilities and defenses.


Gadgets are small tools or devices that have a particular purpose and are used to enhance or facilitate certain actions or processes. In the video, gadgets like the Shield and the Tesla Dome are critical components of the narrator's defensive strategy, each offering unique abilities to aid in the challenge.


A speedrun is an attempt to complete a video game or a specific challenge within a game as quickly as possible. In the context of the video, the narrator's goal is to not only complete the challenge but also to do so in the fastest time, making it a speedrun attempt.


Healing in this context refers to the process of restoring health or repairing damage to the player's dome, which is essential for survival and success in the game. The narrator emphasizes the need for healing to maintain the dome's health throughout the challenge.


Resurrection, in the context of the video, refers to the game mechanic that allows the player to revive their dome or return it to a previous state after it has been damaged or destroyed. The narrator considers this as a part of their strategy to ensure they can recover from setbacks during the challenge.


Reflection in this context likely refers to a defensive mechanism or ability within the game that can deflect or bounce back attacks from enemies. The narrator considers upgrading this ability as part of their strategy to enhance their dome's defensive capabilities.


The main challenge is to beat the final wave with only automated weapons.

A Tesla Dome with the most health is chosen for the challenge.

The strategy involves using the rebound ability for damage to enemies.

The Roots repellent is considered for its damage over time effect.

The game plan is to complete the map quickly while upgrading weapons as much as possible.

All defensive gadgets and Gadget Autonomy are used without a main weapon.

Mass iron is chosen to gather resources faster.

The importance of speed in completing the map is emphasized.

Auto repair is considered for its early benefits.

The decision to upgrade the auto Cannon for automated defense.

The realization that the final wave's difficulty is unknown.

The exploration of different upgrades like the stun laser and heavy bullets.

The unexpected choice of the probe, which turns out to be inefficient.

The focus on mining upgrades to speed up resource gathering.

The strategy to convert iron to water for better resource management.

The attempt to beat the final wave with the current setup.

The realization that the keeper could have been upgraded more.

The successful completion of the challenge证明了 it's possible.

The suggestion to attempt the challenge on a more difficult level.