The End for Discord? Midjourney’s Alpha Web Image Takes Over!

11 Jan 202409:09

TLDRMidjourney's Alpha web image platform is revolutionizing AI image generation. With over 17.5 million users, the platform has overcome access issues by launching a new website independent of Discord. It introduces powerful tools like lightboxing and remixing, and an intuitive interface for creating high-resolution images. The Alpha version is currently exclusive to users who have created over 10,000 images on the Discord server, but will soon be expanded to more users. Despite its capabilities, it still faces challenges in text rendering and copyright issues, but improvements are expected as it transitions from its current developmental stage.


  • 🌐 Midjourney's Alpha website allows for AI image creation without using Discord, addressing previous access issues.
  • 🚀 The Alpha release introduces new features and a streamlined interface for users to craft their AI images.
  • 📈 Access to the Alpha website is currently limited to users who have created over 10,000 images with Midjourney's Discord server.
  • 🎨 The new interface includes a live imagine bar for immediate input of prompts and image generation.
  • 🔧 Users can fine-tune their creations using intuitive parameter sliders and tags for better control over the image generation process.
  • 🖼️ Images generated are in full resolution and in a 9x6 aspect ratio, with the ability to adjust parameters for aesthetic styles and model versions.
  • 🔗 The plus icon in the imagine bar allows users to add inspirational images without needing to paste image URLs, and it remembers past images used.
  • 🤖 The V6 base model of Midjourney shows improvement in following longer prompts and generating artistic images.
  • 🔍 The explore tab provides access to publicly available prompts for users to draw inspiration from.
  • 📝 Midjourney still faces challenges, including text rendering and file structure organization, which are areas for future improvement.
  • 🏢 The Alpha website is particularly beneficial for small businesses, enabling them to create promotional content and engaging social media posts.

Q & A

  • What is the main advantage of Midjourney's Alpha website over its Discord platform?

    -The main advantage of Midjourney's Alpha website is that it provides a streamlined interface for users to explore powerful tools like lightboxing, remixing, and many other features without the challenges associated with navigating the Discord platform.

  • Who currently has access to Midjourney's Alpha website?

    -Currently, only users who have made over 10,000 images with Midjourney's Discord server have access to the Alpha website.

  • How can users check if they are eligible for access to the Alpha website?

    -Users can check their eligibility by going to Discord and typing 'info' in the message box to see how many images they have created.

  • What new features can users expect from the Alpha website in the future?

    -Users can expect future announcements for beta phases, alternate access methods, and the expansion of the website to more users in the coming months.

  • How is the image generation process different on the Alpha website compared to the Discord platform?

    -On the Alpha website, users can type in their prompt directly without needing to use the forward slash command, and the image generation process starts immediately after clicking the generate button, providing images in full resolution.

  • What are parameters on the Alpha website and how are they used?

    -Parameters are technical instructions that users can add to their prompt by typing '---' followed by the parameter code and value. They can also be adjusted using intuitive sliders and tags on the website's settings panel.

  • How does the 'plus' icon in the imagine bar function on the Alpha website?

    -The 'plus' icon allows users to add more inspirational images to their prompt without needing to paste image URLs, and it remembers all the images used in the past for easy access.

  • What are some of the improvements in the V6 Alpha model compared to its predecessors?

    -The V6 Alpha model has better consistency and co-appearance to prompts, the ability to accurately follow longer prompts, lightboxing and remixing features, and an improved upscaler with both subtle and creative modes.

  • What are some of the concerns regarding Midjourney's approach to copyright?

    -Midjourney has been accused of copyright infringement due to being trained on billions of images scraped from the web, which raises questions and debates about generative AI tech image rights and deepfakes.

  • How does the Alpha website address the issue of file structure and organization?

    -The Alpha website introduces a more organized file structure, but there is still room for improvement with features like search by parameters or search by date.

  • What is the potential impact of the Alpha website on small businesses?

    -The Alpha website can greatly benefit small businesses by enabling them to create better promotional content and engaging social media posts without the need for professional design and branding capabilities.



🎨 Introducing Mid Journey's Alpha Website

The first paragraph introduces the new Alpha website for Mid Journey, highlighting its innovative features and improvements over the previous Discord-based platform. It emphasizes the ease of use, powerful tools like light boxing and remixing, and the streamlined interface. The Alpha website's accessibility is currently limited to users who have created over 10,000 images on the Discord server, but it is expected to expand to more users in the future. The paragraph also discusses the live imagine bar, the image generation process, and the ability to fine-tune creations using parameters. It mentions the convenience of the plus icon for adding inspirational images and the benefits of the web version for blending images and remembering past URLs. The key takeaway is the enhanced image generation capabilities, user control, and the potential for future updates and features.


🖌️ Mid Journey's Improvements and Challenges

The second paragraph delves into the improvements and challenges faced by Mid Journey. It discusses the enhanced upscaler with subtle and creative modes, the explore tab for drawing inspiration from other users' works, and the minor text-to-image capabilities introduced in V6. However, it also addresses the issues with text rendering and the preference of some users for alternative platforms like D3. The paragraph raises concerns about Mid Journey's file structure and suggests potential improvements. It also touches on the platform's approach to copyright and the implications of its training on web-scraped images. The paragraph concludes by acknowledging the Alpha website's ongoing development, the learning curve for users, and the benefits it brings to small businesses. It ends with a teaser for a future video about Mid Journey's most impressive prompts.




Midjourney is an AI-based image generation platform that creates images from textual prompts. It has gained popularity for its ability to produce high-quality, artistic images. In the context of the video, Midjourney's Alpha website is being discussed, which is a new and improved version of the platform that allows users to generate images without the need for Discord. The video highlights the features and improvements of this Alpha release, such as a streamlined interface and enhanced image generation capabilities.


Discord is a communication platform originally designed for gamers but has since expanded to various communities. In the video, it is mentioned that Midjourney was initially built on Discord, which caused some users to face challenges while navigating the platform. The Alpha website's release aims to provide a more accessible and user-friendly experience outside of Discord.

💡Alpha Website

The Alpha Website refers to the new version of Midjourney's web platform that is currently in its testing phase. It offers a range of new features and improvements over the previous version, including a live imagine bar, parameter settings for fine-tuning images, and the ability to blend images without needing text prompts. The Alpha Website is a significant step in the evolution of Midjourney, aiming to provide a better user experience and more powerful tools for image creation.


Lightboxing is a feature in the Midjourney Alpha Website that allows users to remix and improve their images by isolating and examining specific parts of the image. This tool provides more control over the image generation process, enabling users to refine their creations to achieve a desired aesthetic or effect. It is an example of the advanced capabilities offered by the Alpha Website, showcasing the platform's commitment to providing users with more ways to experiment and innovate with their AI-generated images.


Upscaling refers to the process of increasing the resolution of an image, making it more detailed and refined. In the context of the video, the improved upscaler in the Midjourney Alpha Website is highlighted as a significant feature. It offers both subtle and creative modes, allowing users to enhance their images by increasing the resolution by 2X. This feature is particularly useful for bringing out hidden details and creating more lifelike and high-quality art.

💡Explore Tab

The Explore Tab is a feature in the Midjourney Alpha Website that provides users with access to hundreds of publicly available prompts. This tab serves as a source of inspiration, allowing users to discover and interact with the works of other Midjourney users. By exploring different prompts and the images they generate, users can draw on the creativity of the community to fuel their own artistic ventures and find new ideas for their own image generation projects.

💡Text Rendering

Text Rendering refers to the ability of an AI system to generate images based on textual descriptions. In the video, it is mentioned as an area where Midjourney could improve, as some users have favored other platforms like DALL-E 3 for its perceived superiority in rendering text-based prompts. The discussion of text rendering highlights the importance of accuracy and effectiveness in translating textual prompts into visual content, which is a key aspect of AI image generation platforms.

💡File Structure

File Structure refers to the organization and management of files, in this case, the images generated by the Midjourney platform. The video suggests that Midjourney's current file structure could use improvements, particularly in terms of sorting and categorizing the large number of images produced. A more efficient file structure would enhance the user experience by making it easier to locate and manage specific images or groups of images.


Copyright in the context of the video refers to the legal rights associated with creative works, which has become a concern for AI image generation platforms like Midjourney. Since these platforms are trained on vast amounts of images from the web, there are potential issues with copyright infringement. The video mentions that the Midjourney team would need to address these concerns to ensure the platform's sustainable growth and to navigate the complex legal landscape surrounding generative AI technology and intellectual property rights.


V6 refers to the version 6 of the Midjourney platform, which is noted for its advanced capabilities and improvements over the previous version (V5.2). The video discusses how V6 offers better photo-realism and the ability to follow longer prompts more accurately, which is beneficial for creating more detailed images. However, understanding the nuances of how V6 interprets prompts differently is important for users to fully leverage its features and make the most of their experience with the platform.

💡Small Businesses

Small Businesses in the context of the video are highlighted as one of the key beneficiaries of the Midjourney Alpha Website. The platform's capabilities allow small businesses without dedicated design and branding resources to create promotional content and engaging social media posts. This access to AI-generated images can significantly enhance their marketing efforts and help them compete more effectively in their respective markets.


MidJourney's Alpha website allows for AI image creation without using Discord.

The Alpha website introduces incredible new features for users.

Access to the Alpha website is initially limited to users who have created over 10,000 images on MidJourney's Discord server.

The website features a streamlined interface with powerful tools like lightboxing and remixing.

Users can generate images in full resolution with a 9x6 aspect ratio.

Parameters can be fine-tuned using intuitive sliders and tags for better image control.

The 'plus icon' in the imagine bar allows users to add inspirational images without needing image URLs.

The website remembers all images used in the past, simplifying the creative process.

Image blending is simplified, with blended images showing up as the prompt.

The V6 Alpha model has improved abilities for following longer prompts, enhancing detailed image creation.

The upscaler in V6 increases resolution by 2X, refining and enhancing the artwork.

Users can explore and describe the prompts and works of other MidJourney users for inspiration.

The Alpha website is still under development, with improvements and new features expected in the coming months.

Small businesses can benefit from the Alpha website to create promotional content and engaging social media posts.

MidJourney's approach to copyright and generative AI tech image rights is a concern that needs addressing.

The V6 model introduces a learning curve for users to understand its nuanced interpretation of prompts.